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Reincarnated as a High Ranking Nazi

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Sakuya Toia was your average shut in Isekai protagonist. He spent all day locked in his room playing games and watching anime. The only time he ever left his room was to go to the library.

One day Sakuya was walking home from the library after checking out a book about Heinrich Himmler, a high ranking Nazi. He was so caught up in the book, that he read it while walking home. Completely invested in the book, he walked into the middle of traffic while reading, and then died.

His story didn’t end there though! He was reincarnated back in 1900 Germany! He didn’t just reincarnated as anyone though, he was Heinrich Himmler. His new life awaits him as he many tough decisions to make, to ultimately try and prevent the Holocaust!

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Wow simply WOW HAHAHAHA Reincarnated as a high ranking national socialist is everything i wanted to read in my entire life hahaha love 100%

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Meh, Which MC is only 5 years old after being attacked with a knife instead of being assisted, he is even imprisoned. It doesn't make sense and it's a bit trashy

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Ok so I saw a screenshot of this when I was on r/ParadoxExtra and while it scared me alittle I’m gonna give it a try hope the author returns to update it but we will see

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i really like it is really rare to see thi Kind of novel and really like it! but abou the kidnaping a little bit questionable well overall good work

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My reaction after reading this. I'm looking forward for the next chapter of this great web novel. may Heinrich accomplish his mission to prevent Holocaust

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Finally its getting continued, its really good. Even though its a hard topic, great work mate

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honestly, i love your work author ! keep it up!!

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Hey! So I was browsing r/okbuddybaka yesterday when I found a post making fun of the title of this light novel. So I decided to investigate if it really exists, or it's just a meme, and... here I am. I don't write in English very well (I'm more used to just read stuff in English), so I'm doing my best to write this: Why did you stop writing this? I think it's really good despite of some characteristics of the storytelling, that are common in writers without much experience. Maybe the story moves too fast to show the development of the characters; and that prevents the reader from generating some kind of link with the MC, his parents or the two girls. So, considering that the last chapter was released a year ago. Why did you stop writing?

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This was surprisingly good! I like this! It maintains the feels of a Japanese isekai manga but also feels like a diary of Heinrich due to the way of the narration.

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Good story and all, but in my opinion the mc is too naive. Otherwise good overall novel to read if you want something easy to read and pass time.

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Its a pretty good and interesting novel. For a history fan like me, this is a really interesting novel. I will definitly continue reading it to see where it goes.

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