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  • Yoo-hoo


  • Introvert Boss & Mad Secretaries

    Introvert Boss & Mad Secretaries


    Romance - ComedySeason 1 (TAMAT)Arvita tidak menyangka akan bertemu kembali dengan Benjamin Armand, teman masa SMA yang sangat tampan dan misterius. Dan anehnya, pria itu menjadi bosnya saat ini. Sekretaris bukanlah cita-cita Arvita yang notabennya lebih suka berkelahi, belum lagi emosi Arvita yang seringkali meledak bagaikan bom waktu. Mampukah Arvita dan Benjamin Armand bekerja sama sebagai partner, atau mungkin saja mereka berjodoh dan menjadi sepasang kekasih?Season 2Yoona seorang gadis muda yang menderita Agrophobia, tidak sengaja bertemu dengan seorang CEO tampan Lee Joon Hoo. Lee meminta Yoona untuk menjadi kekasih "pura-pura" untuk menghadiri acara makan malam keluarga. Yoona tidak bisa menolak, karena ia memiliki hutang besar pada Lee Joon Hoo. Pada Akhirnya kedua orang tersebut terjebak dalam permainan yang mereka buat, sehingga menyebabkan Lee meminta Yoona menjadi sekretarisnya, bahkan tinggal satu atap bersamanya.

  • One shots: Mostly Marvel, PJO, HOO, and Harry Potter

    One shots: Mostly Marvel, PJO, HOO, and Harry Potter


    Join the campers as one of the biggest pranks from the Stolls backfires.What would Percy Jackson and Co. do at Hogwarts?What if Avemgers: Endgame ended differently?Or what if Percy and the Avengers get kidnapped and lose their memories?Read on to see my take on these ideas and more.




    Im Jun-hoo was just your regular student, working a part-time job and trying to study for the college entrance exam to fare better this time around. But something had changed. Every night he found himself in a dungeon, forced to eat filth and compete to ascend in the ranks. He was also rewarded for his hardwork in the dungeon and his life slowly begins to change. He has a new goal now: pass the college entrance exam and ascend the ranks of the dungeon. Will he succeed?

  • Journey to The End of The World

    Journey to The End of The World


  • Cintaku hari ini, esok dan nanti

    Cintaku hari ini, esok dan nanti

  • The Flower Mage

    The Flower Mage

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY MAGIC ISEKAI

    After Myria's grandmother dies from a heartattack, She kills herself in hopes that the would meet her grandmother in heaven but instead, She meets a mysterious being that calls himself 'Belial'. Belial offers to send her to a magical world with magic and monsters but she in return, Has to change the course of time and stop a terrible disaster.

  • 我的夫人我来宠


  • Be mine? will you?

    Be mine? will you?

    A tomboy girls name park tae a, been pretty only with her boyfriend name Lee seo hoo. unfortunately her boyfriend doesn't like her personality. park tae a had a taekwondo and karate. in her room she like a men. she not had a make up,high heels or anything girls wear. Lee seo hoo really love a lovely and adorable girlfriend. but why her boyfriend don't want a break up with tae a?

  • House of O'Sullivan [Halloween SE]

    House of O'Sullivan [Halloween SE]

    Fantasy Romance VILLAIN

    Halloween was not what it was today when it was introduced by the Celts. It was supposed to be the day in which the Celts believed that the last day of Harvest and the day on which the door between The Mortal Realm and The Monster Realm was close together that the monsters can roam the Earth for one night. Hence, we have our stories that evolved those dimensions. The founding families of The Monster Realm will be roaming the Earth to find their long lost loved ones as well as tried to reunite the realms. Will they succeed or will they fail? Join on the adventures where warlocks and witches, demons, and their brides, werewolves, and their mates, vampires, and their soulmates on filling their destinies as well as finding true love on their way. Will they succeed or will they have their epic fail? Stay tuned on this Halloween Special Edition from your favorite author!

  • Genius lover

    Genius lover


    A boy named jun-hoo studied at the iit collage of Guwahati in India with his brother alex.. a genius of geniuses(jun-hoo) . a boy known for being rejecting every girl and remaining single . suddenly one day due to the music festival happening in there collage . he met Juliana a K-pop singer of mooneyes group a very famous group in Korea . and there meeting started with many misunderstands . as that happens they grow closer and naturally fall in love but due to living in two different worlds they broke up .after 3 years of there broke up they met again saying Jun- hay Juliana . long time no see Juliana - hay will there love be successful and will they be able to be together lets read in the story GENIUS LOVER by dark mist ink monster

  • My mysterious hubby

    My mysterious hubby

    Story of Lee Nabi, a Korean College student who's arrange married to Kim Byeong Hoo, the CEO of Kim Industries. Their married life as a couple may seem lovy doby and full of love to others, but it's not like that, their life is full of mysteries and puzzles. There is something Lee Nabi doesn't know about her husband, the reason behind his eery and suspicious attitude.Read to find out!

  • The Lawyer's Symphony

    The Lawyer's Symphony

    Romansa Fantasi PERCINTAAN

    Park Si Hoo merupakan salah satu lulusan terbaik dari Seoul Art University. Dia didaulat sebagai pemain biola berbakat di usia muda, namun semuanya hanya tinggal nama saja karena muncul masalah pada telinganya. Dia merasa terpuruk-apalagi harus menghadapi konflik batin karena telah mencintai adik angkatnya-dan lantas meninggalkan dunia musik klasik dan seluruh keluarganya. Lalu, lima tahun kemudian, tepatnya selepas satu tahun bekerja sebagai pengacara-setelah menempuh pendidikan di jurusan hukum di Seoul National University selama empat tahun-takdir kembali mempertemukannya dengan adik angkatnya, tetapi dunia mereka ternyata sudah berbeda. "Aku hanya dapat dilihat oleh orang-orang tertentu saja." Dia hanya terpikirkan satu jenis makhluk. "Hantu?" Di samping menjalankan tugasnya sebagai pengacara, dia berusaha menggali informasi untuk mengetahui kronologis bagaimana nyawa adiknya dapat terenggut, apakah karena suatu penyakit, kecelakaan, atau kemungkinan terburuknya adalah dibunuh?

  • Single or taken!

    Single or taken!


    This girl's name is Ana, And his name is Dohoon. Snow,cherry,jin-hoo,ruby,sumi,sugar like Ana's sister. They are friends in one app, they are really funny and crazy,LOL This story is almost a continuation of the story of a life like a movie. The end of this story is not clear yet, this story is true, and I want to tell you the story of a true love that will change their lives.

  • Villain in Love

    Villain in Love


    Whenever you think villains, what do you see? Bad guys who steal poor old ladies purses? Or perhaps guys that play the super villains that come and destroy shit. Well I'll tell you what I see, I see poor bastards that were dealt a heavy hand in life and when they actually feel something, they get punched in the face with friend zones, and people on the football team named Timmy. Yup, that's my life, I'm just some nobody that loves a girl, who is actually a good one, but I'm just stupid as shit and try to act like I know everything there is to know about love and life, but who cares right I'm just the fricken villian in this story, dealt a really, really heavy hand. Boo, fricken hoo.

  • The Production God

    The Production God

    Emporer: Bai longwei i wish to marry your sister as my imperial concubine.Bai Longwei: scram you piece of trash before i cripple you this daddy will not allow a shitbag like you a mile near my sister if i see u near her i will destroy your kingdom and let u watch as my guards kill your children Emporer: .........You you Bai longwei: still not scraming .Follow Bai Longwei and his little sister as he uses his system to forge his path and create a clan that even the gods fear.Hahaha you have a level 3 forged blade this daddy can forge a level 6 weapon in an hour,what you have a level 5 pill this daddys grandchildren eats them like candy, oho your sect has a spiritual land this daddy has a spiritual space with a fountain of life where god level plants grow and mature in a weeks time hahaha this daddy will even let you have a taste of the food and wine i made with the ingredients prepared from it just dont ask this daddy for more i hate beggars,ohh trying to steal my wine see if u can get past my formations that your sects guardian had to escape from with his tail between his legs dont even mention my personal guards haha they are already at late stage of primal blood god realm see if u can even scratch one of them, hoo u want to compete with this daddys family in martial arts fine just dont cry if your decendents die.

  • Rebirth of Hou Yi

    Rebirth of Hou Yi


    For ages past, Chang'e has resided on the moon in her own domain, mourning the loss of her beloved Hou Yi. However, everything is about to change in the year 2020. Hou Yi is reborn as.. A/N: I know diddly doogly about Chang'e and Hou Yi. I barely know anything and will be making up random hoo ha as I go along to bring these two star crossed lovers together at last. I know Chang'e supposedly betrayed our poor Hou Yi for an immortality elixir, but I am going with a different background for my story. In it, Hou Yi was robbed by brigands and not Chang'e. Chang'e was given one of the elixirs by Hou Yi. End note. Please enjoy and help me out with suggestions and powerstones when I have enough words written, and please share guys. Thanks. Now I begin.

  • Kisah Cinta Jin Dan Manusia

    Kisah Cinta Jin Dan Manusia

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    adalah Dwi Setyani seorang gadis muda baru lulus SMK dia cantik baik dan pintar, suatu hari di Hutan Pinus Dwi bertemu dengan seorang lelaki yang wajahnya mirip artis Korea Lee min hoo, pertemuan itu membuat mereka langsung merasa jatuh cinta, namun perasaan cinta itu mereka sembunyikan, lelaki yang bertemu dengan Dwi Setyani adalah seorang jin dia bernama Satrio, Satrio mencoba mendekati Dwi hanya sebatas sahabat sebab dulu dimasa 300 tahun yang lalu Satrio pernah menjalin kisah cinta dengan anak manusia bernama Sulastri, namun cinta mereka berakhir teragis, Sulastri meninggal dalam keadaan gila, dan Satrio mendapat hukuman penjara selama 200tahun, kedua orang tua Satrio yang notabene adalah seorang raja penguasa Hutan Pinus mengetahui perihal hubungan Satrio dengan Dwi Setyani, mereka tidak setuju dengan cinta terlarang itu, dan memutuskan menjodohkan Satrio dengan anak penguasa Hutan Jati bernama Larasati, namun Satrio tidak menerima perjodohan itu sebab dia sudah terlanjur mencintai Dwi Setyani, ambisi Larasati untuk memiliki Satrio sangatlah besar sehingga mencoba memisahkan Satrio dan Dwi Setyani, Dwi Setyani dan Satrio sama-sama terluka karena kejahatan Larasati, akhirnya Satrio membawa Dwi Setyani pergi jauh dan mereka terdampar di sebuah pulau terpencil yang ternyata pulau itu adalah kerajaan Genduruwo.bagaimana akhirnya kisah cinta mereka? selengkapnya ada di Novel ini

  • Rainbow Dragon For My Pain

    Rainbow Dragon For My Pain

    Mohon Dukungan Nya Untuk Karya Ku Di Kontes WPC 130!!! ## "Apapun!! Kumohon!!" Naga brengsek itu malah tersenyum sinis.. "Hoo?" Siluman itu menatap kami dengan tatapan yang angkuh, "Sebeharga itu Dia untuk mu?" Aku mencengkram pakaian Ragfael, "Ja..Jangan....." Ragfael yang sedikit tertarik kebelakang, menoleh ke arah ku lalu baru mendekat, "Kakak.. Dengarkan aku.. Aku sangat menyayangi mu dan kau tahu itu bukan kak?" Aku yang masih menahan sakit, menatap nya seolah bilang, 'Aku tidak percaya si brengsek gila emas itu.' Ragfael yang seperti nya mengerti tatapan ku, ia menarik nafas dalam kemudian mendekat ke telinga ku, "Aku tahu Kakak khawatir.." bisik nya lembut, "Tapi kadal Pelangi kurang harta itu ada benarnya juga ka.. Tapi kita tidak bisa mempercayai semua ucapan nya.. Apalagi dengan tawaran tidak masuk akal nya." "HEI!!" teriak si Siluman yang Baru saja adik ku bisikkan. "Aku tidak tuli ya!!" "Eehh?? Begitukah?" jawab adik ku yang entah kenapa setelah bertemu dengan Naga tujuan kami ini..tingkat percaya diri nya naik sangat tinggi sekali dan seperti nya ia benci sekali dengan Naga itu. Entah siapa nama nya. Aku lupa...- "Ini bukan urusan mu! Ini urusan ku dengan Kakak ku!!" tambah Ragfael. Si Naga malah melompat ke hadapan adik ku lalu berdiri membayangi nya. Menandakan dominasi nya. Seperti nya.. Negosiasi kesembuhan kutukan jantung ku akan JAUH lebih sulit Dari kelihatan nya.... # P.S: Cover asli masih dalam proses pengerjaan... Jadi mohon maaf dan kiranya untuk persabar..

  • SOMEDAY, The race begins

    SOMEDAY, The race begins

    Contemporary Romance KPOP

    Kirin arts school is one of the best schools where K-pop idols are made. Only extremely talented students pass the audition and graduate from Kirin arts school. The first debut depends on individual performance at the school and the first debut determines the company that'll sign a contract with the students. Everyone at Kirin art school work very hard to make their first debut, but not everyone is destined to be K-pop idol. Not everyone can strive to win the race. Presently, there are four K-pop groups that have made their marks at Kirin art school. They're very popular though they're yet to complete their term at Kirin arts school.STAR BOY BAND (SBB)-A boy band made up of Five boys....Suho - He's the team leader. Stage name- SvJason - stage name: JMin hoo- Stage name: MinHan Ian- stage name: IanFelix- Stage name: Rap starThey've been signed up by Big entertainment. LOVERBOYS - A boy band made of five boys.Baekhyun- He's the leader of the team.... Stage name.... Baekie.Yoon Sung - Stage name..... Sung Kelly- Stage name..... KLucas Lee- Stage name..... LLJung Hoo- Stage name... JHThey've been signed up by White entertainment. PURPLE GOLD: A girl band made up of four girlsIrene - Team leaderSulliJi HyunEun biSigned up by JS entertainment ANGELS: A girl band made up of four girlsKara- Team leaderMiraNoraLeah Signed up by White entertainmentA small intro story...... Irene PURPLE GOLD and Kara ANGELS are in a serious competition…….Rumour has it that Kara is more talented than Irene, but it's difficult to tell.... They're both talented. As a result, The ANGELS hate PURPLE GOLD..... More so, Kara ANGELS is totally into SBB Suho, but Suho has eyes only for Irene PURPLE GOLD, who is totally into Baekhyun LOVERBOYS.Kara takes advantage of the situation and proclaims Suho as her boyfriend..... He didn't accept and he didn't reject either, but everyone assumed Her to be his girlfriend. And there, we have two cousins....... Lia and Nana....... Lia wishes to go to Kirin arts school but she's scared of going alone. She persuades Nana to attend the audition with her so that they can go to Kirin art school together..... Nana refuses at first, but later agrees. After passing the auditon, Nana suddenly developed cold feet... There are a lot of horrible stories about Kirin art school...... Weather they're rich or poor, it doesn't matter.... What matters is their talents.And thus, the race begins..... Note: This story is a work of fiction.... Everything here is purely out of my imagination.

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