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The Color Of Caramel - The Guy With The White Hair - Chapter 1 by Uniquesoul1600 full book limited free

The Guy With The White Hair The Guy With The White Hair original

The Guy With The White Hair

Author: Uniquesoul1600

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Chapter 1: The Color Of Caramel

So, how do I go about telling you my story?

I could start with Dragon rides or maybe something with a little more excitement.

No, you're right I should start slow, so I'll start by telling you a little bit about me and the world I live in.

My name is Anita but most people call me Ann. I'm an immigrant working at a small little diner called Bucks, it's just outside the main city of Blue Moon where the High Magical Council Hall resides dead center of it all.

I mean it's not hard to miss, the temple is huge and at night shines a brilliant blue just as bright as the moon.

You can see where the name Blue Moon came from.

But you are not here to talk about architecture. You here to talk about some random guy with abnormal and dare I say, taboo hair color.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

My morning started as it usually does.

Me sleeping on soft silk sheets, a pillow that feels like it was stuffed with the feathers of baby ducks. A room painted in a rich deep golden color, curtains gently fluttering in the wind behind me and the sun peeking through, touching my skin with its warmth.

But I felt something even warmer against my back, strong arms firmly wrapped around my waist and hot air fanning the back of my neck, sending a sensation right down my spine and through my body.

But I remained still, feeling his hard chest rise and fall with each soft breath, I could feel his heart beating steadily in their chest.

I wanted to turn around so I can hear the steady beating but I was filled with immediate guilt at the thought of waking him up.

So I remain in that position, in his secure and warm embrace. Not daring to wake him up and just grateful for the peaceful silence and the joy spreading in my chest that I was lucky enough to experience this.

"You awake..."

A voice as sweet as honey and rich like velvet and heavy with sleep, vibrated all through me, making me melt into a puddle.

My heart swelled to the sound of the voice. I rolled over so that I was now facing him but more to his chest, smooth well-built chest "Just wanted to get comfortable." He pulled me closer to it till there was no space between us and secured me more in the hold, I had no complaint about this closeness.

Cause now I can listen to his heartbeat and inhale the aromatic scent with a hint of cinnamon, I love cinnamon.

Ah yes, everything was perfect, all was at peace, nothing could ruin this peaceful moment for me.

My eyes fly open the moment I look up to stare at his face, and that would leave me feeling not only cranky, but this unrecognizable feeling would linger and linger it will.

Nothing hurts more than waking up to find that it was all a damn dream or in my case precognition.

Out of all the magical things I could do my strong suit was precognition!

Man, let me tell you how handy they were - even though they annoyed the living hell out of me, I've gotten out of serious trouble with the law, I mean it's not every day you accidentally kill your ex by turning them into a hollow shell of his former self and occasionally use them to do your bidding.

Don't look at me like that, the bastard had it coming after cheating on me with an orc!


Can you believe it!?

Granted this was a year ago, it still hurts, a lot less now since I get my once-in-awhile revenge.

But don't tell the Magic Council, they still believe I can only tell the future by palm reading and all that fruity stuff.

The dreams I'd have were never really clear, I'd have to decode the freaking thing just to know what it means. Is my life in danger? Is something big going to happen? Am I going to cause the downfall of all magic beings? Is Trixie planning for my untimely demise?!

Can I just get a straight answer! Is that too much to ask?!

Setting aside the roundabout visions, which I can handle, what I can't handle is having to dream the same dream six times in the last two years.

Yes, two years. I've dreamt this dream for a whole two years of my life, ain't that a treat.

And the cherry on top is I don't even know the person I'm in bed with, I can't even look at their face but with every dream I had, a little more was revealed and this time it was their scent. The scent lingered in my nose and the same unrecognizable feeling I felt in the dream swelled in my chest, causing me to turn over and scream into my pillow out of frustration.

As if I don't have enough to deal with!


"Not now Trixie can't you see I'm wallowing."


"Have a heart will ya, I'm going through a personal crisis, your food isn't going anywhere!"

I shoved my head back into the pillow and try to decipher what the dream meant.

Meow, Meow!

"Okay fine, sheesh your one demanding cat you know, did I mention your also high maintenance," I said moving and picking up the gray sphinx and kissing her on the head, she didn't approve of course, and placed a paw to my mouth letting me know not to do that again or there will be consequences.

Like I ever listen and attempted to kiss her again and she meowed in protest "Don't be like that if you hadn't disturbed my focus I wouldn't be here kissing you" I pointed out.


"I'm glad you've learned your lesson," I said proud of my accomplishment, I placed her down so I could get the canned tuna and not struggle to open it while having to fend her off.

Damn cat likes eating too much, lucky for me she hits the cat treadmill to shave off any access weight. Like they say 'A moment on the lips, a cat lifetime on the hips.

"There you go, now time for me to get ready for work." Once I placed the food bowl I went ahead to go get myself ready and prepped up before my shift starts.

My thoughts wandered back to the dream and what it all meant. It could just mean I might meet someone who's heavy in the pockets judging by the silk covers but isn't big on spending seeing as how the room was not screaming wealth.


I don't even want to start on the guy, just the sheer thought of him quickens my heart rate and fills me with a heavy feeling inside that I don't even know. And that scent, gosh that annoying, stupid, aromatic, calming yet strong scent. Drives me nuts, I'll even smell it at work and I know for a fact nobody there not even the customers have that scent, don't ask how I know cause I'm not telling you.

I'm mad at the fact I can't even see their face which will help me identify the person and get a little more sense of why they are in my visions. Not related to the fact dream me seems to have developed an unhealthy crush on a strange or that it could explain that I may or may not feel lonely even after a year since my last break, totally not that at all.

Sometimes, I won't have that dream for a whole month even more and it's damn frustrating. I'd damn well would like to make a complaint to whoever is in charge of these damn dreams and give them a piece of my mind!

I slammed the fridge door closed causing Trixie to jump and glare her sea-blue eyes at me.


"Sorry Trixie didn't mean to scare you, it's just this damn dream is just" I couldn't find the word to describe it cause 'frustrating wasn't feeling right for this situation.


"Yes, impossible, that's the word. You know, I've never said this before but you are one smart cat."


"Oh don't get so cocky or you'll start growing wrinkles." Trixie shot a look of shock and a mixture of confusion.


"Hey I don't know okay, you could get wrinkles just by being cocky, nothing is impossible..." We both looked at each other with a knowing look "...okay except the dream but put that aside nonetheless."

If there was a contest or a medal for cats eye-rolling, it would be a piece of cake for Trixie. Can cats even eye roll? Is that even possible cause I swear she rolled her eyes at me like it was nothing?

I watched in disbelief as she hopped off the kitchen counter, towards the small heater by the wall to warm herself and do her daily grooming. As if she needs it, she's got no hair, what a snob.

I poured the milk into my bowl of cereal and ate while watching the news with just a couple of hours before my shift starts and just the amount of time for my hair to air dry.

I gazed outside the kitchen window, listening to the faint sounds of cars and the occasional roar from the sky dragons flying by, I could hear the distinctive clip-clop of hooves, probably some royal family going by, I mean who still uses carriages these days?

Just as I finished my breakfast I heard the sound of a deep roar from an engine signaling my ride was here, I placed my bowl in the sink and quickly brushed out my raven black hair before putting it into a ponytail.

"Okay Trixie I'm off to work, behave yourself and stay out of the treat jar or you'll be on the treadmill for a week!" I quickly grabbed my backpack and house keys, shutting the door behind me and making sure it was locked before racing down the stairs to the lobby.

A black mustang was parked right in front of the building and leaning against it was Rodney, his jet black hair styled up into a spiky mess with the back shaved, eyes that resemble a shiny emerald. He has the face of every girl's fantasy bad boy and a smirk to compliment it.

As if he wasn't looking bad boy enough, his sense of style had to match, leather jacket with way too many zips with only two that were usable while I'm sure the rest of the zippers sole purpose was to decorate and not to be used, kind of dumb if you ask me.

He wore a tight black t-shirt with navy blue jeans and sneakers, honestly, he looked as if he came straight out of a novel.

"Fair lady, your chariot awaits" he gave me a deep bow with his charismatic smile and I rolled my eyes.

"I think you have your girls mixed up, bird brain." I said as he stood up straight "You know most girls would find that charming and even giggle a little" he said pouting and placing a hand over his oh-so-wounded heart.

"You forget I'm not most girls plus the girls you go for barely have two brain cells," I remarked gently shoving him out of the way so I could get into the passenger seat, opening the car door.

"Ouch, you hurt me with your words, you make me sound like a playboy who has no taste in women" he responded leaning on the passenger door and I just merely rolled my eyes again knowing that he very well knows he is a playboy.

I got in and he shut the door before jogging to the driver's side, catching a few eyes and shooting them a wink.

He's got the looks, the car, and dare I say the charm, he the very definition of a playboy but not my type of guy, don't get me wrong his sweet but I don't see him that way.

Some people would think that he and I are dating when that's not the case, Rodney and I are childhood friends, best friends.

When I first came here, I met him in the immigration camp, first sight I could already tell he was a warlock. He didn't hit on me, just in case you were wondering he came up to me and said 'Want to see how many girls I can charm?' Truth be told I was a bit surprised that that was the first thing he decided to say to me and a little curious so I agreed.

Not once did he use a charm spell to get all the girls swooning over him, he had a natural talent and he wasn't afraid to show it, I was impressed.

But I never told him that, I didn't want to inflate his already inflated ego.

"Off to work we go," he said clipping in his seatbelt and starting up the car which roared to life, startling a few people walking by and impressing a few others, who I'm certain had boyfriends and were just a wink away from dumping them for him. Rodney pulled out of the parking and drove off towards Bucks.


"Hey, Anita could you take this order to table 4 please?" One of the waiters asked "Sure, no problem" I said as I took the tray of food and made my way to the table.

"Okay here's your order of the Big Bill Burger with onion rings and fries, here's your drink, and who ordered the steak supreme?" The customer raised their hand and I placed their order in front of them and called out the rest of gave the rest of the meal to them.

"Enjoy your meal," I said in my chirpy waitress voice and giving them my best smile, and left the table to go waiter other tables.

"Why don't I get a smile like that?" Rodney asked with puppy dog eyes "Because bad dogs don't get treats" I responded and flicked his forehead "Your one cold woman" he said rubbing his forehead "I'm sure I am and don't you have somewhere to be like gee I don't know, tending to the books in your office?" I questioned with a knock on the head with the tray.

"Hey watch the hair and I can always do that later, I'm just here making sure the customers are being treated well and so far I'm one unhappy customer," he said acting as if I've offended his honor.

"I'm amazed at how your even a manager and let alone not have run this place down to the ground." I shook my head, he immediately perked up and I could see his ego growing.

"Guess I'm just that good." Good God saves us all.

"Well, I have to get to work, enjoy your lounging about," I said and left to do my work.

Like any other day, it was busy as usual. People filing in to either grab a quick meal or collect their online orders. I don't particularly pay much attention to who comes and leaves the place but today my senses were on high alert, I felt as if I was being drawn by something and the little voice in my head seemed to be happy about it.

I was behind the counter serving an elderly man when it went down. The door to the diner opened and there stood a man dressed in a deep crimson red cloak.

The little elf waiter who rushed towards him froze, and I could tell she was struggling with her words and fumbled a lot with the menu in her hand. She managed to collect herself in the end and showed the guy to his seat.

I couldn't get a good look at his face since it was hidden underneath the hood but judging by her reaction he was something to look at.

But I had other things bothering me, like the sudden tightness in my stomach and the tingling sensation in my fingertips followed by the voice screaming in delight.

It's him!

It's him!

My grandpa always told me to never ignore my intuitions and I must trust it but I can say with confidence it was wrong.

It's clearly on the fritz and in serious need of fixing, I have to search up how to fix intuitions when I get home.

The waiter walked to the counter, fanning her flustered face before plotting down onto the seat and sinking her face into her arms, and groaned.

Those who heard turned to face her and I gave them a reassuring smile so they'd go back to their meals "Okay, spit it out." She responded by giving me her small notepad, I took it to take a look at what the customer ordered.

"Uhm..." I pulled the piece of paper towards my face to make sense of what she wrote but it was like trying to read a doctor's handwriting "Exactly..." she finally responded looking up from her folded arms.

"What am I going to do, I barely heard a single word he was saying that I just started writing gibberish, it was like I was under a spell and I just heard this sweet voice talking but I couldn't hear what he was saying."

She buried her face into her arms once again, wallowing in her existential misery.

I sighed and looked at the cloaked man. Not sure if I should go or not, What do you mean you're not sure just move your behind, trust me! I sighed heavily again at the very determined voice "It's fine I'll go over there and get their order" I offered and gently squeezed her arm, she looked up at me with hopeful eyes screaming their thanks.

I stepped out from the counter and made my way towards their table and I could feel myself getting nervous with every step.

There's nothing to be nervous about, to be honest, it's all in your head. Your subconscious is seeping, messing up your mind with that senseless dream that has done nothing but causes mixed feelings!

With every step I took, I grew more confident and determined to prove my intuition and subconscious they were crazy and in serious need of a check-up.

If ya say so~

"Hi, welcome to Buck's, I'll be your waiter for today. What can I get for you today?"

The scent of cinnamon washed over me, enveloping my entire body. My heart now accelerator at the familiar scent.


Shut up!

"I'd already spoken with the other waitress."

That sweet velvet voice, I felt a little lightheaded and it seemed as if I was about to slip and fall directly into his arms, feeling his warmth wrapped around me.

I dreamt of that warmth, and now it's within reach. I even get that the chance to see their face and confront the bastard who's been haunting my dreams!


"Huh?...oh Uhm...Yes your order, sorry what did you say it was again?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I said the other waitress took it." I detected a hint of amusement in his voice and sort of reminded me of Rodney when he manages to get me flustered.

"O-oh right, yes my apologies, she couldn't quite get them so I'll be waitressing in her position."

Oh my God.

My breath instantly left my lungs and I felt immobilized. I decided to look up from my small pad and oh my God.


He was stunning.

No, handsome.

No, gorgeous.

He was...he was non of the above. He was just, breathe taking. His eyes were dark as the night sky and seemed to illuminate an entire universe aimlessly floating, carrying all its secrets and the answers to all questions known within the universe.

His skin was the color of caramel and secretly made me wish to bite into him to taste and see if he truly tasted like caramel.

Told you it was him.

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