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  • Heavenly Jewel Change

    Heavenly Jewel Change



    Every human has their Personal Jewel of power, when awakened it can either be an Elemental Jewel or Physical Jewel. They circle the right and left wrists like bracelets of power. Heavenly Jewels are like the twins born, meaning when both Elemental and Physical Jewels are Awakened for the same person, the pair is known as Heavenly Jewels. Those who have the Physical Jewels are known as Physical Jewel Masters, those with Elemental Jewels are Elemental Jewel Masters, and those who train with Heavenly Jewels are naturally called Heavenly Jewel Masters. Heavenly Jewel Masters have a highest level of 12 pairs of jewels, as such their training progress is known as Heavenly Jewels 12 Changes. Our MC here is an archer who has such a pair of Heavenly Jewels!





    What will you do when you suddenly woke up as a baby in one of your favourite books. Just like any other transmigrated book or reincarnation in your everyday novel, Rehan was also reading a book named " ALL IS MISUNDERSTANDING" when he died and was born as a villainess brother. But what was written and what he experienced in the book was total upside down. He was in a mess and the only thought in the mind is that he is being cheated by this smiling demon called male lead and a rotten girl his sister and his sister's so-called enemy best friend Female lead. He doesn't know how to deal with all this, so let us be his supporter and be a part of his journey and get to know whether he changed the genre of the book or was it all but a misunderstanding. Abstract "Ad......Adrian wha.......what are you doing?" Lucas (Rehan) stuttered as he was cornered to the wall. Rehan has always been oblivious to his surroundings and the feeling of others but at this time he could feel the anger and frustration coming out of his friend. " Me " Adrian raised his eyebrow and pointed at him. " I am claiming what rightfully belongs to me", saying that he dipped his head towards Rehan's lips and kissed him hard. The personality of MC and ML Lucas Evans (Rehan)- Proud, business-minded, loves his family to death, competitive, hate to lose especially to certain someone. Adrian Hemsworth- Proud, business-minded, loves to win especially to his proud friend, cold-hearted smiling demon\ devil and shameless towards certain someone. This story is age-progressive so it starts from their childhood. You get to know their childhood and how they become frenemies to a friend, Friend to best friends, best friends to lovers and finally husbands. This story won't have misunderstandings maybe a few here and there but not long and I don't like angst too it won't consist of that too. It will have some drama. This story will be a fluffy, comedy and some childishness and certainly love between family, siblings and between partners. Warnings My FIRST language ISN'T ENGLISH so there will be some grammatical mistakes so please be patient with me and correct me but with gentle words. And I won't force anybody to read my book but if you love my book I will welcome reviews and comments. MY LIFE MOTTO IS " DON'T JUDGE OTHERS AND DON'T LET OTHERS JUDGE YOU TOO." WE SHOULD LIVE OUR LIFE AND LET OTHERS LIVE THEIRS TOO. DO COMMENT AND GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS THAT WILL HELP IN THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE BOOK. YOUR SUPPORT ALWAYS MOTIVATES ME. I will a chapter a day. if I can I would post more chapters. I hope you can motivate me to write with power stones, comments, reviews, gifts, and golden tickets. It is shameless but I hope you understand. And those who support this book be it voting via power stone, commenting, gifting, or through golden tickets please do read the author's comments in every chapter as I always mention them. And those who gift the story do look forward to the chapter dedicated solely to them. The cover doesn't belong to me. I don't know the artist too. Fans Arts submission is heartily welcome. DO CHECK MY OTHER BOOK: MONARCH'S SHADOW KING (IT'S FOR 2022 WSA) FOLLOW ME ON. twitter- CHArgergirl_06 IG- ch.ar2155 DIscord-CHArgergirl#9795 THANK YOU

  • I Become An NPC That Can Do Infinite Job Changes

    I Become An NPC That Can Do Infinite Job Changes



    When Su Mu woke up, he realized he had been transmigrated to a game and became the lowest-ranked NPC, a farmer. In a world of endless war, Su Mu would not be able to protect himself as a farmer. However, he suddenly came to realize that he could change his job as many times as he wanted. In his first job change, he became a Militia and gained the ability to fight. In his second job change, he became an Archer and gained the ability to make long-ranged attacks. In his third job change, he became a Lancer and gained the ability to pierce armors. In his fourth job change, he became a Heavy-armored Knight and gained the ability to switch between defense and attack with ease. In his fifth job change, he became a Holy Knight and gained the power of Holy magic. Su Mu completed countless job changes and managed to gain infinite power. When the game and the real world merged, Su Mu was already the renowned Dragon Rider that had conquered lands and built the strongest kingdom to have ever existed.

  • The changes

    The changes

    The poor girl turn into a rich girl

  • CHANGES...


    Just letting my mind so the talking.

  • ~Changes..~


  • Chasing Changes

    Chasing Changes


    This story is complete! And available on Amazon: decided relationships just weren’t for her after being burned the same guy. She rather be unattached in order to protect her fragile heart. Josh is a loner type, focused on football, graduation, and making the NFL. He’s never had any kind of intimate relationship before and it’s not even in the forefront of his mind. The two meet under unlucky circumstance when Riley needs a ride from a friend and now they’re living under the same roof. Can they find something more within one another? Or is it just another heartbreak waiting to happen? With exes popping up and trouble hiding in the dark, can they even make it if they want to?

  • Nothing Changes

    Nothing Changes




    Tauruses World describes as a famous and perfect planet-because of it's history, environment and society.Hestia Fivion Tauruses-the princess decided to disguise herself into a normal student.What will she do, if she discovered that the famous Tauruses World is not that perfect at all.How will she handle it? How will 'they' handle it?

  • Emotions Changes

    Emotions Changes

  • Dark Changes

    Dark Changes

    Realismo mágico ACTION ADVENTURE

    Un cambio esa seria la palabra que mejor se adaptaría al mundo actual...he sobrevivido durante mucho tiempo puedo decir pero.. aun recuerdo el tiempo en que lo perdí todo, aun recuerdo ese maldito día.. el día en que el cambio surgió …

  • Infinite Changes

    Infinite Changes

  • Changes Equine

    Changes Equine

    Gemma Heyes thought of herself as a confident young woman whose career was about to take off, until a recent new addition, Karen, to her company promises her something that would change her life. While not completely trusting this other woman Gemma is intrigued as to what she could offer her and accepts and invitation to Karen's flat. Little knowing that a pair of boots would change her life

  • Night changes

    Night changes

    Mafia who is cold,rude and stubborn fall in love with a poor girl

  • Quick Changes

    Quick Changes

    Avery is a girl who everyone is scared of for no reason. she just happens to be clumsy and gets hurt a bunch, so people think she has been in fights. everything in her life changes when problems start to occur. a bunch of them surrounding the boys she gets to newly meet. both have brothers. Aragon has an older brother who is nothing but trouble. Ashton has a little brother who is well behaved. they are both kids she could get along with, but she can only be around one. she doesn't know why, but the two don't get along at all.This is also on Wattpad under the same name.This is under pause, sorry if any one even is reading this. I don’t know where I’m going with this story right now. So it will be back up and running, but with changes.

  • Accumulation on changes

    Accumulation on changes



    If you are into adventures this is for you. Be ready for the amazement due to sudden changes. I have worked hard for creating this. Hope you like it( ◜‿◝ )♡.

  • Changes In Me

    Changes In Me

    Paksima is an girl who harbors dark secrets she is never alone. She has an inner demon that can only come out in the moonlight. Her inner demon Kritanta loves to kill and as much as she can control Paksima body she can't control her mind. Paksima is always aware of all the evil things that Kritanta does to her victims. She has to live with the pain of remembering all the screams and gory details. She can't fight Kritanta because the more she fights the stronger she'll get.

  • Changes Of The Heart

    Changes Of The Heart

    Competitive Sports ACTION ADVENTURE R18 COMEDY

    Accidents are accidents and lies are lies. Will the true shine bright like a diamond or continue to hide in the night?Connected to What Love Got To Do With Pleasure, Magic, And Wealth?