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  • Eros


    "Eros Pierce is a thirty seven year old Greek-god who isn't all he tells twenty two year old Aduke Williams he is but they're both in love. Two people from entirely different worlds. Secrets that could ruin lives. A possessive man with a sex drive out of the roof. What could possibly go wrong? "What's my name?" his voice almost drove me crazy. It almost drove me mad but it definitely made my panties soaked. "Eros" I told him with conviction, my voice didn't cave or shake. "Good, now who do you belong to?" he stepped closer and I craned my neck upwards to look into his captivating eyes. "Eros" he smiled at my reply before placing a kiss on my forehead. "Who do I belong to?" he asked, pulling back and I almost cooed at how cute he looked."

  • eros


  • Life as an Adventuring Calmelia

    Life as an Adventuring Calmelia

    This novel focuses on a young adventurer named Zain Chesterfield who happens to be transported from Earth to a different world called Kollania. As he was transported, he discovered that he has a new body which is from an extinct race known as Calmelia; they were a race that were well known for their ability to adapt and evolve. Legends claim that a Calmelia possesses unlimited potential with one having to become a primordial several thousand years ago. Will Zain achieve such heights?

  • Rise of Nyx

    Rise of Nyx

    whatcha how nyx rises to make her own empire threw the blood of her enemy's. it's not really 17+ I just think it would give me more freedom to do what I want. also idk if this would classify as a fan fic but there will be similar appearances of sword moves. I don't own this pic I ripped it from the internet.

  • Redemption


    Lucifer's InnocenceLucifer The Son Of The Morning is falsely accused of treason and is kicked out of Heaven. Join him on his adventure to not only prove his innocence to The Father and return to Heaven, but to also go through life as a Fallen Archangel Of Heavens Hosts.

  • Eros System

    Eros System


    A world where people with "Cerberus" implants/system possess the powers to either create or destroy. A Boy with an estranged father and mysterious bloodline unknown to him. Watch him grow stronger as he becomes a demon king with a harem of beauties. (Cover does not belong to me. want it down? just tell me. Thanks.. No need to make it a big problem.)

  • Eros: The Olympian God

    Eros: The Olympian God



    Eros the primordial entity of love. In Greek mythology, Eros was the most beautiful male God of Olympus, he was the God of sex and love, all the Goddesses loved him and all the Gods hated him, Eros was a playful God who didn't care much about Olympus, but what if this Eros was different from mythology? What if this Eros was a person who reincarnated as the God Eros? Follow Eros in his journey through all mythologies.

  • Passion of Eros

    Passion of Eros

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18

    A usually passive adolescent,Daniel, wasn’t really looking for a good time but he usual life made an unusual turn ,read and see what happens

  • Blessings Of Eros

    Blessings Of Eros


    Alice was tired of her everyday life and decided to take the path of no return. Disappointed in herself for not being the girl her parents wanted, she jumps. As she awaits the end of the fall she opens her eyes to find that the floor beneath her is white and so is the entire room.As she’s getting an explanation of reincarnation by an unknown deity she fiercely rejects it. This wasn’t her plan! Annoyed by the fact she was now reincarnated because of him, she vows revenge but somehow can’t even remember him? All she knows is she has a cheat system and animosity fueled towards him.This will be a novel about personal growth, fighting, understanding, and a trial and error on my part. From a nihilistic child that believes in nothing good or knows of nothing but negativity and selfishness, to someone who grows and develops themselves along the way with the friends and people around them.Cover commissioned hhalzon.

  • Eros in Love

    Eros in Love


    Eros was the God of passionate desire and his job was to inspire romantic love between two hearts that received his arrow. Although after a few reincarnations, his character gradually declined. The current Eros was a frivolous man who doesn't take his job seriously and ironically, doesn't seem to really understand what love is. Most of his matches were horrible pairs that only caused more heartbreak to the pairs. Due to his countless failed matchmaking, the highest God punished him by sealing his Godly powers and was sent to earth to complete a mission.And that was to give love and receive love from his assigned target.Eros thought it would be easy since his target was just a 30 year old single virgin salaryman. He tried various methods to seduce the man but it failed.Turns out that his target wasn't interested in men.Would he be able to complete his mission and earn his Godly powers back or would he be the first one to be ensnared by the thing called "love" that he couldn't fully understand?

  • Eros Lev

    Eros Lev

  • Eros Ludus

    Eros Ludus

  • Shadow of Eros

    Shadow of Eros

    "Sometimes I wonder why the world has to be such a cruel place when we do have the possibility of making it more beautiful and worth while? Why isn't it possible for all people to admire somebody rather than criticizing them?Why isn't it possible for us to help someone rather than pulling them down?Why isn't it possible for us to love someone rather than hating them so we end up judging, bad mouthing and spreading false rumours?I just realized that people don't hate you for who you are. They hate you for who you are not...wondering what I meant by that right? Let me tell you...People don't hate you because you are happy, they hate you cuz' you are not sad...People don't like you not because you have succeeded in life, its cuz' you haven't failed...People don't criticize you for the things you've done but the things you haven't done.. And well thats probably how the world run in my eyes..hmm...All my life I wanted to be loved by someone who loves me expecting nothing in return..who cares for me expecting to see my happiness..who supports me expecting to be overwhelmed by my success..And yeah! To tell you..I met him! My prince who walked towards me through the downyard streets, dazzling through the breezy winds of the dawn, sparkling with the lovely music in my ears(bluetooth speaker I mean..) with the cold temperatures piercing my skin and..ashhhh!!!..walked away passing me as if I didnt exist... Ughhh..I was exhausted.. But you know..only to tell you...he is the shadow of the Mighty..the Mighty who makes the world a better place..the Mighty who strikes others hearts with an arrow...the Shadow of Eros...hahaaa simply..the Shadow of the Cupid!"

  • Aionios Eros

    Aionios Eros


    Eros transmigrated into an unknown world with the help of system, in this world where cultivators can lift Mountains with a single thought and tear open sky with bare hands, eros finds herself longing for such strength, as fate brought eros closer to the cultivation path she meets a like-minded person Aion who is ready to give up everything just for her love, willing to always accompany her on this unending journey. for eros, there are some things she must pursue no matter the cost and some things not to no matter their value. This is the journey of eros where she heeds to her soul and traverses this lonely path with unending dedication, but she finds she is not alone on this path when there is her love Aion to accompany her on this unending voyage.

  • [BL] Eros and Ellis: A Brother's Secret

    [BL] Eros and Ellis: A Brother's Secret



    The promise took place in an orphanage where the two boys first met and promises were made that will break them apart as they grow older. But as years passed by, people change, things had changed, Eros and Ellis have different career paths and different lifestyles, would their promise be, their awaiting fate?•••[Shoutout to the one who drew/edit the cover! Please message me if you see this. It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much! xx]

  • Heart of Eros

    Heart of Eros

    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION R18 MAGIC

  • Descendant Of Eros God

    Descendant Of Eros God


    In a world full of gods and destruction, Eros, Is deciding on who to choose as his descendant as he is soon dying.One day, Derwin, Wanting to go to the grocery store, accidentally slipped and died, unfortunately, he died a virgin even tho he lived to 17. He was your typical Otaku shut-in NEET with a lot of erotic posters and a lot of Ero games. Fortunately, Eros, Seeing that Damon loves erotic stuff, chose him.Follow the life of Derwin, As he uses his system to become.....(A.N)Cover art is not mine, contact me if u want me to take it down

  • The rebirth of Eros

    The rebirth of Eros


    Eric Godfey is a young man who is accidentally attracted to a story in an ancient manuscript which he found in the warehouse of his house the next day after reading the manuscript all night. But what made him feel unlucky was that he returned to the form of a 14 year old child named Conan Apuila Ivander who was the adopted son of Prince Erland Babbage Invander and daughter of Natalie Faith Invander. Eric's life in the script was so unlucky that he was deliberately appointed as the son of the crown prince just as an opening for the prince to take over the throne from his super genius younger brother. Because of that, making Eric only live as a beautiful display in the eyes of the people but ignored in the eyes of the owner. But behind it all, who knew that there was something in him that was so great that everyone didn't realize it.

  • The Hitman's Eros

    The Hitman's Eros

  • Eros: The Fallen Guardian

    Eros: The Fallen Guardian