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  • The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO

    The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO



    What happens when a Powerful CEO in the Fashion World who already promised to marry his girlfriend, is forced to marry a woman from a lowly family, compared to his high-esteemed family background, against his wish? Fu Hua, a well-known name in the fashion industry is forced to get married to a woman by the name, Jia Li, who was far below his level by his Grandfather, who nobody in his family dared to go against, including him. Along the line, something happened and Fu Hua had to accept the marriage, but with conditions. But what happens when Jia consummates her marriage with Fu Hua and gives him a little bun in return? What happens When her Husband discovers her hidden talent, will he slowly start to fall for her? But what if Jia Li discovers that Fu Hua had always had his eyes on her since the first time they met, what would be her reaction? ***************** Fu Hua calls Jia Li over the phone to help him fold his clothes, and Jia Li went into his bedroom to assist him while thinking he wasn't there. Jia Li entered his bedroom and closed the door without looking behind her. She had only walked a few steps only to hear the door lock behind her. She was a little frightened when she looked behind and saw Fu Hua staring at her with a smile. "How did you... Have you been here?" She asked in shock. "Are you scared?." Fu Hua asked as he made his way towards her with a dangerous smile. The end game was that the innocent Jia Li was eaten clean by the hungry wolf. Book cover commissioned by, Artist Laylee Follow me on Instagram: @authorpaschalinelily Join my discord server to get firsthand information... https://discord.gg/GywPN7X

  • My Hidden Wife is Sweet

    My Hidden Wife is Sweet


    Gu Weiwei, the adopted daughter of the most wealthy and powerful Gu Family in A Land, is seriously injured during an attack. Her best friend, Ling Yan, who has been suffering from a heart disease, takes this opportunity to kill Gu Weiwei and snatches her heart for her own transplant surgery. Unexpectedly, however, Gu Weiwei is reborn and became Mu Weiwei, the adopted daughter of the most wealthy and powerful Fu Family in Hua Land and somehow ends up having a one-night-stand with the heir Fu Hanzheng. From that night on, strange things start to happen. Firstly, Fu Hanzheng, who has no interest in any women, especially not in the noisy young Mu Weiwei, suddenly falls for Mu Weiwei—who now has Gu Weiwei’s soul inside. Gu Weiwei decides to take this second chance of life as a precious opportunity to take revenge for both Mu Weiwei and for herself. Subsequently, Gu Weiwei uses her own talents and skills and becomes the most popular and beloved movie star in the entire world using Mu Weiwei’s body and successfully crushes all her enemies. Meanwhile, she gradually develops a lovely relationship with Fu Hanzheng, who is deeply devoted to her and only her.

  • His Hidden Ability

    His Hidden Ability

    After a long break, I lost the connection to this story, so I have decided to put this on a permanent hiatus.

  • The Side Character's Hidden Boss!

    The Side Character's Hidden Boss!


    A 20-year-old genius medical student transmigrated to a book she read during an experiment and became a female supporting character named Mo Li. In the book, Mo Li was originally a kind and good girl. However, she was framed and slandered by the white lotus female protagonist. In the end, she was betrayed and abandoned by her family. Her personality changed drastically, and she ended up in a tragedy. After understanding her situation, she decided to fight back and change her fate. Although she was only a medical student, her medical skills in the real world were 50 years ahead of those in the book world. Hence, with her unparalleled medical skills and his ability to foresee the plot… The brothers in the family who hated Mo Li initially all held Mo Li in their hands and treated her like a treasure in their palms. They all turned into crazy demons who doted on their younger sister. The leader of the underworld said, "Whoever dares to bully my sister, I will break his legs." The business genius's second brother, "My sister has a bad temper. If anyone dares to make her angry, I'll let him spend the rest of his life in the slums." The third brother of an international superstar, "I'm not free this month. Don't look for me for any activities. I want to spend the summer vacation with my sister." And the original female protagonist in the book finally met her opponent. After Mo Li exposed her various evil deeds time and time again, she eventually suffered the consequences of her own actions and was abandoned by everyone.

  • My Special Ability is Perfect Replication

    My Special Ability is Perfect Replication


    After transmigrating to this world where spiritual energy is revived, I realized that it’s a world rampaged by Direbeasts. But what is most exciting is that humans with special abilities do exist! It’s awesome to witness control of thunder and fire, titan’s transformation, limb regeneration, teleportation, telepathy, precognition and many more. And guess what? I have them all.

  • Hidden Marriage (Tagalog)

    Hidden Marriage (Tagalog)


    SYNOPSIS “Honey, gusto ko talaga ‘yung script sa drama…Kaya lang medyo mas maraming sex scenes ngayon. Pwede ko pa bang tanggapin?” Kalmadong sumagot si Lu Tingxiao, “Sige lang.” Nang gabing ‘yun, bumangon si Ning Xi mula sa kama nang nanginginig ang mga binti at nakakapit sa mga rail. Tinanong siya ulit ni Lu Tingxiao, “Gusto mo pa bang kunin ‘yung project?”

  • Hidden Wife : Best Husband

    Hidden Wife : Best Husband

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 HAREM


    Mature Content. Married to someone we don't love will definitely feel like living in hell.  Moreover, if the husband turns out to have a wife and children. Soo Yin was just 18 years old when asked by her father to marry a man. The marriage is a form of gratitude because the man has helped their family to pay off quite a lot of debts to loan sharks. Dae Hyun is a director at a five star hotel.  His life is perfect because he has a model wife and a sweet son. Until one day Dae Hyun came across Kim Nam's family who were having a hard time.  He helped him out of pity. Instead, Dae Hyun falls in love with Kim Nam's daughter, Soo Yin at first sight. Unexpectedly, Kim Nam asked him to marry his only daughter.  Without thinking Dae Hyun accepted his offer because this was expected by him. Soo Yin is forced to accept the marriage for his father's sake.  But unexpectedly, after a day of marriage, Soo Yin found out about Dae Hyun's status, who was already married.  Soo Yin feels so angry that she finally decides to run away. How is their story going?  Will Soo Yin accept Dae Hyun as her husband? Follow the full story which will be contained in the following chapters in detail. Happy Reading on Webnovel. follow me, Instagram : Nayya_Phrustazies Facebook : Nayya Phrustazies

  • Stacking My Abilities

    Stacking My Abilities



    Jeff Norman cut down a mist monster. [Your physique has increased!] [You gained a new ability: Blessing of Wind!] [You gained Passive Ability: Aura Vision!] Before knowing it, Jeff had already accumulated pages of abilities. Turned out, these abilities could stack on top of each other, without limit. Detection range. Damage reduction. Maximum health. Regeneration speed. Movement speed. Reaction speed. Physical strength... Jeff: "Guys. I know I'm a bit invincible. But this is totally normal interaction. Please don't report." *** Story Type: You've read about reincarnation, transmigration, world hopping... But have you ever read a story about parallel transmigration? Imagine transmigrating into multiple worlds... at the same time! I haven't seen any story of this type on this site. This might be a fresh experience for you. *** Other names for this story: [Stacking My Abilities (Censored)], [Stacking My Passives Starting From Today], [My Isekai Clones], [Me, Human, From Earth], [I Have Unlimited Passive Abilities!], [Regarding that time when I got transmigrated into many otherworlds at once], [Me and myselves in my Chat Space]

  • The Alpha's Hidden Lover

    The Alpha's Hidden Lover


    [Warning: BL 18+, Omegaverse, Drama, Revenge, Conspiracy, Mystery, Superpower] Clyde Aldric would have ascended his throne as the CEO of his family's billion dollars company if it weren't for a Beta falling into his arms begging for a help. Born to a distinguished elite Alpha family as the only surviving male heir, the grave mistake he committed that night with a Beta earned him nothing but a great danger to his own future… However, amidst his hazy vision Clyde found that he wasn't taking any ordinary person to his bed... That golden hair and honey-like eyes…. They sparked the flame of rebellion within his heart! With enemies lurking in the dark trying to prevent him from inheriting the Falcon throne, it wasn't time for him to play around. He should be looking for a powerful Alpha female as a mate, but why couldn't he forget that Beta? His sweet smell, his burning skin, his anger, his dangerous mind... Clyde wanted it all! Now that there’s no going back for everything that happened between them, would he risk his life and everything to keep the fire that continued to burn his passion? *** Ryley was wrong to think that being kind and forgiving would ensure his safety in the modeling world. His sister called him out of the blue, the blond agreed to have a dinner with her thinking it would be a sweet family reunion. But who would have thought that he would find himself waking up in a strange hotel room with all his limbs going numb and someone he didn't know climbing on him! Ryley struggled to escape, and once he managed to get past the door, he unknowingly fell into an Alpha's embrace. All he could remember from that time was how fate pushed them into a bittersweet journey to reveal the truth... He had a secret about his real identity that he had to guard tight especially from Alphas, yet he needed that Alpha to get back at people who hurt him. What should he do? *** Get ready to be entangled in the threads of conspiracy, intrigues and betrayals, also a journey of two mortal enemies trying to fight the dire fate that the world forced upon them! *** Support author: paypal.me/draxy66 *Thank you for reading!*

  • Abilities


    Ethan is a ten year old boy with a best friend named Sarah. Ethan has special abilities, powers would be a better word. He lives with his Father after his Mother suffered a mysterious death. Ethan must rely on Sarah to help him stay focused on being a child. Trouble certainly brews as Ethan encounters many obstacles from family, outsiders, and the Government. What will happen to Ethan?

  • Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

    Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

    Eastern Fantasy MYSTERY EASTERN


    "Lin Yi transmigrated into the world of Xianxia and found himself bound with a Supreme Downloading System. For a man who could not be more ordinary, he began his trip to the pinnacle of life. While everyone else worked hard to cultivate, all he needed was to press a button to download it! Be it superior cultivating manuals, superior physiques, spiritual treasures, or elixirs, all Lin Yi needed to do was press download and they would be his. Lin Yi was exasperated. It was not like he did not want to work hard, but the system itself was just too great!"

  • The Deadly Hitwoman: A Lady With Special Abilities

    The Deadly Hitwoman: A Lady With Special Abilities


    When Han Jing, a hitwoman with special abilities, transformed into the nasty and arrogant Lady Han, she used her privilege to be domineering to the max!! Her fiancé despised her and provoked her repeatedly so she broke off the engagement! She then got married to her fiancé’s uncle while pregnant so she could mock her fiancé and make him call her 'aunt'! Since she died in her lifetime because she fell into someone’s trap, she would allow no one to change her destiny anymore, not even god! She would destroy anyone who attempted to tear her down! She would put everyone under her heel and live according to her wishes! However, can anyone please tell her whose baby is in her belly?!

  • The Hidden Princess And Seven Nobles

    The Hidden Princess And Seven Nobles



    Ara never thought that she would experience betrayal, she was killed by someone she trusted so much. Thinking she was dead but nothing, she came back to life in a different body and a different world. In a world that is far from modern, slavery and murder are very commonplace. Reviving in a different body did not make her happy, she was faced with two choices between life and death again, became one of the entertainer slaves at a hunting event held once a month by the superior sons of the kingdom, including the crown prince. With her abilities, will she be able to survive in her new world? ___________________________ READ MY OTHER BOOKS? * Rebirth Of The Queen. * Rebirth Of The Goddess * Unexpected Love: One Night With Mr. CEO

  • the abilities

    the abilities

  • Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife

    Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife

    Contemporary Romance CEO FAMILY


    Helen is a maid's daughter, fathered by a wealthy businessman. Her cruel stepmother subjected her to years of emotional abuse. One day, her stepmother forced her to marry Peter, another maid's son. She was abandoned on his doorstep. Peter was struggling financially and plans to kick Helen out of his house the next day. Penniless and homeless, Helen begged for a few day's stay at his place. Peter was moved by her sad flight and extended her stay in his house. As days go by, he found himself smitten by her captivating charm. Just when they already developed genuine feelings for each other, the wicked stepmother resurfaced in their lives, wanting Helen to marry the wealthy blind heir of the Genesis Empire. Helen has to choose between the poor Peter and the wealthy blind heir. What lies ahead of Helen and Peter's love? Is their love worth fighting for? Only time can tell... *** Dear readers... let's join the couple in their journey as they navigate the joy and sorrow of falling in love and trying to stay in love through the dark times. *** This novel is a Silver Tier Winner of WFP #35 #36 *** The cover is not mine, all rights belong to the owner. ~My Other Novels on this site~ * Hot Romance With The Vampire~ Ongoing * The Beauty and The Wolf~ Completed. * The Vampire's Love: You're My Destiny~ Completed. * The CEO's Painted Skin: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Last Embrace: Fantasy Romance, Vampires Love~ Completed. * The Tale Of Three Sisters: Fantasy Romance, Adventure ~ Completed.

  • Hidden Hallows

    Hidden Hallows



    Eris Hallows isn't your normal witch. She has a secret that she guards with her life but when a series of events take place in her Super Natural Investigation case, She finds herself stuck between the Alpha Shifter and head Vampire in her town as the mysterious case grows deeper and deeper. Can she avoid the two? Or will she end up between the two and between the sheets? Follow along with Eris as she navigates through her life while keeping herself away from the tempting men that keep popping up. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage The cover art does not belong to me, all credit to the original artist.

  • Mysterious Abilities

    Mysterious Abilities


    Universe was filled with many unknown and unimaginable mystery, Which can’t be comprehend by human and can not explain by science or logical reasoning of our current knowledge. in the previous iteration of this world there are many people found to have special Abilities, Talent, Power and wisdom. Many items or object was discovered and found form the mythology or are still to be uncovered, There was many more situation that can’t be believed or thought to be fiction or imagination… ..

  • Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO

    Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO



    Anya dreams to have a simple, and peaceful life. However, there has only been misery in her life. This beautiful girl must work hard Every day to support her mother and herself. Until one night, Anya accidentally spent the night in a luxury hotel room, with a handsome man she didn't know! That night changed her whole life... Aiden offers Anya a marriage, for unknown reason to the girl. But Aiden also promised to make Anya's dream come true: wealth and a peaceful life. Will Anya live quietly and happily like her dream? Can Anya live in peace by becoming the wife of the CEO of the largest company in Asia?

  • Dangerous Abilities

    Dangerous Abilities

  • My abilities

    My abilities


    Max is no ordinary boy, from the age of 4 his have abilities have changed his life.