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  • Grimdark Knight

    Grimdark Knight

  • Grimdark Sanity

    Grimdark Sanity



    Deleted for future projectsDisclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know.

  • Paranoia(mlp grimdark)

    Paranoia(mlp grimdark)

    Fantasy Romance SCARY

    As Luna goes out to do her job, she is suddenly unconscious.Luna wakes up to a familiar yet unfamiliar kidnapper.Paranoia really isn't good for the psyche.

  • Grandmaster Of All Job Class

    Grandmaster Of All Job Class



    Being the Grandmaster Of the All Job Class was what he attained in his past life. With him being cursed, he was forced to transmigrate to another world. Leaving his students behind. Upon his transmigration, he assimilated to the body of a child. His name was Joan Emsworth, the same name as the child he assimilated. He became a newbie again and was on his journey to regain his past strength. The schoolyear was coming and he planned to be a student. But all went wrong, he lost everything and was faced with his greatest despair. Facing great trials to test his courage and his bravery. Even though he was improving himself, his enemies were not also something to be trifled with. Making him cry many times. Meet Joan's journey of happiness, sadness, crying, bravery, courage, feel dreadness, enjoy the journey of adventures, meet imperfections, meet exhilarating action scenes, and enjoy diverse job classes. Please support me:

  • Reborn as a Tentacle Monster

    Reborn as a Tentacle Monster



    A college scientist who is near-blind is reborn into a tentacle monster that can see everything. But will what he see with his new vision? Will he see the truth of the new world he is reborn in? Or will he see his past life flash before him as his body evolves into something ghastly? In the world of Zareth, one thing is sure. And that is the glory and honor of hunting down a Beast Born. A beast that has a human mind and soul. Every reincarnation comes with a price.Gods against Demons. Humans against Beasts. The Seven God Realms of Zareth are finally unleashed. Will the young scientist survive in this new system world? Watch him as he cultivates his way to the top.[Tags]: Reincarnation, System, Evolution, Cultivation, Overpowered Protagonist, Bloodline, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Wuxia, Grimdark Harem.Support me on Patreon:

  • Grim Dark Sanity

    Grim Dark Sanity



    Have you ever wondered if you can have multiple rebirths? But then it was your last. Lived for many millennia but the evil and darkness were still not vanquished. With the last person tasked with protecting humanity, what would you do? You are left alone with a task impossible to complete. You refused but you are the only one capable left. Troan, as an old soul who was as old as the founder of tribes, was left with a perilous journey yet to be seen. Disclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know. This novel is a WSA 2022 contestant. Hope it brings fun and entertainment while being read. Enjoy!

  • Corrupted Sanctity

    Corrupted Sanctity



    This novel will join WSA 2022! Titled "Grimdark Sanity" Hope you support the same novel! Disclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know.

  • Primordial Demon King

    Primordial Demon King


    A pro gamer is thrust into an advanced fantasy world full of powerful gods, demons, heroes, legends, and mythical beasts. This new world is a brutal one full of hierarchy, corruption, and power. One ruled by rank and status. He starts off with a reset System of his highest Pro Gamer Loadout. Awakened not as a hero, but as the heir of the Demon King! Archer must find out the cold truth if he was reincarnated or summoned into this new world? And what is his true bloodline? Both the VR and fantasy worlds collide into the most epic adventure; full of legendary loot, big battles, and of course kingdom building. Archer will grind his way up to become the apex of this new world. [The seven deadly sins will devour all!] [ Welcome to the Inferno! To Grimmsal! Hell awaits you!] "I will change my destiny." "I am Archer Asmodeus." ____________ [Tags]: Overpowered MC, System, Anti-Hero,Harem,Monster Girls ,Reincarnation, Netori, Action,Grimdark, Kingdom Building, R-18, Extreme Gore, Harem, Polygamy, BSDM, NSFW, Incest, Dual Cultivation, Dark Magic, Mature, Dungeon Thrones, Slice of Life, (Slow-Build Harem), Drama, Epic, Hidden Gem, >WARNING!

  • Epiphany of the Weak

    Epiphany of the Weak



    {STORY IS COMPLETED}The strong rules over the weak. It has been a golden rule since ancient times. And so, weak people were discriminated, treated with injustice. In this story, we follow Ava, a 10-year-old girl who got caught in the attack of her own settlement by a military force. Through an incident, Ava realized the power within her gene, Aegis. With her newfound power capable of overwhelming any weapon and armor the army possessed, she paved her own way of finding her parents. What follows her afterwards were nothing that could be considered as happy. At least, not from the point of view, of a 10 year old girl.________________________________________________ Novel Genre: - Science Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Action and Adventure, Psychological, Science Fantasy, Thriller, Grimdark, Weird Menace #Story is also published at

  • Etherial Adventurer [Adventure LitRPG]

    Etherial Adventurer [Adventure LitRPG]


    Humanity as a civilization and species has come very far compared to the time they only inhabited a single planet. The reason? Humanity has long since been completely integrated into the Intergalactic Society (IGS), hundreds of thousands of years ago to not be exact.Over this long stretch of time, technology and society continued to develop, with its ups and downs, until in the cycle 745 of the IGS Universe Calendar, where the Universe finally reached the necessary ether density to awaken a bringer of extraordinary changes, the Ether Law.Amidst the gargantuan IGS spanning tens of galaxies, Rune is only a good-standing galactic citizen living a peaceful life on a rural planet with his family. And when the previously unimaginable changes start to happen, his heart tells him it was something he had waited for, for a long time.This is an adventure, so respect the adventurous feelings I’m transmitting.LitRPG Fantasy Adventure is life.***It’s not a comic story that doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s also not a grimdark story, going to the depth of making sure the environment is the worst one you could ever find. It’s just a serious story, with a normal protagonist discovering everything my imagination has to offer, and plenty of worldbuilding and world development spicying it upAnd to make that as close to what I want to read, I don’t use conflict as a drive. I have enough of stories without freedom and with plot deadlines, so the only antagonist is impatience, because Rune will not have the supreme talent of breaking the Ether Law and my Universe.Chapters are around 3 000 words each.Update: 1 chapter every week at least, I have no limit if I feel threatened by addicted readers.Of course the title isn't miswritten! It's Etherial, not Ethereal! A serial killer, not a sereal killer! It's controversial, not controverseal! Quintessential, not quintessenteal!Also available on RoyalRoad, where there are more chapters.Discord: (20 additional chapters minimum)

  • The Darkfallen

    The Darkfallen



    Genre(s): Action, Drama, Grimdark, Science Fantasy, Horror, Military, SeinenType: Japanese Light Novel Far away in the future set in the year of 2050 A.C.B, forget the power of technology and science, since it growing rapidly. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, this is the world where is no peace amongst all, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting warlords, among all places, is TYZ (formerly known as Tokyo) before the Second Global conflict, now it is the largest and most populated city of the planet, beyond compare. VX1118, also known as the Darkfallen virus, is a voracious mutagens particularly dangerous to living beings. It can mutate, and even control hosts’ minds in an effort to perpetuate and evolves genetic mutations within its hosts.The genetically-designed Superhuman species who look exactly like normal humans but possess an inhuman abilities, along with superiority complex. These new breed of evolved sub-humans known as Mutants still living along sides among humans in the highly advanced futuristic country of TYZ under the Imperium of Brittonia Empire and it’s Totalitarian Regime. Living under this tyrannical rules that was an intelligent yet disaffected 18 years old student named Akagi Shinsuke, stumbled upon this aberration/cursed virus, and now he is more just a mere creature, instead of dying he is evolving something else. After been infected, Akagi found himself stuck in the gritty chronicle of the endless Civil War between gruesomely violent Superhumans against the Autocratic Imperium super soldiers playing the profane game of power, politics, ambition and corruption. Will he survive? Is there a place for him in this unsustainable dystopian world, or he submerged himself into this grim reality of utter bleakness. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Disclaimer-This novel is a work of fiction purely created by the author, all characters and stories depicted in this novel are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or any other fictional media is purely coincidental.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Those are the overall Tags-ActionScience fictionGrimdarkDystopic World Tragedy Smart MC Fantasy HorrorGore/ViolenceAnti-heroes Villain ProtagonistBlack And Gray MoralityLovecraftian SuperpowersFuturistic Setting Byronic HeroMutants Military War R-18Discord-

  • Grim tidings

    Grim tidings



    Please support my WSA entry "Grimdark Sanity"All the Demon Gods assaulted humanity. With just a barrier set up by Troan to hinder them from further entering the world. He soon battled them with his last stand. The True Gods slumbered after they battled the Demon Gods for multiple millennia. Recuperating from their eternal wounds. Troan, who has fallen from his hopeless battle, has managed to put down several gods in his death. The enemies tried to stop his soul but scattered his memories throughout humanity instead while his soul was the only one intact. A soul without memories was something like a soul who got amnesia. He will be on a quest to retrieve his memories and regain his past prowess. Making it more difficult as humanity has lost to the war against the Demon Gods. Humanity got extinct after the war was lost. He will be on the quest of finding what remained of humanity and his past. (Disclaimer: The photo is not mine, no copyright infringement intended. If the real owner wants to take down the pic just let me know.) Please support the author:

  • To the end of the void.

    To the end of the void.

    My first try at a story officially. I dont really know what i want just yet. This story is gonna have grimdark and horror elements. If bloody stories aren't for you, then give it a try anyway, but be warned its gonna be bloody.This story is about a fresh out of school recruit, and his adventures through space.

  • Rise of the Tamer

    Rise of the Tamer

    In the grimdark future of 2002, the world has ended and the survivors fond that they all have super powers.

  • Alchemist City Stories: Abridged Edition

    Alchemist City Stories: Abridged Edition

    A collection of stories that take place in a magical steampunk setting. Shifting from grimbright to grimdark in tone.

  • Bloodemon


    This story is about a lonely teenager who just wants to live an everyday normal life, but unfortunately, his future has another world and other fantastic adventures."Blood... I need more blood. What a greedy god... Do I have to use my own..."_______________________________________> Genres; Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Action, Contemporary, Adventure.> Tags; Martial Arts, Strategy, Supernatural, Grimdark, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters, Slice Of Life, Male Lead, School Life.

  • Gluttonous Paradise

    Gluttonous Paradise

    They say that the human flesh has taste unlike any other. One that can satiate the hunger of any beast, monster or men.The work contains content unsuitable for people below 18. You may find the content disturbing/dark. Read only if you enjoy grimdark works.

  • Imperious Empowerment System

    Imperious Empowerment System

    Yawn’s goal is to become a legendary being that surpasses the strongest heroes and villains in a modern world with superpowers. His system allows him to improve his own capabilities and acquire countless odd & powerful abilities. One step at a time he will aim to surpass his limits, destroy any obstacles, and compete against threats that are bigger than humanity.Be warned, the MC is not pious, forgiving, or selfless.Genre: Grimdark Xianxian-fantasy

  • Hero Reincarnated as Demon King's Son

    Hero Reincarnated as Demon King's Son


    The last battle, a duel of champions. Aster Sunbourne is humanity's strongest hero, the Bane of Darkness and Paragon of the Light. His opponent is the evil Demon King, which must be stopped from conquering mankind. Their fight is legendary! But ultimately, the Light wavers in front of the endless Dark. Humanity falls in the clutches of the demons! Two decades later, the demon prince Noctifer makes his name known to the world, and is set to rewrite history. Join the hero as he experiences the truth of the world from the enemies' perspective, learning that ultimately the world is not made only of Good and Evil, but by the many shades in between. ----------------------------------------------------- Things are not always as simple as they seem in this grimdark high-fantasy world. Delve into a society of demons, full of intrigue, rebellions, and fighting. Updates sporadically, ~ 1 ch / week. This is my first attempt at a webnovel. It's supposed to become a gory action-adventure, with a fringe of drama and moral questions. Part of the writing formula practice #30 contest, for beginner writers.

  • Calamity Blade

    Calamity Blade

    [Calamity Blade is a grimdark fantasy that focuses on realism and character-driven storytelling. As such it contains gore, violence and potentially traumatizing content.]In the distant Mirasa to the east, flames blacker than the emptiness of space gnaw at the edges of reality. To the west, a halo cuts into the sky wreathing an abyssal, midnight sun like a crown of terror. Beyond the Boundary, the only ones who can put a stop to the end of the world lay dead at the feet of the entity known as "Absolutes of Convergence." All but one—the last surviving Astral, the one called Ira.Ira is an immortal creature—a mechanism of Creation itself. He is bound by rules and principles few could ever hope to understand. But now, like a broken gear, he is driven by a desire for revenge against the one who brought destruction unto his Celestial Throne.Even so, he must carefully navigate a path through the treacherous mortal Realms while he recovers from the deadly battle he barely survived. Dangers lurk in every corner, and the world is changing. Ancient evils stir in the unobserved shadows, and destiny itself conspires against the world.[Updates primarily twice a week.]

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