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  • Living life as the comedic sidekick

    Living life as the comedic sidekick

    Every hero needs a sidekick

  • In Which the Comedic Side Character Falls for the Main Character

    In Which the Comedic Side Character Falls for the Main Character

    Patrick is out and proud, and has been for about a year now. His only problem? The one person he wants is the one person he can't have. Or can he?

  • That Day I Saw My Comedic Unfortunate Daily Life

    That Day I Saw My Comedic Unfortunate Daily Life

    Magical Realism ROMANCE COMEDY

    In the past of the young boy, inside himself lives the life of being a country side kiddo where it constantly snows. Despite unfortunate mishaps of accidents and so forth, he discovers something beneath the snow a beautiful mysterious young maiden the same age as his, and so from this day forth his life changes with only curious judgement and misunderstandings! Can he truly live properly on his own in his everyday life?

  • One Last System

    One Last System



    Scorned by the world he was born in, Arthur had no other choice but to learn how to deal with it. Yet, just as his hard work and dedication were about to pay off, the hate towards his origins brought him to his death. But that wasn't his fate. His future wasn't supposed to end with his head cracking against the edge of the stairs. His bloodline could not die as that would be against the wish of the universe itself. Thrown to another world, he found himself in a situation where the skills and craft he honed would be no longer of use. His patience, his creativity, his logical thinking were no longer in demand in a world where strength reigned supreme. Or was it? "My system is overpowered. I'm not shameless enough to deny it." "Scores of women and slaves all around? Those are the wishes of a naive kid, not mine." "Lower the price of those apples by a quarter and we will have a deal!" "Dear, stop, I cannot hold any longer!" Jump in and follow Arthur's adventures as he proves that even the illogical world of sword and cultivation has its own rules. Laws, that one can learn, laws, that Arthur sets off to use to his own advantage! **** This novel will have some comedic elements, but it won't be the core of the story. I also won't hold back any punches when it comes to dark humor, heavy elements or morally ambiguous aspects. If you are looking for a fckboy/edgelord/cliche, then his novel is not for you. Discord:

  • Adopted Soldier

    Adopted Soldier



    Raised to be the perfect soldier for battle, Alexander had risen to be the youngest S rank Merc. After attaining the strength he so desired, his adoptive father had forcefully made him leave the battlefield. Alex unwilling to acknowledge his retirement was given a mission by his adoptive father. "The mission objective is to find a girl in the public High School you'll be attending and protect her."Triggered by the words mission objective, Alexander who had a 100% completion rate, accepted the conditions of the mission. Follow Alexander in his weird, almost comedic high school life.Alex's father: Hey Alex, did you get to school properly?Alex: Affirmative, I reached the designated place on time.Alex's father: So why did you call?Alex: The target I have picked is situated in classroom 1-B, while I'm in classroom 1-A. Asking permission to threaten the Principal into placing me in classroom 1-BAlex's father: DENIED!...*This is the first part and there is a second novel called Adopted Soldier 2: Changing tides.*The novel is already completed, I'm just adding some after stories.

  • Headed by a Snake

    Headed by a Snake



    I woke up in this world with a System and a sword. Without hesitation, I chose to complete the princess’ quest with my weapons: Arrogance. Cunning. Pride. I will lead guild Sol Invictus. Denizens of the 7 hells, respect me. Servants of the 11 heavens, know fear. Guild Invictus, know the suffering of training so you can wrest victory from the jaws of those who dare doubt you. This is a story about a snake named Tycondrius waking up in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. There is action, violence, unapologetic murder, and arrogant displays of power. There is an emphasis on combat growth as well as psychological growth on more than a few members of Guild Invictus. There is camaraderie and also the inevitable comedic dialogue amongst manly men. There are even elements of romance and Tycon running away from terrifying, powerful women. (Did you know most female snakes eat their partners after mating?) Give this book a read. I hope some of these stories can inspire you to fight your battles with analytical intelligence, heroic courage, and ruthless lethality. Schedule: 5+ chapters per week. Mon-Fri @ 11:00 PDTChapter Length: 1000+ words per chapter Here is my discord: Constructive criticism and corrections welcome. Other Authors extra-welcome.You can find a list of characters at image credit: Johnabrash at Fiverr

  • Princess Not in Distress

    Princess Not in Distress



    Ever heard of the word, "damsel in distress"? Ever wished these damsels were never in the position to be in distress?Aria is a princess from Glacier, who was drugged and taken to the neighboring Kingdom of Azalon through the notorious magical "Mirage Forest". What makes this forest so notorious? Why did the neighboring Kingdom have to resort to that devious means to get Aria? Who masterminded the whole plot to get her kidnapped? What would happen when the young King of Azalon, Zane was poisoned by none other than Aria on their first official encounter, left with no other option than to oblige due to her being in possession of the antidote. Why would King Zane suddenly develop a liking to Aria's special kind of antidote? How would these enemies turn lovers?Until then, they have no choice but to watch as Aria freely uses her advantage over them to her pleasure. She has to bend the situation to her will and her captors are in for a pleasant surprise. What to expect:• Comedic relief• Plot twists• Detailed description (to say the least)• Unforgotten side characters• You might have to play detective in some instances• Hidden antagonist who uses others to do his bidding• Friendship between rival Princesses(Yes, you saw that right)• Action• Daily updates! Do check back daily Mass release of 5 chapters once we hit the top 100 in powerstones or more. Silver Tier winner of WFP #29(Role Reversal), please do: ¶ Add to your reading list ¶ Vote ¶ Click on the heart in the book tag ¶ Drop your reviews ¶ Buy a privilege chapter for the win-win event ¶ Send your Gifts ¶ Care to participate? Join the Collection section in my auxillary chapter.WARNING: This book is in it's unedited phase until chapter 128, so please bear with the cringe worthy write up until that chapter, it is bound to get better after that!

  • Miss Chicken & Her Mister

    Miss Chicken & Her Mister



    Chang Seol runs away from home and ends up in a sharehouse. Though she has one or two secrets, she only wants to live a low-key life. Falling in love isn't in her plans but it happens anyway. So, she likes kissing a certain someone and touching him here and there. When she tells him that she likes him, she gets chicken-zoned? God-daughter zoned? Pillow-zoned? Voice-zoned? There is no lack of zones but he never puts her in the love-zone. But then... how did she become a chicken for real? So, she's a shapeshifter? But who is Mister? Why is he turning more mysterious day by day? When she doesn't win his love after trying so hard, Chang Seol returns to her true world. It's a world of magic, lies, and war. She must shed her old self and lead her people. However, why is a certain Mister chasing her now? *** Mister: Keep distance. We are friends. Miss Chicken hugs him tightly. Mister: You are my goddaughter. Miss Chicken pecks him on his lips. Mister: I don't have any feelings for you. Miss Chicken listens to his heartbeat and smiles. How long can Mister hide his feelings from her? ***** Are you into fluffy shapeshifters, petty drama, dark conspiracies, mysterious worlds, thrilling adventure, comedic romance, and a shameless female lead who likes to steal kisses? This novel might be for you (^_^) **** Instagram: Koch_Norah Goodreads: ***Cover is Mine ****Full list of my novels******* Novels with Interconnected Worlds: 1. The Love That Remains (Completed) 2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed) 3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed) 4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana  5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love 6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Standalone Novels:  Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife? Miss Chicken & Her Mister The Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com) Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com)

  • Shameless Warlock

    Shameless Warlock


    System: Do you thirst for strength? Xu Nan: Naturally! [Warlock Bloodline Awakening Mission: Confess to the lady nurse!] [Reward: 10 shameless points] Xu Nan: Why do I have to do all these shameless things before I can gain power?! This is a story about a magic fantasy world invading Earth, as well as a story of a kind and upright youth who was gradually forced into becoming a 'shameless warlock' due to pressure from reality. TLDR: DND-like magical world fusing with Earth. Light-hearted, comedic, good, and easy to read.

  • Ice Queen in Another World

    Ice Queen in Another World



    After an encounter with an archangel, Claire Hill, or more aptly known as the 'Ice Queen' by the rest of her peers, is sent to another world. With a personality that disregards the rest, a natural aura that pushes people away, and eyes that could stare a person to death, Michael wonders how this girl before him could ever hope to fit into her new world. Shaking his head slightly, he decides to enjoy watching her antics and adventure. Thus begins the comedic, fantasy, action, slice of lifeish adventure of the Ice Queen now changed into a literal Ice Fairy with the ability to summon and control the power of...wait for! Could it have been anything other than ice? I mean, the title says it all, even the cover. Welcome to a serious and not serious novel, where dissing Isekai and living Isekai go hand in hand. Where romance buds between two similar but not so similar girls. Yet, things still are not as they first appear. *Advanced chapters can be read on Wattpad. In fact, this story is best read there, due to formatting, and character pages. - - - Kofi: Discord Server: *The cover image is not owned by me, but merely used to make the cover for the novel. In fact, any image used in the story does not belong to me. The story, however, does belong to me.

  • From Company Slave To The Prince Of Darkness

    From Company Slave To The Prince Of Darkness



    NOTE: Please don't expect this write to have much action and gruesome tendencies as my real intention when I first wrote the earlier chapters was to actually make them comedic and slice_of_life-ish. Well, in the end, readers didn't like that so I rewrite some, but still, you can still find some comedic aspects in the write. Especially in the first few chapters, they're a bit... not that good. SYNOPSIS... In a world inhabited with different races - Humans, Demihumans, Demons, Angels, Beast, Monsters, and many others, war always occurs. The Demon Lord, the Heroes, the Holy Empress, the king of elves, the Beast King - were the leading forces that lead and starts those wars. That was until... He arrived... The being that was powerful enough to have them ally themselves up against him.

  • Zombie Harem with a System

    Zombie Harem with a System



    Kawai Fukuyo finally gets himself a girlfriend, and they spend their passionate time alone inside their car. However, zombies have spread their virus and infect everyone in the world before he could have a taste of that slimy cherry from his girlfriend! And when those undead beings appear from their car, Kawai has no other choice but to sacrifice himself and save the love of his life. And then he gets bitten by a zombie and dies afterwards from the horde. As soon as he wakes up, he unlocks a mysterious power that comes from the virus. Follow Kawai as he looks for his girlfriend, collects zombie girls, and fights those survivors from killing him!I do not own this book cover. And I will limit myself writing any sexual scenes. This novel is just purely comedic. I do not advocate materialising women, rape, sexual abuse, and harassment. This story is a work of fiction. Just like what you'd expect for a zombie harem story!This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  • Fenrir's Journey : I Shall Devour The Heavens!

    Fenrir's Journey : I Shall Devour The Heavens!


    Separated from her Master, Vahn Mason, Fenrir goes on a journey through the cosmos to reunite with the man who changed her destiny. Young Masters, Evil Cultivators, Immortals, True Gods? Fenrir cares not for any such titles~! Stand in Fenrir's way and be devoured with the rest!Master, wait for Fenrir~!This novel is an omake-spinoff of Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos. Though it will definitely have some 'dark' elements, it is intended to be more of a series of comedic shorts than an actual novel. Though it does require knowledge of EP:IC, it should still be enjoyable for casual readers~!Chapter length will only be around 500 words and the pacing will be rather fast. I'm writing this alongside EP:IC (which is around 100k words per week), so cut me some slack (UwU)...

  • Eclipse Online: [Spoon] the Dimension Thief

    Eclipse Online: [Spoon] the Dimension Thief



    What happens if you stay in character select for too long? This is the story of [Spoon], who discovers a glitch in character select. Why is there a black cat here, and what the hell is this trash unique class it gave me? Story written in the style of KR web novels. Expect a brutal PvP system, dark souls difficulty PvE content, and a story that follows a serious narrative with a dash of comedic relief and adult content.

  • I Just Want to Be in a Relationship

    I Just Want to Be in a Relationship



    DescriptionIn the last life, Movie Emperor Yu listened to the company and listened to his manager in order not to expose his sexual orientation. Until his death, he never had a relationship.Yu Qing Huan didn’t want to be a money making machine in his current life. He wanted to travel to the best place, see the best scenery, eat the best food and then find the best man to live a happy life together.Hou Qu is a genius savant who can easily learn chemical formulas just by glancing at them. One day, he gets lost in the busy streets and Yu Qing Huan helps him.Little does Yu Qing Huan know that his wish to stay out of the limelight may not ever be granted as he had unknowingly been locked on by a hungry wolf hidden in the shadows because of his single act of kindness…Associated Names我就想谈个恋爱AuthorLian Shuo连朔TagsActing Calm Protagonist Celebrities Character Growth Comedic Undertone Cute Story Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Genius Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Heartwarming Love Interest Falls in Love First Lucky Protagonist Modern Day Naive Protagonist Orphans Possessive Characters Reincarnation Second Chance Showbiz Strong Love Interests

  • Diary Of Loki

    Diary Of Loki


    This is a diary depicting the adventure of Loki. A man who searches for the meaning of his life while adventuring into a world of mythological wonder. Giants, Gods, Dragons, Angels, Demons and Devils roam the land. Learn how he makes several companions and lives a life of adventure, all the while learning more about himself.Mystery, Magic, High fantasy, Adventure, History, Philosophy, Character growth, Heaven and Hell dungeons and dragon style all wrapped up in one Misanthropic Comedic package.

  • Nimble


    Fantasy MAGIC SCARY


    This is a book with many storylines. Well, bite sized that is. This large collection of stories is more than happy to explore the many different sides of fantasy, Some stories are dark while some are bright. Some are comedic while others have a serious tone (sometimes very serious). Some have mysteries while others have absurdity…..or maybe not. Depends on how you look at it really. Nimble, bite sized stories for you to read anywhere in a short amount of time.

  • My System And I

    My System And I



    Join Dezmund Ozborn on his journey in the world of Hearth. A high school teen that reincarnated to another world and was gifted with a System. A System that will help him with his struggles in his new life. Just when he thought that his life will be easy but it was not. Demon Lords will rise again and many enemies will soon be met on the way. Meet the world of Fantasy that was full of struggles, pain, suffering, enemies and, more struggles, more pain, more suffering and last, more enemies. A comedic tales of a boy with a sense of humour. Can you guess the ending already? I hope you won't! WPC#190 System In Fantasy World–GOLD TIER AWARD Disclaimer: The image is copyright free and no need to give credits to the owner. Please support me:

  • Saving Villain-Sama

    Saving Villain-Sama

    A short comedic story where a reader enters a novel to save the villain. But will their real feelings survive?

  • I Became A Power Hoarder Overlord By Instincts Alone

    I Became A Power Hoarder Overlord By Instincts Alone


    Trapped by the shackles of his fate. Our delusional villain explored his 8th grader powers. Read the comedic events following this lawful(?) villain armed with only one of the weakest skill, Instinct.

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