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Oasis - The Guy With The White Hair - Chapter 2 by Uniquesoul1600 full book limited free

Chapter 2: Oasis

Oh my God.

By some grand miracle, I managed to get his order down while looking like a complete fool, stumbling all over my words, I looked like I was drooling over him.

Which I'm not, just so you know!

I think I have must weird him out cause he kept his eyes on me the entire time while I wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up into the ground and stay there for all eternity.

Whenever I went to his table or merely within the vicinity, I'd feel his eyes at the back of my neck and catch his warm aromatic scent, brushing past my nostrils.

It took every ounce of me not to react to it and keep a stone-cold face.

Meanwhile, I was melting inside, turned into complete mush. I was not okay, I was far from okay cause under all that swooning I was boiling with rage.

I don't even know him or what his deal is! Why is he here, did he come to torment me, or did my subconscious ooze so much it manifested him?!

I think I need to get my head examined cause I'm having hallucinations, but the other waitress saw him too, okay maybe it's a contagious hallucination, a new kind of power.

For all we know we could all be in one big hallucination, it happens like in the desert when the sun is so hot you start seeing an oasis but it's just the heat playing tricks on you, the same thing could be happening here.

But it's spring.

Oh put a sock in it!

Eventually, news of a cloaked drop-dead gorgeous man; not my words, had gone round and reached over to Rodney who came out from his office to inspect this new arrival that had his female staff all chatty and excited about.

"What's the matter chief, afraid someone is moving in on your territory?" I quipped "No, why would I be worried about that, I'm far better looking."

Although he tried to sound confident and cool like he normally does he kept his eyes on the stranger, clearly undermining him and I'm sure the urge to show dominance was kicking in full swing.

He walked about to the guy's table and greeted him, a few of the waitresses came running up to me.

"Oh my gosh now that's tots hot" I frowned and looked at the freckled face waitress, pretty much drooling over the two hottest guys in this diner right now talk to each other "Really?" I questioned, they all nodded and I was astonished by what they found hot.

Rodney started walking back after the brief interaction and the girls immediately scattered to seem like they were busy the whole time.

"You good now, testosterone in check?" I asked amused by how pouty he looked, he frowned at me knowing exactly what I was talking about "My testosterone is fine, I was just doing my job as manager" he stated but I'm sure more to himself than to me.

"Right, Right, I get it. A new alpha suddenly rocks up and all the females are panting, sometimes you got to show who's alpha around here." I smirked enjoying this moment.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?"

I looked at him, feigning hurt and placing my hand over my chest as if I am hurt by his words "me, enjoy my dear best friend suffering, I am wounded. I mean I thought we knew each other much better than that" he simply rolled his eyes at my theoretic.

"Whatever you say sadist and besides how come you're not drooling at his feet like the others" I did, you just missed it.

"Eh, he's just not my type," I said nonchalantly while I wiped the counter, avoiding eye contact.


"Am not."

I wiped the counter more vigorously.

"Oh really, well good for you cause it seems like he's coming over this way."

Instinctively I hide behind the counter, my heart pounding in my chest and butterflies flying in my stomach.

"Just kidding."

I look up to see Rodney leaning over the counter, grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat and I'm pretty sure a dark blush coated my cheeks "I hate you, you know that." I said completely embarrassed and he just laughed as I hit him repetitively with the cloth I was using.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help myself, your a terrible liar" he pointed out and I hit him again.

"I'm not."

"Maybe to everyone else but I know you, Ann, we've been friends for a long time so I know when your lying. You like the guy, you don't have to act all hardcore about it, that's my thing" he winked and I hit him again for good measure "I don't like the guy, I don't need another relationship and besides his just the guy I've seen in my dreams so it's not a big deal."

Ah, crap.

The look on his face made me want to shrink away, I can never keep my mouth shut around this idiot, can I! The transition from shock to full-blown Cheshire cat.

"So sitting over there is the man of your dreams, the very same guy you've been dreaming being in bed with for the past two years, and you're not jumping at his bones," he said sounding as if something was wrong with me and I was crazy for not going for the kill. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Okay firstly; that pun was cheesy, I nearly threw up, and secondly; I don't need a relationship, I am very happy being single thank you very much, and thirdly; stop making that ridiculous face," I said squishing his cheeks to stop him from smirking at me, he was amused by discomfort about the situation.

"Don't have to be so shy about it and besides he's a really good looking guy, even though you can't see his whole head but the fact of the matter is; you've been dreaming of him which makes him your soulmate" He added removing my hands from his face "Are you my girlfriend or my best friend and your only saying that cause his no longer a threat to you" I pointed out and he just chuckled "No one is a threat to me like you said I'm the Alpha" he ran his fingers through his hair and gave me the finger guns.

We immediately heard a few squeals and giggles from the waitresses who saw this and immediately looked away, blushing furiously and I just rolled my eyes in amusement.

"I have work to do and so do you." I quickly went to serve another customer, signaling the end of the conversation but I was pretty certain it wasn't.

From then on I was completely busy with the other side of the diner, away from where he sat, and would send any free waiters or waitresses to serve him for completely unrelated reasons.

I was just really busy and as a head waitress, I must make sure every customer leaves here satisfied. Besides I'm perfectly happy being by myself and I'm not completely alone, I have Trixie and Rodney.

What more could a girl want, right.


Suddenly it felt like someone dropped stones into my stomach.

Nightfall came and the guy had left, the diner had slowed down a little and my shift was coming to an end. I cleared up the last few tablets to make space for the nighttime customers, I just can't wait to get home and just soak myself in a nice hot bubble bath and then just watch a movie and just be done with this day.

After I cleared all the empty tables I went to the locker room to get my backpack "You ready?" Rodney asked, leaning by the doorway, swinging his car keys on his finger "I think I'm going to take the hound bus today, so it's fine" I could see worry all over his face, I felt a ping of guilt amongst the heavy stones "Are you sure, you know I don't mind driving you home, it's not safe at night." He protested and I shook my head "I'm sure, the bus stop isn't far from here so I'll be fine, I can take care of myself" I reassured him, giving him a gentle squeeze on his arm as I walked past.

He opened his mouth to say something but decided not to as it seemed I was certain of heading home by myself.

I said my goodbyes to everyone and made my way to the bus stop. Truth be told I would have loved the car ride but I just don't have the energy to sit in the car and have him telling me to pursue the guy and move on from my past.

Granted it's been a year and a half now since the whole incident, it broke me to the point I accidentally erased the orc from existence and placed a curse that's set to slowly kill him inside and cause nothing but pain and anguish.

Okay, I did lie about killing him but I sort of did, just takes a painfully slow process. Okay, cancer, I gave him cancer and I've been feeling guilty about it ever since, it was in the heat of the moment and I wasn't thinking straight but that's still no excuse and I wish I could take it back, even hoped that he would recover and that the treatments he's getting will help but doesn't seem to be doing much.

It took everything in me to not break down and cry right then and there as I waited for the bus. As much as the dream was warm and pleasant I don't deserve that sort of luxury.

The bus eventually arrived and I got on, I put on my headphones and pressed play, cranking up the volume to drown out my thoughts until there's nothing but music bouncing all around my head and I forget about the dream, my ex, and just everything else.

I just stared as the city lights danced around, illuminating everything and casting dark shadows in the ally ways, everyone just going about their business. I enjoy moments like these, just people watching, making up scenes or backstory of who they are and what they do in their daily lives, helps me forget about my own life for a bit.

The bus turned, driving away from the bright city lights into a more dim-lit road, where my apartment is. Unlike the city, this place was a little quieter, with a few creepers lurking here and there but ultimately it's a good neighborhood.

The bus was now coming to my stop and I pull the little string at the top to signify the driver to stop at the upcoming bus stop. I got up from my seat and got off the bus, saying my goodnight to the bus driver, and headed towards the direction of my place.

The music stopped playing and I frowned, wondering if I reached the end of the playlist. I pulled out my phone from my pocket to see a call from Rodney "You're disrupting my music" I answered "Oh I'm sorry your majesty, forgive me for calling to check to see if you are still alive" I chuckled as I imagined him bowing down jokingly "You don't have to worry, I'm fine, I'm walking towards my apartment as we speak and besides I can handle myself you know" I said.

"Ya I know but I still have to check, I won't hold you on the phone for long just make sure you texted me as soon as you've entered your apartment, got it?" There wasn't any amusement in his voice and I knew he was serious "As I said, don't worry, I'll text you as soon as I get inside" satisfied with my answer he said his goodbye and dropped the call.

Sometimes I wonder if he forgets he placed a protection spell on me so that no harm can come to me. He's such a worry wort but I find it very sweet how protective and caring he is of me, I'm more like a younger sister to him than just some girl he hooks up with.

I'm like family to him and that goes both ways, we both had no one when we came here and only had each other, my parents died in a fire and I managed to survive, and before I realized my life was burned in front of me and I found myself in the immigration camp sitting with a charismatic boy showing me he could make fireworks in his hands.

By the time I got home, I was pretty drained and was just ready to skip the bath and movie and go straight to bed. I took my phone and keys out, texted Rodney I made it home and was just going to sleep immediately, and got inside.

I immediately was greeted by soft meow and purring and she rubbed against my legs "Aww thanks for the warm welcome" I said and picked her up, showering her with kisses and chin rubs, she purred affectionately.

I placed her down, locked the door before heading to the fridge to make myself something quick to eat, I got so busy today I haven't had lunch yet.

"What should we get for dinner, pizza?"

Trixie looked up from her grooming and continued her business, ignoring me.

"Ya, I think pizza would be nice too."

I shut the fridge and ordered myself a pizza from Jumbo's then decided on taking a shower instead while I wait for the pizza "Let me know once the pizza gets here!" I called Trixie who I'm pretty sure either heard me or just didn't care and would let the pizza man wait.

Luckily I finished my shower in time as the buzzer went off. I quickly wrapped my body in the towel and buzzed the guy in then put on a pair of comfy shorts and a long t-shirt, by the time the guy arrived I was towel drying my hair, took cash out of my wallet, paid for the pizza and gave him an extra tip which was appreciative for by complementing me before heading to the elevator.

"A pepperoni pizza and a movie, let the great relaxation begin." Trixie hopped onto the couch and curled up by the corner of the couch while I made myself comfortable on the other side.

Before I knew it, I blinked and then woke up with a start. My heart hammering in my chest, I looked up to see that it was 1 am, I didn't even know I had dozed off. The tv was still on and now playing some commercial for foot fungus, I switched the tv, off closed the box of half-eaten pizza, and placed it into the fridge.

"Bedtime Trixie." I walked over to her and gently picked her up from her spot. She meowed softly at me, purring loudly in my ear, she's so sweet when she wants to be.

I turned off all the lights and eventually went to bed, fading into the black abyss of empty dreams.

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