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  • My Frail Heart

    My Frail Heart

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ABUSIVELOVE

    Jun was Mai's student last year who applied to be the school's new Korean manager. She didn't expect that they would cross paths once again. The two had a mutual understanding in the past.Will the attraction between the two light up once again? Or will the entire universe conspire against them?

  • Fool, Frail Heart [ Tagalog ]

    Fool, Frail Heart [ Tagalog ]

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    She used to be the dugyot at parang kulang sa paligo before. That was five years ago. Kaya nga wala siyang napala sa crush na crush niyang campus heartthrob dati na si Stephen Stonward. On that certain day she confessed her feelings towards him but all that she got was embarrassment and rejection sa gitna ng maraming matang nagmamasid sa kanila. She got judged big time. Labis siyang nasaktan sa pangyayaring yun to the point that she even decided to follow her parents who is currently residing in States by that time.Stephen was her first love, though he's just loving him from afar. But he's also the first man who broke her fragile heart. After five years, she came back to the Philippines. She's no longer the ugly duckling Shania before. Meet the gorgeous 21 year old Shania Lorraine Gomez. Who still have a resentment towards her ex-crush. She came back to take her revenge. Napakababaw man kung iisipin, pero yun ang nais niya. Gusto niyang ipaghigante ang sakit at pagdurusang naranasan niya sa loob ng higit limang taon.Gagawa siya ng bitag na siguradong mahuhuli niya si Stephen. Isang bitag na kapag nahuli niya ang lalaki ay hahayaan niya lang itong makatakas na may baong sakit at pagdurusa.Ngunit pano kung mismo siya na gumawa ng bitag ay mahulog rin sa matinik at malalim na butas nito?What if her plan backfires in the middle of the process?Kakayanin niya bang umahon sa pagkakahulog ng hindi mangangapa at magdurusa?Kakayanin niya bang isantabi ang pagmamahal na unti-unting nabubuhay sa puso niya para lang maisakatuparan ang paghihiganteng ninanais niya?Kakayanin niya ba?O susuko na lang siya?

  • Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF

    Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF


    "Miracles do happen when you are with your best friend!"----"She will sleep with me even after your marriage! Do you have a problem with it?" Laura questioned loudly, earning everyone's attention present in that hall."And we are thinking to even share our husband," She continued looking at Ayra who was now whiter than a ghost. When did she agree on such a crap?"So, Mister X! Do you accept this buy-one-get-one-free offer?" Laura calmly asked, her eyes sparkling with nothing but mischief, "You have 10 seconds to reply!" "Ugh Ugh Ugh." The guy, Ayra's suppose to be date choked out his drink. "I I," He fumbled, it was just too much for his brain to replicate!"Times up Mister X! Babe, let's go." Grabbing Ayra's hand, Laura got up to leave. And when people thought she was crazy enough to say such words, she stopped in her way and walked back to his seat. Taking the untouched wine she had ordered earlier, giving the poor guy a second to blink, she poured it down his head.Gasps and murmurs built around a commotion but the manager stood behind, not daring to trigger the girl who had this city under her feet."A wealthy man...." With a scorn, Laura continued, "With an octopus-like-physic like you would never earn a few bitches to play around. So, Mister Humanly-Octopus, do have plastic surgery before your next date!" Her words turned him red while people around controlled their laughs. Wearing her sunglasses, she glanced around the room before dragging Ayra out."What What was that?" Ayra trembled, her forehead dripping in a pool of thin sweat!"The act of a Wicked BF saving her Frail Girl-Friend!" Chuckling at her own comment, Laura entered the car."BF?" Ayra halted, confused and surprised by the turn of events."Of course, Best Friend darling!" Saying that, Laura winked at her and drove off at a high speed.…Disowned by the family, ditched by her husband who turned out to be jerk, Ayra Dale is now set to sail alone, to find happiness even on the darkest days of her life. But what would be the tragedy when she is offered a contract marriage? To be the mother of a 3 year old cutie pie?Laura Davies a headstrong doctor, the craziest one you will ever meet had everything her heart desired. Wicked and immoral, this heiress ruled the world with her own principles. But when the guy she had hated all her life returns back, will she still stick to her plans or open her heart for him?Curious about these best friends? Then add this book to your library and if you can afford, please support me with your golden tickets! XOXO~Note - Story has TWO FLs with two different male leads. If you love revenge and faceslapping, this story is all you need XD!




    Dropped(May rewrite in future)

  • Rebirth: Once Again With You

    Rebirth: Once Again With You



    There are times when you’ll still never be good enough no matter how hard you try. Born with a frail twin sister, Li Caiyi gives most of her time to take care of Li Chunhua. Her parents and older brother trust her to take care of her sister, yet Li Caiyi can’t help but feel the disparity in treatment and affection given to both of them. In her whole life, she has never become anyone’s first priority. Not in the heart of her family, and especially not in the heart of her childhood friend, the Young Master of Meng family, Meng Renshu. When Li Caiyi became Meng Renshu’s wife, Li Caiyi thought she could finally become someone’s first priority, but everything fell apart in just three years. She decides to let everything go. Then she meets Shen Qiang in the most unexpected place. No one wants to accompany her in her life, yet this stranger offers to accompany her in death. “Do you want to jump together?” When she opened her eyes, Li Caiyi had gone back to her high school times. This time, she won’t make the wrong choice again. But where can she find Shen Qiang?! ===================== WARNING! This novel is a slow-burn one, and more like a healing story than revenge. So if you are expecting badass FL or a lot of face-slapping moments, then this novel isn't for you. - Each chapter has 1000 - 1500 words and will be updated daily with 2 chapters a day - If you have time, please check out my other work, 'Until Fate Break Us Apart' as well. - Don't forget to give a rating and review! Please give this book a lot of support. Thank you and happy reading!

  • Frail Body? Who Cares I Have Powerful Magic!

    Frail Body? Who Cares I Have Powerful Magic!


    Born with a frail body, but an exceptional talent for magic, Erina dreams of adventuring through the world.Collapsing due to exhaustion? Who cares? I'm still alive!Enemies? Didn't I tell you I have magic?Getting lost? Ah, you know, good point that's a problem...Watch Erina make friends, and try to enjoy life to the fullest!-------"C'mon Yuiko let's have some fun!" "Aiya Erina! I still need to study okay? I'm busy right now! I forgot to prepare for the test tomorrow!""Aww... Fine, then I'll go explore without you!""Hahhhh okay... Don't get lost though!""I won't!"Later,"Huh? This doesn't look right... where am I..."--------This is my first novel so please have mercy on me...Also posted on ScribbleHub~-------It's a total fluff centered story by the way~! A place to set aside your worries~!Like I forgot I was supposed to have action until like 40 chapters in... so yeah... I'm sorry... (ノ´д`)Cover Made with Charat Choco~!------Join My discord server~!

  • The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

    The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler


    In her previous life, she was the esteemed princess destined to be worshipped by everyone. However, she ultimately burns herself to death when she is betrayed on the eve of her wedding day! She is reborn into a declining aristocratic family as a loser and forgotten daughter. While she leads a life full of bullying and suffering, the ones who had hurt her before are already enjoying the glory of the world at the top! Once reborn, the phoenix dances to the nine heavens, taming magical beasts, strengthening her force, and dictating life and death of gods and humans as the master healer. To those who betrayed and humiliated her, she swears a hundred-fold return on them for the torture she suffered! … His Highness, Prince Li, is frail and gentle. As the Night King who holds the world in his hands, he gives everything up for the sake of one person. To his only love, he promises her a life with eternal peace and joy. … She thinks her journey would be filled with blood and tears, but she doesn’t know that what awaits her is a long-premeditated lifetime of love and prosperity! One little drama along the way… At first, everyone advised, “Your Highness, the forgotten daughter of the Chu family is unworthy of you!” Later, everyone mocked, “The frail Prince will never be a worthy match to the Princess destined for greatness!” In the end, everyone sighed sorrowfully, “Why? Is she really worth it?” He simply smiled. “I will follow her even if she is in the clouds; if she turns into dust, I will follow suit, too. For her, nothing was bitter in our previous lives; our remaining years will be full of sweetness.

  • A Gorgeous White (BL)

    A Gorgeous White (BL)



    ( An LGBT+ novel)Ending your life isn't the right decision. Moulin didn't believe this saying until he did it.Moulin, a depressed shut-in digital writer, transmigrates into the frail body of a spoiled young master. Unknown to him, he was swallowed by the fear of death. This time, he intends to start a new beginning and relive his life carefully. Waking within the frigid confines of a cave of ice. Nightly whispers of guidance and so much more. The power of unknown origin...An unusual world where special people possess elemental powers and thriving magical beasts, A cute meng selling snow-white fox, A crowd of overprotective people, and a powerful yet impressively annoying person...a stressful Moulin massaged his forehead.This couldn't possibly get any worse...Moumou: My body doesn't feel right...( secretly inspects lower body)Moumou: ...@$%#!!!!An Evil Lion: My love, our bed has gone cold...Moumou: (#ง'̀-'́)ง... Warning this novel includes the following:1. Smut2. Gore3. Inappropriate language Publish dates: Monday to Friday, Sporadic (If Mimi gets busy, 2 chapters if Mimi's hands are free!)Publish time: GMT+8 6:00/ 7:00 pm. || I M P O R T A N T N O T I C E! ||This novel is inspired by several BL novels• If you do not like reading gay novels please avoid reading this• If you like BL then please enjoy this my fellow BL LOVERS• This author is trying her best!• Enjoy!The cover is originally is drawn by yours truly º^º *hehe want a commission?*

  • "Look at my sun set," my frail face looked at my reflection in that

    "Look at my sun set," my frail face looked at my reflection in that

  • Awakened: The Spirit King!

    Awakened: The Spirit King!



    Xie Yang, the most unique and accomplished king of the spirit world, who died protecting his world and fending off the invaders along with his dao partners, wakes up in a frail and sickly body of an 18-something-year-old boy that resembled him a lot.He had supposedly earned a chance to live a second life due to a twist of fate and his new wife!Ten thousand years have passed, and he had become a figure mentioned only in legend.With a sword in one hand and a cauldron held in the other, Xie Yang will once again let his name ring throughout the spirit world. This is a tale of a good husband who knows how to bless his wives with three happiness of life. This is the tale of a man who uses his sword to kill and his mind to scheme and conquer.This is a legendary tale of a legendary spirit king; Read on to find out!

  • Blossoming Flowers

    Blossoming Flowers



    COMPLETE ! She was born in the countryside where she lived her childhood together with her weak and sick brother. While she was healthy and capable of playing outside every day, he was confined to his bed, unable to make a move, listening to her tales of the world beyond the windows. One day her brother could no longer hold on to his frail life and he succumbed to a sudden virus. Unable to cope with the loss, Jiang Yingyue took over the life of her deceased brother. Starting life anew in the capital, Jiang Yingyue became Jiang Fengmian. A lonely prince charming who never got close to anyone yet somehow her life got entangled with the fate of Han Qingshan, the young master of the Han Corporation. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, grew up as the heir to the biggest corporation in the country and one of the biggest on an international scale. He was a sunshine boy, happy and always smiling. It was like a spring breeze flitting across the road as he came by, stealing the hearts of all women. His kindness knew no bounds, but only for her would he really care, only for her would he become a wife-protecting devil. - - - - - - - - All rights to the Cover Image belongs to me. The story was previously uploaded under the name My Life or Your Memory, but due to some issues with Amazon, it was taken down. The issues have been solved, and the story is back. Patreon: Website: Discord: Facebook: Instagram:

  • Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies

    Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies



    In the myriad realms, legends rise and fall in the countless eras.Yan Zaizen, a frail youth with an unfortunate history, meets one of these legends. Will this change his common destiny to something greater? The story of a boy that just wants a peacefully lavish life with money, amazing food, and a beautiful woman to love.The story of the heavens that laughs at this.

  • After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure

    After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure



    "When Shi Qingluo, an agriculture expert, opened her eyes again after dying, she realised she had transmigrated as a farm girl in an ancient era. Her story started from when she was sold by her family, and was currently being forcibly taken away. She subdued evil with greater evil, and violence with greater violence, forcing the troublemakers to cry in defeat and ended up giving in to her. Then, she married off to another village. She became the wife of Scholar Xiao Hanzheng who was in a coma, and had just been abandoned by his extended family. Qingluo looked at Scholar Xiao’s frail mother, delicate younger sister, and obedient younger brother, and rubbed her chin out of satisfaction. From now on, they were all hers to protect. Since then, she took on the crucial role as the family’s breadwinner, led the family towards prosperity and accidentally became the nation’s wealthiest individual. Xiao Hanzheng woke up to find that his brother, who supposedly died from drowning, was alive and kicking. His sister was still at home. And their mother, who was supposedly eaten by wild beasts when she entered the forest in hopes of earning money to buy medicine, was still alive. More importantly, he even gained a capable wife after waking up. All of his immediate family members loved and relied on her. He looked at her and asked, “If you’re the breadwinner, what should I do?” His wife said, “You just have to look pretty, and earn a position in the government so that you can support me.” Xiao Hanzheng’s frozen heart suddenly came alive. “Sure!” Since then, he has worked hard in his career. He went from being an elementary scholar to a distinguished minister with great influence. He knew that from the moment he woke up, his wife was his saviour.

  • Blacksmith: The Tempering Begins With One's Flesh

    Blacksmith: The Tempering Begins With One's Flesh


    Lin Feng had transmigrated to another world. Since he did not have any talent, he was relegated to being a blacksmith for his entire life. When he was old, frail, and on the verge of death, the system finally kicked into action. He decided that refining his own body was better than refining weapons for others. This time, he was jumping into the fray himself, determined to refine himself into a true peerless divine weapon. Flesh Tempering: Hundred Refined Body, Adamantine Armor, Magma Body, Indestructible Body Forging Marrow: Refined Steel Bone, Gilded Gold Marrow, Divine King's Bones, Burning Sky Tyrant Bone Forging Blood: Blazing Fire Blood, Lava Blood, God King's Blood, Heavenly Dao Blood. Forging Heart: Heart of Fire, Heart of Magma, Crimson Sun Furnace, Heart of Eternal Life

  • The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset

    The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset



    "Mingjing descended the mountain and became the real young miss of the Zhu family in River City. No one in the Zhu family liked this little Buddhist nun who came out from deep mountains. They gave the fake daughter their utmost care while warning the real young miss to discard all ideas of replacing the fake daughter's place. Mingjing did not fight. She ate vegetarian food and read Buddhist scriptures every day—void of lust and desires. Her younger brother got caught in a huge lawsuit. Mrs. Zhu went through a lot of trouble to invite the First Lady to plead for mercy only to receive merciless ridicule. ""I'll give you a second chance on Master Mingjing's account."" Mrs. Zhu, ""?” Mr. Zhu's company was in a crisis and was in desperate need of money. In his attempt to gain the richest man's favor, the rich man merely responded with a gaze full of despise. ""You tend to take fish eyes for pearls. I think you've developed an acquired taste in your investments."" Mr. Zhu, ""?” The fake daughter wanted to ruin the real daughter's reputation at a banquet. Eventually, everyone ended up realizing that the real young miss of the Zhu family was as beautiful as a fairy with a kindred heart. Fake daughter, ""?"" The crown prince of the wealthy, Qu Feitai, was also a top celebrity in showbiz. Being at the center of attention, he could summon a tempest whenever he wanted. When he participated in a variety show, a frail female guest appeared. She chopped wood with her left hand and pulled noodles with her right hand. Steaming, boiling, and cooking; everything was a piece of cake to her. As someone horrible at maintaining an orderly life, he was dumbfounded. During the live broadcast of the International Junior League finals, his cousin, who was known as a genius in Go, was extremely anxious. On the other hand, the familiar-looking beautiful girl opposite him was calm and composed, ending him in one move. His high-flyer best friend cried to him, ""After your goddess transferred over, I can never surpass being in second place anymore."" Qu Feitai, ""How many surprises do you have that I don't know about?"" Until one day, he actually saw her discussing scriptures and Buddism with a group of old monks at an international Buddhist exchange. As she started to speak of Buddhist Dharma, Qu Feitai panicked… ""You keep your six senses pure and saw through the vanity of the world, but I insist on dragging you here for a walk in the mortal realm. Worse comes to worst, you'll ascend to nirvana and I'll end up in hell."" "

  • Poem Collection

    Poem Collection

    I'm sharing my poems I created.

  • The Beautiful Eldest Miss with Hidden Identities Get the City Astir

    The Beautiful Eldest Miss with Hidden Identities Get the City Astir


    It was said that the noble Eldest Miss Yu Shuya was born with a weak constitution. She had been living in a nunnery in the suburbs under Mr. Yu's guidance since young. When she grew up, she developed an illness from vomiting blood from a heart-related disease. Everyone believed that she would not live past twenty-five years old. When she reached the age of marriage, the Yu family agreed that their Eldest Miss was just a country bumpkin nobody would favor. His father, Yu Hong'en, visited her by chance and was shocked. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that his thin and frail little girl would float gracefully with her long, flowing hair, and bright eyes—she was a stunning beauty. Li Jiaxiang, her fiancé, said coldly to Yu Shuya at the engagement banquet, "Our marriage is just a formality. Let's go our separate ways after getting married!" During the engagement banquet, Yu Shuya gave a stunning dance performance and captured everyone's attention immediately. The Young Master of the wealthiest family in Green City, Ye Yuxuan, expressed his love for her on the spot…

  • Safeguarded the Borders for a Hundred Years, My Clan Was Burnt at the Stake

    Safeguarded the Borders for a Hundred Years, My Clan Was Burnt at the Stake



    # swords and magic 100 years ago, Hoer was a great sorcerer. To protect the peace of the Empire, he resolutely decided to safeguard the borders of the Empire and deter the invasion of the undead forces. Thanks to him, the empire lived in peace for 100 years. Hoer grew old and frail at the borders. As a result of spending years fending against the dark powers, he became corrupted by it, even his Bloodline Origins were corroded. In order to not create trouble for the empire, he chose to spontaneously disintegrate to avoid becoming an undead creature. In the final moments of his life, he chose to return to the empire and visit his clan. With 100 years of peace, his clan should have been able to thrive. Yet when he reached his home, Hoer couldn’t believe his eyes. He found out that his clan was framed and branded the Dark Race. As a result, every single member of his clan had been executed, burnt alive by those noble shams. Hoer went into a frenzy as he learned about what had happened. His heart died and turned into ashes just like his clan, he willingly transformed into the undead. He swore to destroy this empire which he had protected for 100 years with his own hands! “I shall use this flames of the undead to destroy this foolish, useless sham of a government!” “Rise, Undead Army!”

  • Timeless Celestial's Odyssey

    Timeless Celestial's Odyssey



    Wounded and frail, sleepless and starving, beset with complications, the journey of the 'Timeless Celestial', the harbinger of chaos and order, began in despairing conditions with nothing to hold on to other than a sincere hope. Follow Ryne as he adventures the lands unknown, meeting characters that he would rather not have known, depending upon them to find his way back home. Learning to take caution and make compromises, he hardens his will to rise to the top.Ps: If the owner of the cover's artwork wants to take this down, please contact me.

  • Demon’s Diary

    Demon’s Diary


    In a remote jungle nestled between Chu City and Whitewater City within the Da Xuan Country, a thin and frail figure was leaning against a thick tree trunk. Both of his legs were spread apart in a relaxed manner. This figure belonged to a thirteen or fourteen-year-old teenager. Aside from his unusually pale face, the boy had fairly common facial features. His clothes were loose-fitting and a bright shining steel sword was carelessly thrown by his side.