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  • A confession

    A confession

    Fantasy Romance ACTION COMEDY

    Whohoo, a ordinary girl , unlocks the door of the mutliverse ,a cluster of different dimensions ,will she be able to excape ? Can she find the key ?or be trapped there forever?

  • False Confession

    False Confession

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE FANTASI

    INDONESIA: Sebuah pesan masuk di akun Facebook milik Arisa yang berisi ungkapan cinta dari teman satu klub Teater setelah 3 Minggu kelulusan.kegaduhan terjadi dikamar kosannya, dia gugup karena senang berlebihan sehingga merespon pertanyaan itu dengan pertanyaan lain namun disaat Arisa siap mengutarakan perasaannya yang sama , suatu pesan muncul lagi,'' kau pasti berpikir ini seperti hinaan bagimu''tulisan berbahasa Inggris itu diartikan demikian oleh Arisa.'' Hah????! bagaimana bisa dia seenaknya menyimpulkan?!''ENGLISH:after 3 weeks after graduation from senior high school, a message comes up on Arisa's Facebook account containing a confession of love from a theater club friendthere was a commotion in her boarding room, she was nervous because she was very happy, what a stupid reaction, she responded to the question with another question, she pretending not to understand so she can make chat keep going, but it was a wrong decision , when Arisa was ready to tell her true feelings, a message popped up again,''You must think this is like an insult to you'' he said'' Hah????! how can he just jump to conclusions?!''

  • Her confession

    Her confession

  • Confession and Farewell

    Confession and Farewell

  • A False Confession*

    A False Confession*

    Magical Realism R18 COMEDY MYSTERY

    After the tragic death of his older brother, Hace had set his whole life to find out who murdered his brother. Rain, snow, rich aristocrats or even lowly thugs. Hace doesn't care , he'll do anything to find out what really happened that night. Coincidentally, Hace meets Kai. A suspicious man who claims to be his brothers perpetrator. Although having the evidence to back his claims, Hace isn't quite convinced. Intrigued , Hace strives to achieve the true meaning of Kai's appearance and why he's trying so hard to hide the real murderer.

  • Antagonist (The Confession)

    Antagonist (The Confession)


    A confession of a crazy guy whom people refer to as an Antagonist.

  • Alpha's confession

    Alpha's confession


    If Tyler felt threatened by the vampires before him he didn't show it. "I don't need to remind you this is werewolf territory you are stepping on forbidden lands for vampires" he thundered as the vampires before him kept approaching without fear. "We have told you, we are only here for our princess. Return her back to us and we will leave here in peace." A man who seem to be the leader of the vampires replied him. "I am going no where, you can go back to tell my father that" Avura replied coming out from behind Tyler ready to pounce on anyone. "You heard her, she is going no...." Before Marcel could finish his statement the team leader of the vampires' hand was in his heart as he pierced through his body easily with his hand. His flash like movement taking everyone by surprise. "I will reap out his heart now, if you don't hand her over to me now peacefully" he threatened as he tight -squeezed on Marcel's heart leaving poor Marcel. Tyler was thrown into confusion on what to do at the moment. Should he hand over the love of his life back to her parents or does he sacrifice the life of his best friend on the altar of their love. He looked at Avura who was ready to continue fighting and at his best friend who was gradually lossing the fight in him. The clock was ticking and he had to act fast. ********** When an alpha werewolf was gifted a vampire princess as his slave he accepted the gift with open hands. Little did he know that he will find both love and war in that bounty hence it is a forbidden bounty. *** Cover photo not mine. Credit goes ro the original owner

  • A Students Confession

    A Students Confession

    Teen R18 SMUT

    (18+ only!)The title is literally what the story is about. A 18 year old student named Alexandra Lorelei has a crush on her teacher. She knows it's wrong, she knows she and him could get in very big trouble for this, but it's to hard to get over him. He's older than her, praises her for her homework, and pays attention to her. Alex fantasizes about having sex with her teacher many times, and always hopes and prays that she'll keep having his classes every year. He's always on her mind.But one day she decides to do something she doesn't even know she'll regret or not.

  • The Obsolete Confession

    The Obsolete Confession

    A loud crisp from the pages where flipped and echoed in the room. Some were slow as bore fingers forced to change chapters and some were hurry as if getting the concepts in race. It was a well lit room filled with books and the scent of old and new meet an agreement. Only bookworms knew. There is only one person knew that deep in the lined shelves and circulation there is a confession that needs to be expressed. The only person knew is me.

  • The Accidental Confession

    The Accidental Confession

  • The Ending Confession

    The Ending Confession

    Jaz and Samir have been friends since childhood, and now that they are older, there is more rolling on their relationship than friendship...

  • Gilianne's Confession

    Gilianne's Confession

    60 letters. 60 confessions. When will it be enough for them to finally find their true happy ending?(Compilation of Gilianne's letters for him)

  • Late confession

    Late confession

    This is a story about a group of people living in a community peacefully not until tradegy strikes the village leading to confusion and and violence Let's go now and read

  • My confession

    My confession

  • Confession turned correction

    Confession turned correction

  • my secret confession

    my secret confession

    Everyone at a time in their life feels strong feelings for a certain Someone..lets see this secret confession to that Someone... hope it could rejoice your secret letters and secret feelings for Someone.

  • Confession Over Coffee

    Confession Over Coffee

  • My secret confession

    My secret confession

    Teen TEEN

  • A Confession  of The SaddestPen

    A Confession of The SaddestPen

    When everything goes wrong, and you felt voiceless and unheard. Babe, you're on the right track. Let my words speak to your heart and soul.

  • The Deadly Confession Love

    The Deadly Confession Love


    "Aku tidak pernah tahu, mengapa aku bisa menyukaimu hanya karena sebuah permen yang kamu beri saat itu"- Calwin Alfarezel"Bagaimana aku bisa menyukaimu? Hanya karena kamu selalu ada untukku?"-Haruka lovano-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Haruka hanya seorang mahasiswa kedokteran biasa yang berkuliah disebuah universitas ternama, ia kehilangan orangtuanya saat ia masih belia akibat kecelakaan pesawatLalu bagaimana dengan calwin?, ia adalah seorang detektif di kepolisian yang memendam keinginannya untuk menjadi seorang dokter hanya karena pesan terakhir dari orangtuanyaLalu bagaimana kisah mereka menjalani kehidupan percintaan mereka?