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  • The Alpha's Bride

    The Alpha's Bride



    Alpha Damon, the unmated Alpha of the largest pack in North America, is facing a reality where Elders are pressuring him to marry a bride of their choice. A marriage of convenience. A marriage for power. Damon is aware that Elders want to use him in their schemes, and he is determined to show them that he is no one's pawn. No one can force him into marriage, not even the Moon Goddess. “I don’t need a woman in my life to obstruct me. A girlfriend is a nuisance, a wife would be a problem, and a mate would be a disaster.” Will he give in? Which one will he choose? Will he have a choice once he finds his mate? Join Damon in his journey during which he will broaden his horizons and change in the most unexpected ways when the right woman enters his life. --- Connect with me. Discord: Facebook: Instagram: --- I own the cover. --- Give my other novels a try! - Amara - Reunion - The Supreme Alpha - Is this Destiny? - Accident Prone

  • My two alphas

    My two alphas

    Tyson and Ace, two twin hybrid brothers direct descendants of the moon goddess, thought life wouldn’t get any more complicated then being raised by their older brother the Lycan king. When Ryker their older brother the Alpha king finds his mate, they learn she has a missing daughter and help find her bringing her home, only when they do they can’t help but feel drawn to the young girl and on their 16 birthday, they find out she is their mate, the girl they helped raise their own brothers step daughter was to be theirs, though Lucy was 12 they and they help practically raised her, they knew when she found out in the future she would be a handful. Lucy is no ordinary hybrid but a mutated version like her mother and there is just one problem, she has no wolf, the scientists that experimented on her as a child killing her wolf counterpart, and basically leaving her more vampire then wolf. Now only do they have to wait for her to grow up, they also have to hope she recognises them when she does.Lucy has always been different being a mutation of her hybrid mother, raised by her stepfather the Lycan king and his two Twin brothers her life was never easy, she spent majority of her life in captivity before her mother and her mate the Lycan king freed her along with those in facility finding the long lost daughter of the Lycan Queen and rescued her bring her home. Little does she know that the two young men that have always been by her side since she was child and helped raise her once rescued, are hiding a secret. She is their mate, what happens when Lucy finds out that not only are they her mates but they knew all along, can she look at them as anything more than family, though not blood related they did help raise her but now she understood why she was always drawn to them, drawn to the twin brothers who are both Alpha’s of their pack, will she trust fate or will she reject them?





    [completed]"What are you doing? " he asked solemnly"We kissed " Lia confessed, finally letting the cat out of the bag. It was better for him to release his anger openly than giving her this silent torture."I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed it" She disclosed "It just felt so right like this is what a part of my soul was missing out on all these years but.... "She stared him straight in the eyes and asked "But as blissful as that sounds, why do I still feel guilty?"His gaze remained unwaveringly on her's whileHer voice broke and tears began to slide down her face."W-why do I feel bothered? Why does my heart feel guilty when in fact I'm following it? why does everything seem so complicated with you? Why do I feel for you when I've already been destined for someone else? "Asher clutched his fist, trying so hard to contain his emotions that were threatening to surface but the girl's words were tearing his heart outThe tears continued to trickle down her cheeks "What is wrong with me ? " she asked exasperated, and began to wipe her face with her palm obsessively.At her sixth wipe, Asher stopped her and drew her towards him, staring at her with this odd gleam in his eyes.His cold, smooth hands cupped her cheek and rubbed away a hot tear with his thumb."Nothing is wrong with you" He assured her, his thumb caressing her cheek while his eyes fixed on her's intent.He was just conflicted, was it right to confess the truth to her now? All this time, he's been careful, what would happen if he becomes careless for once?Maybe it's time to become selfish after all. ------ Having two Mates? What an absurd joke Here comes Lia originally mated to a werewolf but an accident and conspiracy had her mated to a vampire as well. Now she has to figure out the raging feelings she has for the Alpha of the silver pack and the Alpha of the Nicoli Clan and fighting off dark forces in need of her ability as well. You can check out my other book " Taming A Billionaire " & "When Death Does Us Apart "Official discord server, ","

  • The Wallflower & The Alphas

    The Wallflower & The Alphas

    It's about Avery Williams, who is special as she is not just a wolf/witch, but she got two sides: her wolf- Angelstar, and her Veela-Anglica. She is a nerd, loser, and whom everyone made fun of, even her friends called her Wallflower. Usually, when the Moon Goddess finds you your other half, one or two mates the most there will be for you. But Avery is a different werewolf, she does not have one or two mates but four mates. She fated to the four most dangerous, most popular, and most arrogant boys in school, the four horsemen Alphas: Elijah Woods, Jake Stone, Andrew Bradford, and Matthew Steele. The four bad boys knew the whole time that she is their mate but doesn't want anyone to know, instead they hide their feelings about Avery. Avery finally finds out her mates are her bullies and torturer, but when she turns 19 on her birthday, that is when it all changes. That is when she finds out she is a Veela. Will Avery forgive them about they make a bet to see how to get her to fall in love with them? What if someone in her family's past wants her too and they kidnap her right at the dance.? What if the guys find her in time but she is married off the Vampire Prince: The Duke Conway...? Will the Quads break everything in their path to get to Avery including the walls she has built around her heart? It all remains to be seen in The Wallflower & The Alphas

  • Sold To An Alpha

    Sold To An Alpha



    [CAUTION: RATED 18: NO RAPE] Is it believably possible to love a man who's been rejected by all women? Leia is sold in the name of marriage to the most controversial man in the nation in exchange for monetary favors; Mr. Adrik Avalanzo, the scarred one.  He is rumored to be a hideous and fearless beast covered in scars, both physically and emotionally. His appearance is enough to chase off women. Even though he is the wealthiest, whom many envy, they consider him a plague. Thrust into a loveless marriage, how would a pridefully stubborn, hot-headed girl like Leia deal with him? And how would he deal with her? Will he try to dominate her? Or woo her passionately?  Will Leia accept him despite his physical deformity? Will she get past her pride? Her short temper? Or even untie the knot she'd tied over her heart to accept him? Will their marriage turn out to be one that all the people of high society envy? Or could this marriage be the subsequent tragedy of the century? ______________ The cover is not mine and belongs to its rightful owner. the owner's creditFollow me on Instagram @angellily_draws

  • Too Many Alphas

    Too Many Alphas

    I may look like a small-town coastal island girl with my small-town job, but I am far from it. I am a female Alpha wolf-shifter with a past that is quickly catching up with me. I've lived amongst humans from a young age, hiding my true self from everyone around me. That is until a new pack moved into town. My biggest fear was that the Alpha would kick me out of his new claimed territory or worse, kill me. Most Alphas don't tolerate another Alpha in their territory. Even an Alpha as rare as a female. But getting booted from my home was only my first problem. This Alpha was tall, dark, and devilishly handsome. Blue eyes, dark brown hair, and 100% my type, but dangerous. He also happened to be my new boss. But this wasn't the only new wolf in town. My old Alpha is back, and he wants me dead. But I am no weak female. I am an Alpha. And I will defend all those I love… Too Many Alphas is created by Kristy Hoefler, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • The Alphas and the Moon

    The Alphas and the Moon


    [ WARNING: This story is R18 and contains < Homosexuality > and < Polyamory >. Please refrain from reading if you are not comfortable with this content. ]Klyde, a strange boy with a mysterious origin and has no memory of his past, became the mate of two newly-allied alphas, Aaron and Stephen.As the three sought for Klyde's identity, they found their clues connected to the moon.They ventured the world for answers, discovering something more about themselves and their mates along the way. Will Klyde find out who he is? Or will an evil force stop him before then?

  • A Marriage of Alphas

    A Marriage of Alphas

    Harper Cole has been preparing her whole life to become her pack’s next Alpha. When her father gives the title to her youngest brother, Harper will proposition a fellow Alpha with a fake marriage, hoping to reclaim her position as heir. Asher Black, Alpha of the Rising Moon Pack, is struggling to lead his Pack and get rid of his controlling uncles when he is offered a strange proposition from a beautiful young wolf. As Harper and Asher fight to secure their positions, their fake relationship will be tested…as will the growing feelings between the two. “Prove it.” Julius says. “What?” Prove what? I don’t need to prove anything to them. Why is it so hard for them to understand I’m getting married? “I don’t believe this is real,” Dean agrees, adding fuel to Julius’s fire. I glance at Harper, nervous. I knew this was going to happen. They’ve figured out straight away this is fake. Did we not appear in love when we entered the room? “Of course, it’s real,” Harper smiles at me. She gives me a look, indicating she is either going to do something good or bad. She grabs me by the collar of my shirt and pulls me towards her. From instinct I close my eyes and commit to the pretend relationship. Our lips brush each other’s, and I can taste strawberry. They’re soft, warm and inviting. I hope it appears that sparks are flying around the room. I ignore the little butterflies in my stomach. “Like I said,” Harper smiles wide when we pull apart, “We’re getting married, and I’m leaving tomorrow.” A Marriage of Alphas is created by Chloe Higgins, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • The Alphas

    The Alphas


  • The alphas

    The alphas


  • Alphas Legacy

    Alphas Legacy

    Behind a wall is a mystery.Over someone's face there may be a mask.It's had to tell for Blaise.Blaise, ah yes. The names everyone shivers at. Blaise is an Alpha, but he's not an up to date Alpha. He lives by the old ways. They ways his ancestors once lived.Blaise must hide his true self so no one finds out who he really is.Blaise never wanted a mate all because he was cold and heartless towards people.I guess we'll find out how Blaise acts throughout this story.Enjoy.

  • The Alphas Vaewolf Bride

    The Alphas Vaewolf Bride



    When there was peace and harmony every where, the black energy started rising again breaking the amity of hundred years. In the dystopian world of humans and werewolf and other creatures, A roller coater love story of a young Vaewolf, Ash Williams, marked by Archer Smith, whom she loved with her heart and soul together fight's with the sinister and dark powers facing hardships and betrayal. During the great battle between the Vampire, Werewolf and other clans a series of indecipherable incidents lead to disaster and Archer goes MIA in process. After almost ten years, he reappears just to find his young brother madly in love with his wife. He joins hands with his good friend Haoran to solve a series of mysterious murder and defeating the true culprit.

  • The Alphas' Mate

    The Alphas' Mate


    When the orphaned alpha female goes to the ball hosted by her king, she did not expect to find her mate- the one and only King Damain. They are both alphas, demons, ruthless but most of all they are mates. They say opposites attract, but what about carbon copies?

  • The Alphas’ Mate

    The Alphas’ Mate

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

  • The Alphas' Toy

    The Alphas' Toy

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 ALPHA

    Ren is an Alpha Hunter.Her job is to hunt Alphas of all kinds; the weak and powerful, the rich and poor, those in power and those still new. She’s the one for the job if you need a clean, quick and effective kill.When two feared, ruthless brothers dominate the wolf world, Ren is offered a hefty ransom to take them down.The only problem is she’s their mate, and killing two men who get off pain proves harder than expected.

  • Alphas In Aquila

    Alphas In Aquila

    Fantasy Romance WEREWOLF

    Leda is a young omega who lives her life in the hovels keeping her nature a secret that is carefully directed.Omegas having tremendous traits are highly-priced, and yet, they have no rights, rather they are used as toys/slaves in the hands of the Alpha males who are much powerful and are seen as the government.Living a life in the hovels was very tough but to survive, she pretends to be a Beta when she was given a contract at the Ceres house(a place of prostitution) . Brumeh, the Alpha, and a fierce cartel boss presume her to be a Beta on their meeting at the Ceres house.What happens when he eventually finds out about her secret..?

  • Alphas In Aquila

    Alphas In Aquila

    Leda, a 19 years old, young beautiful Omega whose nature(dynamic) were to be kept a secret Because Omegas are highly valued, yet they have no liberties just like the Betas but are used as Dolls in the hands of the Alphas who are much powerful as they occupy the highest rank in their Government.She lost her parent at a tender age and was left in the custody of the elder sister "Cythia" to take care of.Living a life in the hovels was so miserable that she had to snatch the opportunity that came to her when she was given a contract at the Ceres house(Erotic Entertainment house) where her life changed drastically after her encounter with an Alpha male.Meet Brumeh, a fierce Alpha male, and non-political cartel boss who needed the government as much as they needed him.The government funds made up the pile of Fortunes(Dollars) his Empire is sitting on. He built a factory that supplied most of the air purifiers in Aquila to keep the atmosphere breathable instead of polluted wasteland.He showed interest in Leda after their first encounter in which his instincts were telling him that she was hiding her true nature, and was willing to mark her if truly she was an Omega.The quest of learning the truth about her true dynamic became more complicated when the test result shows that she was a Beta, but Brumeh wouldn't give up easily till he plows the truth which he did during the event at sky high and that was where he marked her as His.But the battle isn't yet over because the king had refused to pay his dues using the death of his son as an excuse.





    Emma, a 17 years old gutsy teenager was shipped off to southern England by her father to complete her college studies; a strategic punishment to tame her wild behavior. On reaching there, she discovers that half of the campus population were paranormal creatures, she thought only existed in comic books and novellas. She also discovered that she wasn't really her father's daughter, but was kept by him because of an oath made to a hidden lover. What happens when she uncovers the fact that she wasn't the average human girl, rather a fulfilled prophecy; a reincarnated queen mated to an Alpha wolf.

  • Between Two Alphas

    Between Two Alphas

    What happens when two twins who hate each other and who will do anything to put each other down, want to achieve the same goal and become the next Alpha?And what would happen when they find they both have the same mate? Who also will decide their future about who'll become the next Alpha? Especially, in a place that was and always will be dominated by males? Would she be able to adjust or she would be tamed by her mates?