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  • Runaway Fiance

    Runaway Fiance


    Scherry Malt had a dream that her fiance was going to cheat on her, so she did what any sane person would do. She ran off to a foreign country and trained to become a superstar!But, her fiance, Xavier Wilde, needs to marry her so he can inherit his father’s company. The two become embroiled in an international game of cat and mouse as Scherry desperately attempts to escape Xavier’s radar!Will Scherry be able to hide from Xavier? Or will he catch his runaway fiance?[Notice: Cover art is NOT mine. All credit goes to the original artist!]

  • Ghost Fiance

    Ghost Fiance

  • The Fiance

    The Fiance

  • Arranged Fiance

    Arranged Fiance


    An Interesting Story between two teens that have been arranged for future marriage. The Daughter of the World's Richest Business Man is assigned to be married but she didn't know that his Fiance would just be a Plain and Normal Boy, will they manage to get along?

  • My Possessive Fiance

    My Possessive Fiance

    Pain Levenisse is the only daughter of Carmila and Martin Montemayor; thus, she's born to inherit and become the heiress of their company. Her life comes spiraling out of control when her parents set her to an arranged marriage with Brent Rosales,and Kyven's return did nothing to fix the situation at hand. In midst of all the happenings, including where she found out that she's just a foster child and not their real heiress- he asked Kyven to take her with him. Despite of her feelings for Brent and Kyven which is honestly confusing her.

  • The Heartbreaker's Fiance

    The Heartbreaker's Fiance

  • childhood fiance

    childhood fiance

    He is your childhood fiance which is your parent and his parent had discussed about it when both of you still a kid and didn't know anything,one day both of you meet but you two didn't know each other(didn't remember each other)

  • Fiance [DELETED]

    Fiance [DELETED]

    Teen ROMANCE

    Each of person have their own dreams about their marriage. Who didn't happy when we got married with our own love, our real destiny that we will be together until gray.But unfortunately not to Kimberly Lancer who's got being forced by married her own best friend since childhood, Jason Statham.Why they got married? It's just because of Jason's condition?Kimberly Lancer, a girl who's don't interested about love after been dumped by his ex, Eric Hilliard, a playboy.Jason Statham, a boy who's already in love with Kimberly since they kid but what happened to their feelings after another person started messing their relationship?Did their marriage got still last long?Did they can accept each other condition?"We never be perfect. That's why gender existed in two. Girl and Boy. When they got together, they will learn how to be perfect by helping each other."



    Martial Arts ROMANCE COMEDY





  • The Prince Is My Fiance

    The Prince Is My Fiance

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE FAMILY

    An average girl is bound to marry a Prince.Its interesting, isn't it?Let's find out what would they do? Will they fall in love on each other or not?

  • Fangirl to Fiance

    Fangirl to Fiance

  • ♧In Fiance BBH♧

    ♧In Fiance BBH♧

    Seorang anak perempuan yang di jodohkan oleh orang tuanya. Dengan pria asal korea selatan yang terkenal. Rela membiarkan dirinya.

  • My Sister's Fiance

    My Sister's Fiance

  • Dating my fiance

    Dating my fiance


    Usually people first date, fall in love, then get engaged and finally get married, right? But for our protagonists the order is quite jumbled up. 'Dating My Fiance' is the journey of two individuals from a blind date to their happily ever after. The nightmare of every employee of Bronsons corps, Mohini Patidar, is set up for an arranged marriage by her family. To prevent her ear-drums from being damaged by her parent's constant bugging, she attends the date. This one would also be like the last three, either her parent would later say that the man isn't good or he wouldn't give in to her conditions. She just has to spare an hour at-most. At-least that's what she thought.Aryaman, the owner of multi-million dollar companies and every girls dream guy, finds himself in love with his date on the very first encounter. He swears to make her a queen, his queen to be precise.But what if the queen harbours some secrets that could break them apart?Come join us in the journey of an arranged marriage full of love and witnesses the unusual story of these two people that is no less fascinating than usual love stories.*slow updates*Catch me on IG- Littledragon3010

  • Lord's Fiance

    Lord's Fiance



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    (21+) Fang Muxiu wanted to hand over her fiancé Choi Jiho to her assistant, Han Yexi. Is it true that the reason is only because of Choi Jiho's bad side who is too possessive and annoying? Choi Jiho was also younger than Fang Muxiu. This made the man often seem childis to Mu Xiu because Ji Ho was just not as mature as he was. Unfortunately, she couldn't just break off their engagement. The fate of the company is at stake. So Muxiu asked Yexi to snatch Choi Jiho from her. Choi Jiho loved Fang Muxiu so much that it was hard for him to fall in love with Han Yexj. With Ye Xi's charming face, Ji Ho was also struggling to fight the passion in him. His heart is still for Mu Xiu, but his body wants Ye Xi. What if Ji Ho found out about Mu Xiu's request to Ye Xi? Will Ji Ho let Mu Xiu go and take Ye Xi as his replacement?

  • My Beautiful Fiance

    My Beautiful Fiance

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18

    Kisah yang berawal ketika Alisha pindah ke sekolah di mana Azka berada. Selama bersekolah di sana, ia menjadi tahu, bahwa perempuan yang disukai oleh Azka bukanlah dirinya, melainkan sahabat laki-laki itu.

  • My Billionaire Fiance

    My Billionaire Fiance

    Kristy Aguilar POV:Mag isa lang akong naka upo dito sa bench inaantay yung best friend kong si Carla gusto ko kase magpasama sa kanya manood ng laro ni Scott. Si Scott yung lalaking gustong gusto ko since Elementary palang ako ngayon High School na kami pero gusto kopa din siya kung gusto pa nga din ba ang matatawag dito sa nararamdaman koWala naman kase akong pag asa doon kay Scott eh baka nga hindi niya ako kilala eh. Tinignan ko yung suot ko hyst malabo talaga na magustuhan at makilala ako ni Scott sa suot koba naman na ito malabong mapansin niya ako eh puro mga sexy na babae nakakasama niya eh ako naka suot lang lagi ng pants at loose shirt then rubber shoes samahan pa ng thick eye glasses ko with braces hyst malabo na talaga nasabi ko nalang sa isip ko at lumingon sa gilid ko Nagulat ako sa nakita ko si Scott naglalakad parang papunta siya sa pwesto ko hala anong gagawin ko nagpapanic na aniya ko sa sarili ko sabay tayo at takbo palabas ng gate bahala na tatawagan ko nalang si carla at dito ko nalang aantayin sa labasGanito lagi ang nangyayari sa tuwing nakikita ko si Scott malapit saken napapatakbo ako paalis ewan koba kinakabahan kase talaga ako eh Bat kaya ako balak lapitan ni Scott tanong ko nalang sa sarili ko Pero teka bat naman ako lalapitan ni Scott eh hindi naman niya ako kilala baka may ibang lalapitan si Scott iniisip ko kung may iba pabang nakaupo sa bench maliban saken Ay oo tama baka yung babae sa kabilang bench na nakaupo malapit lang saken hyst anubayan kristy ang assuming mo nakakahiya  tapa tampal nalang ako sa noo ko sabay buntong hininga Hay naku matawagan na nga lang si Carla at baka andoon nayun  kinuha ko nalang yung cellphone ko sa bagpack ko at tinawagan si Carla at nang makauwi na kami hindi nalang muna ako manonood ng laro ni Scott ngayon lang naman ako hindi makakanood eh hyst ano ba naman kase yan self eh napabuntong hininga nalang ulit ako. Nang sagutin ni Carla ang tawag ko sabay den nito ang pagdating ng sundo ko"Carla asan kana? Andito ako sa labas ng gate dito nalang kita aantayin " " palabas na ako " sagot nito "sige andito naden si Manong Andoy dalian mo" sagot ko dito at pinutol na yung tawag madalas si Carla sumabay samin pag uwi malapit lang kase yung bahay nila samin dalawang kanto lang ang pagitan bago ang amin kaya sumasabay nalang siya.  Scott Corden POV:" bakit tumakbo yun anubayan sayang naman tong chocolate na dala ko" nasabi ko nalang sa sarili ko at bumuntong hininga habang nakatingin sa babaeng tumatakbo palabas ng gate .

  • My Unexpected Fiance`

    My Unexpected Fiance`


    In a place called Utopia, there lived a King named Alaric. He wanted a bride who can be with him and can make him happy again. He learned about a kingdom that has a talent at singing that can ease a person's heart. King Alaric wanted to marry one of his daughters. Princess Beatrice is the one who will marry King Alaric. However, her sisters spread rumors that he is cold-hearted and cruel. The princess prepared herself for the worst. But when she finally meets the King, the princess discovers that he is an entirely different person from what she expected.