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  • Endless



    Love story

  • Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling

    Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling



    Excerpt: "You jerk! How dare you? Just because you are my guardian and I have nobody to ask, did you think, you can take advantage of me? I thought you stand on high morals..." Rian turned Aria towards him not quietly understanding what was going on. Amelia and Rowan were in the same state. "Arrie! What happened? Did brother do something? Why are you angered so much?" He sounded very concerned. Alan leaned on his room door frame thinking what would be her answer. ..... Aria's mouth was wide open in shock. 'Sh*t! This man really has a mental illness. How can he forget so soon?' It vexed her more and wrung her hand to punch but Alan held her hand twirled her before pressing her back on him. "Young Miss Cooper! Mind your hand." He said loudly and whispered, "If you wanted more, you should have asked me." ~~~~ Aria Cooper, a confident, brave, intelligent, lively teenager turns insecure and timid losing her only family, her father. Alan Morgan, a cold, indifferent young President of Morgan Industries falls in love with the teenage girl who moves into his mansion. Being a cynic, will he be able to change and win over the girl's heart? Will he be able to find the culprit behind the murder of Aria Cooper's father who targets her? Will he be able to keep her safe? --- *** --- This is an original story. Story DISCORD: https://discord.gg/QhhXXWq Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/munchkin_2 Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: https://linktr.ee/munchkin *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover.

  • Endless Pampering Only For You

    Endless Pampering Only For You

    Teen ROMANCE


    As childhood sweethearts, they were made to engage under the manipulations of their families. It involved having to to live in the same room and sleep together. One night, she is accidentally made drunk, and in his delirium, he kisses her only to realize he enjoys it. From time to time, he would sneak a kiss on her, but his “crime” is eventually discovered in an accident. After being accused by her, he says with a smile, “You are my wife, why can’t I kiss you?” The two people’s daily routine is full of bickering and mutual discrediting of each other. Although he claims to disparage, he actually cares intensely about her. He feels crazily jealous when she is close to other men, to the point of tying her to his side, so that she becomes exclusively his. Tags: Campus Love, Childhood Sweethearts, Pampering Romance

  • Endless Black

    Endless Black

    "Stop; please stop.” I begged but no one is merciful enough to listen to me. From then on, I lost my power to speak; as no one is going to listen.Ash When I saw her black eyes, I was lost in its depth. It is like a black hole. It consumes you. I was consumed by her. However, later I understood how much darkness there in those black eyes of her. But it's already too late. I am poisoned by her. But I want revenge from her. She has to pay for what she did.Both have their reason to hate each other. Will there be any love? Will this love have a happy ending? Or will it turn into another tragedy? To know please try this new book?It contains violence and how a girl overcomes it. It is not all about happy cute love. Moreover, that girl went through a lot. So please try to understand her and the reason behind her silence. It takes time to heal our pain so be patient with it. *****mature contain and dark theme *****

  • Endless Path

    Endless Path

    What would you do if you find yourself stuck in a romance novel, on the top of that you are even dead.Stella’s life took a huge turn when she was reborn into her past self after getting killed. She finds out that she has been living in a romance novel all along and her so called best friend was the FL.Through twists and turns when Stella finally makes a place for her in the book she die’s again and find out another secret, That it’s just her job to fix lives of Side characters in novels and by doing so she can get a story of her own.




  • Marvel Endless Power

    Marvel Endless Power


    One day, Roddy counted the abilities he had gained on a whim. Mental attack, stealth, mindfulness, metal control, freezing… After half an hour, Emma can’t stop!p.s: this is a translated Chinese novel, so sorry in advance for the racism and I hope you do not. get mad because not all Chinese are racist it only depends on where they live and what they teach them that will cause them to be racist because they are not born racist they were trained to be racist by a short government and bad parents who approve of it.

  • Endless Journey: Infinite Realms

    Endless Journey: Infinite Realms

    Fantasy COMEDY


    After all the things that he had done in his life, Alex realized that it was already his time to die. But a sudden encounter with a weird person will turn his whole life around.The formerly about-to-die teen shall now be a Traveler of different worlds!"You are an Esper? Then come and taste my saber!""You are a Daoist? Then come and taste my fist!""You are a Genie? Well, can you grant me infinite wishes?"Everyone shall witness Alex's rise on his endless journey!Disclaimer: (((Don't make me credit to einlion. His novel, Endless Paths: Infinite Cosmos, from the reception of his readers, is obviously good, but its an accident that my title is similar to his. Really.)))



    ❝The story of a Queen❞ -•- [Original Work] -•- ________________________________________ [DISCLAIMER] This book is purely based off of fictional imagination and is not intended to harm or insult anyone. Any similarities between characters either dead or alive are purely coincidental. *** This book is owned by I, the author. Although I know no reason as to why, please refrain from copying any part of the book. If any of the chapters for some reason needs to be copied, please contact the author via the wattpad message function. *** I am not a native English speaker and therefore will probably be making grammatical errors in my writing. For that reason, I am open to all criticism. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Hope You Enjoy!! ^•^ ________________________________________

  • Endless.



    Ray Evans, just your typical 16-year-old school student gets a chance of a lifetime when his computer starts acting up, a message pops up that will take him on a long and windy journey through the multiverse

  • This is Endless

    This is Endless

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE TEEN

    Love is beautiful.He loves him. Two young adults love each other. A young love that is true like there's no other. But is this the love that is meant to last? Or is it true what they say that all beautiful things come to an end?

  • Endless Pampering Only For You

    Endless Pampering Only For You


    Sebagai pasangan yang sudah berhubungan semenjak kanak-kanak, mereka dipaksa berhubungan di bawah manipulasi-manipulasi keluarga masing-masing. Termasuk harus tinggal bersama dan tidur bersama dalam ruangan yang sama. Suatu malam, si gadis dengan tak sengaja dibuat mabuk, dan dalam alam bawah sadarnya, si pria menciumnya dan ternyata ia menyukainya. Dari waktu ke waktu, si pria secara diam diam mencuri curi mencium si gadis, setelah ketahuan dan dituduh pencuri oleh si gadis, si pria hanya tersenyum dan berkata “Kamu adalah istriku, kenapa aku tidak boleh menciummu?” Keduanya secara terus-menerus cekcok dan saling mengejek. Walaupun Si pria selalu meremehkan si gadis, tetapi sebenarnya ia sangat sayang padanya. Ia akan merasa cemburu setengah mati saat mengetahui si gadis dekat dengan pria lain. Ia juga sangat mencintai si gadis sampai di tahap ingin mengikatnya selalu di sisinya, sehingga dia dapat memiliki si gadis seutuhnya.

  • God of Fishing

    God of Fishing


    In a world where humanity lives in suspended space, children undergo a fishing test when they come of age. Those with immaculate talents have the possibility of becoming great fishing masters. In the endless sea, every life is imbued with a sacred mission. There are fish that can fly, turtles that have absorbed the worldly essence, and whales that can devour the heaven and earth… There are also countless fishers. Fishing is an art. There is an ancient saying: If you can't fish, you might as well be bait.

  • Endless Realms

    Endless Realms

    A boy is reincarnated in a new world and what is unique about him is that he is not supported by destiny yet he makes a name for himself in the endless realms Temporary sypnosis I hate cliches so I will not be using any

  • The Devil's Bride: War of Endless Love

    The Devil's Bride: War of Endless Love



    Something's are bound to happen.. If it would not be done in this life then may be in another...Lana was just a simple girl who was struggling to make a living with her kids and take revenge for her parents death and their property from her Step Cousin Uncle...But what will happen if she came to know that her life was given her to only complete the things which was not able to do in her past life. And to find the one to whom she had lost in that life...The man was reborn too, for the same reason but was unknown about it.What would happen if he came to know that he was a Devil in his Past life and He is a Devil in this life too...___"You seem to be thinking about him again" A cold voice came to her ear out of nowhere, making her body shiver in fear… "No...I was just thinking about something else…" She said while swallowing her nervousness as she almost got caught by him…  "You better not think about anyone else in my palace …" He said and blew a soft air on her eyes making her body shiver even more… "What are you doing here? I mean you never came to see me at a time like this…!!?"  She tried to change the topic as she was afraid that she might get caught at any time.  "Do I need someone's permission to come into my house and especially when I want to meet my wife?" He said and put his index finger on her neck and trailed his finger down to her chest…. Hearing the word 'wife' she felt a shiver run down her body…  The word wife had a great impact in her life especially when she was a wife of a Devil, who was a devil in the skin of humans ===== Lana, who just came back from LA with her kids, was suddenly involved with the two most powerful men in the country… One was the biggest businessman of Asia, Mr. AR and the other was none other than the Prince of her country himself 'The Great Adrian King' He was a mysterious person and was handling all the works behind the doors, no one have had ever seen him and Lana was no exception, He was rumoured to be ruthless and handling the whole clan single handedly without even showing his face to the world… Many people and paparazzi tried to blow his mask away but it was hard to do so, After all he was one of the most powerful person of the Country... Meanwhile AR was the Boss of Multinational companies in the country and was ruling like a Boss... He had everything in his life and was very flashy in almost everything he does... He had nothing to hide and was searching for a girl for years but suddenly he found her and started chasing her to no end... What will happen to Lana when she would collide with these men and how was she going to survive all this game of hide and seek...? Stay tuned to know more... ______This Story contains Devil's, Witches and a lot of supernatural stuffs...You might see some bloody scene here as well _____ Please support me and throw some power stones and do give a review after reading it... It would really be a great help for your poor author... ______ I'm also the Author of:- 'SUPERSTAR CEO'S ADORABLE WIFE' _______ WEBNOVEL SPIRITY AWARD ENTRY Note: The cover is taken from Pinterest and edited by one of my friends.

  • Endless Summer

    Endless Summer

    It's the summer before his senior year of college, and the last thing Jason Mizzoli wants to do is spend it with his parents. But when his mother books a month's stay at a family friendly resort, she won't let him talk his way out of going.<br><br>Jason's determined not to enjoy himself ... until he sees sexy resort employee Travis. After a chance encounter over breakfast, Jason thinks Travis might be just as interested as he is in getting to know each other a little better. But hooking up is easier said and done.<br><br>It isn't until Jason's mother signs him up for a stupid dance class that Jason learns what exactly it is Travis does at the resort. Now that they've found each other, finally, the summer stretches ahead of them with the promise of first love.<br><br>There's only one little problem -- Jason isn't out to his parents. What will happen if -- and when -- they find out about Travis?

  • Endless cycle

    Endless cycle


    Riku does one day from a disease with no cure, then he is reincarnated, but gets killed by a wolf in the first 10 minutes, he’s reincarnated countless times constantly learning and becoming stronger every time, will Riku remain sane with all of the different lives he goes through, absolutely not!(Much swearing and blood and I intend for lots of gore so be warned)

  • Endless friendship

    Endless friendship

    " Thanks Sophia for being there for me always, you are the best! " Serena Said a little emotional. " It was never a chore and yes I promise to always be there for you " Sophia replied in a serious tone. " Promise? "" Yea, Pinky promise " Sophia replied.They made their Promise to each other in a ' Pinky way ' Endless friendship is a story about two girls who became Best Friends. It's a story about love trust and betrayal I hope you love the novel.The story is a little Childish so read at your own risk. Queenebunoluwa15.

  • Endless RPG

    Endless RPG

    Video Games VIDEOGAME

  • Endless Space

    Endless Space