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  • Dynasty (Shifter Royal Dynasty Prequel)

    Dynasty (Shifter Royal Dynasty Prequel)


    Korrin Gitan was happy for his brother as the man was about to be coronated as the new ruler of the Shifter Kingdom. One last night of revelry would cause Korrin to come to grips with a destiny he didn't want and a world that would be changed forever. USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to present you with this prequel to the bestselling Shifter Royal Dynasty series!

  • The Vulgar Dynasty

    The Vulgar Dynasty


    On the far southern island of Arkheim, the Arkisium Kingdom is losing a war. Desperate times call for desperate measures; and the Court Mage Zackaria and his assistant, the second prince Garam, perform the summoning ritual for The Legendary Hero. An entity forged from conflict, summoned from conflict to then bring an end to conflict.However, the summoning goes wrong due to malpractice, and Zackaria accidentally summons TEN legendary heroes...And the war they were summoned to stop ends with Arkisiums victory...!?And they can't return to their homes until a great conflict is stopped...Oh no...Observe as our 10 main Nobles and Ne'er-do-wells, a pyromantic dragon,a necromancer's experiment,an expert bounty hunter,a monster exterminator,a promiscuous bird,another court mage,a man possessed,a demon queen,a scholarly assassin,and a run away hyena, all do their best to not murder each other before finding some great conflict to stop as they take on the team name, The Vulgar Dynasty.This series takes heavy inspiration from other fantasy settings like The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Dungeons & Dragons, and many others all thrown together in a magic high-medieval/low-steampunk setting.(This series is mostly a random project of mine, but I plan to keep at it. Chapters will be released irregularly. If possible I plan to have at minimum 1 chapter released each bi/week, but I can't always do that due to life and stuff. Sorry if there's a stray word or misspelling here or there. If anything, please leave a review so I know of anything I should improve on.) [Cover art originally done by u/denialmadness for one of the main characters, Ave. I just added the title in simple image editing software.]

  • The Greatest Dynasty Ever

    The Greatest Dynasty Ever


    Quincy Cruz, a middle-aged man who admired and sometimes dreamed of becoming an NBA player. However, life doesn't always work the way you wanted. He proceeded to become a Civil Engineer and made some success. But deep inside, he knew that there was something missing. One evening, he was driving his car on the way home. Quin passed a long tunnel not knowing that this was the start to achieving his life-long dream. Follow Quin as he rises to the top of the NBA and build the greatest dynasty in sports history!

  • Zombie Dynasty

    Zombie Dynasty

  • Black dynasty

    Black dynasty

    Read it with your hearts

  • Immortal dynasty

    Immortal dynasty


    During the new game era that ruled the world immortal dynasty , created a huge impact on humanity.but is there salvation?

  • Dynasty of Shadows

    Dynasty of Shadows

  • Eternal Dynasty

    Eternal Dynasty

  • The Broken Dynasty

    The Broken Dynasty


    As the king's health shows signs of weakening, the lords of the five vassal states of the kingdom of Arigodia start the squabble to slowly gain power and take over the kingdom.In the midst of this, a princess with a curse must find a way to stay alive as the possible fall of the dynasty she belongs to threatens to take her whole family's life, including hers.

  • Queens Dynasty

    Queens Dynasty

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

  • Reigning Dynasty

    Reigning Dynasty

    Mariana had worked hard to earn her title as queen. She studied hard in swordsmanship, etiquette, politics, dance, and plenty other things. Now she had 3 children. Jay her eldest who was also the crown prince, Kyro, and Aria. Jay was now at the age where he had to marry, and Mariana worried about him. It was not easily to rein in your power, especially at his age. She could already see the torment in his eyes. Would he be strong enough? Or would he fall to the darker realms. Jay isn’t happy with the news from his parents that he had to marry. He had to find four women to be his fitting queens. His parents already prepared a list for him and if he didn’t choose girls, they would be chosen for him. At a royal party, Jay spotted a girl that intrigued him. He might as well have some choice in his future and not let his parents decide everything for him. Tulip was just a young girl, barely 16. The only daughter of a baron. Yet somehow she had been chosen as one of the four girls, that would go to the palace and prepare themselves to be queens one day. Yet life at the palace is not what you expect. There is a lot more to it then you’d think. Classes, classes, classes. She had to perfect everything to a fine art, that only the royals can do. Secrets swirl within the palace walls. Danger that you don’t expect. And and unknown future that may go a wary. Power is truly a terrifying thing, which you have to learn to wield. Can Jay control his power and become a strong and wise king? Or will he lose control and become a dangerous psychotic king. Can Tulip win the favour of her future husband? Or will she become a silent useless queen that will fade into the walls?



  • Sheokovalon Dynasty

    Sheokovalon Dynasty

    In a world where magic has been, outlawed, all magical creatures have been forced, into hiding. King Adelram rules over The Sheokovalon Dynasty, with the strongest army at his disposal. It's no wonder why everyone is so scared

  • The T Dynasty

    The T Dynasty

    Quien dijo que el primer día de universidad era perfecto? Por que necesitaré golpearlo. A penas y puse un pie sobre los grandes pasillos y supe que mi vida no sería lo mismo, nunca en mi vida había tenido tanta razón.¿Qué pasa cuando juntas a cinco idiotas con la misma letra tanto en nombre como en apellido? ¿Y si le sumas que todos son un jodido desastre individual? Sería un completo caos, no me faltaron risas pero tampoco las ganas de llorar. Estoy segura que donde sea que me lleve esto, será con un buen final.

  • The forgotten Dynasty

    The forgotten Dynasty

    What would happen if your life wa a lie? If everyone you knew was hiding something from you or hiding you from something,nothing, anything and at the same time everything.What if everything you had grown to believe was shrouded in darkness, deceit and secrecy.They say everything happens for a reason and one smal mishap could set of a chain of event which could change the fate of the universe.Growing up wasn't easy especially in a world like mine, a world of humans, and demigods, goblins and ghouls, wolves and vampirees,demons and witches, in a never ending war between the living and the dead,a war between the light and darkness a war for the Throne of Dreams.A throne so powerful it could destroy and remake the world,it was said only a Bloodline of the Chimera clan could overcome it's temptation and bring the world back in peace, but alas the clan was wiped out.Months turned into years, years turned into decades, decade into centuries and before long a whole millennium had passed with no heir to the throne.Aeons passed and the world grew selfish all fighting for dominance over the other, few still believe that their one true ruler would return,and bring peace to the world. Even if the masarcce happened aeons ago it couldn't have been done by noone someone planned it anyone could be the culprit if not everyoneIn this world there is no Good or bad only that which must be done It's is a fight for what is right.This is my second book, I haven't actually completed the books but feel free to give me a feedback comment and share your ideas

  • The Ming Dynasty

    The Ming Dynasty

  • The king dynasty

    The king dynasty


    CURRENT TIME LINE ERA OF MAGES BEGINNINGFollow Victor Duk Vermeel as he journey around the world what will he find what Allies he will make , what enemies follow along . thank you for your support.

  • A New Dynasty

    A New Dynasty

  • dynasty of fate

    dynasty of fate