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  • Quick Learner

    Quick Learner

    Kimura Heiichi (木村平一) was perfectly satisfied, when his life took a sudden turn with his mother's abrupt death. With a promise from a strange man, he must now face the troubles of a new world in order to become the strongest.Using only his latent ability: [Quick Learner] he must adapt to his environment in order to reach his ultimate goal.

  • Adaptive Learner

    Adaptive Learner

    When the world is destroyed by nuclear explosions on January 17th, 2022, everybody died. With the earth gone many were given the choice of choosing a server, or queueing for a new one. This is the story of one boy's life in a newly queued server.You can also find this story on Royal Road

  • Life Learner

    Life Learner

  • King of Gods

    King of Gods



    His will is tough and unwilling to be normal. However, being born in a small family branch his pathway was destined to be this way. One day his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment onwards, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises like a star, and walks the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.

  • I'm a Quick Learner

    I'm a Quick Learner


  • A fast

    A fast

  • A story writer ,A begginner and A learner

    A story writer ,A begginner and A learner

  • Fast


  • Raja Para Dewa

    Raja Para Dewa


    Ia terlahir di sebuah desa kecil dari sebuah klan keluarga cabang. Meski demikian tekadnya kuat untuk menjadi yang terkuat. Sayangnya, ia sering diremehkan oleh anggota klan keluarga lainnya. Suatu hari, sebuah bola mata misterius menghantamnya dalam sebuah kecelakaan. Sejak hari itu, nasibnya berubah drastis. Ia pun perlahan bangkit dan menjadi yang terbaik di klannya. Keinginannya untuk melihat dan merasakan dunia luar yang luas penuh dengan berbagai rintangan. Tantangan demi tantangan selalu datang menghalangi langkahknya. Namun berkat bantuan dari Dewa Kuno yang misterius itu, ia memantapkan langkah dan hidupnya menuju kerasnya dunia persilatan. Inilah legenda seorang pesilat yang menjadi raja dari para dewa kuno.

  • Fast Food

    Fast Food

    The world has been through a lot. Monsters from another world raged hard on our planet, killing half of the population. It looked liked humanity was finally down for the count, with no hope of survival.But not yet. We weren't done yet.Because just like those translated Asian light novels, cultivation came in for a win. It started in Japan, where an elderly man was sitting in his home, about to be obliterated by an incoming horde of monsters. He prayed to be delivered and then BAM!He received a powerful qi right as the monsters arrived to take him out. Using his newfound power, he said the words that would go down in history:"Time to die, mother truckers!"The Uprise of Humanity had begun! People across the world fought side by side to eradicate the monsters that once plagued their lands. The great battle was known as the 300 Years War (France and England ain't got nothing on that!)But now, the monsters are all gone and humans could relax. Speeders and Strongmen were no longer needed to keep the world safe. Now, Chefs, Writers, and Strippers-wait, no, forget that last one-could rise up and take the world by storm. The Age of Tranquility had taken over.And then there's Minhoe Sunwoo (to clarify, I'm not writing her name the Asian way; Sunwoo is her surname, Min is her given name). Minhoe was born into a family of talented Musicians and Chefs, but she refuses to follow in their footsteps. She believes she was born to be a Speeder and that her legs will outshine all others.The time has come for Minhoe Sunwoo to rise!P.S: I have no idea what I'm doing.P.P.S: I'm gonna keep doing it anyway.

  • Flying fast

    Flying fast


    This is my first story and English is not my native language so please be lenient in your criticism but constructive feedback is appreciated.————————————————————————This is the story of how a hatchling that wanted to fly faster than all the others grew up to be one of the fastest entities in the universe.

  • Fast is Last

    Fast is Last

  • Advance learner's communicatve English

    Advance learner's communicatve English

  • Rey de dioses

    Rey de dioses


    Él tiene una voluntad tenaz y no está dispuesto a ser normal. Sin embargo, el destino lo dejó nacer en una rama familiar de una pequeña secta. Pero, un día, su ojo izquierdo se fusiona con el ojo de un Dios Ancestral por accidente. Desde entonces, se convierte de un pez a un dragón, se eleva como una estrella, ascendiendo en el camino de un cultivador legendario, pasa de ser una hormiga diminuta y pequeña en el fondo del mundo a elevarse paso a paso, en un mundo lleno de poderosas sectas, fuertes clanes antiguos e incontables genios. Esta es una era de leyendas.

  • Fast Car

    Fast Car

  • Reborn In Fast In the Furious

    Reborn In Fast In the Furious

    Realistic Fiction REINCARNATION R18 GENIUS


  • Fast and Creat

    Fast and Creat

  • Mrya Staford and the Nordics learners

    Mrya Staford and the Nordics learners

  • Fast as Fury

    Fast as Fury

  • fast as possible

    fast as possible