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  • Dear Commander-in-Chief

    Dear Commander-in-Chief


    Upon being reborn, she immediately offends a vicious two-faced bigwig. He seizes her back home and insists on pampering her… “Master Jue, a despicable man came to find Madam. He wants to reconcile with her.” “Bury him alive.” “Master Jue, Madam took first place in a major competition at the University of Medicine. A rotten woman got jealous and slapped Madam.” “Slap that dirty woman’s face before sending her off to be tormented in a living hell.” “Master Jue, Madam… Madam escaped!” A certain man’s gaze sinks dangerously. He has spoiled her to such an extent, yet she is still trying to run away? Has it ever crossed her mind that it's impossible for her to run away from him?

  • Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

    Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten


    The iron-blooded Master Mu had three specialties: great marksmanship, great skills and masterful ways to spoil his wife! Everyone in Jingdu knew that Yun Xi was the apple of Mu Feichi’s eye. Anyone who saw her would be envious and anyone who crossed her would hurt their bones. Reborn one day, Yun Xi the star of death was unloved and neglected by her parents. However, she somehow ends up in the devilish vortex of Mu Feichi’s love...

  • My Beautiful Commander

    My Beautiful Commander



    Xia Lian, a 21st century military doctor died in an explosion and found herself transmigrated to the body a 12 year girl. Her mother died and her father abandoned her and her little brother for another woman. But she strives to provide a bright future for her younger brother and herself. She slowly makes herself stronger so that no one can bully her and her brother. Many admire her for her strong and free personality.Even the cold and aloof general falls head over heals for her, but she does not accept love as she only has her brother in her eyes. But he does not give up as he realized that he is in love with this weird and strong woman.Note: Pic credits goes to Webnovel team. The story is set in a fictional era..Release rate: 14 chps/weekConnect with me on Discord: neha_#4373




  • The female commander

    The female commander


    "your majesty, I am nothing but a subject to you, am not worthy to marry the crown prince I beg your majesty to reconsider" Emmeline opposed "It's a royal order, I didn't ask for your permission not your opinion prepare for your wedding"

  • Commander in the Apocalypse

    Commander in the Apocalypse

    Magical Realism SYSTEM

    When doomsday comes, the whole world turns into a zombie infested hell. But in these hard times when most of humanity have been wiped out, a young man uses the apocalypse as his playground. With the system, he strives to become the strongest commander in the Apocalypse.

  • Commander Gatekeeper!

    Commander Gatekeeper!

    Once a commander, now a gaurd. What a story. “How you are?”“Let's begin!"

  • The Swat Commander

    The Swat Commander

  • Commander and troopship

    Commander and troopship



    A story of a young boy who uderwent serious challenges which were not his age and went rising through the ranks

  • Zombie Commander

    Zombie Commander

    I lived on an era where technology is flourishing, a time where everyone fights through virtual reality. A time where the beautiful structures hide the unpleasant views. Little did they know a worldwide calamity was about to happen.

  • The commander of death

    The commander of death


    James Moore Aka' the commander of death this nickname was given to him by his fellow soldiers of the U.S army after several years of constant overwhelming victory's. the U.S decides to go back into isolation and so the well respected captains plans to retire and get married and start a family little does he know the goddess of death has been watching him over years waiting for the right moment to send him and the U.S army to another world to set it straight. apon meeting him the goddess falls deeply in love with him and forces him to in to marriage with her little does he know his true power and the troubles of the other world he and his comrades have been sent to P.S this is my first novel so please comment on my work it helps a lot




    VRFDMMORPG, Virtual Reality Full Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Game, COMMANDER ONLINE, Is the game that break all the record of MMORPG with it massive world map, the number of item and NPC, Quest and the freedom that all the players can enjoy is the pinnacle of what so call open world and sandbox game. The world of COMMANDER ONLINE is a classic fantasy medieval era theme, with great touch of magic, conflict between nation and races, with the world and it inhabitant driven by the player action. Aolion Continent is the massive world of COMMANDER ONLINE, with many races and kingdom scattered in it. In Aolion Continent, every race have their own kingdom and territory, Elf with their forest, Lizardmen in their desert, Dragonkin in their high mountain, Dwarf in their great cave and human... human is just everywhere and monster roam the land and air freely. In this world, the strong will survive, kingdoms war each other in the name of many reason, glory, race, religion, hatred, and justice as they say. War in Aolion go on for hundreds of years, causing suffering and dead for many of inhabitants but also bring culture, technology and economic development for others.“And that is the game that I played for 3 years. The game that allow me to use my ability of commanding and management. And as you expected from me, why I enjoy the game is because I don’t have frie..Because I’m good at it, it serve my fantasy well as otaku. I love fantasy, science fiction war, mecha and isekai themed otaku stuff, you name it. But is strange...I don’t remember to be in this all white room. What is this?”Follow the story of Aramaki Arla living in the dream of many otakus, holder of the title “God of War” in the most competitive and brutal game of Commander Online, he that being alone able stand in Global Leaderboard with his trusted NPC companion, to find the place where his talent can be useful, to find enemies, friends, love that he never taste before and to lead his mercenary group in the battle as he venture is a vast world of Aolion Continent.-NOTE: English is not my first language, so expect a lot of weird grammar.And.. This writing is to train my English skills, so if there a way to improve the story, the way I describe something or else, feel free to leave a comment.Constructive advise will be a Huge help for me ^_^All images is not mine, it belong to the owner



    The super natural war has come to an end and the human slaves who served in the war have been released. Fathers, brothers, cousins and sisters as well as lovers are returning to their homes. Ivy having spent years in the war has returned home being the daughter of a werewolf father and human mother, people had considered her a cross breed lower than a human so she was treated as though during the war. Eventually climbing up through the ranks becoming a very respected and influential commander. Once returned she is greeted with only darkness, terror and repetitive nightmares with no one around to be with her. So to try and keep away the pain and blood filled memories she starts to travel the world with a close friend Joe a friend of war to go visit everyone they loved during the war (if their not dead that is) until she meets her mate who just happens to be Xavier a mysterious alpha.

  • Demon Commander

    Demon Commander

  • armipotent commander

    armipotent commander


    in A world where demons rule the earth God sent a angel to save the humans but it seems he has joined the demons side and launched a full scale war on heaven



  • The Commander of Flames

    The Commander of Flames


    A once normal teenage girl trapped with the new leadership of the surviving remains of Earth? What could go wrong? But what sort of evil lies beneath the surface? Eighteen-year-old Faith Collins watched the murder of her parents, witnessed the destruction of her home, and many others. Now given the role of commander to the orphaned survivors. She must bleed to protect each one of them. However, what she doesn’t know is there’s more hiding below the surface, then she would’ve ever thought to imagine.

  • Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Fantasy ROMANCE


    After crash landing in what turns out to be a fantasy world, the orbital marine Dax will have to fight the powers thatoccupy the world to reclaim the technology that got stranded along with him and eventually repair his crashed shipto return to his own world.On the way he discovers the rule breaking power of mana, a special particle that seems naive to the world he nowis a part of. Feeling seriously outgunned Dax places a priority on regaining his lost weaponry that is scatteredthroughout the world, ranging in size and effectiveness from electromagnetically powered assault rifles,powered exoskeletons and autonomous drones from the size of a spying UAV to heavy assault ships.But the marine is not alone in his search those weapons, the powers of the world he now finds himself a part of isquickly realizing that something outside their realm of understanding has graced the planet and that those artefactstrapped inside large floating black sphere’s hold vast strategic value. Dax is then faced with a complex problem,he must secure the technology that he needs to leave while at the same time make sure the tools of war from his world is not misused at the cost of being made a target by powers he fails to fully understand.On his way Dax will have run ins with various powers, some of them hostile, some of them a bit more amenable to persuasion and mutual cooperation. After all, what is a knight, king, angel, demon or grand wizard to a railgun or even a tactical class high energy laser in orbit?They’re soft targets.For the record, English is not my first language, so there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there. I’ve been getting better at writing over the last year or so, and have plans to go back and edit my old chapters, but it’s really hard to find the time.Also, check out my discord server if anyone of you wants to trash talk me with a faster response time~

  • commander on doomsday

    commander on doomsday