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  • Wendy


    Wendy grew up treated like trash. She had always wanted to leave behind her dark and painful life—abused by her foster parents and treated as a slave.Trying to escape, Wendy finds herself running into an endless woods. There, she was chased by a pack of wolves and just when she was about to lose a chance at freedom, she found a way out not exactly the way she thought—through a rainbow bridge.Wendy doesn't know what lies ahead, but she was sure of one thing when she took a step—the magic lies on the other side of the rainbow.

  • Don't Come to Wendy's Flower House

    Don't Come to Wendy's Flower House


    Wendy Waltz, a diehard anti romantic! Though born as royalty, she had been neglected by her father and bullied by her stepmother and younger sibling. To make this worse, she had been betrayed by her lover. She throws away her royalty and name and starts anew with a new name and a strange power! But who is this Head of the Imperial Guards, Lard Shroder, who keeps appearing beside her?

  • Wendy Williams

    Wendy Williams

  • Wendy Suzhu

    Wendy Suzhu

  • Wendy and the wizard

    Wendy and the wizard


    Wendy was announced as the next in line to succeed the Mighty king, her father. This caused disagreement between power and Wendy life was at stake. Attack made on her life led to the death of her friend and protector, Sonia, leaving Rine, her second protector mortally wounded.Zander, the reincarnated god of Wizard lived with his poor wizard father, Kander in an isolated woods with his brother. Zander was believed to be powerful than twenty wizards combined.The Mighty king sought Kander, an old friend to protect his daughter but Kander gave the king her son instead.Zander who had longed for a better life, though only want to live a simple life was brought into the palace to look after Wendy, who had grown to be pompous, rude and uncaring.Wendy kept complaining about Zander's being useless and was only a pauper who wanted the luxurious life of the palace. But her father didn't listen to her.Zander later saved Wendy from an attack and Wendy's couldn't continue to hide her feelings for him. She confessed she had loved him since they met but she pretended due to Sonia's death.Butcher, leader of Tandor Pass one of the towns that constituted the Mighty kingdom was arrested and incarcerated for attempting to kill Wendy.Wendy was attacked again while Butcher was in custody which revealed there was someone else after Wendy's life.Wendy went to a five day auction in a neighboring kingdom. She had sex with Zander after being drunk. They both went apart as Wendy claimed something like that shouldn't have happened between them.Zander gave her a bracelet before leaving. He told her to bite the bracelet whenever she was in danger.Trevor showed up to Wendy later, confessing he had spiked their drink and made them had sex together just to send them apart.Wendy bit the bracelet and Zander showed up to save her killing Trevor in the process. Zander confessed his love for her but Wendy rejected as she couldn't stand being with him after what had happened between them.Wendy was to be married to a man that she had been betrothed to but she annuled the marriage after finding out the man had no love for her.She went in search of Zander and accepted his proposal.Not long later, the Mighty king died and Wendy became the first female Mighty king.After her ascension to the throne. A group of people started wreaking havoc in the kingdom, they attacked and sucked people's blood to death.After finding out the monsters were normal people that were manipulated by Trevor who had amazingly survived being killed by Zander.Zander and Wendy tried to produce a cure to retrieve the people turned to monsters by Trevor but all of their efforts proved abortive.Zander created his own group of monster armies who were half wolves, half men to fight the Trevor blood sucking army against Wendy's order.Zander defeated Trevor but he couldn't convince Wendy who later sent him out of the kingdom for going against her order.Wendy later gave birth to Zander's son and they were reunited as a family.

  • Mr. Charles's Hidden Wife

    Mr. Charles's Hidden Wife

    Wendy had never expected one day she would sleep with Henson Charles, the business tycoon of this City.She thought it would only be one night stand, but unexpectedly, it turned out to be an " absolutely matched" marriage.One day, a reporter had an interview with Henson."Mr. Charles, on behalf of all your fans, I would like to ask you what kind of girl do you like most?""I only like my wife."Then, the news about Mr. Charles’s secret marriage spread throughout the whole world.After they got married, Wendy felt even more tired because of her energetic husband."Henson, I am not feeling well!""It means you lack exercises. So come on to join me in the bed."Finally, Wendy burst into anger, “Henson Charles! Are you done now?!"

  • Pampered by My Mate

    Pampered by My Mate

    Tris was reborn after she was killed by her Alpha and Wendy… Tris was the only daughter of the Darkstar pack's Alpha. She would have had two older brothers, but because of an invasion battle outside the Pack, one of her brothers had his neck bitten off and his organs removed from his body, leaving Tris alone with his daughter. Victor was Beta's descendant. He and Tris were just childhood sweethearts who had grown up together. It was not until the two of them had hosted their eighteen-year-old coming-of-age ceremony and successfully summoned the wolf inside them that they painfully realized they were not each other's Fated Mates. Neither of them had sensed their Fated Mates. Victor even promised solemnly, "Even if I meet her one day, I will not take another look at her! You are the only one in my heart, forever!" Tris believed him and agreed to Victor's proposal without hesitation to become a Chosen Mate at twenty years old. She supported him to become an Alpha of the Pack and herself to become Victor's Luna. It was not until Victor suddenly led Wendy back to the Pack and told her in a tone full of apology, "Sweetie, I'm sorry. I always thought I would not run into my Fated Mate until I met Wendy. My inner wolf was obsessed with her and crazy for her. I could not control—" From then on, the promise of love became a joke. Wendy acted weak in front of everyone and framed Tris in front of Betty. Victor's heart became increasingly biased toward Wendy. Until one day, he and Wendy set up a trap together and killed his Luna, Tris…

  • Wendy Rose's Life

    Wendy Rose's Life

  • Call me Wendy.

    Call me Wendy.

    The great old city of Hermes is now sparsely populated. Its walls still blocking the space between the mountains from the demonic beasts.. And without the relic in the ruined cathedral, the demons have shifted their focus to the west and the city of Neverwinter. "Wendy/Gretchen" is one of the many young women in the convent in the old city, surviving the brutal winter at Hermes, in the months of demons.

  • Who killed the Maiden Wendy

    Who killed the Maiden Wendy

    Horror&Thriller ACTION ADVENTURE

  • My heart beats for Wendy

    My heart beats for Wendy

  • Lost Race from the Stars: Oc x Wendy

    Lost Race from the Stars: Oc x Wendy


    A once prosperous ancient race has been forgotten and long thought to be dead by the people of Fiore, this was a race of Elves. What happens when team Natsu receives a strange request from the magic council to investigate a mysterious magical power that's been leaking out from within ancient ruins? Elements of Black Clover mixed in such as magic and demons/devils, Older Wendy x oc, Chelia (sheria) x oc, Mirajane x oc, Laxus x oc.

  • Revenge on my ex-husband

    Revenge on my ex-husband

    Wendy Simons deeply loved Hanson Yale.Well because of him, she lost her child and her reputation was ruined. In the end, she died in front of him...In the new Samsara , things had changed, Hanson had fallen for Wendy. Well Wendy had everything and lived in a leisure and pleasant life. S she just pushed him away. She would never be with him again, unless he was willing to die for her...

  • Smilex,Rose,Justine,Sky,

    Smilex,Rose,Justine,Sky, Daisy,Yumi,Logan,Paul, Wendy,Kyla



    Damon said nothing, but his eyes were hooded and heavy.“Just one kiss, Wendy. Just one. I have to kiss you. It’s all I’ll demand for now. I can wait for more until we have this account settled.” he said, and then he put his arms around her. She stood frozen in the circle of them as his heavy dark gaze followed the line of her throatWithout waiting her consent, he swept his mouth over hers. Finally. Her sweetness exploded onto his tongue the moment he licked over her lips. Her mouth parted in a gasp, and he took full advantage, delving deep into her moist heat.It was everything she’d dreamt about, their kiss. The taste, the feel, the joy at the sheer fineness of Damon Paige, in all his tall, beautifully built splendor, thrilled her and filled her with exquisite sensations. And for that moment, all the complications of getting involved with Damon melted away as if they’d never existed….When he raised his head abruptly, she thought it was so he could say something personal and intimate that would put the perfect seal on their togetherness.He didn’t. He stared down at her, and she could see his tortured expression before he closed his eyes briefly and then put her away from him.The look in his eyes was brooding and somber. “I should never have done that.” he said. ----------------------Wendy Morgan relocates to New York and reunites with Deborah Paige, her best friend from high school, despite the fact that her father disagrees with her decision. But Wendy is tired of letting her father dictate every aspect of her life, especially now that he has arranged for her to marry Jordan Baker, so she is convinced that she has made the right decision by leaving. Soon, Wendy finds herself in the same situation with Damon Paige.... Will she walk away this time? She only has to pretend to be Damon's fiance for a while though.... She could do that. What could possibly go wrong?

  • in a small town living a young woman by named Wendy green born a war p

    in a small town living a young woman by named Wendy green born a war p

  • Wendy's And Her Little Fire: Bon Voyage (Indonesia)

    Wendy's And Her Little Fire: Bon Voyage (Indonesia)


    Pada tahun 3020 terjadi peperangan untuk merebutkan tanah Aksa, korban terus berjatuhan, pemerintahan sangat kacau. Hanya ada satu tempat yang aman saat ini, tempat itu sangat jauh dan bernama Arion, konon katanya tempat itu merupakan rumah bagi kehidupan, siapa pun yang bisa ke sana sangatlah beruntung, karena jalur yang ditempuh sangat sulit.Wendy seorang remaja dari Tanah Aksa, distrik 10, bertekad untuk pergi ke Arion bermodalkan buku dan perlengkapan seadanya. Petualangan seru hingga kejadian aneh terus menghantuinya dalam perjalanan, sampai akhirnya ia melihat api yang tidak pernah padam, dan menggunakannya sebagai sumber cahaya yang menemaninya sampai ke Arion.

  • Mysterious Boss Is too Clingy

    Mysterious Boss Is too Clingy

    To save her seriously ill brother, Wendy Cassia resolutely replaced her half-sister and slept with a man in his fifties while she didn't know that she slept with the wrong person and gave birth to the two cutest little angels in the world.Four years later, when the mysterious man appeared in front of her and asked her to take responsibility, Wendy Cassia was stunned. "Sir, we don't know each other. Please don't do this!""If you don't know me, why does your child look so much like me?" The man was furious."Mommy, don't listen to his nonsense. I am not like him at all!" The boy, who looked like an angel, made a face deliberately and turned to the man, snorting, "Go away! Mommy can only be mine!"The man: Very good. This boy is definitely his son.

  • Wet Fantasies

    Wet Fantasies

    Diane is a lonely woman who is drowning under sadness. Smiling by day and wallowing by night. She needed a change.

  • FGO ~ My Room ~

    FGO ~ My Room ~

    Sci-fi Romance R18

    Peaceful days in Chaldea broke out and a passionate atmosphere in the air. Love blooms....Bodies clash....Short Steamy Stories in Chaldea. Stories with Gudao may have in the future.Forgive my writing. just newbie want to write his fetishes, hehe.

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