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  • Esper


    28 years old philosophy teacher dies because of a rare disease , suffocating and inhaling his last breathes.He regretted not living his life to the fullest by being more happy ,optimistic and adventurous , wishing he was given another chance to live a new life and die at the end with no regrets.Miraculously enough , his wish was granted by a multidimensional being , calling himself the creator.And thus he was reincarnated in an other mysterious world, a parallel world where physic laws and logics do not apply , where people can bend spoons , use magic...

  • Esper Harem in the Apocalypse

    Esper Harem in the Apocalypse



    [WPC #228 - Silver Place Winner!]"Farming wives in the post-apocalypse." Getting a wife is possible. Getting Wives is hard. And after the apocalypse, it's impossible. But what if you have superpowers that allow you to do anything? I mean everything!___Rudy was optimistic, handsome, and blessed with knowledge. He topped every exam with minimal effort and got into his first choice university. Growing up in a low-class family, he had to do what it took to be a successful person. So he focused on his studies and aced the university.When he was in his last year, dozens of famous companies wanted to recruit him. He had a bright future waiting for him. However, he got into an accident on the day of his graduation.He was left crippled at the age of 23, and all his hard work was in vain. He had to break up with his girlfriend of 5 years, his friends stopped visiting him, and his family was working hard to pay his medical fees.One night, when he was staring at the ceiling like countless other nights, a mysterious man visited him. He said he was from an organization that was working on the ‘gene experiment.’ The man offered Rudy a chance to live his life again, but if he died in the experiment, he promised to give Rudy’s family a huge amount of money. It was a win-win situation for Rudy as he had nothing else to lose.However, after months of experiments, nothing happened. As his last wish, Rudy was left alone to die in the middle of nowhere. As he was taking his last breaths, he recalled everything he had done in his life, and he remembered all he did was work hard to have a bright future, which he never got a chance to experience.“If I knew this would happen to me, I would have lived a better life.”Left with regret and despair, Rudy died. But when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in his high school. He later learned that he had become an esper with all the psychic abilities.However, there was a catch. The world was different from what he used to live in. It was a post-apocalyptic world in a parallel universe, where his superpowers were going to help him dominate and crush everyone on this path.Get summoned on the discord server- It is a harem novel, so expect at least one yandere. And many more things!MC is the definition of overpowered! Tags: Action - Romance - Slice of Life -Harem - R-18 - Yandere- Comedy - Fantasy- Genius Protagonist - Handsome Male Lead - Mysterious Past - Cute Female Leads - Beautiful Female Leads - Childhood Freinds - Clingy Lovers - Calm Protagonist - Shameless Protagonist- Poor to Rich - Overpowered MC - Esper MC - God MC- Smut - Vampires - Fantasy Creatures- Zombies - Ghost - Mature.===Disclaimer - The cover is not mine.

  • ESPER -

    ESPER -


    A boy witnesses the murder of his family. The culprit? A paranormal being. When he tries to confront it, he believes that the ghoul possessed him. Now he has supernatural abilities that normal humans don't have. -- The protagonist of this story, Murakami Kouta, quickly realizes that everything in his life isn't in black and white. At Iwasaki High School, he has two friends, Sato Kasumi and Miyazaki Yumi, both girls in his grade. It doesn't take long for them to get entangled in the dark jungle that is Kouta's life, but when they do, it just might be too late for their feelings to reach him in the end. There is a power struggle in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Our main character becomes deeply rooted in the depths of the shady group of criminals called the Underground. He struggles with the mystery surrounding his parents' deaths, and the even bigger mystery relating to his grandfather. In the grand scheme of things, what is Kouta's true purpose as the last of his bloodline?S/O to @ThatBoiMajestic for the cover art!




  • Esper world

    Esper world

    Lucas was unsure if his dream was about someone memory or simply just a dream. Not only that, he will sometimes has strong feelings déjà vu regarding Superhuman. Until he undergo awakening, just like he doubt, or maybe, a was reincarnator that was once at the peak of this Universe as Player...




    Di Dunia ini ada beberapa manusia dengan kemampuan khusus yang disebut Esper, termasuk Febriansyah Aldo, yang terlahir sebagai seorang Esper, dan sekarang dia memasuki Sekolah khusus Esper untuk mencari siapa pembuh Ayah angkatnya.

  • Esper of the Wind

    Esper of the Wind


    In a world where the masters of elements rule; a group of people turned to the way of righteousness and fight for the welfare of humanity.Lily was a young woman who was chosen by the stone of the wind esper to become the esper of the wind.She tried to avoid going to the soul hall as she was a newbie who joined the wind club a few months agoIt was then known to her that she was the second to be chosen by the stone of wind esper after two thousand years.She pondered herself to find the reason for her being chosen but ended up concluding the fact she was in a secret relationship.The fact that she was not the first one to have a secret relationship but there are many secret couples in the club made her confused about what her purpose is.Since she couldn't answer her questions her master revealed the secret of why she was chosen. Hearing the reason her heart fets warm as well as cold at the same time.#The mc here is, of course, the male but I tried a different approach here where the FL will narrate about the ML and the first person you see here will always be her perspective. #The story doesn't include rape, incest, or any other strong content but some romantic content is added to make the story a bit enjoyable.#Please point out if there is something wrong with my story and I will heartily thank you for guiding me.#I am not a native of English so please point out the mistakes if there are any.#The chapters will get updated every Wednesday and Saturday.#If you do appreciate any of my work or if you have issues let me know about them via comments or reviews.Don't forget about the power stones.#This is my second work, my first work is "Tales of the Golden Abyss". Check it out if possible.





    You can call him the demon slayer, master of all tongues, world traveler or dragon rider, he was the God of lightening in his previous life but in this life, he is determined to be stronger so with his OP system and his knowledge of his previous life, he will fight enemies make friends while discovering dangerous secrets that will cause destruction when it falls into the wrong hands, this is the story of the strongest Esper on his path to immortality.

  • Esper And Eye

    Esper And Eye


    Utopia... is a strange world... The citizen living here has a strange power known as Arix...Arixania... Arixania is the core that grants the people here strange power such as... Telepathy... Magic... Healing power..etc.The arixania power is divided into 5 tiers- S, A, B, C, D.with D having the lowest of all ranks and S having the highest.The people living here starts to manifest the powers at the mere age of 6. rather known as Manifestation time.This is the story of Veni cardi... The boy which is not loved my arixania is granted a strange power that grants him to hear other thoughts and foresee his death 5 sec earlier.Now what his Future upholds now

  • Esper Fi

    Esper Fi

    Fantasy MAGIC

    A soldier dies in combat trying to save a comrade. He wakes up in a new world, but hes not alone. He is joined by several others who had experienced a similar situation. They are called lost ones. The new world is overwhelmed with monsters, but humanity has developed abilities to help. some have enhanced speed or strength. Some have regeneration abilities that are out of this world, and others, like our main character, are what are called espers. They have a connection with an element, and their abilities develop around them. Our soldier has a rare off shoot of the death element called vampirism. No, he is not an evil son of the knight who preys on humanity. This is his story. This story contains violence throughout, some sexuality, and strong language. If you enjoy reading this book take a look at my other book Dark Ascension. It's a current project I'm also working on.

  • The Esper Siblings

    The Esper Siblings


  • Esper REBORN

    Esper REBORN


    A soldier from another world. One of human psychics battling magical monsters.He dies ending the fight, and is brought to another world, one of a novel - a modern tale of sword and magic.Now becoming someone with only a faint connection to the story, how can he continue to survive, along with fulfilling the wishes of the previous owner of the body?

  • Infinite Esper

    Infinite Esper

    MC is a man who lives in the world of Dynamo, a world where superpowers exist and they call him an Esper.His ability is Absorption, where he can absorb the power of a person who has died along with that person's experience.On June 23, the final War against Demon Lord broke out and he discovered that this was the opportunity God gave him.His ability was completely useless if he couldn't absorb it and in the 10 years since his awakening of strength, he had never gained much power because of his World, has a very strict surveillance system, but at this time he can get the skills he wants and that's a huge amount.He went to the battlefield to hunt treasure.-Sinopsis 2 : Time passes, he finally wakes up from his sleep and when he wakes up it turns out that it has been thousands of years since the War and the MC finds that this world is undergoing major changes.Espers no longer exist, replaced by Mages, where Mana spreads widely in this world and the creatures of this world use magic and many different humans appear.What happened during the thousands of years he slept?In this old yet new world, he was curiously exploring it with one problem… The memories of all the people he absorbed changed his Personality.

  • Esper war

    Esper war


    Espers don't have a choice in this world. it's either fight or die and dying is the last thing they want to do

  • Overly Esper

    Overly Esper


    The world of Yizan with many wonders and hazardous environments there lies espers with the power of telekinesis and more. A young 26 year old man named Terry Olive living on the island of Ivcur who is suffering from having an abnormally large amount of mental energy since birth and has been keeping a steady life as a full time worker for a restaurant. One day as he was walking to his house after work when suddenly he got a headache then saw a homeless guy when he did he heard a voice in his head.-side note: this is my first time writing a story so I’m doing this more to get myself some experience in writing and storytelling.

  • The irregular esper

    The irregular esper

    Mc finds himself waking up in a different room from his room in the body of a 10-year-old childWhat will he do in the world of Esper with affinty to space and time, and this thing has never happened in this parallel world before, follow the adventure of an ordinary person, to the strongest of esper

  • Esper of the End

    Esper of the End



  • Ultimate Exterminator(Esper)

    Ultimate Exterminator(Esper)


    Anastacia was always the odd girl out. Didn't help that her family were all-powerful Espers who fought in a galactic war. The empire of Humanity was at war with an alien race and the strongest of humans all Esper abilities. She was one of the very rare 4 ability users and it is her time to fight in this war. (She is straight, so no Yuri.)

  • I'm an Esper

    I'm an Esper

  • The Silver Esper [Stopped]

    The Silver Esper [Stopped]

    [Mature content] There are depictions of violence/gore and abuse towards characters. There is also swearing as well in this story. __________________________________________________________________ People with abilities, powers of which normal humans can not use. Monster's, freaks, people have called those with these abilities with such names, but there is one name that became attached to them eventually, Esper. The strongest of all abilities is physic, an ability that makes nearly anything possible for a skilled user. Sent to another world similar to her original she lives as Avalon Kanze a girl with rocky blood relations. Living in a country that didn't exist in the other world Niahurii, she is forced by her blood relations to join the military as a man. Unwilling, but the deal they strike is the only reason for her doing so. Avalon's lazy days in the military begin to change when that man appeared. Plans begin to change, new conflicts and allies begin to arrive. Can she keep her identity a secret or will they learn the truth? But most of all can she keep her darkest secret, the truth about her 'disease' and condition from everyone. __________________________________________________________________ "I can't believe they are forcing you to do this just to cut ties with them. How ridiculous since they've never treated you like family." "There is nothing I can do but to do this... as a man. On the bright side, we get to see the inner works of things here so we can use the useful points." "How can you be so optimistic when they are sending you to a suicide unit." "I've already died once and experienced true hell on earth. This is honestly child's play in comparison. So I see no reason to be afraid." Avalon sighed as she tightened the bandage around her chest. "Besides this world is behind in comparison. My ability will ensure I survive. So don't worry once it's all said and done. We will no longer stand for them. I will change this world from my 'home'. So dear brother be ready for the 2nd coming of Raijia's Silver Esper."

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