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  • Josh & Aid, ASWANG

    Josh & Aid, ASWANG

    When one morning a little girl is found lifeless on the shores of Lake Brook with her insides torn apart and missing, Joshua Dawson and Aidan Reid only have until the next full moon to prevent the killer monster from searching for its second victim.

  • Si Gabriel Cruz at ang Lupon ng mga Aswang

    Si Gabriel Cruz at ang Lupon ng mga Aswang

    Fantasy MYTH PINOY

    Palibhasa'y lumaki sa kalsada bilang isang mandurukot, alam ni Gabriel na hindi siya isang pangkaraniwang bata. Ngunit malalaman niya kung gaano talaga siya ka-espesyal ngayong nahanap na siya ng misteryosong si Bagwis, isang matandang lalaki na laging naka-amerikana. Ngayon, para sa kaligtasan ng ating mundo, kailangan niyang harapin ang ibat' ibang uri ng mga engkanto, lamanlupa, at higit sa lahat, ang malupit na Lupon ng mga Aswang.Sapagkat sa kanyang mga ugat dumadaloy ang Dugo ng mga Datu.

  • Lesbian Aswang Queen

    Lesbian Aswang Queen


    The carnivorous ways of the Aswang leave little room for love - much less a forbidden one between a queen and human girl. Little did Aswang Queen Catarina know, soon, her life would be changed by a plucky American biologist. A blue eyed, blonde adventurer, Rose Smith from California, who would make Catarina question all she knew, and want to make a human Her Aswang Woman King. ___ Catarina Rosales Marquez, 26, is the Aswang Queen of the Domminga Mountains, but she abhors eating humans. She has genetically engineered the fruits of her goddess Ikapati to produce human proteins in order to bring peace to Mindanao - but the Aswang do not trust this revolutionary, peaceful Queen - and are wary of the American biologist she has taken under her wing. Rose Smith is a German-American biologist doing her dissertation on the elusive, endangered Phillippines Eagle. Having studied the Tarsier in her undergraduate semester abroad in Manila, she fell in love with chicken adobo, pandesal - and Filipina women. Eager to be the first American biologist to do a longitudinal study of the Phillipines Eagle, she sets out into the Domminga Mountains on a bus with a one-way ticket - not afraid of the local's warnings of the rabid Iktapati Aswang Clan that eats humans, and roving bands of Tikbalang werehorses that stampede trespassers to death. When Catarina and Rose collide, it is oil and flame. Catarina, expected to marry a King, finds herself questioning the very cosmos of relationships - can she take a Queen, and a feisty American grad student at that? And can Rose come to terms with the elusive, seductive courts of the Vampiric Aswang? When the Iktapati clan rebels, and the Tikbalang war, Rose and Catarina must team up to save the humans of the Domminga Mountains - and the endangered Phillipines eagle!

  • KUWENTONG Multo, Aswang at Pantasya

    KUWENTONG Multo, Aswang at Pantasya



by Alvaro Eduardo

    ASWANG LEGEND by Alvaro Eduardo

    Killing dogs for its tasteful meat is illegal in the Philippines but everytime he goes home, Virgilio, a leathercraft artist, loves to eat dog meat. His too much craving for this prohibited delicacy turns him into a violent, evil creature known today as "ASWANG".

  • Let us go out of this Engkanto World

    Let us go out of this Engkanto World


    “I just want to graduate peacefully go to college and get a full time job! After maybe marry a nice girl and have 3 kids! I will go on retirement and sip coffee while watching the sun sets!” Jason exclaimed in frustration “What am I doing here?! Where am I? Am I dead?!” Jason shouted while looking to a vast land that is looks far from Earth. “What the hell is that flying?! A Mananggal?! And why is a witch laughing with a fat pig fighting it?!” Jason an ordinary high school student who isekaid to a world full of mythical creatures. He only wants an ordinary life but fate has a different plan for him. Will he survive and go home? Or will he be doom and an aswang will eat him, a toy for the vampire lord, or the pet of the kapre? “I want to go home” Jason cried as he was chase by the witch and a pig. Poor Jason I hope he will survive.

  • Aswang sa bahay na hindi mo nararamdaman nasa tabi muna ang aswang!!!

    Aswang sa bahay na hindi mo nararamdaman nasa tabi muna ang aswang!!!

anak ng unang aswang

    DANIELLA anak ng unang aswang

  • Aswang's Lesbian Lover (LGBTQ+)(GL)

    Aswang's Lesbian Lover (LGBTQ+)(GL)


    A filipina aswang that wants to change, Aswang is a filipino Vampires but aswangs is worst eating babies and they can easily walk at morning no restrictions on them but just prevention and put some traditional anti aswangs.

  • Patalim ng Silangan:

Ang Anak Ng Aswang

    Patalim ng Silangan: Ang Anak Ng Aswang


  • Dynasty DasklovyII - Aswangs

    Dynasty DasklovyII - Aswangs

    There was a time long ago when we were feared. A glorious time when we were known among humans until the Dasklovy dynasty decided that our existence and our world would be forgotten by humanity. I am the daughter and heir of the lord of these lands. Lord Dasklovy is not the kind of vampire who knows how to forgive. He doesn't tolerate betrayals. The year 984 brought a bloody battle between the best-known vampire species. Laws were created. And in the small town of Debelt, in eastern Bulgaria, I saw my family face bloody conflicts in search of wealth and power.

  • Eyes of Bakunawa

    Eyes of Bakunawa


    Thirteen years ago, a war broke out between the aswangs (ghouls) of the northern mountains and the babaylans (healers) of the Human Realm. In a shocking turn of events, the leader of the aswangs was brutally murdered just moments before they could win, and the aswang race was hunted by the humans.However, none of them knew that just a few miles away, underneath the moonlight, the Demon General ran. With her not only did she carry the child of the late Chieftain of the ghouls, but also the curse of an age-old god- the Eyes of Bakunawa. [word translations are in the comments; updates Saturdays]

  • Horror Tale

    Horror Tale

    Naniniwala ba kayo sa multo? Aswang? Elemento? Ingkanto? Espirito? Eh, sa mga kaluluwa?? Kasi ako ... OO!Horror Tale allrightsreserved®2017Copyright©hatethatgurl

  • Baybayin


    Baybayin is a name of the world which is resided with many kinds of races but the most dominant are, the Kapre (giants) race, Engkanto (Elfs), Duwende (Dwarf), Santilmo (Fire Wizards), Devil (aswang, ungo, tsanak, mananangal), and Tao (humans). Lapu-lapu our MC is from the human race the weakest of all the races. Watch how he triumphs this world.

  • I Swear I'll Still Love You, Rex

    I Swear I'll Still Love You, Rex

    His parent were humored as Aswang. An umbrella term for various shape-shifting evil creature in Filipono folklore such as ghouls, werebeats etc. Usually they can transform to dogs cats and pigs.. People eating flesh internal organs of a fellow human beings. Rex has a money and among of those bachelors guy. But Eve won't like him eventhough. But because Rex is passionate about courtship. Eve also fall in love with him. Is it Eve true love could help Rex and his siblings free from the curse they inherited.

  • Edelmira


    Ang nobelang ito ay naganap sa Pilipinas noong ika-19 na siglo, sa panahon na ang bansa ay nasa ilalim pa ng Emperyo ng Espanya. Ang kwentong ito ay tungkol sa pambihirang pakikipagsapalaran ni Edelmira. Isang dalagang naghahangad na muling makapiling ang nawawala n'yang kapatid na dinukot ng mga Aswang labing dalawang taon ang nakakaraan. At sa kanyang paghahanap, maraming s'yang makakasagupa, bukod sa mga aswang ay nandiyan ang iba't-bang uri ng nilalang. Makakasumpong rin s'ya ng mga kakampi, at bukod doon ay malalantad ang misteryo at lihim sa kanyang pagkatao.

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