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  • Falling for Miss Captain : LOVE vs DUTY

    Falling for Miss Captain : LOVE vs DUTY



    "Fight your war and I will fight mine. If I ever fall, you will help me up and I will do the same for you." * * * She was a Captain of the Silveren Army often described as cold and tough but she was a woman with many hidden scars. He was a Crown Prince of Edeladon who was once a domineering and cold man who learned from his mistakes. They met in a foreign country while keeping their identities a secret yet they share a mutual affection for each other. She made a vow to punish the ones who led her brother to death. He was determined to find out the truth behind the death of his ex-lover. They had many reasons to be apart. However, one reason kept them together - the happiness they find in one another. Join me in the story of how Captain Yelena Arista of Silveren and Crown Prince Felix Valestra of Edeladon fight to protect their love while maintaining the duties and responsibilities that they bear! * * * Excerpt - "I love you." She finally said the three words which the man was dying to hear for a long time! Felix didn't saw it coming at all! He was waiting for her to give him an answer, but this was beyond his expectations! His eyes grew wide in disbelief! "What did you say?" He cannot believe his ears. He wanted to make sure that he didn't hear her wrong. "I said I love you, you fool! I -" Before Yelena could finish her words, Felix rose from his seat, bend down once again and sealed her lips with a gentle kiss. Felix slowly pulled his head back and gently held her on the neck. Yelena could feel the rapid thumping of his heartbeat which match hers. "Don't you dare go back on your words. If necessary, I will even chase you to the end of the earth." His lips curved into a smile. "The same goes for you." She replied confidently. "Then what will you do to me?" He asked her. Yelena pointed at her wound. "I'll shoot you. The pain will be two folds compared to this." She said with a devilish smile. She then leaned towards him and whisper in his ear. "You may not know, but I'm a good shooter." Felix chuckled at her response. "Is this how it feels to have a soldier as a girlfriend? But why do I have a feeling that you will try to shoot me even if I upset you a little?" He teased her. "Will you make me upset then?" She said with a serious tone. "No, ma'am!" He responded right away. -------------------------------------- Note: All countries, organizations, places and characters in this novel are fictional. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover photo. It is uploaded from another source and all rights credited to the real owner...

  • Lovely Captain

    Lovely Captain

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE

    Russles Gimmerlson.(25)Rain Richard Harold(23)R.G. :''Izinkan aku untuk mengenalmu lebih dalam''.R.R.H. :''Maaf,tapi aku gak pernah membiarkan orang lain masuk ke dalam kehidupanku,kecuali keluargaku''.R.G. :''Kalau begitu biarkan aku menjadi Suamimu''.R.R.H. :......

  • Captain cook

    Captain cook

  • Captain Jones

    Captain Jones

  • Captain Reira

    Captain Reira

    Jika kau menyebut rasa sepi merupakan suatu hal yang harus kaubunuh, lalu membuangnya di riang tawa yang paling dalam, berarti itu tidaklah berarti bagiku.Aku memeluk rasa sepi seakan rasa itu diciptakan Tuhan hanya untukku sendiri. Separuh hatiku mati oleh sunyi yang bersiul dengan irama yang lambat. Semuanya berubah ketika aku menemukan wanita tergila yang pernah aku temui di dalam hidup.Wanita dengan impian gila untuk memberi makan pinguin di Antartika, melihat naga di Laut Cina Selatan, lalu mencari kodok sebesar kucing di daratan Afrika. Wanita yang berani menyelam di laut lepasWanita yang membawaku bersampan di danau, serta mengarungi lautan luas.wanita yang berani menemuiku dengan cara memanjat gedung fakultas.Aku tidak tahu momen gila apa lagi yang akan menyeretku. Tunggu saja, wahai kawanku. Kau akan melihatnya nanti."Hei, kau yang sedang berdiri! Sikat kapal ini, pemalas!!!" Ia berteriak memerintah padakuIa adalah Reira.Oh ... bukan.Ia adalah Captain Reira."Gue mau merasakan betapa indahnya menunggu pagi dari ketinggian segitu. Di saat itu, lo bakal sadar jika dunia itu terlalu sempit jika lo hanya berjalan di satu titik. Dunia bisa lebih dari itu."Beberapa jam sebelum bibir kami bertemu di puncak Bromo.

  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


  • Captain Underpants

    Captain Underpants

  • Captain Nigeria

    Captain Nigeria

  • Captain Melody

    Captain Melody


    This is the story about melody the second princess of the empire who isn’t so perfect after opening a door in the palace with her twin sister they go into a world with magic gone melody as she looks for gold and her not so exiting life opens up to her for a much better one without dance lessons

  • Captain hope

    Captain hope


    Charlie Jones es un científico independiente, quien por un problema familiar decide buscar la cura del cáncer, desarrollando un suero capas de curar el cáncer, decide probarlo en si mismo, causarse cáncer en si mismo y luego curarse con el suero.un efecto secundario de la radiación y el suero juntos crearon en el cuerpo de Charlie una reacción la cual lo cambio corporalmente y mentalmente.

  • Captain on Deck

    Captain on Deck


    a Sci-fi story about a group of friends enlisting in a space navy. somewhere between star treks exploration based setting and space operas. ( this book is currently a closed project willing to reopen if there is interest.)

  • Captain Raven

    Captain Raven


    its a about a young boy who goes on a journey to find himself there is war,death, loyalty, betrayal also love and mystery this science fiction is more to the eye than it seems to be

  • My captain ❤️

    My captain ❤️

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

  • Captain Buggy

    Captain Buggy

    This is fan fiction with one piece background

  • Captain Blossom

    Captain Blossom


  • Captain Gargle

    Captain Gargle

  • Captain Super

    Captain Super

    Captain SuperBook 1 ;A scientist named Laila was testing on a radio-active liquid found in space.The liquid was accidentally touched by her and she suddenly became a superhero.Read to know how she accidentally touched the liquid and to follow her in her journey of becoming a superhero!There is no romance in the book.Author's note: To read with pictures, go to Wattpad.Thank you, I hope you enjoy it!-Hannah_195

  • Hello Captain! (Tagalog)

    Hello Captain! (Tagalog)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18 COMEDY


    My name is Sophia, isang dalagang ina... A long time ago nagkakilala kami ng ama ng aking anak by accident, we started out in the wrong foot at nagkahiwalay kami ng hindi nagkakaintinhan. Siya ay isang kapitan ng cargo ship. Ang pangalan niya ay Captain Roman Lim. Gwapo, matipuno, matangkad, mayaman at napaka-sungit! Sa hindi namin inaasahan, nag landas uli ang aming mga daan at doon namuo ang isang maganda at masakit na kwento sa aming buhay. Nagkagustuhan kami at humantong na sa panahon na niyaya niya akong umuwi ng pilipinas upang ipakilala sa kanyang pamilya. Sa kasamaang palad--hindi ako nakasama at ito ang naging dahilan upang kami ay tuluyang magkahiwalay. Pakaraan ng maraming taon, muling nag krus ang aming landas. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang aking sasabihin, iisa lamang ang lumabas sa aking mga labi… “Hello, Captain!” Samahan ninyo ako at kwento ko sa inyo ang love story namin ni Captain-sungit Li

  • The Guard Captain

    The Guard Captain