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  • The Devil's Cage

    The Devil's Cage



    Welcome to a virtual underground game with no protection, full of lurking players who seek survival, power, and fortune. Kieran chose to enter this VRMMORPG game without hesitation, because he knew this was the only way for him to escape death’s grasp. Can he escape death in real life though, or will he end up dying inside the game?

  • Iolana cage, cage of darkness

    Iolana cage, cage of darkness

  • A Cage

    A Cage

  • The Cage Of The Past

    The Cage Of The Past



    [ON HIATUS- WILL UPDATE SOON] A nineteen years old girl, struggling to meet ends. Her only family is her sick mother, who needed a huge amount for her medical expense. Sacrificing herself to produce the money, she agreed to a contract to become a mother for a wealthy man’s heir. She didn’t see him even once. She can imagine a fat, old and nasty man sleeping with her until the day she gives birth. She only knew the person was willing to pay five million dollars. There was no doubt that the man is wealthy. She couldn’t find herself being happy with it. Discover how two different people fall in love after separation. Follow My Instagram Account: @annashannellin

  • Gilded Cage

    Gilded Cage

    "You're just my tool. Know your place." Arina, a member of Ivory Manor, it's her duty to follow her master's command. Even at the risk of injuring herself or losing her mind. She was a bird trapped inside a gilded cage, slowly losing her mind in the process.Melancholic Sword Apprentice (hidden shape-shifter) × Cunning Cold-hearted Master of Ivory ManorHi everyone! I'm back to updating this story, but on another account :D If you're interested in what's going on next, do check out 'Second Female Leads' Playbook' under Butterfly_effect!Thank you!

  • Cage Of Love

    Cage Of Love

    Contemporary Romance MYSTERY REVENGE BADBOY

  • Golden Cage

    Golden Cage

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE

    Aku ingin bebas dan melihat dunia. Aku ingin menyentuh setiap tanaman dan hewan yang tidak beracun, mengerti mengapa semua orang menyukai mereka dengan berinteraksi dan mencium harumnya.Aku ingin naik ke puncak tertinggi dunia dan bermalam di sana. Aku ingin berenang dan menyelam. Berlayar, menangkap ikan, dan membakar mereka di pinggir pantai dengan nyala api yang menerangi senja.Aku ingin berkuda, berlari, keluar tanpa takut mati. Akan tetapi, aku hanya bisa bermimpi, terjebak di sini, dalam sangkar emas baru yang tidak aku sukai.

  • Angels’ Cage

    Angels’ Cage

    You know all the stories with the young, forgiving girl who couldn't be more weak? And then a strong warrior shows up and has to save her? This is not one of those stories. ~ Eris is a princess who is almost INCAPABLE of acting like one. She doesn't bow, she doesn't curtsy, and most certainly does NOT wear corsets. She also fails to go one night without using some weapon or other, much to the chagrin of some of the more old-fashioned court members. She is wicked and cunning and has befriended the son of her sworn enemy. Her little 'gang' has members ranging from assassin to demon to healer to shifter. Now, one of her close friends is dealing with issues that need to be solved in another kingdom. As Eris prepares to leave, another problem arises in a different kingdom. Eris splits her forces in half to deal with both. Follow the ragtag crew as they solve problems, fight enemies and reveal hidden plots and secrets in a rather 'unruly' manner. (Updated as much as possible, guaranteed every Thursday) (Warning: Contains lgbtq+, violence, swearing/cursing, flashbacks, descriptive scenes of blood, gore, etc, household violence, abuse, mental health and magical activities) (Cover designed by the wonderful Sophia Kissi-Ayittey)

  • Batting Cage

    Batting Cage


  • bloody cage

    bloody cage


    What happens when the character who is supposed to die is still alive? Could her presence have a huge impact on the bigger picture? Will you become a key player or just a pawn? Alice awakens as the daughter of the saint and the the sine of idleness. Follow how she evolved from a side character into a powerful entity.# The picture is not mine, I found it on the web and I liked it so I used it. If the owner is upset about its presence, I will change it or delete it # I want to say a few things before you start reading a novel, first of all, this is technically the first novel I've ever published, so I hope you understand if my writing style is a bit bad. Second, my English is not my first or second language, so there may be some errors

  • Bird cage

    Bird cage



    A Girl who always make wrong decisions fall in the love of a boy .The boy is charming ,good looking and a perfectionist .But their are some evil shadows around the girl.With her wrong decisions the girl are always face many problems. There are many secrets which the girl are not aware about them.Evil powers want the girl. Can boy save the girl?what happen when girl know the secrets?"who got the love and who got the cage".

  • Break the cage

    Break the cage

    This story is about a female young lady has full of dreams but full of doubts and worries. She's inside the cage of worry and doubtfulness. But because of one tough choice, her life chanced.




    Jason Cage is an eighteen year old boy who has been trained how to kill since he was six years old. Now, he'll try to ignore his killer instinct and tries to be a regular person.

  • Gods cage

    Gods cage

  • The Human Cage

    The Human Cage

    Dale is a 23-year-old university student working on his thesis. Fortunately, rather than having to endure the interruptions and distractions at university, his “Uncle” Tom has invited Dale to stay with him at Walton Manor. In the countryside he has plenty of space, almost continual silence, and a butler to cater to his every whim.<br><br>Dale and Tom have always had a mutual admiration for each other, and now they have the chance to explore this attraction. Yet Dale doesn’t count on falling in love with Dominic, the muscular Italian employed as Tom’s gardener.<br><br>Despite his feelings for Tom, Dale can’t help the fact that the more he sees Dominic, the more attracted he is. Unfortunately, Tom is a jealous man. Even worse, he reveals a hitherto unseen sadistic side, which frightens Dale. One night Tom’s jealousy boils over, and Dale finds himself punished for his feelings for Dominic.<br><br>From then on, Dale’s tranquil existence at Walton Manor is permanently shattered. Once things are set in motion, they are impossible to stop. After a final confrontation between Dominic and Tom, Dale discovers the most shocking truth of all.

  • The broken cage

    The broken cage

    the thing about the place was that it looked better in pictures. Diana glared hard at the small table in front of her. in the middle of the wooden thing, was a small cup of coffee that she wanted to drink so badly. only....there was no coffee in the cup.Diana huffed as she ran her pale freckled hand through her curly, golden hair. the frown on her face deepened when she realized that her beloved cookies were eaten as well. " JULIA! "Diana just knew that the green-haired girl had enough balls to eat her food and leave it just the way it was just to go on her jumping nerves...probably to prove that Diana wasn't as calm and collected as she wanted everyone to believe.She turned around to go to the girl's room to let her know that Julia was NOT getting away with least this time.the newly sixteen years old preteen had become a whole new level of trouble ever since Tia had told her they could spar with each other and that the blond wouldn't hold back. Clark had been furious. He was the "dad" of the group which meant he tried to keep others out of trouble...when he wasn't around?the role was placed on William. Will was the "mum". he helped with the nightmares.personally, Diana tried to keep her dark thoughts to herself but he just seemed to know when she was feeling sad or she was fighting her demons. William made sure they were all eating and were staying as healthy as possible. of course, William knew how to take care of others...but he didn't have the slightest idea as to how to take care of HIMSELF.then... there was Jason.the street fighter that Clark just couldn't stay away long enough not to get angry at. Jason was always struggling. he was always in trouble and had the most bruises.they went through a lot together, but even after all that; the dark bruises never left his pale skin. his haunted eyes became better as they slowly adjusted to having a family. just like how she slowly became

  • Heaven's Cage

    Heaven's Cage


    Piercing through the atmosphere of the planet Jiklan was a green stone. It glimmered in the darkest night of the planet as the sheer momentum emblazoned the stone in a globe of starry blue fire that attracted the wild creatures farthest from the point of impact and with the clearest of view.Beasts across the entire planet began roaring, howling, and hooting. Sea Creatures even in the deepest depths of the ocean swam around in panic. A feeling of despair from the bottom of their hearts and instincts gripped them.*Booom*Despite the size of the meteorite being no more than an ordinary human's fingernail, the impact on the planet was catastrophic.Ecosystems nearest to the impact were simply erased and the impact reached the nearest sea which soon filled the crater embedded with a tiny piece of emerald-like jewel.However, the moment this jewel came into contact with the first drop of the sea, it simply disappeared. To the strongest masters present in the ever-existing void, however, the emerald was dispersed into the sea.This catastrophe was merely the first of many following.Devastating Meteor Showers, years of the pandemic that affected intelligent and unintelligent lifeforms equally, countless tides of monsters suddenly growing and mutating, and the most chilling of all.The Heaven's Cage.***Note: I was inspired by god of fishing to write this novel but it is, in now way, a fan fiction. The first part of the prologue is the synopsis and the words below start the story.This novel may contain explicit sexual writing.I don't think there will be harem, but if at any point, I change my mind just for the addition of a single girl, I will edit this note.This may feel like a slow start compared to other cultivation novel so please enter with healthy skepticism. After all, this may not entertain you at all.In future action scenes, I might add gory content.

  • The Lost Cage

    The Lost Cage

  • Trap in a cage

    Trap in a cage


    You all going to experience An story from *the popular one* but as An, he already popular as you see from his side from bullied to meeting a girl. That single girl change his life and at the end it broke him. Make sure to read Paola side

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