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  • BoyFriend


    Romansa Anak Muda BTS

  • Angels Like You

    Angels Like You


    Meski telah hidup selama ribuan tahun di surga sebagai sesosok malaikat, hal itu tak lantas membuat Xavier menyerah begitu saja dalam mimpinya untuk menjadi manusia.Ratusan tahun ia jalankan dengan berlutut di depan istana, berharap supaya Para Dewa bersedia mengabulkan mimpinya yang terkesan sangat tak masuk akal.Diolok-olok oleh malaikat lainnya bukanlah hal yang baru bagi Xavier. Begitu pun dijauhi oleh saudara-saudaranya tak lantas membuat Xavier gentar.Dan suatu ketika, penantian panjang Xavier akhirnya menemukan titik temu. Peluang Xavier untuk menjadi manusia terbuka lebar dengan berbagai tuntutan dan peraturan yang ada.Berkat kerendahan hati para Dewa, Xavier berhasil dikirim ke bumi sembari membawa sebuah misi.Dan sejak saat itu, petualangan panjang Xavier sebagai seorang manusia dimulai. Tanpa kekuatan, tanpa sayap, dan tanpa kesucian.Akankah Xavier mampu bertahan di dunia yang fana ini?Dunia penuh keserakahan.Dunia penuh keegoisan.Lalu, apakah Xavier sanggup melewati setiap rintangan yang ada?Atau malah ... ia gagal dalam upayanya?****© all of elements cover are from pixabay© font are from canva*semua hal yang ada di dalam cerita merupakan fiktif belaka. apa yang tersaji di dalam cerita merupakan elemen-elemen yang akan mendongkrak keutuhan cerita. jika ada kesamaan tokoh, atau hal lainnya, itu merupakan hal yang tidak disengaja. sekali lagi, cerita ini adalah FIKTIF!

  • Jika Cinta Adalah Bahagia

    Jika Cinta Adalah Bahagia

    Kanaya Ainsley merupakan perempuan berusia dua puluh tiga tahun yang bekerja di salah satu toko pizza di kota. Impian terbesar bagi Kanaya adalah memberikan kehidupan yang baik untuk Lucy, adiknya.Terjebak dalam lingkup ekonomi yang buruk tak lantas membuat Kanaya menyerah begitu saja. Kanaya gigih, dia pekerja keras. Kanaya ingin memiliki banyak uang, agar semua kebutuhan Lucy terpenuhi dan tidak akan ada lagi yang namanya kelaparan.Hingga suatu hari, Kanaya bertemu dengan salah satu pria yang menarik perhatiannya. Kanaya jatuh cinta kepada orang yang bukan dari kalangannya. Akan tetapi, siapa yang menduga kalau pria itu lambat laun menyimpan rasa suka untuk Kanaya?Dan saat keduanya telah bersama, di saat Kanaya pikir dirinya akan bahagia, sebuah malapetaka besar datang kepadanya.Dari sana, Kanaya tahu bahwa cinta bukanlah bahagia, melainkan ... duka.***© all of elements cover are from pixabay© font are from canva

  • My Boyfriend is an XXX Robot?

    My Boyfriend is an XXX Robot?


    What will you do if one day you suddenly found out that you only have a month left to live? How would your choices change in the face of imminent death? Out of the extreme miserable situation that she was in, Zarina decided to spend all of her hard earned money within that last 30 days she had left. And since she already had every material thing a woman ever dreamed of, she decided to buy this one thing she did not have – a man. She wanted a handsome man, the most perfect boyfriend who will accompany her and pamper her for her remaining days. She knew a perfect man does not exist and there is a huge chance that a human male will only give her more stress rather than bliss. But the bigger problem for her was not that – she actually had a phobia with men! But thank god that she was now living in an era of advanced technologies. While out wandering to make sense of her situation, she somehow got home and found a card that was wedged into the pocket of her bag. Through that, she had downloaded a strange but interesting app – an app selling the perfect and the hottest of all robots. She ended up ordering the hottest robot she saw on the list despite him costing her a ten whopping million dollars! The very same day she had placed her order, her package had arrived knocking at her door. And she nearly passed out due to shock. Not because of how realistic and godly the robot was, but because she found out she had ordered the wrong type of robot. Instead of a perfect robot boyfriend, she had ordered a sex robot instead! One whose functions is solely made to pleasure a woman in bed. What the f***!?

  • Tempting My Rented Boyfriend

    Tempting My Rented Boyfriend



    Warning: Mature Content Ahead Won silver medal in the Writing formula Practice #23! ------- Betrayed by her Ex and Bestie, Eleanor decides to take revenge on them. On the day before the cheating couple's marriage, she goes to a bar and picks a rented boyfriend. On the day of the cheating couple's marriage, she embarrasses them in front of the media and the public for cheating on her and for pushing her family business to the verge of bankruptcy. After dealing with them, she decides to save her company from going bankrupt. Eleanor decides to strike a deal with Emerson's empire. When she met the Prince of Emerson's she is stunned. The Prince of Emerson's is none other than her Rented Boyfriend! What will happen to her when she met him face to face? Can she be able to save her company? To know more join the journey of Eleanor's "Tempting My Rented Boyfriend". _____ The cover photo is not mine. The credits go to the original artist. The Editing is done by me for the cover. Other Works: CEO Daddy: Let's Get Mommy.

  • Rent A Boyfriend!

    Rent A Boyfriend!



    [Sweet Romantic-comedy novel] ‘Ding Ding! Welcome to Rent A Boyfriend shop! Please pick your favourite before checking out. We accept credit cards only!’ --- Shi Ying was a 27 years old working woman who was busy with two things, Career and BL! She was too busy working as a secretary and gushing over handsome men in BL manhua to bother finding a man. She had decided to never marry because she didn’t want to be dragged down by a lousy husband. But her traditional parents wanted her to marry as soon as possible before she became a ‘leftover woman.’ Annoyed by her parents’ endless nagging, she downloaded a currently popular app, Rent A Boyfriend App. Out of necessity, she picked the cheapest boyfriend she could rent for two days to meet her parents. Who would’ve thought... the cheapest boyfriend turns out to be her boss’ son?! 'You never told me that you are the heir of the Yang group!’ - Shi Ying. ‘And you never told me that you are my dad’s secretary! I’m screwed now!’ - Yang Menghuo. --- WSA Entry - First Love. Slice of Life. --- Original Cover. Instagram: @foreverpupa




    Chase, who was poor and powerless, married Bella, the prettiest woman in the city. Therefore, he was regarded as a worthless husband. On the day Bella divorced him, Chase got an unexpected call, informing him of his grandfather's death. Chase's grandfather had left a legend book of talented medical skills and top martial arts, which brought endless killers. To keep the book, he had been tortured cruelly to death. According his grandfather's testament, Chase had to accomplish two almost impossible conditions before avenging him. One of them was to earn a hundred billion dollars. On the way to earn a Hundred billion dollars, Chase met again his soulmate, Bella. In his way, he showed his talented medical skills, regained Bella's respect and affection, and started his legendary life

  • Forever Your Boyfriend

    Forever Your Boyfriend



    **Credit to the real owner of the cover photo**Lee Nana finds herself caught up in the middle of a drama she knows nothing about, when she accepts the request of her best friend to stand in for her as an hired girlfriend. She meets and falls in love with Kim Tan who happens to be her boyfriend's best friend unknowing to her, and drama ensues as different love triangles are formed.Lee Nana comes to find out that she isn't really who she thinks she is, and everyone around her is keeping one secret or the other from her. She gets to understand how one decision can change a person's life as well as those around her for the better... Or maybe for worse. ********Tan locked eyes with her over his wineglass, she was pretty as sin. He wanted her, he wanted to take her right there. He could barely remember the last time he felt this strongly about any woman. What surprised him most was the fact that he didn't just want her body, he wanted her heart too. Most of the women he knew were all golddiggers, and he could get any of them between his sheets for the right price, so why the hell was this one proving stubborn? She shifted her gaze from his, "The wine is nice," She said smiling nervously, wanting to say anything to break the silence. She may be naive but she knew desire when she saw it, and she could see it written all over his eyes. The thought of it made her heartbeat quicken. 'You have a boyfriend, what are you doing letting yourself get attracted to this guy?' she asked herself. He could tell she was nervous, it made him smile. It reassured him to know he still had that effect on females, especially this one that roused everything in him. He reached across the table and placed his hand over her hand making her jump. He chuckled, "Calm down girl, I don't bite. you just look so nervous, I wanted to calm you down." He said, laughter dancing in his eyes. "I'd appreciate it if you keep your hands to yourself. I don't appreciate being touched randomly like that," She said with a frown. "I'm sorry, I'll try to let you know before I touch you next time," he said with a smile, making her know he intended to touch her again. "We'll be attending the wedding tomorrow with you as my date. I hope you won't jump up everytime I touch you. that would raise suspicion don't you think?" He said with a wicked glint in his eyes "Isn't that what this whole week has been about? You have nothing to worry about, I'll do it right. But until then keep your hands to yourself." She said with a polite smile. We'll see about that. Tan thought.PS: Credit to the real owner of the cover photo (The photo doesn't belong to me)

  • My Boyfriend Is A Dragon

    My Boyfriend Is A Dragon



    A young boy named Bai Wu was saved and adopted by a thirty-something police sergeant named Xu Lan. It was love at first sight for Bai Wu, and once he started getting older, his heart yearned for a taste of the forbidden fruit - the romantic love of his adoptive father. The question is, will Xu Lan ever reciprocate? With deranged serial killers, parallel dimensions, time warps, dragons, and a bit of ancient black magic, Bai Wu and Xu Lan are caught in a series of crazy adventures while discovering what they truly mean to each other. This is a story of lust and madness!

  • My Hollywood Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back

    My Hollywood Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back



    KELLY: Crash is rich, famous, handsome, and he used to be mine. He convinced me he loved me, took my virginity, then he disappeared. No explanation. Only empty excuses. Now he's suddenly back. Does he really think I’m still that gullible girl he left a year ago? CRASH: Kelly is the love of my life. A year ago I lied to her--but it was to protect her. Now I know, I can't live without her. If I can just convince her to forgive me, maybe I can trust her with the real reasons we had to break up. When Kelly learns the real reason Crash broke up with her, will she forgive him? And even if she does, can their love survive the shark-infested waters of the music industry that almost destroyed them once before? CONTENT WARNING: Language, sexual situations, and sexual assault. Cover Image used under the Fair Use provision of Section 101, Copyright Law of the United States (please message author for attribution or change.)

  • [BL] Ten Faced Boyfriend

    [BL] Ten Faced Boyfriend



    Aiden is a young man who got sold on a phone call by his mother to his so-called fiancée who he doesn’t even know. Now, he wants to get out of this marriage mess, for that he finds a solution of enticing a bad boy who is in love with him. But here comes the problem, the bad boy named Ethan loves Aiden like crazy. So crazy, that even Aiden, who is called the most troublesome youth falls in love with him. Now, Aiden is in a trouble. First, he has gotten himself sold and Ethan doesn't know about it. Second, his so-called fiancée, to whom his mother has sold Aiden to is coming to meet him. How Aiden and Ethan's journey goes? How Aiden gets himself out of this mess? Or does he? To know, you have to read the whole novel.

  • My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy

    My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy



    "Love or death? Which will you choose?" – "On this day, I will be your knight shining armor! I will always be at your back even the entire school hates you!" Sebastian Woo, a campus bad boy told her and quickly lifted her chin to meet his gaze. He kneeled at the ground, convinced a young girl to look into his round, brown eyes. "On this day, you will never be alone and afraid. I am here always by your side." A genuine yet bitter smile drawn on her pale lips. "I've been waiting for my night shining armor," Halora whispered. But, how long he will keep his real identity from Halora? Will he confess the truth or the faith will find a way to reveal Seb's strange power and past life? Would he rather choose to lie to the girl who captured his heart or tell the truth and will be vanished on earth? Discover and find out what will happen to the unique, interesting first love story of Halora and Sebastian. ctto, the artwork is not mine. (will be changed soon)

  • Unexpected Love: One Night With Mr CEO

    Unexpected Love: One Night With Mr CEO

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY CEO


    The story tells about a girl who was abandoned by her parents. The harshness of life that must be lived forced her to become a strong person. One night, she saw her boyfriend making love with another woman, that night was boyfriend's birthday. Her heart was shattered. But on the same night, she accidentally met a foreign man who was CEO of a large company. Through the night with a man she did not know, waking up in the morning with a body without a single thread made her both shocked and scared.___________________________READ MY OTHER BOOKS?* Rebirth Of The Queen.* Rebirth Of The Goddess.* The Hidden Princess And Seven Nobles.

  • My Rented CEO Boyfriend

    My Rented CEO Boyfriend


    Brilliant fashion designer Harper Montgomery gave up everything she had to be with the love of her life. But what she thought to be a happily ever after had turned into a disaster after she caught her husband cheating on her. Betrayed and broken-hearted, Harper was intent on regaining her former glory. Just as she was slowly fixing her life, she receives an invitation to her ex-husband’s and his mistress’ wedding. Unfazed by their attempt to provoke her, she attended their wedding with a hot stranger whom she randomly met in the streets of New York. Unbeknownst to Harper, this extremely gorgeous stranger was no other than Roland Bretford, the most eligible and charismatic CEO everyone wanted to lay their hands on. With the help of Roland, Harper was making a name in the fashion industry, chasing the dream she thought she could no longer pursue. But amidst the whirlwind of climbing the ladder of success in the fashion world, entertainment, and dealing with family drama, will the blossoming love between Harper and Roland stand against all odds? – “You think so highly of yourself, Roland. Well, not all people are quite interested in you.” Roland hummed. He wanted to believe that it was true. If it were, his mother wouldn’t even have a hard time looking for a perfect match for him. “Or maybe it’s just you, Harper. You are exempted from my charm. But are you really?”

  • My playboy boyfriend

    My playboy boyfriend

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE


    bab 30 ke atas banyak unsur dewasa dan kekerasan.. 17++Cerita pertama masih butuh revisian, harap sabarsilahkan lanjut ke cerita kedua..mohon bijak membacanya ya.. hanya karangan belaka!!!Menjalin hubungan palsu dengan pria yang dibenci untuk balas dendam! Putus cinta dan membenci lelaki! bertemu si brengsek dan semakin membenci kata cinta!! Cinta pertama Chi adalah Marco, mereka bertemu di panti asuhan, keduanya terpisah karena di adopsi keluarga berbeda. Cinta bersemi lagi saat mereka bertemu kembali secara tak sengaja.. Chi bekerja sebagai asisten seorang pria tampan yang cacat. Bernama Abraham. Pria kaya raya yang egois dan seenaknya. Si sombong yang ternyata petualang cinta di masanya. Marco memiliki adik angkat bernama Lyn yang hamil di luar nikah. Marco harus menikahi adik nya dan meninggalkan Chi. Mampukah Chi bertahan pada sikap Abraham? Siapa ayah dari anak Lyn? Apakah Marco dan Chi akan bersatu? Apakah Marco akan mencintai Lyn?

  • The School's Princess is My Boyfriend

    The School's Princess is My Boyfriend


    “Are you ready?” I asked, holding the flash up. “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Yale said, staring straight ahead as the light lit up the entire tunnel. We waited a second before the ground started rumbling and shaking. I whistled, “This is going to be a big catch.” Yale didn’t answer, she was too busy preparing herself as we watched hundreds of gooy creatures running towards us. “Darling?” “Already on it.” In the prestigious school of an unimportant name, is where I go to, with my girlfriend, Yale Cassese. The Princess of the school. Popular, beloved and wealthy. She has it all. And yet she chose me, so you gotta understand that maybe she does not really have it all, you know. Then again, I accept so maybe we are on the same boat. As normal as our day life is, our nightlife tends to be much more interesting. We live very different lives comparing our day to our night lives. She is Yale when she wants to be and then Rumant, my boyfriend, when he wants to be. I don't mind either of them, honestly. Either way, they are my life and I will protect them from anything that dares threaten them. Even if that is ... me.

  • My Possessive Boyfriend

    My Possessive Boyfriend

    Lance and Abi is a sweet couple, They have been together for three years straight, Lance is the grandson of the school owner that's why everyone is scared at him, Lance is crazy towards to his lover Abigail until a new student came to their life. Lance knows that this guy is a Threat, Abigail has all the characteristic that every man like him wants, one day all his patience bombed up when he saw her dancing and about to kiss with the other guy. He promised to himself that no one will take her lover away from him that's why he became so possessive. One day an unwanted accident happens when they about to send Abigail to the hospital, a car crash that makes him lost his saint. His lover got kidnapped by the brother of the one they bumped, that's why he planned with the squad to rescue his girl, they went to the abandoned place to save Abigail, Lance thought that Abigail got shot but his wrong, a month later they both graduated and got married.

  • Falling Dreams, Rising Hopes: Saving Mr. Boyfriend

    Falling Dreams, Rising Hopes: Saving Mr. Boyfriend



    [Completed] What happens when two cold as ice people cross paths? Do they form Antarctica around them or do they melt each other's hearts? What made them like this in the first place? What secrets are hiding in their past lives?Mei Qingyang has joined the elite school of M nation as a part-time worker and a student. However, she is here on behalf of Education Ministry of the country to uncover the dirty operations that are rumored to happen here on day to day basis. That is when she meets the cold and aloof Yu Tian, the heir to the owner of the school and one of the richest families in the country. But what is up with the gloomy demeanor of this guy? He was born into riches, he has everything he can have in this world. While his one glare can haunt anyone for life, just what is he so scared of? What kind of secrets is this school hiding? And what is the real story behind Mei Qingyang entering this school? Despite being one of the most intelligent people in the school, with even great computer and martial arts skills, why did she need to enter this dirty world? Will their fates make them stand on opposite sides or will they happen to solve this mystery together?--------------"Will you leave me now that you know of my secret?" he looked into her eyes, just to get a hint of what she was thinking.She took his right hand in hers and delicately wiped the blood from his wound. "You should understand one thing here, it was not your fault. There is no way my feelings will change for you after this. You are mine and will always be.""That's my girl," he beamed from ear to ear and kissed her forehead in his elation.--------------Instagram and Twitter: @eastasianloverDiscord:*The cover art does not belong to the author. If you are the original artist and would like to get credits/ me to take it down, please contact me on discord/ instagram.

  • Watch Out! My Boyfriend, the Human Weapon

    Watch Out! My Boyfriend, the Human Weapon



    Your typical boy meets girl love story...if the boy was a highly trained super soldier and the girl was a target he was hired to kill. Six knew there was something different about Claire Conway the moment he laid eyes on her but he never would have guessed how she would turn his entire world upside down!*Cover art by polkadottedscrunchie*

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