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  • The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!

    The Idol Group Pet Became a Final Boss!


    Xiang Yi was most famous vase in the entertainment industry. The subject of ridicule on the world wide web, she suddenly announced: She was going home to farm. Her anti-fans: Hehe. She deserves it. The next day, Xing Chen APP started a live broadcast stream of Xiang Yi's rural life. Heh? Why did a top ranking lawyer stop by for dinner? Heh? Why did a doctor come to raise chickens? Heh? Why is a famous fashion designer here to dye cloths? And why is an esports legend installing a swing set? What, you're her brother? You're also her brother?? As the much anticipated grand slam actor Shi Sui made his grand descent into the scene, the anti-fans began to tremble as they weakly typed out on the screen: You... Are you also her brother? The film star calmly squeezed Xiang Yi's cheeks and says indifferently: I am her husband. The anti-fans: Unabletolaugh.jpg

  • The School Idols

    The School Idols



    (A Yandere School Harem Story) There's a social ladder in every school, no matter what. However, depending on the school it's importance varies. At Uddoforu Academy, the social ladder matters. A lot. They're called "Idols". Amazingly popular girls which every boy and girl adores and admires. Beautiful, smart, rich, they're almost perfect. They're the top of the food chain at Uddoforu. Hiro, the new transfer student, doesn't particularly care about the idols. And when that brings the eyes of the Idols upon him, things will get chaotic. The Idols aren't as pure as they seem. Darkness resides deep in their hearts, and simple curiosity starts to grow into obsessive desire. Volume 1 - Idol Insanity [In Progress] **This is UnknownFate25's pick up/rewrite of BlackSkieSLines' discontinued story The School Idols, with their permission.**

  • my idols

    my idols

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE ACTION MIMPI

    jeon jungkook

  • Superior Idols

    Superior Idols



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE VAMPIRE

    Are you also among those who idolises famous people? artists, or idols?Do you even know them behind their smiles in front of the camera?Those delicate faces and smiles in front of the cameras doesn't define who they really are.What if your idols has a big stinking secret?A secret no one could ever even imagine.What if they're not humans and are just pretending to be one?What if they're some kind of monsters? beasts? peculiar creatures we didn't know exists...What if they are... Vampires?

  • The idols servant

    The idols servant

  • An Idols life

    An Idols life

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    It all started in a popular company in Seoul South Korea called IM entertainment, a group called Midnight starts to sky rocket in popularity in 2019. They are a group of 8. Problems with arise but will they all be able to get through it together? Will they be able to keep their love life a secret? As scandals keep coming, one must question whether one will leave due to the stress.((I am using a different kind of date, so it goes Month, day and then year, this is also a work in progress.))

  • The were-idols mate

    The were-idols mate


    I smile and he lets go of my hands, with one hand he runs his fingers through my hair and gently guides my face closer to his, eventually leaning me in to rest my head on his chest. His other arm wraps around me, I hope he never lets go. While in that moment against his chest, I could only think about what I could do to make his heart pound. Next thing I know, “Babe, we need to go before they find out we've been gone for too long". Warning:slow burn romance

  • The Idols of Battle

    The Idols of Battle

    The idols of the kings are first used for evil but can be used more powerfully for good.





  • Idols Journey

    Idols Journey


  • Fans and idols

    Fans and idols

  • My Soulmates are IDOLS [Reverse Harem]

    My Soulmates are IDOLS [Reverse Harem]



    [R18 content.] "I'll bring you to a toilet cubicle and re-enact an R18 version of our first meeting." His fingers drifted down her back. "R18?" Amber scoffed, lips pulling into a cheeky grin. "Like what? Kissing?" She knew that she shouldn't tease him too much but she couldn't help it. "Kissing huh?" He hummed softly, digging his fingers into her skin. "Not exactly." His tongue flicked across his lips, a quick sensual drag of pink muscle that made her insides clench deliciously. "I'll rip off your panties with my teeth," he spoke, "and m********* while drawing circle eights on your c******* with my tongue, Vixen." He growled out the last words with a deep baritone voice that made it seem as if his lips were dripping with liquid gold. -- Wet dreams. While they are technically a normal, healthy part of life, wet dreams are not the norm for 19-year-old Amber. She should not be dreaming of men she doesn’t know, let alone the seven male pop stars from the world-famous boy band IDOL. In a few days, she will receive a soul bond that should be her one-way ticket into the arms of her soulmate, the destined love of her life. And it’s definitely not a good idea to continue yearning for a group of men when she should be paying attention to her fated mate. Right? In a last-ditch attempt to get rid of her infatuation, Amber decides to attend their concert on her birthday. It’s her way of saying goodbye to the people of her obsession. Her way of convincing herself that she would never see them again, and that is for the better. She does not expect to switch bodies with the idol on stage, minutes after her 20th birthday, nor does she expect to find that all the members of the boy band are her soulmates. All seven of them. ***Google 'tinyeyecat' and 'emiree' to find me on Patreon/Wattpad***

  • I Became The Manager Of The First Galactical Idols

    I Became The Manager Of The First Galactical Idols

    Kaito Miyahara is almost done with university. Only one final project remains, one that he has been putting off for three years. If he doesn't start now, he will be stuck in university for one more year, something that will further tarnish his resume. In a future where a simple failure is enough to destroy your career, he can't let that happen, but he can't think of anything.Miraculously, he runs into Sanae and Risa, two girls whose sole goal is to become idols. For Kaito, the only way of making it work in the current world is to think outside the box. To think big. To think galactically. And so he becomes the manager of the first, galactical idol group: Blostars.—Edited by RedPandaChickCover art by @retrosensei on InstagramFollow me @VidalSosin on Twitter for updatesNew chapter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 15:00 UTC (may vary due to scheduling issues)

  • The Game of Raising AV Idols

    The Game of Raising AV Idols

    Magical Realism R18 CAMPUS URBAN


    "Upon waking up, high school student Bach Allen found that everything around him had changed. There was a new harem-building game on his phone. In this game, there were various AV idols. By completing quests that raised the AV idols' interest level, he could increase the affection level of the AV idols. Once the affection level reached a certain point, the AV idols would materialize in the real world and find him. He could ask these AV idols to do anything, and they would obey, no matter how outrageous; they could cook for him, play games with him, and even sleep with him. Until one day, Bach Allen suddenly discovered that the prettiest girl in school appeared in his game."

  • Girl x Idols

    Girl x Idols

    It's been 2 months in the new apartment. Yunji even got a part time job which is nice, she needs any money to pay rent and internet. The money from the scholarship covered her tuition and meal. She will have to just live in the free school dormitory had she not found this cheap apartment. She came by this apartment by coincidence as she look around and saw an opening ad on a restaurant and see this building infront of it. She immediately like the room so she tried to try the job and immediately took the rent as soon as she got the job. So her new routine is going to school in the morning and working at night. The apartment is cheap, she got a 1 studio room which consists of a bed, small kitchen, small bathroom, and bedside desk for her beloved computer. The next door seems to be a bigger unit as she often saw a lot of shoes in front and sometimes heard noises like a group of boys coming and go together, but she never met them. It's peaceful in the afternoon after school. She wash up quick and sit on the wooden floor to turn on the computer. She got 3 hours before part time job but she don't feel like resting. Yesterday's online lesson she took on the internet left her intrigued to continue to the next tricks. Now she can code a simple website, how happy she was to see her first running site, but it's still long way to go. She also wants to learn design and video editing. Then she hope she can go find jobs online too.

  • secret love between 

    secret love between idols

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE BTS

  • Living with my idols.

    Living with my idols.

  • Idols stupid but rich

    Idols stupid but rich

    Ksee has been single for twenty years since her was born, and finally became tempted by a man. Even if she and each other are known as sisters-they are both fans of singer Xion. From the passionate recognition to play games together, she gradually found something wrong. Huh? Why does the sister's voice become more familiar as I hear it? It wasn't until the video of Xion and top performing in high school on the Internet that Ksee was surprised that the boy who was holding an electric guitar and exuding youth hormones was more handsome than the current top boys, is the young sister! #What should I do if I treat idols as sisters? Waiting online, very anxious! # start—— Ksee: As long as you like Xion, we are sisters! ! Pyke: need. Later-Pyke: As long as you like Xion, I can reluctantly be your boyfriend. Ksee: Sorry, I have already taken off my fan, don't disturb Ksee has been chasing the stars for five years sincerely, and her first love has been swept away by the failures again and again, and the constant backlog of exhaustion and disappointment finally made her give up. On the day she chose to get rid of fans, she discovered that the man she liked for the first time in her life turned out to be the idol himself. You appear in my gloomy moment, illuminate me with your light. Then please allow me to rush forward without hesitation when you are hurt and use the light you gave me to protect you