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    A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Professional Player was reincarnated to the future in the body of a boy named Ace. There, he found a new virtual MOBA game which was very different from the normal games he played, wanting to rise to fame again and enjoy the thrills of the new game he found he indulged himself again to the MOBA games that he loved.

  • Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story

    Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story

    Competitive Sports COMEDY


    Imagine a shonen sports story. But, it’s not about baseball or soccer. No, this one is about playing a MOBA video game!And no, it’s neither League of Legends nor DotA. A BRAND NEW ORIGINAL MOBA, the one MOBA to rule them all - Classmancers!The game has become so big, that even schools recognize it as a sport. They even allow students to participate in Classmancers clubs and compete against other schools! Who will be the one going to nationals!?-------------------------------------For Yuel, a team sport is like a chessboard that comes to life. There’s no greater fun than deconstructing every opponent and predicting twenty of their moves in advance.And, Classmancers is the ideal stage for such psychological warfare, for it’s a sport in which game theory reigns supreme. At least, usually, it does.There are also goofs like Lars, who got -200 IQ, yet boast godlike mechanical skill that triumphs against all odds. He’s like your typical OPMC which a cheat, except the cheat does nothing for his intellect.Yuel and Lars are like water and fire. In other words, 100% compatible! That’s why they form an unlikely duo and set out to dominate Classmancers’ competitive scene!However, to challenge their OPness, the two will run into rivals who are just as OP! Some of them will turn their teammates immune to Yuel’s psychological attacks, while others will redirect Lars’s almighty strength against himself.In this harsh environment, the two will keep struggling, struggling, and struggling some more, following their promise to reach the pro scene.-------------------------------------NOTE: Since the site doesn't support italics yet, I'll be using [text] tags for thoughts in this version of the story.If you're enjoying the story, please upvote it on TopWebFiction! SCHEDULE: Monday and Thursday. Two chapters a week.GAME WIKI: can read up to 3 chapters ahead on Patreon.

  • The eSports King’s Crush

    The eSports King’s Crush


    Three years ago, when Sovereign Union disbanded, gaming genius Mo Bei laid low and went into seclusion. Three years later, she returns with a concealed name, disguised as a man. Despite being scorned and loathed, she ultimately reascends to the thone, causing a sensation in the entire nation! Handsome but aloof, pursued by countless fans, he was the famous King of the eSports scene. Dark Flares' Captain, who was known for his looks, was even more famous for his ambiguous playing style. * When she first joined the team, he told her, “Know your place. Do not try to have inordinate ambitions.” Subsequently, when her identity was exposed, he looked up from his seat at the table and stood up gradually. “Are you thinking of deserting me after marrying me in the game? Hmm?” Sequel to National School Prince Is A Girl! Mo Bei is the disciple of NSPG's Almighty Qin. Join him as he too becomes one!

  • The Trash Players Esport's System

    The Trash Players Esport's System


    Phantom Call is the most popular game in the world with over 700 million players worldwide. Less than 0.5% of those players are part of the hugely popular eSports scene, however 15 year old Ejay Valton has a dream of winning the coveted world championship trophy, except Ejay sucks at the game. When he suddenly gains a mysterious system that claims to be able to make him the best player to ever exist. Ejay, with the help of this mysterious system sets out to make his dream a reality and leave his legacy for all to see.

  • The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

    The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!


    Xiang Yi was most famous vase in the entertainment industry. The subject of ridicule on the world wide web, she suddenly announced: She was going home to farm. Her anti-fans: Hehe. She deserves it. The next day, Xing Chen APP started a live broadcast stream of Xiang Yi's rural life. Heh? Why did a top ranking lawyer stop by for dinner? Heh? Why did a doctor come to raise chickens? Heh? Why is a famous fashion designer here to dye cloths? And why is an esports legend installing a swing set? What, you're her brother? You're also her brother?? As the much anticipated grand slam actor Shi Sui made his grand descent into the scene, the anti-fans began to tremble as they weakly typed out on the screen: You... Are you also her brother? The film star calmly squeezed Xiang Yi's cheeks and says indifferently: I am her husband. The anti-fans: Unabletolaugh.jpg

  • eSports' New Flower

    eSports' New Flower

  • Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

    Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me


    Ye Sang’s five daddies were all villains wicked beyond redemption who were doing bad things in the world. Eventually, they were all killed by the male lead! And so, she had to hug onto their thighs tightly to prevent them from courting disasters and instead rise to the peak of their lives. …… Number one, the biggest influence in the business industry: “The weather’s getting cold, it is time for the Duan family to be bankrupt.” Number two, the smartest villain: “Imma teach that Duan guy a lesson today.” Number three, a genius in the medical field: “I’ve reincarnated and I will make him pay.” Number four, the god of Esports, and number five, the god of acting: “Today, only one shall fall and one shall stand.” Their little ball silently hugged one of their thighs. Daddy, Sangsang hungry~ All the villains who were on their way to take revenge immediately thought, ... screw that, I’m busy spending time with my daughter! And then, the entire City A found out that these five vicious and merciless villains weren’t scared of anything but their daughter crying. Everyone who saw this thought, ...wait, why does this scene look so strange? Why are all these great villains busy raising their daughter? …… All these villains who could cover the sky with their hands never thought that the cute daughter they raised could be stolen by the Duan family’s little wolf!!! Duan Jinyan hugged the girl tightly in his arms, “Why are you running? Sangsang, call me brother and my everything will belong to you.”

  • A Thorny Road (A DotA 2 eSports story)

    A Thorny Road (A DotA 2 eSports story)

    Doctor, Engineer, Businessman, Scientist, and other succesful job. Those are the jobs that your parents want you to have.What will happen when a kid that comes from a family full of doctors want to become a professional Dota 2 Player?Will his family accept him or will they abandon him.Either way it will surely be a thorny path to take.Heil Kester is a kid who dreams to be a professional dota 2 player because he saw the glory of a dota 2 champion. He thought that maybe he too can become like him and win a big award.Although, his parents want him to become a doctor because his family is full of doctors.Watch as Heil Kester embarks his journey to become a professional dota 2 player.This is a story about eSports. Every character in the story is not real. I also do not own Dota 2. I just used it in this story because I play it. For those who play Dota 2 have fun reading this. And I say if you dream to be a professional dota 2 player, no not just dota 2 but any game. Never give up on your dream.If anyone reads this I warn you I don't usually update my works.

  • Iridescent eSports, from NA's worst to World's best!

    Iridescent eSports, from NA's worst to World's best!


    Iridescence, the brand-new hit video game has taken the world by storm with the most beautiful graphics, diverse character selection, and most mechanically difficult physics. Last month, it launched seamlessly with an active player base of 300 million users. I, Tera, vow to become the greatest player by winning the World Championship.

  • Virtual Sword God!

    Virtual Sword God!



    Winner of #WPC100 An ordinary schoolboy, Novis Talen Stumbles upon an old sword while clearing his grandfather's dojo. From inside the sword came out a sprit named Arthur who dedicated his life to the sword. Together, Arthur wishes to find an unbeatable sword style, while Novis starts to gain interest in a VRMOBA game called Virtual Sword Warriors and walks down the road of Esports. UPDATES DAILY If you like to see more then one chapter a day you can support by visiting below. Discord link Art work and more!

  • The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

    The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise


    At long last, Fu Zhi, the mysterious heiress who had developed countless technologies was given two guardians by the country! Initially, the Lu Brothers shut her out when she joined the Lu Family. However, after spending some time with her, they began to warm up to her and took turns showing their brotherly love for her by throwing money at her. Lu Yumo would say, “My sister just came from the countryside, so don’t scare her.” Lu Yushen would say, “My sister is fragile, so don’t bully her.” Lu Yubai would say, “My sister is not good at studying, so don’t laugh at her.” Nevertheless, it soon became clear to them that the little girl from the countryside was not what they had imagined. One day, a reporter took a photo of a professor carrying her purse and having a meal with her. The professor said, “She is my teacher, and I’m her student.” The crowd was surprised. “What?” Another day, a different reporter snapped a photo of a business magnate serving her tea. The business magnate said, “She is my boss, and I’m her employee.” The crowd was shocked. “What?” On a different day, a group of reporters spotted the biggest esports bigwig stepping down from his throne and helping her get rid of a scumbag. The bigwig said, “Stop all this harassment and the rumors. She’s my sponsor.” The netizens asked, “Just how many supporters do you have? The country’s official portal responded, “We’re her strongest supporter.”

  • The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!

    The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!


    The handsome, skilled newbie livestreamer, Ji Zhiyao, has a dream. "One day, I want to become the most famous crosstalk actor amongst the livestreamers." Later on, this dream is forgotten by him and secretly becomes another. "I want to overthrow Fi-god! I want to become Mix's new team dictator!" The rich and aloof idol of the eSports scene, Mo Huaifeng, also has a dream. "Two years later, Mix will definitely make it into the International League." Soon after, subtle changes happens to this dream. "I want to make it into the International League with Ji Zhiyao and after winning, I will f**k him on livestream." Livestreamer to eSports pro, Captain to boyfriend, will their dreams come true?

  • The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities

    The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities


    Omnipotent A-Grade Cool Female Lead VS Secret Passionate and Domineering Male Lead That Loves Assuming and is Easily Jealous Because she is wrongly placed at birth, Claire and another girl swap lives. Eighteen years later, she acknowledges her roots and returns to her family. From a country bumpkin, she becomes the daughter of a rich family in the capital. However… Her parents favor their fake daughter. "Claire, Phoebe is smart and obedient. She's a thousand times better than you." Her brother protects the fake sister. "Claire! Don't bully Phoebe. Phoebe is innocent, unlike you—you're full of evil tricks!" It's said that she is uneducated and incompetent. Her grades are the worst, and she loves to fight. She is notorious for her misdeeds, and everyone looks down on her. Only one man says domineeringly, "I will dote on you." One day… her disguises are stripped off… The Vice-Chairwoman of the Mathematical Olympiad, the guru of eSports, the hidden miracle doctor, the Chinese Art Master, the diva of the music industry, and the leader of the League of Death. Those identities are all hers?! Everyone starts to worship her: You are a real big shot! Instantly, there are countless suitors. A director extends an invitation for her to film a movie. The next day, the director is banned from the Internet. The Masked King invites her to have dinner with him. The next day, the scandal of the Masked King becomes the hottest topic on the Internet. A rich tycoon gives her a diamond ring as big as a pigeon egg. The next day, the corporation goes bankrupt and he becomes a beggar. A certain envious lover online declares his sovereignty over her. @Claire: "She's my wife."

  • Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

    Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

    Video Games MAGIC


    Liu Zilang had a well-kept secret — he was a prodigy in competitive FPS eSports. His specialty? CSGO. He even entered the finals in the prestigious world tournament. Alas, his team fell short due to Liu Zilang's inexperience. Shattered by the fact, Liu Zilang vanished from the eSports scene. That was until his friends got him to play a new game known as PUBG. Liu Zilang's life turned around and he began to make his comeback. Follow Liu Zilang as he encounters difficult situations, all while learning to open up as a person, but more importantly as a brother.

  • Strike Force: Legacy

    Strike Force: Legacy



    [Initaiting Download Progress] [Welcome to Level up System Gallacia] [You have gained a Level] A normal gamer, side kick of side kicks. Yeong Jin a normal student born in a middle class family with great understanding of games. But with certain luck he is given the Level Up in the Real world. But can he maintain the both Quests in real Life and Inside of the rising VRMMORPG GAME? Galaxy, Exploration with virtual in depth gaming meta. That is Star Legacy. It is named Legacy because of the games mechanism. Making it hard for a players to level up and reach the top rankings. But their legacy will remain, that is how Star Legacy came to the brilliant mind of the vice president of the Galaxy International Corporation. But as they enter the gaming industry, the Esports also came rise with many leagues. And the vice president of the Galaxy International Corporation. Has the ambition to attain the top 1 Esports title for Star Legacy.

  • Kar98K Saat Mendarat!

    Kar98K Saat Mendarat!

    Liu Zilang memiliki rahasia yang terjaga dengan baik – ia adalah keajaiban dalam suatu FPS eSports yang kompetitif. Spesialisasinya adalah? CSGO. Dia bahkan masuk final di turnamen dunia ternama. Sayangnya, timnya tidak mendukung Liu Zilang karena pengalamannya yang masih kurang. Sedih dengan kenyataan itu, Liu Zilang menghilang dalam arena eSports. Sampai akhirnya teman-temannya mengajaknya bermain game baru bernama PUBG. Hidup Liu Zilang berubah dan ia merencanakan untuk kembali ke arena. Mari ikuti kisah Liu Zilang, terutama saat menghadapi masa-masa sulit, sambil menunggu ia lebih terbuka sebagai manusia, tetapi juga yang lebih penting adalah sebagai saudara.

  • Enter of Adventure

    Enter of Adventure



    A number 1 player in Indonesia had to lose his account because it was hacked by someone else. His account was used by that person to participate in International tournaments in Esports. Not only that, now the avatar has been changed by that person and used as that person's avatar, the nickname is changed and the class is changed, even until the world recognizes that the account belongs to that person. Daylon Kenzo decides to return to play, but he has his problems. Will Daylon Kenzo be able to show that he can re-conquer the ENTER OF ADVENTURE game with his experience skills? Or, even worse with the absence of the game's secret system, which has now been removed by the new company owner. "Ah, what a hassle. Player Pay to Win, troublesome! Ah, this bad. I hope, I did it... I did it again. Anyway, troublesome! Old grandpa, troublesome! Everyone, troublesome!"

  • Cosmic: Empyrean's Quest

    Cosmic: Empyrean's Quest



    The quest will continue as the legend comes back into the spotlight ****** “Don’t just aim for the top. Aim for the passion that you have and that would never be taken away from you” ****** The top-tier player and known as the “God of Esports”, Empyrean suddenly vanished from the scene. His identity is unknown, and no one had ever seen him, even in the game competitions, his identity had never been revealed. 10 years later, the first-ever VRMMORPG game has been launched to the public called COSMIC. When the day that the first new server has been released, unexpected news came to the world, especially in the world of Esports. The God of Esports who disappeared in the public eye 10 years ago, Empyrean makes his appearance when the Cosmic first server has been launched. This causes the public to go into chaos. The legend himself has returned. Now that the new VRMMORPG game Cosmic has been launched to the public, the whole world is now in search of the legend that they admired and respected. The question is… can they find the person that they were looking for? Also, what was the reason for Empyrean to suddenly vanished from the public 10 years ago? ******* Photo not mine. Credits to the owner. Discord: empressblackrose09#7769 IG: empressblackrose09

  • Pada Kehidupan Selanjutnya

    Pada Kehidupan Selanjutnya


    [Ini adalah terjemahan dari novel saya yang berjudul, Enter of Adventure. Karena novel ini sudah dikontrak dan saya pun tidak bisa mengubahnya, saya hanya bisa melakukan ini saja, dengan menulis ini. Semoga kalian senang dengan novel ini!]Sinopsis: Seorang pemain nomor 1 di Indonesia harus kehilangan akunnya karena diretas oleh orang lain. Akunnya digunakan oleh orang tersebut untuk mengikuti turnamen Internasional di Esports. Tidak hanya itu, kini avatarnya telah diubah oleh orang tersebut dan digunakan sebagai avatar orang tersebut, nickname diubah dan class pun diubah, bahkan hingga dunia mengakui bahwa akun tersebut adalah milik orang tersebut. Daylon Kenzo memutuskan untuk kembali bermain, tetapi dia memiliki masalah. Akankah Daylon Kenzo dapat menunjukkan bahwa ia dapat menaklukkan kembali game ENTER OF ADVENTURE dengan skill pengalamannya? Atau, lebih buruk lagi dengan tidak adanya sistem rahasia game, yang kini telah dihapus oleh pemilik perusahaan baru. "Ah, merepotkan sekali. Pemain Bayar untuk Menang, merepotkan! Ah, ini buruk. Saya harap, saya melakukannya ... saya melakukannya lagi. Pokoknya, merepotkan! Kakek tua, merepotkan! Semuanya, merepotkan!"

  • HEROES FANTASY : Game Start

    HEROES FANTASY : Game Start


    Seorang legenda melahirkan legenda lainnya. Satu legenda mati, maka munculah legenda berikutnya. Begitu juga dengan Anril. Anak dari seorang legenda esport yang di banggakan oleh negaranya. Namun dia sangat takut untuk memulai kembali. Dia taruma dengan apa yang telah terjadi dengan ayah dan ibunya. Benar, kedua orang tua Anril meninggal saat bermain game VRMMORPG pertama. Yaitu DRAGON HUNTER. Namun satu persatu sahabatnya terus terusan mendesak Anril untuk bermain kembali. Mereka tak mau Anril terus larut dalam traumanya. Apalagi Anril adalah seorang player berbakat seperti ayahnya. Mereka ingin Anril kembali ke medan pertempuran untuk membela kedaulatan negaranya dalam bidang esport. Hingga suatu ketika, Dani-salah seorang sahabat Anril- memberitahu Anril. Bahwa pada Updetan terbaru HEROES FANTASY terdapat sebuah kisah seorang sage bernama Zaratras yang melindungi Benua Mozgard tengah dari serangan para naga. Seketika Anril teringat dengan nama Zaratras. Itu adalah Nick yang selalu di pakai ayahnya dan Sage adalah JOB yang membuat ayahnya menjadi seorang legenda esport. Itu membuat Anril penasaran. Dan ingin memasuki dunia HEROES FANTASY. Namun traumanya seakan mengekangnya. Lanjutkan membaca untuk mengetahui seluruh kisahnya. Terimakasih.

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