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  • Run Yamamoto-kun

    Run Yamamoto-kun

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE CAMPUS

    Yamamoto-kun gets NTR'd and cucked so he finds himself a self satisfying college life while trying to run away from his childhood friend whom he loved while going to the same university. (inspired by a doujin I read I forgot the title so I can't give sauce) - Ree-kun

  • Savage Love BL

    Savage Love BL

    Yamamoto Aito is psychologically affected by his ex's death and promises to avenge her. With the aid of his best friend, Shima Haruto, he began to destroy the lives of those whom he believes, killed her. Aito’s ultimate goal is to join her after completing his revenge for he deems himself as one of the reasons she died. Along came a new student, Igarashi Ryu who destroys Aito’s plans and tarnishes what's left of his sanity by making him fall hopelessly in love with him. Aito is now torn between his guilt and wanting the happiness Ryu gives him. Will Aito be able to complete his revenge and attain his goal or will he choose to let go and love Ryu?But... Is Igarashi Ryu really who he claims to be?

  • Game Gyaru

    Game Gyaru


    There's only one thing in the entire world that Hakuta Yamamoto loves. And that's video games. They're fun, he's great at them, and they've never let him down before. On the flipside, there's only one thing he truly hates as well, that being gyarus. They're obnoxious, annoying, and really don't have any care for proper etiquette. The biggest offender of them all has to be Shiuka Otari. She is as popular as she is annoying to him. Her and her friends are always speaking way too loud in class and the way they dress is terrible. Despite being in the same class, fortunately he's able to find solace in that they sit at opposite sides of the room. However, due to circumstances involving his father, the boy finds himself closer to her than he'd like. Now the boy would love nothing more than to rage quit on life, but perhaps this is the co-op situation he never knew he needed? Note: This story was originally published by me on Honeyfeed for their "MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2021".

  • The Highschool Life of The King of the Underworld

    The Highschool Life of The King of the Underworld



    **ON BREAK**"The Undying King", the man considered to be on top of the criminal Underworld. They say that wherever he goes Death and Destruction follows. His reputation for peerless efficiency and hyper-lethality when it comes to jobs ranging from Presidential Assassinations to Hacking into Russian military bases has earned him considerable respect and fear within the criminal Underworld. This ultimately makes him a Legendary figure, known to the leaders of virtually all criminal organizations and government agencies as someone never to be crossed with at all costs But the truth is "The Undying King" is actually a High school student named Yamamoto Yuuto who is only doing those jobs due to some circumstances and just wants to live a normal life like everyone else. But due to his intimidating appearance, even in normal society he is viewed as a violent deliquent and is ignored and despised by everyoneWhen he finds out he is transferring to 'Tokiwadai Private High School' an elite school, he hopes to have a peaceful life there without any problems and possibily even make a friend or two. But his hopes of a normal school life are shattered when he shames his teacher, publicly humiliates a girl, drives a classmate to the edge of despair and threatens to kill another classmate on the very first dayAfter making an enemy of the whole school he believes that he will never get a normal school life but his whole life is turned upside down when he meets the mysterious girl 'Kisaragi Yuzuha' who just seems to know everything about him Follow Yamamoto Yuuto, as he meets other girls with traumatic experiences of their own and uses his own life experience as The King of the Underworld to save them from their past and current circumstances and watch him crush everyone that comes in his way

  • Reincarnated in my Hero Academia

    Reincarnated in my Hero Academia


    “I died” Those were the first words Yamamoto Kei said to himself, thinking he was alone in the endless darkness of the void.Little did he know that he wasn’t alone. For a system was there with him, to present him with a gift and a new world he can call home.Note: this is not a novel where the MC will reincarnate and magically get god level acting skills or BS his way out of any situation. This novel is about an MC who is training constantly to reach his goals in the world he is now living in.

  • God Of Onepiece ( Discontinued)

    God Of Onepiece ( Discontinued)


    disclaimer : This is my first Novel so please correct any grammer mistakeAnd I don't own any of characters in this novel except my MCsypnosis : Akio yamamoto was a 15 year old orphan otaku boy who one day goes to supermarket to buy instant noodles and hit by truck-sama after which he was trans ported to a white where he meets OAA who offers him 5 Wishes with world of his choosing.let's how will he change that world's timeline.No Multiverse Travel

  • My trip with Dr. Tokuhon knowing contentment

    My trip with Dr. Tokuhon knowing contentment

    This novel pivots around Nagata Tokuhon, a traveling physician who existed during the Warring States period in Japan.Regardless of what kind of treatment Dr. Tokuhon provides, his patients are charged a small remuneration of 16 'mon' ('mon' is an old Japanese unit of currency; 16 'mon' would roughly equal US$7 nowadays). Due to his generosity with the affordable fees, people gladly call him "The 16 'mon' doctor".In this novel you will also meet Nisuke, the second son of a peasant, who becomes Dr.Tokuhon's trusty disciple.The current time is 'the 10th year of Tensho' (A.D. 1582). While Nobunaga Oda of Owari Province and Katsuyori Takeda of Kai Province are fighting, Dr. Tokuhon and Nisuke travel in order to provide medical treatment and meet various patients.Under Dr. Tokuhon's teachings, Nisuke thinks about life and death while chasing after his ultimate dream: to become a physician as laudable as his mentor.

  • Fushi Tensei: Undead Reincarnation

    Fushi Tensei: Undead Reincarnation



    Asahi Yamamoto, a 17 year old teen, suffered from cancer at a young age. Now facing imminent death, he is ready to die in peace. However, as he opens his eyes, he sees himself in the body of a skeleton?!--------------------------------------------------Schedule: On Hiatus Chapter Length: 800-900 words --------------------------------------------------Join discord: https://discord.gg/PjmBUn2--------------------------------------------------Support the Author: XXX (Not available atm)

  • Mimicking a hero

    Mimicking a hero


    Akio Yamamoto was your average bullied kid. Being picked on by his classmates, especially by his bully Akira, his school days have always been bleak. Now in high school, the only ray of light that keeps him from going over the edge is the girl he loves, the class beauty Fumiko, but even this is threatened because of his bully interest in her. After the whole class was suddenly transported in another world, one of might and magic, Akio vows to... but this is not their story. Kiyoshi Sasaki wasn't your average teen. Neither bullied, nor accepted, he was left completely out of social life. His bored mind got him into conspiracy theories, those conspiracy theories got him into radical ideologies and before long, he was muttering to himself about how he would use power if he had any. Being transported in a fantasy world didn't startle him, it was a miracle.

  • guerra sobrenatural

    guerra sobrenatural

    Magical Realism AVENTURA

    o que ocorre quando um adolecente se depara com uma entidade desconhecida que lhe da um presente inesperado e o avisa que o tecido da realidade é rasgado e que os humanos terao que enfrentar as coisas mais aterradoras e esquisitasobs: foto da capa não é minha pega na internet só uma referencia para historia

  • Love me, love me not

    Love me, love me not

    Competitive Sports ROMANCE R18 COMEDY BL

  • In Two Worlds

    In Two Worlds

    Aria has always lead a normal life until she finds a strange boy at her favorite lake. She realizes he is no ordinary boy with no ordinary life but when their lives clash will they be able to stay together?

  • The Northern Star

    The Northern Star

  • Nature chosen one

    Nature chosen one


  • Lvl Up (Before Revision)

    Lvl Up (Before Revision)


    Haruta Yamamoto is your average, good looking boy. Two thing he hates the most are women and his name. However, when a new game comes out, Issekai New World, Haruta buys it. Of course, after purchasing the game, something unexpected happened. What is going on?[discontinued; check out LVL Up]

  • •One piece: Pirate God Skin•

    •One piece: Pirate God Skin•

    [Exclusively signed novel by Feilu Novel: One Piece God-level Skin] Xeya traveled to the world of One Piece with the skin system, and changed the skins of different characters to get the power of different characters. Hawkeye: "Knight King, why is your slash so strong?!" Garp: "Uchiha Madara, I won't let you go!" Warring States: "Fire Dragon Naz, how dare you destroy the navy headquarters!?" White Beard: "Monkey King, come and fight me again! I won't lose this time!" Voldemort, Thor, Shigekuni Yamamoto... powerful skins appeared one after another! Feilu Novel.com reminds you: This novel and the characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.

  • Hanya untuk Seorang teman

    Hanya untuk Seorang teman

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Mizuki Yamamoto yang harus merelakan kekasihnya demi janji teman masa kecilnya dulu yang kini akan terwujud kembali, di kehidupan selanjutnya ketika ia menikah kehidupannya menjadi lebih sulit karena kakaknya, yang selalu bertengkar dengan suaminya.

  • My Lover is a Mafia Leader

    My Lover is a Mafia Leader

    Story evolves with a young mafia leader Ken Yamamoto and his teacher Izuki sensei. Izuki was shocked when suddenly one day one of his student ken, plainly asked to go on a date with him, now the problem was he was his student, he was way 6 years older, and to top of it all he's a Yamamoto! The leader of the mafia group. BL content.

  • Under the same sky 2

    Under the same sky 2


    Haru decides to rebel against his father, and give up his secure future in the Yamamoto company, to go looking for Asuka.

  • Stuck in the War

    Stuck in the War

    Riku Yamamoto is a 15 year old girl, from the Yamamoto clan which is famous on inventing and medicine in the year of 3000's. The Yamamoto family is well known in the whole world because all of them is a genius, but all of them died in the war except Riku. The Yamamoto family died because they refuse to work for King Ashton (King of country A). They died miserably in front of Riku. When they died, Riku was forced to leave the mansion. Riku left the mansion with some important things like; Books for Medicine and Invention, and some gadgets that invented by her father, like guns, cars and "capsules" (Like in the dragon ball.) When she's leaving country F she met some kids who was left alone in country F because of the war, their family was killed by King Ashton. She met five kids; one is 10 years old and the others is 6 below. Hansuke Sato- 10 years oldHikaru Takahashi- 6 years oldAkio Tanaka- 6 years oldAito Suzuki- 4 years oldHideo Yamamoto- 1 years old (Named by Riku)