52.5% Enforcers / Chapter 41: The Foxes Past

Chapter 41: The Foxes Past

Age 1991

"Okay, father. Let's talk." Jackson said crossing his arms. He stood in front of Father Darvin, the two of them in the man's room now. Down below in the basement his recruits would have been sleeping by now. Or at least they should be? He had a sneaking suspicion that they probably weren't... Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"What is it now..." Father Darvin asked letting out a sigh. "I need to figure out how to fix all this damage your group caused."

"Look. I already told you I would pay for the repairs after the mission." Jackson stated. "But. I do need to ask you. Why the hell is there a group on the mountainside bombing the nest? Also! Why didn't you tell me about that!"

"What are you talking about?"

"The group. You know. The one dropping Shimmer Stars!"

"What's the hell is a Shimmer Star?"

Jackson let out a bit of a sigh. "I'm guessing that group isn't a part of the village than..."

"What group!"

"I found a group, when I headed to the Nest. Apparently, they are bombing the Nest which is very likely what is pissing off the Bestia Macht's. My guess is that the monster don't know what's happening but have it in their heads that this village is responsible so they are attacking you guys."

"So it's their fault!"

"Yes. Meaning you can stop blaming Maudite now." Jackson said narrowing his eyes. "But I do have a few thoughts... Namely why the hell they are even bombing the nest?"

"Well, I don't... Unless... Oh... Oh No... Don't tell me..." Father Darvin stood up suddenly as he began to rummage through his desk. "I need to go!" He announced running out the door.

"Hey wait a minute! What got you so worked up?" Jackson waited but the man never responded instead leaving the stone building a seemingly running into the night. "What the hell is wrong with this crazy place..." He sighed as he shook his head.

Meanwhile outside...

"Yo Nerd. Why the hell are you sitting out here?" Hero questioned as he plopped down in the snow next to Kitsune Nine...

Kitsune let out a slight sigh as he gave a small shrug. His flaming orange eyes simply stared out at the landscape in front of him... The two boys were currently outside of the stone building, the rest of the group was still inside asleep.

"You know... This is the part where you are supposed to answer?"

"Alright!" Kitsune said rolling his eyes. "I came outside to be alone!"

"Oh... Okay. I'll go back inside than-"

"No! I mean... Stay. Please. I could use the company."

Hero gave a half-hearted shrug as he sat back down. "So... What's on your mind rich boy?"

Kitsune let out another sigh. "Does it really matter?"

"I dunno?"

"I'm just... Thinking about life I guess..." Kitsune said laying down now and staring up at the black sky above them. "It's all just so... You know... Weird? I mean a month ago I was living in a massive mansion having whatever I wanted happen instantly and now here I am out in the middle of a nowhere village that we accidentally screwed up in our fight... Things escalate really quickly don't they..."

"I know what you mean..." Hero said laying back as well as he placed his arms under his head. "Two months ago I lived with my grandpa. Then I left and decided to try and find myself out in the world..." He said simply as he raised a hand to the sky. His silver eyes stared into the black void above. "It's been fun though... Getting to meet so many new people... Getting to meet you guys..."

Kitsune gave a slight smile as he shrugged his shoulders. "Why... Why did you join the Enforcers exactly?"

"Well... I didn't really have one reason? I wanted to get stronger, I thought it would be cool, I wanted to meet and thank the Enforcer who saved me, and... And I wanted to save someone... I don't know who she is, where she is, or even if she is still alive, but there's a girl I want to save... Until then I decided I'll just save everyone else until I find her..."

"So a typical heroes backstory huh?" Kitsune said letting out a slight laugh. "A lot of the Enforcers in my book all have similar backstories. Heroes are just super popular I guess..."

"It'd be cool to end up in that book!"

"Yeah... It would."

"So why'd you join?"


Hero jumped up to his feet as he looked down at Kitsune. "Why'd you join the Enforcers?" He questioned curiously. "I mean you're a massive fanboy of them right? What made you such a fan?"

Kitsune went quiet as his eyes darted away from Hero's and up towards the sky... "My brother..." He finally said.

Age 1985

"Big Brother Jin!" A ten-year-old Kitsune yelled out as he ran through the halls of his mansion. "Big Brother!" In front of the hyper ten years old, he could see his brother.

Jin turned around to see his brother running towards him. Kitsune instantly stopped the moment he saw his brother. Kitsune's eyes widened in confusion as he stared up at his older brother.

"Jin?" Kitsune questioned in confusion.

"Ahh... Kitsune..." Jin said giving a slight smile. To his brother. Only something was wrong... Jin was a twenty-year-old man but the smile he gave wasn't the smile of a man. It was fake. His orange eyes stared numbly out at the world. His skin had become a sickly pale, and he looked utterly exhausted. "How is my little brother..." Jin questioned as he reached out patting his brother on the head.

Kitsune flinched slightly as he stared up at Jin in confusion. "Jin... What's wrong?" He asked.

"Oh... It is nothing..." Jin said letting out an obviously fake laugh. "I'm just tired is all... Tell you what... I actually have something for you..."

"For me?"

"That's right..." Jin said giving another fake smile. He crouched down to look at his little brother as he reached into his bag. He pulled out a book. "My Captain gave this to me..." Jin said simply as he handed it over to Kitsune. "It's a book about the many Enforcers... I want you to have it..." Jin said as he flipped through a page. "See that man..." He said pointing down at a picture of a twenty-five-year-old man with blue hair and blue eyes. "That's Kujiro Kirozaki. He's my Captain. The Captain of Squad Seven. And..." Jin turned the page over. "Look who else is in this book..." Jin said, for the first time his voice took an emotion. It took on some pride as he showed his little brother a page in the book.

"It's you!" Kitsune said excitedly.

"That's right..." Jin said nodding slightly. "I'm the current Vice-Captain of squad Seven..." Jin said giving a weak smile. "Inside this book is the data of every current Vice-Captain, and Captain of every squad that currently exist, as well as any squad Captain, and Vice-Captain that came before... It also has a few other notable Enforcers such as Jackson Storm... A rookie who has a lot of talent..."

"Who's this?" Kitsune questioned turning the page over to a man with messy black hair and fiery red eyes.

Jin's eyes took on a lighter tone as he stared down at the picture. "That's Jiàn Zhī Fù..." Jin stated quietly. "The previous Squad Six Captain from eight years ago... He, unfortunately, passed away, along with his wife, and his daughter in the city of Dandelion... Supposedly a group of Bestia Macht stormed the city killing nearly everyone..." He said bummed out majorly now.

"Oh..." Kitsune said awkwardly.

"I never knew Jiàn, but I hope to someday be a brave and powerful Enforcer like him..." Jin stated nodding his head. "Anyways... I should go... Grandpa wants me-"

"Jin!" A loud elderly voice called out. Both the boys flinched as they turned around finding an old man marching towards them. His fiery orange eyes seemed to light up with fury as his grey and withered hair fell down his face. "I asked to speak with you an hour ago- You..." His eyes narrowed as he locked onto Kitsune. "Distracting Jin from his training are you! How dare you! Jin is the greatest Nine that has ever lived you have no right to!" The old man yelled out raising his fist up.

Kitsune squeezed his eyes as the fist flew towards him. He waited for it to hit him but it never came. When he opened his eyes he saw his grandfather madder than he had ever seen him before. Jin's hand was up holding the old man's wrist as orange eyes met orange eyes.

"Sorry, Grandpa..." Jin said quietly his voice coming out almost like a hiss. "It is my fault I am late... Shall we leave..."

The old man gritted his teeth as he ripped his arm out of Jin's grasp. He turned on his hills as he marched away grinding his teeth in anger.

"I'm afraid we will have to continue this conversation another time little brother..." Jin said sadly as he turned away. "I hope we meet again soon..." He stated quietly.

"Me... Me too..." Kitsune said equally as quietly...

Present Day

Age 1991

"My brother used to always tell me stories about the Enforcers..." Kitsune stated as he gave a slight smile. "He was so brave... He constantly got stronger for my sake... He was a really cool guy..."

"What... What happened to him..." Hero questioned curiously.

"He went missing..." Kitsune stated. "Three years ago... Him and his squad were held up in Dandelion city... It was attacked by a massive wave of Bestia Macht... Too big for a single squad to handle... Jin... Jin who at the time was the Captain stayed behind and bought his Squad as well as the Civilian's time to escape. The last known report of him was him throwing his communication device to the wind as he charged into battle against the horde..." Kitsune gave a slight smile as he shrugged. "He was a hero... That's why... That's why when I see him again I'll tell him how proud I am of him!" He announced out.

"I see..." Hero said nodding. "Kitsune. Let's get stronger." He stated suddenly.

"What! Where did that come from?"

"Your brother... He sounds like a really cool Enforcer. But I don't want to die defending some city, don't get me wrong, if my death would save someone I would be happy, but I'd prefer to be strong enough to save them without me dying! So let's both get strong enough to where we won't have to stay behind an buy time ever again! Let's get strong enough to protect our friends, and our families, and each other." Hero announced out. He gave a sheepish smile as he turned holding his hand out to Kitsune. "What do you say!" He asked. "Let's both get strong enough to be featured in that Enforcer book you have! Let's do it together!"

Kitsune stared up at the strange boy in front of him before finally, he grabbed ahold of the hand pulling himself up with it. "Yeah... Together..."

RainyLiquid2020 RainyLiquid2020

Some stuff reviled about my favorite character...

Also to the guy who is messaging me for personal reasons, please stop. I already had to delete several of your messages as you used my real name. Please leave me alone. Just because you know me in real life doesn't mean you know me here. Online me, is best me.

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  • Pieperson2001


    So Kitsune also has a sad story? Also anyone else smell the Yaoi?

  • WateryRein


    Yeah. I feel like there was a little more than friendship vibes going on there. Then again. I shipped Hero and Kitsune since like day 1.

  • Snidog752


    Thank You for the chapter.

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