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  • Evie and the Wolf King

    Evie and the Wolf King

    She hesitantly raised her head, eyes closed, afraid of whatever she was about to see. What if he had claws and his fangs were long and......' stop it' she scolded herself. She opened her eyes just to find a pair of orange eyes looking at her. Eyes that were endearingly familiar.Evie is the daughter of the grand vizier Lucas. She lives a blissful life and is about to marry the man she loves when all hell breaks loose. The lost heir of the werewolf kingdom's throne Jeremy is back and he has waged war against humans. His only condition of stopping the war is to have Evie sent to him as his bride.

  • Autopsy of a Mind

    Autopsy of a Mind



    Evie Lewis wanted to be a detective just like her father. Her life came crashing down when she found herself unable to save her parents, kidnapped by a serial killer and tortured for their pleasure. She escaped but she was just a shell of herself. She wished to live a silent life. An unexpected job offer and lots of pleading from a genius criminal psychologist lead her to be pulled back into the world of monsters. Follow Evie as she learns to dissect the human mind and forgive herself. And maybe fall in love, too. After all, who can resist Sebastian Butler? - - - - - Pain is world-annihilating. I have felt it push me to the brink of death and catapult me back to the base of my very existence. It evoked in me a monster... It injected in me the violent need to survive—even if it meant that I had to eat the flesh of another. Pain instilled in me Reason. There is only one: You only have hope when you survive. - - - - - Read my other works: 1. Cornered by the CEO - Complete 2. Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover - Complete 3. The Story of Blood and Roses - Complete 4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - Hiatus Story Discord: https://discord.gg/bG7YsaRRbs Author Instagram: @sunscar9

  • The Lady Evy

    The Lady Evy


    "I will not let you escape." Evy was certain predicament when he woke up in another body, and indeed, in another world. After reincarnating as Evy, her life will go to hell when she finds out she was in her novel, as the villain. She did everything to be far from a cruel end, but bad luck came to the door. The Crown Prince, the main male leader, came to cross his path without understanding. And to her surprise, the prince has an obsession with her! Evy will try to escape sometimes, but he won't let Evy slip out of his hands so easily.

  • Evie and the Wolf King 1

    Evie and the Wolf King 1


    She hesitantly raised her head, eyes closed, afraid of whatever she was about to see. What if he had claws and his fangs were long and......' stop it' she scolded herself. She opened her eyes just to find a pair of orange eyes looking at her. Eyes that were endearingly familiar.Evie is the daughter of the grand vizier Lucas. She lives a blissful life and is about to marry the man she loves when all hell breaks loose. The lost heir of the werewolf kingdom's throne Jeremy is back and he has waged war against humans. His only condition of stopping the war is to have Evie sent to him as his bride.

  • Evy Maze

    Evy Maze

  • Istri Di Atas Kertas

    Istri Di Atas Kertas

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY

    Blurb --- Fatimah Az-Zahra, wanita berhati lembut yang ingin menjadi wanita karir setelah ia lulus menjadi seorang sarjana. Namun siapa sangka, keinginan itu harus ia telan pahit-pahit karena kenyataannya, ia di paksa menikah dengan laki-laki yang tak ia cintai. Andika Andre Maulana Ibrahim, seorang laki-laki tampan dan mapan. Ia mempunyai kekasih bernama Alana Safa Septhiani Wibowo, mereka telah menjalin hubungan selama 10 tahun lamanya. Namun saat Andre ingin melamarnya untuk menjadi pendamping hidupnya, kedua orangtuanya malah tak merestuinya. Alasannya hanya satu, karena Andre telah di jodohkan dengan Fatimah Az-Zahra, anak dari sahabatnya. Karena sebuah ancaman dari kedua orangtuanya, membuat Andre terpaksa menikahi Zahra, namun baginya ia hanya ISTRI DI ATAS KERTAS. Dan beberapa hari kemudian, diam-diam Andre juga menikahi Alana, sang pujaan hati secara sirri. Sedangkan di sisi lain ada laki-laki yang bernama Muhammad Reyhan Pratama Dirgantara yang mencinta Fatimah Az-Zahra secara diam-diam. Ia mencintai Zahra saat masih duduk di bangku kuliah. Bagaimanakah nasib percintaan mereka? Akankah pernikahan Zahra dan Andre hanya akan bertahan seumur jagung? Lalu bagaimana nasib Reyhan, apakah dia bisa menerima kenyataan jika wanita yang di cintainya menikah dengan laki-laki lain, yang hanya menganggapnya ISTRI DI ATAS KERTAS? Lalu bagaimana dengan Alana, apakah dia tahan menjadi istri kedua yang hanya di nikahi secara sirri tanpa ada pengakuan dari publik. Bisakah ia melewati semua itu? Penasaran, Yuk baca guys. InsyaAllah seru. Salam dari Author Evi Tamala. IG : evta96

  • Evie

    Evie Carlos Mal Jay Uma Harry Gil Dizzy Audrey Jane Lonnie Ben Doug

  • REBORN: Gemini

    REBORN: Gemini

    She came back from the dead to get even!Evie Hunter was from a world where divine inheritance could place anyone at the top— but it also caused her downfall. Betrayed by people she considered family, she ended up as a sacrifice to the demon gate.But she didn't die.She woke up in the body of Evely Hunt, the girl she used to only see from the mirror— the girl whose tragic fate was now in her hands to change.Vengeance! To thank the girl, she vowed to seek revenge on everyone who harmed her— her family, her friends as she searched for ways to return to her world to seek justice for herself.But when she met the girl's fiancé, André de Lancy, the legendary blackhearted business tycoon, she got confused. In the girl’s memories, her fiancé was an invalid who was indifferent to the world. Why did it seem that he looked happy to see her? Why did it seem like he knew her? Also, why did it seem as if he was also not human like her?UPDATE: 30K words per month

  • Holiday Hearts

    Holiday Hearts

    Author: Cindy Spencer Pape firmly believes in happily-ever-after and brings that to her writing. A multiple award-winning author, she has published almost sixty novels and stories. When not hard at work writing, she can be found restoring her 1870 house, dressing up for steampunk parties and Renaissance fairs, or with her nose buried in a book. Visit her website: www.cindyspencerpape.com. Holiday Hearts Follow the five Holiday siblings as they find romance one by one. Between holiday magic and scorching passion, each of them find and fight for the loves of their lives. Yuletide Enchantment: Noel Holiday doesn’t like Christmas. When he finds himself trapped in a magical Christmas village with sweet and steamy Shelby Carter, the season suddenly becomes spicy. While they figure out the magic, they also discover passion like they’ve never known. Like Bunnies Star Holiday wants some time alone, so she heads to her family’s cabin for a few days. After a car accident, something changes. Star is suddenly a rabbit—four paws, fluffy tail and all. When she doesn’t check in, her brothers send her ex-boyfriend to check on her. Veterinarian Theo Morgan picks up the injured bunny and carries it into the cabin, only to discover the rabbit in his arms turns into Star as soon as they cross the threshold. The Holiday family agic forces the two to stay together. They have plenty of time to talk about their relationship. If they bother to spend time talking instead of making love. Valentine’s Heart Computer guru Valentine Holiday doesn’t have time for love. When a computer dating service sets him up with overworked social worker Corazon Lopez, Val can’t figure out what’s going on. Neither can Cora. They meet to discuss it and the sparks fly—all the way to a tropical paradise perfectly designed for passion. Midsummer Dreams Summer Holiday has had dreams of Matt Warren since she was six years old. The dreams aged along with her, taking her and Matt from childhood friends to voracious lovers. Matt knows Summer is real, and now that he’s out of the military, he comes to Charleston looking for his soulmate. Once they meet in the flesh, Summer has to decide if Matt really is the man for her. All Hallow’s Evie Sam Holiday’s new house is haunted. Soon he meets the ghost—a beautiful woman named Evie Bonnell. Evie’s unfinished business is that she died a virgin. Over the days leading up to Halloween, Sam agrees to teach her about the pleasure she missed in her lifetime. His only problem is that he doesn’t want her to disappear after her wish is granted.

  • My Demon Mate

    My Demon Mate


    Evie a young talented thief gets tangled up with a multi billionaire, She sees herself different because she posses powers no other human does, she enters a contract with a billionaire to be his girlfriend for 3 month, aside that she believes this billionaire has answers to the questions she kept asking herself.Hey am Jessica, this is my second book. My first was " The love a vampire by blessing Daniels", I can't complete it because my phone got stolen but I promise to take you on an interesting ride with my new story "My demon Mate",. I purple you all.



    My heart pounded so loud I was afraid he could hear it...It was like his calming presence wrapped its arms around my body, cradling me until I felt like I never had to worry about anything ever again. I craved for more of that feeling and found myself moving closer to him. We were just inches away from touching, the heat from his body a scorching tingle along my skin. *** Evie Whitman lives in a world where Fate tells everyone who their soulmate is by giving them a Mark that only one other person in the world has. But Evie doesn't believe in it. She defies Fate and follows her heart, but when her world comes crashing down, her beliefs in Fate and love are put into question. Will Evie continue to fight against Fate's wishes, going after her secretive love? Or will Fate have too much of a hold on Evie, pushing her into the arms of her soulmate that she didn't believe existed but can't resist? Twist of Fate is created by Jordan Davis, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • A Loveless Marriage: The Mysterious Man

    A Loveless Marriage: The Mysterious Man


    NOTE:WSA 2022 ENTRY. Evie had always dreamt of becoming a hip hop musician, she left her parents to Newyork City to achieve her dreams. She is close to achieving that dream when her parents calls her to come home urgently. Upon her arrival, she is being told that she is to get married to a billionaire; Ezekiel who happens to be a cold, arrogant and rude man. He is even rumored to be a gay Would she still achieve her dreams in a loveless marriage? How would she cope with her rude husband? Her husband was no ordinary mortal, he is rumored to be the devil’s son, what if that is true? What mystery awaits her in this loveless marriage of hers? And how would she able to conquer all tribulations? Can she survive in his world? Authors: GlobalGift. Mirashines Follow me on Instagram@Giftednovels for more video clips and characters pictures Editor: KunleTaiwo COVER DISCLAIMER: cover is not mine

  • It's All Relative

    It's All Relative

    When Michael Knapp brings his lover Dan Biggs home to meet his parents, he doesn't expect things to go smoothly. His mother's been trying to marry him off for years, and sometimes he isn't even sure his father knows he exists. He has always felt like the shadow son, competing with his terminally stupid older brother and smart-mouthed little sister for his parents' attention. Coming out to them over dinner seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get noticed.<br><br>But an unexpected phone call interrupts his announcement -- Aunt Evie, the family matriarch, is dead. With Dan in tow, Michael follows his family to Sugar Creek, where he spent his summers growing up, to prepare for the funeral.<br><br>Amid an overabundance of memories and relatives, Michael's world begins to slip. His dysfunctional family, Evie's death, and an old friend's confession all threaten to smother him. Worse, in his grief and confusion he seems determined to inadvertently push everyone away, including his lover. Can he and Dan move beyond his family and his past to a new life together, before Michael's insecurities tear them apart?

  • A History of Hexing

    A History of Hexing

    When there're four of them, and one of me, we can’t have any secrets. I need to focus on improving my magic. And having four delicious men can make things complicated. Especially when Kyler is distracted by a mysterious friend from his past who is revealing all of Kyler’s secrets, some of which I wish I didn’t know. Meanwhile, Archmage Edius is making moves, and if we don’t study hard, he’s going to best us. Maybe he already has. At the Fall Festival, a mass poisoning screams of his evil handiwork. No matter how strong I’m becoming, I need my men to strive for more so we can defeat him, for good. The chemistry between us is electric, now I just need my magic to follow suit. Oliver, Braeden and Dash are all hitting the books, but Kyler’s gifts are different. In the end, he’ll have to make a choice. I don’t know what I’ll do if he doesn't choose us. I have to believe he will. A History of Hexing is created by Evie Wilde, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • A Class of Conjuring

    A Class of Conjuring

    They say I’m a promising witch, but my magic is a disaster… I wish I could keep my sorcery skills from running wild. When one of my spells misfires and destroys the town’s defense against the very monsters we were sent to protect them from, the fed-up guild banishes me to the Enchanted Academy. One last chance to salvage what’s left of my career as a witch by honing my craft. The coursework is challenging, but I can’t help but be distracted by a brainy mage and a mysterious shifter. Not to mention the bad boy who’s set his sights on me, or the fact that my relationship with my best friend is heating up. But beyond the gated grounds, a power-hungry wizard is drawing near, intent on stealing magic. As the passion between me and my men grows, so do my powers. Soon my friends and I will be the enemy’s prime target, and the five of us will have to unite to defeat the rising evil. A Class of Conjuring is created by Evie Wilde, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Spells of a Supreme

    Spells of a Supreme

    When Braedon and I catch a glimpse of the future, I see the evil Archmage Edius destroying the world, but Braedon sees my death… In order to gain Supreme status, my mates and I are transported to a new academy where we hope to master the five elements of magic. But the sinister Archmage invades my dreams and robs me of my self-confidence. Before I know it, all the progress I’ve made at the Enchanted Academy vanishes, and I’m back to functioning as a remedial level witch. If we’re able to work together and master the five elements, Dash, Oliver, Braedon, Kyler, and I may be able to vanquish Edius and finally get the happily ever after we crave. Spells of a Supreme is created by Evie Wilde, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • A Mastery of Magic

    A Mastery of Magic

    Hidden identities, unexpected enemies, and a mysterious new mentor—all three will test the relationship between me and my men in year three at the Enchanted Academy. When the academy is attacked by a dangerous chimera and her hoard of minions, it’s time for my men and I to dig deep and up our game with a semester of field training. I’m having trouble focusing, because I can tell Oliver is keeping something from me. But my new mentor challenges me to be better. Stronger. Just when I need the support of everyone in my circle, I discover that someone close to me is not who they appear to be. Regardless, it’s going to take all of us for me to become the witch I need to be in order to fight a foe whose very existence will be revealed. A Mastery of Magic is created by Evie Wilde, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Maaf Aku Meniduri Ranjangmu

    Maaf Aku Meniduri Ranjangmu

    Fiksi Realistik ROMANCE R18

    Rony dan Gerry bersahabat sejak masih kuliah, ada kecenderungan keduanya menyukai wanita yang sama. Setiap wanita yang di sukai Gerry, selalu di sukai Rony, karena dia tidak terlalu panda dalam memilih wanita, karena terbiasa hanya menjadi penikmat saja. Rony masih melajang sampai usia 40 tahun, dia menjalin perselingkuhan dengan Evi, isteri Gerry. Meskipun Gerry tahu, tapi dia memaklumi, karena dia tahu kelemahan dirinya yang tidak mampu memuaskan Evi. Setelah Rony menikah, dia pun menerima karma perbuatannya, isterinya berselingkuh dengan asisten pribadinya. Begitu juga dengan isteri Rony, yang menerima karma perbuatannya, asisten pribadinya pun berselingkuh dengan pasangan sejenisnya. cerita ini secara umum berkisah tentang karma perbuatan, yang akan di alami anak manusia. Apa yang di tanam, maka itulah yang akan di tuai. Apa yang di terima manusia, sesuai dengan amal dan perbuatannya

  • The Heroin

    The Heroin