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Galaxy Of Infinity World's

Author: LordSpecter3366

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Not Always a Truck

Laying down on the bed is a early-middle age man with no shirt on showing off his abs with only black shorts on, short dark brown hair, sharp Emerald green eyes, slim yet masculine body good for flexibility and moving quick yet strong even with his age his body is fit and strong because of his fit body of his its making him look like he is still in his early twenties.


As he Received a message on his phone, he reached over to the phone that's laying on the bed beside him, he turned on his smartphone and looking at the received message.

To Code Name: Specter

Age: 34

Hight: 6,2

Hair: dark brown

Eye color: Emerald green

Type: Assassin

Level: above average

Mission class: Classified.

Mission information: Destroy Information from the secret base at all "Cost".

Start Location: Unknown Aircraft carrier, stealth helicopter above ready to go. 17:00 PM.

Drop Location: Classified > Sahara, 3 miles away from Hidden Desert Base.

Danger level: last known level of danger Medium.

Information: Destroy the Information in the desert base marked on your phone connect it to the combat helmet once your about to be dropped it will lead you to the computer with the information Destroy it with all means nothing can be left.

Once again another Mission, at least this will be my last. (Specter)

Getting up from his bed he moved to his closet grabbing two things a black duffle bag and his Specialized suit that is black with miniaturized hexagons all over it. The suit is a full body suit and it's reinforced with specialized threads and a substance that repair damaged places.

Putting the suit on with a pair of black boots that are made of the same repair substance, going back into the closet and takes out looks like a plastic mash and fake just looking at it but in reality its actually a flexible metal that can absorb bullets preventing them from piercing through, seeing the Black armor Specter put it on over the suit, its also the same as his suit with miniaturized hexagon's, after doing all that he looks like an advanced Assassin robot. °helmetless°. Picking up the black duffle bag that's been placed on the bed after grabbing the Suit, the black duffle bag also is made with the same substance with miniaturized hexagon's but there is a twist to it, its got an ability to shrink if needed, slinging it over his shoulder he walked out of the room.

Getting to the top of the aircraft carrier Specter looked into the distance to the ocean with a blazing sun that's about to set in a few minutes, after a second of time looking at the sun, he turned away from the sight as Specter looked to his side there is a black helicopter also having same hexagons' but bigger as it's covering the whole body of the helicopter as it sits there waiting for him. Walking to the side door that is opened Specter climbed inside and got into the helicopter, soon after the door closed by itself as he sits inside the chair. The helicopter starts and soon takes off quickly in the next few minutes.


Few hours later


Inside the helicopter a light not far turned on and is yellow seeing this light, Specter starts opened his duffle bag and pulled out a full face helmet that's black even the glass is black, the glass is made of a bulletproof glass plastic mash and somehow the scientists even made it have a Repair substance that Repair all Damage even the electronics inside will Repair. Putting on the helmet the Heads Up Display °HUD° shows up the system check progress, followed by the system's voice that is a Robotic voice with no emotion.

System check now in progress... [System]

Host: Agent Specter.

Scanner ----- operating.

Touching sensors ----- operating.

Suit damage system ----- operating.

Body damage system ----- operating.

Night vision ----- operating.

Heat sensors ----- operating.

Danger prediction system ----- operating.

Radar system ----- operating.

Mapping system ----- operating.

Connection to home base satellite ----- operating.

System connection to full battle suit ----- operating.

Zooming system ----- operating.

Cooling system ----- operating.

Heating system ----- operating.

Magnetic system ----- operating.

Connection to host phone ----- operating.

Damage ----- no damage.

All systems operating. [System]

Come on, system, we have been together for so many years yet you can't even show some emotions you're making me cry. (Specter)

.... [System]



A few minutes later, the yellow light turned green as the helicopter lowered to the ground but didn't land as it hovered.

The doors Opened automatically and the rope dropped down specter slides down and lands on the sand, the sand is moving around as it flies in the air some sand is making a tick sound as it hit Specters helmet as its made from the propeller from the helicopter, before the helicopter flew away one can notice the difference from before it's not black now its a desert camouflage over its body, soon as the helicopter takes off once again the helicopter desert camouflage changed to the night sky with stars as it matched into the night losing sight of it quickly the sound stopped being produced from the helicopter.

Looking back down, Specter looked over his armor it already turned into desert sand camouflage boots and all, even his bag.

Interesting each time I see it happening never get old. (Specter)

Placing down his duffle bag Specter Pulled out a sniper rifle very close to the old PSG1 yet different as its thinner barrel and its not shooting normal ammo it will shoot out an high velocity projectile °HVP° as its actually a railgun shaped similarly to the PSG1, Taking it and also the FN-Five Seven pistol it looks really close to the same weapon but it's also got its differences, as its a smaller Railgun and its not as strong as the rifle but still packs a punch putting it on his right hip it magnetically attaches to his hip, Specter also took a black sphere out as he placed it on his lower right back as it magnetically held in place. Outside of The bag, there is two buttons' side by side one red one green. pressing the red one the bag just shrinks into smaller size grabbing it and placed it into his lower back as it magnetically attached itself to his body armor as everything else the bag still having ammo and other tools inside so he can't shrink it to palm size unless it's empty, Specter moved on after having weapons in hand, looking at the holographic HUD in his helmet showing him the way to go, there is a damage Report at the right middle, radar top right. With a thought of having all the displaying options to disappear everything disappeared and nothing in his view to distract him.

Thinking of bringing the radar back up it reappears in his view and displaying his destination he starts walking through the desert.

This reminds me of games I played in my younger days I need to see what games are out after retirement, with how the surge of technology increased and became better I wonder if they made the dive system? (Specter)

As he is talking to himself he is walking up a pile of sand as a stone wall appears in sight just over the hill, seeing this Specter dived down in prone position quickly looking into the distance as his Helmet zoomed in.

Stonewall high one at that, barbed wire seem to be razor wire above the wall. (Specter)

A box appears in the HUD moved to a watchtower as it highlighted the face of the man standing guard.

Scanning..... No match found. [System]

Another box appears over another man in a different tower but the same no results, looking around there are turrets their old school as its a mounted 50 cal. scanning the grounds around the base land mines are in place.

This is really secured area danger level is higher then what was previously told what is the new level? (Specter)

Danger level was Medium Danger, now been raised to high Danger. [System]

Of course, it would, Now I need a way in.... (Specter)

With that said Specter starts scanning and observing the wall and areas that seem weak to breach when a message appears.

Video transmission Accept? --->Yes-No<---. [System]

Yes. (Specter)

Small Video of an old man white hair and beard, scar across his face, the video appeared at the top right as he starts talking.

Move to the coordinates I'm sending you there is a free ride for you to take to get in we will be watching out for you from HQ also don't charge in you missed a few sensors on the wall if you go in any other way you will be detected easily. (?)

End of transmission. (System)

Commander thanks for telling me I missed something! (Specter)

The video ended with an arrow showing in the HUD to replace the radar.

You could have just messaged me. (Specter)

Shrugging Specter starts moving to the marked location not far just over a few hills there is a row of cargo trucks on its way.

Haha! there nice to give me a ride inside. (Specter)

Running to the side of a sandhill out of view of both the base and the trucks Specter lying down waiting for the timer that the system brought up as the timer ticked closer to zero once it hit zero, specter rolled out from the cover and the first truck drives over him in a second after rolling.

As soon as the truck drove over Specter he used his suits magnetic system and Activated it this lifted Specter up attaching him quickly underneath the truck, it was not quiet, as his body hit the bottom it made a thud sound.



Inside the truck, two military guards felt the thud they looked at one another.

What was it this time? (?)

Don't know probably a rock? (??)

That's one big rock! (?)

Ya, I will keep a better look out for them don't want the truck to break down from a rock. (??)

This is your sixth time saying that, or seventh lost count after the 3rd. (?)

Hahaha! (??)


Underneath the truck Specter holding himself to the bottom and wait for the truck to enter the base. And it doesn't take long, soon the gate opens up and let the cargo trucks enter with no scanning or checking.

Well, that was easy you should have just driven through the front door if it's like this. (Specter)

Followed by his comments is a text message from HQ appeared on his helmet.

{Ding!} Stay focused you're entering the enemy base. (HQ)

Reading the message Specter waited as the trucks continue its drive. After entering the base the Cargo trucks went through a different gate this one deeper into the base and they start driving what looks to be a storage bunker, as it entered the place there are boxes and tanks, and other vehicles that are filling the room to the brim fully stocked for war.

Well, this seems more a military base not a terrorist base with this place it can do lots of damage. (Specter)

As he is talking the system is also taking pictures of the surrounding area. Soon the Cargo trucks went off to park, While the cargo trucks are parking Specter rolls out and moved to some boxes only to get a message from HQ.

New objective Destroy as much as you can before leaving. (HQ)

Ya, sure need me to pick some pizza on the way? (Specter)

Moving through the metal cargo boxes and vehicles, specter choose a random metal cargo box and opened it, but what he got was something that scared the shit out of him.

HQ, are you seeing this its bad! (Specter)

Inside the metal container is a bomb and not just any type its got a nuclear bomb inside! Closing the door once again and looked at the box there is nothing different it's just the same as the others, moving to the next box over and also opening it there are just weapons inside. After going through a few others that had food, ammo, other items Specter moved back to the Nuclear bomb cargo box.

HQ responded back after Specter looked back at the nuclear bomb.

Dangerous Mission has been changed, prime the nuclear bomb set it for 30 minutes and leave this will also finish the mission and everything in one go get to the new set location we are sending you a ride. (HQ)

Roger! (Specter)

After saying that Specter about to reopen the metal cargo box as soon as he starts reopening the box a voice came right behind him followed by the system's warning.

Warning! An unknown person behind host please move away from the highly dangerous person he is unable to be detected! [System]

So you're the one that set the alarm off by opening the cargo box? (?)

Turning around quickly and aiming the PSG1 railgun at the owner of the voice Only to be hit in the head by something right before aiming at the person.

Staggering back and almost falling over from the unexpected hit, Specter takes a better stance and Looked up at the man that is now standing little further away looking at his phone as if nothing happened, after a second later he looked up at Specter and talked.

Warning! Disturbance in surrounding area Host is being surrounded, scanning ----- unable to find a clear path. [System]

You're fast, got here way sooner than expected well it doesn't matter. (?)

After finishing his speech, men start showing up left and right surrounding Specter.

Is this my welcome party? Sorry, I don't like crowds. (Specter)

As Specter is talking he placed his railgun sniper on his back this magnetically attached to his back, as Specter reached for his railgun pistol.

The man looked back at his phone and looked up at Specter, soon there was a sharp pain in his left foot Specter looked down there is a robot with a syringe in his left foot reaching down he pulled the needle out as the System started telling Specter what is happening.

Warning unknown chemical Entering Host body, scanning ----- identifying chemical failed, scanning ----- host body is rapidly getting damaged unable to help host death imminent attempting to determine host death, scanning ----- finished one minute. [System]

What the hell! (Specter)

Looking back up specter pulled his pistol railgun up and shot at the mysterious man his head exploded, as Specter moved to the nuclear bomb box and dived into it specter staggered as he gets into the metal box.

Bullets flying and people yelling but Specter is ignoring it his body already losing feeling, sight, and hearing.


Lock the door don't let him out! (?)

Don't shoot! There is a bomb inside! (??)

Just lock the door the intruder has been injected. (?)



Specter looked down only to see his left foot is already melted into a paste.

What the fuck! (Specter)

30 seconds until death! [System]

Looking around things are turning fuzzy Specter looks at the Nuclear bomb and starts laughing evilly.

Kekekeke! Your attempt to kill me was almost accomplished perfectly but I will take you with me you fuckers! (Specter)

Crawling to the bomb because his lower half is already turned into a green paste as it left a red white and green past behind as he crawled, soon appearing next to the nuclear bomb panel, Specter opens the panel.

System Scan to activate in one second. (Specter)

Scanning ----- Complete Nuclear bomb vortex nuclear bomb, put red wire to black will set it off in one second.

Pulling his knife out from the bag and cutting the two wires and moving the wires together right before touching Specter talked out to HQ one last time.

HQ, I am retiring early today do make sure you get my revenge on these bastards if somehow any lives passed this! (Specter)


As the wires touched together the bomb Exploded into a huge ball of fire, soon everything gone quiet as the ball of fire sucked in onto itself and brought the surrounding area into it like similar to a black hole as it made a huge crater in the sand leaving nothing but a hole, it got quiet again and in the center of the crater is a black sphere that flashed followed by a huge EXPLOSION!


30 seconds before the nuclear bomb went off.

In the sky above the base is where two men in old gray Chinese robes are floating in the air.

Damn! Because of you! It slowed us down on getting here now he is dead! he was supposed to stay alive and finish one more mission after this one before retiring, the boss is not going to like this! (?)

Sorry, that girl was hitting on me. (??)

Because it's our fault we failed I will send him to a different world before he died this will be the apologize he deserves but the world he ends up on is up to his luck. (?)

Doing quick hand signs a magic circle appears and turned into a white and gray arrow that turned and started pointing downward then it shot quickly into the ground below so fast it vanished from sight in mere seconds.

Because of you, there is now a zombie apocalypse on way, if we can choose a new candidate to stop it, sigh now we need to get more involved! (?)

No, it's just me getting more involved. (??)

GHA! (?)

Looking down there is a dagger pierced through his heart and exiting his chest. It's a crystal blade almost diamond look, turning his head to look back to see the other one smiling.

Why! (?)

Zombies seem interesting don't you think? (??)

The man that's been Stabbed turned into dust and soon the dust got taken away by the Breeze as the other person disappeared as nothing happened.

Boom! The nuclear bomb went off...


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Help you as you read: will be added in the auxiliary.

* = separating scenes.

° = abbreviating. Example °HUD°.

• = Arthur's note. If needed.

( ) = talking out loud.

[ ] = thinking/if only hearing in head not out side.

{ } = sound effects.

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