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100% Taken from me / Chapter 8: First Strike

First Strike - Taken from me - Chapter 8 by SmilingBlueCloud full book limited free

Chapter 8: First Strike

The cacophonous sound of sharp bolts of lightning struck furiously through the sky, ringing loudly in the ears of the smith family. It rumbled against the ground, slightly shaking the once foreboding atmosphere.

An occasional flash of purple stricken light would appear out of the clouds, leaving as quickly as it came, like a petrified bird that sought shelter after having been unsuccessful in its escape. Tree-like branches of lighting thundered across the saddened clouds, flashing in different patterns before they sought after into the dark.

A pair of calculating eyes looked out into the vast bare wilderness. The purple unforgiving skies now radiated a fearsome dubious aura and the clouds shone as it sparkled in a myriad of colors. Aiden hadn't seen the skies this bad for all his life, well there is always time for new things - but this couldn't possibly have counted as a possible good thing.

Aiden would soon realize that this was just the prequel, the beginning of the end. It was like the scouts of an army checking, observing, gathering information on the enemy before the generals appealed for the strike. The storm was unusual, hands that were not human left prints on what this terrible epitome was.

A sudden glimmer erupted, the after crackle following loudly, the review mirror had caught its dense light as it directly shone into Aiden's peripheral vision. Aiden's shock had no recovery as his dark blue eyes darted quickly to look at the mirror. What was that? The screams that followed soon after alarmed Aiden to the edge, as he looked backward with a panic-ridden expression. The Johnsons! Jerry had noticed Aiden's sullen stare and gave a somewhat shocked thumbs up, Darren poking his head out of the car with a jaw-dropped expression. In place of where the Johnson car was, only a few sections away, was a large indent placed by an awfully large bolt of lightning striking the fertile land.

"Shi-" Aiden had mumbled roughly under his breath, somewhat with relief that the small family of two had made past just in time. Aiden had hoped Mila didn't catch on to the words, or worse, Alita, who would give him an earful for swearing around their young daughter. To his luck, his girls were wrapped together, both wearing headphones found far away in their own fictional world, cuddled in its temporal comfort. As he ran a ragged palm over his clammy face, Aiden had released a distraught breath of tiresome agitation. This was really messing with whatever sanity was hanging with him by a slim thread.

The clouds were gathering, huddled together like bubbles in rifling water, nested in the heart of the epicenter, a gigantic whirlpool of purple and white was vaguely forming. It looked like an agitated stir soup as It lay suspended halfway across the sky, slowly descending to the land, looking like it was about to bring judgment day to the Earth below. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What, on earth!" Alita had suddenly exclaimed, words coming out with a full pause between each syllable. Her face had gone pale, the turquoise headphones now in held in her cold hands. The giggles of Mila subsided to glance at her now worried mother. Alita hadn't seen anything like this her eyes had widened a considerable size to take in to account what she had seen.

"Mama, what is that?" The curiosity of Mila had called out, her grubby hands wrapping themselves around Alita's cold fingers. Upon a glance, Mila's eyes were filled with deep fear, as Alita placed a gentle reassuring kiss but was unsure of what to say to her little daughter whose chances of understanding the situation were very slim.

"Aiden, please drive faster. God be with us right now." Alita had urged after shoving the headphones back on Mila's tiny ears with a quick reassuring nod before she frantically began to yell at Aiden to speed the large vehicle. The whirlpool of air was inching closer to the moving car, its imposing threat like a tiger ready to pounce on its prey.

Aiden had hoped the incoherent okay he'd mumbled was somewhat comprehendible to Alita, but even his strong statue that he held for his family was breaking down like chunks being shipped off of a cliff. The evident shock and fear slithered down his back like a venomous snake, infecting every living fiber within him with the after falls of venom.

The long awaiting storm was now like a stick of dynamite that had it's fuse nearly burnt out, ready to explode at any given moment. It would only be till a couple few moments before it lost all control and ceased to show mercy to anyone that crossed its destructive path.

Suddenly a flash of purple pounded on the road, Aiden furiously pressing on the brakes in panicked instinct; fast enough to react, missing the large shock wave of thunder by a few milliseconds. Crash! Sizzle! Crack and boom! Silence. The family had encountered many close calls today, this was one of the few they would have considered survival through to the reason of luck. The earth that had been struck was sizzling with new profound smoke, a large indent 1 meter deep embedded onto the solid land. Aiden's heart had been pounded against his head loudly as Alita stood shocked, a tight palm pressed against her gaping mouth. Her arms were stiffly curled around Mila who seemed oblivious to all of it as she happily sang away to rain-rain go away. The words of Mila rang through Alita's head.

"Aiden! Mila's dream!" Aiden had flashed his wife a confused look, but Alita wouldn't waste a second as she frantically took over the wheel, losing Mila in her embrace. Aiden watched as his wife had raged forward in an attempt to take over the car like a frantic robber, despite the groans of protest from Aiden. Sitting on him like a cushion, she tugged the car towards the right side of the road

Just like Mila had said earlier, a lengthy shallow canyon had slowly crept along the middle of the road, roaring in a ghastly rumble as it tore itself in half. Detaching its existence entirely, grieving in pain as it did. Half of the road that the cars were opposite of had descended in a ten-foot drop as it created a deafening scream, before dramatically descending down the hill in a landslide. Alita watched as the puff of dust was the only evidence she saw as the remaining land collapsed into the heavens.

It all happened in a split second, the families didn't have much time to react, but it had been nagging Alita that Mila would have such explicit dreams. She had to trust her gut this time to know there was some second-hand meaning to what this little child had seen. After all, she supposed it really did. Aiden's arms snaked themselves securely around Alita's slim waist as he pasted a chaste kiss onto her cheek, his heartbeat just as loud as hers. It had shaken all of them to see such disasters at such a close range to themselves. They had been lucky for the third time this entire journey. Mila had curled to the far corner towards the right, her arms wrapped around her tucked legs. Aiden had yet again for what seemed like the tenth time glanced back at the Johnsons who seemed to be a little disoriented but nonetheless okay.

Alita had slightly whispered to Aiden that Mila's dream was in fact what had taken place and maybe it was time they sat down to ask their daughter what other things she had seen, Mila had in fact stopped the plummet to death, it was worth giving it a shot.

Alita crawled back to backseats as she comforted Mila softly her in warmth, gently whispering comforting words to her, a few soft kisses here and there as she began the task of asking her daughter to open up about her dream.

"Darling, do you remember anything else about your dream?" Alita had asked quietly, her mothering arms drawing smooth circles of ease.

Mila had bit her lip as she glanced back into deep thought. Her eyes peered to the back of the car where the Johnsons were fruitfully laughing about their close calls. "They didn't exist in my dream, Momma."

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