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  • Kevin Adrian

    Kevin Adrian

    Human emotion is one of the most mysterious thing in the world

  • Kevin :)

    Kevin :)

  • Lord Kevin

    Lord Kevin

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    From someone who knows nothing, he learns to gain knowledge and achieve a grandmaster degree. But unfortunately, because of an unfortunate incident he was killed because of a stray bullet.That's when Kevin realized, that he was revived as a nobleman with the same name .. Namely the son of Duke Alvin Merc.* Warning *English is not my first language.

  • Seamas Kevin

    Seamas Kevin

    when I did decided to be an investigator no one told me

  • Timez kevin

    Timez kevin

    The tera next door

  • Kevin&Della


    Della Mauren adalah perempuan broken home yanh takut akan pernikahaan karena perpisahaan kedua orang tua nya. Setelah perpisahaan orang tua nya dia ikut bersama mama nya ke negeri China untuk memulai hari yang baru. Tetapi sungguh sangat di sayangkan kehidupan della berubah semenjak ketemu kevin mahasiswa yang berdarah bad boy dan melakukan hal yang tidak baik bagi della.Apakah della bisa bahagia? Atau?

  • Land Lord Kevin

    Land Lord Kevin


    Dari seorang yang tidak mengenal apa apa, dia belajar untuk menambah ilmu dan mencapai gelar grandmaster. Namun sayang, Karena kejadian yang tidak beruntung dia terbunuh karena peluru nyasar.Saat itulah Kevin sadar, bahwa dia dihidupkan kembali sebagai seorang bangsawan dengan nama yang sama.. Yaitu anak dari Duke Alvin Merc,

  • when Kevin loves

    when Kevin loves

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18

    Kevin a socially inept boy.who prefers to stay alone receives a gift.He falls in love but an event leads him to being expelled.He faced a lot of hardship and problems after the incidentgetting raped and getting sent to military school is just a tip of the iceberg.10 years later meets Tricia again, memories of her gift to him Still fresh in his mindhe supposedly thought she still Loved him.only for him to discover the dark ugly Truth.said gift wasn't even meant for him

  • James

    James ema Kevin

  • Lotus : Talentless Kevin

    Lotus : Talentless Kevin

  • Kevin Woo

    Kevin Woo

    Another bad ass boy stealing the girl's heart.Enjoy this short story!



  • Without you (Azzurra and Kevin)

    Without you (Azzurra and Kevin)


    Micky azzura (or azura grention oliver) Merupakan Seorang cewek kaya Yang cantik, pitar, pemarah, jutek, dengan tubuhnya Yang seksi. Ia sering di panggil dengan panggilan princess karna gaya hidup menyerupai seorang putri di negri dongeng. Micky mempunyai tiga sahabat diantaranya jonatan, alexander, dan juga brayen. Mereka berteman sejak dari kecil.

  • Cross Roads - Kevin Galdamez

    Cross Roads - Kevin Galdamez

  • My Mage System (BL)

    My Mage System (BL)



    He had been the best assassin of all time in his world and when he was finally killed, a goddess took the opportunity to send his soul into the body of a boy in another world who was weak for now but who was destined to become the most powerful mage of this world. This young boy was called Kevin and he decided to take his identity as he had kept his memories. The only thing he had in common with him was that they were both orphans, but Kevin had a weak mind and a weak body, in short, everything he hated the most. After successfully entering the Sun Sect as a mage, he managed to open the book Kevin had inherited from his parents and which he had been unable to open. What was his surprise when he realized that this book had turned into a System that allowed him to level up like in the virtual reality games he used to play in his home world. With the help of this System he will fufill his wish, he will become the most powerful humans of this world, not even shapeshifters or demons will be able to do anything to him. ………… Kevin turned his head towards him and seeing that he was still naked he said, looking away again : "Get dressed first, then we'll talk." Axel found some clothes that looked loose and put them on right away, he also took a pair of daggers whose blades were just a little shorter than his forearms, and he then approached Kevin and hugged him from behind. Kevin let him doing whatever he wanted, even though one of his daggers was now very close to his throat, Axel said to him close to his ear : "I want to trust you Kevin, so give me a good reason to." Kevin then asked him : "What do you want to know ?" Axel sighed, threatening Kevin with his own daggers won't do him any good, and he risked breaking the bond they were just making. He then took a decision and planted the two daggers in the ground in front of them, he ran his hands under Kevin's sweater and circled his waist with them, pressing him more against him. Kevin hadn't expected this turn of event and he felt his heartbeat quicken. Axel's hands were warm and he could feel his huge erection against him, one thing was sure, it was that he didn't let him indifferent. …………. WARNING this is not a slowburn romance and it's a R18 BL novel with lots spicy scenes so if you like reading 100 chapters before the mc and ml kiss for the first time just skip this story it's definitely not for you Otherwise, follow the adventures of our two heroes, if you love worlds filled with mysterious creatures, magic, fights, a System that allows you to level up quickly, and a unique and powerful love story then this story is for you.Cover made by my friend and author JustL89, the author of Wolf you up ! (BL) it's a unique werewolf story theme using a system that you will love, I can guarantee it ! ……………. Daily update Enjoy your reading time and don’t forget to vote, to comment, and to review :)  

  • When Kevin loves

    When Kevin loves

    Kevin a socially inept boy receives a gift from the most prettiest girl in school.He falls into what he believes is love that is until he discovers that said gift wasn't even meant for him.

  • kevin jane Jacob

    kevin jane Jacob

  • I love Kevin

    I love Kevin

    Jacob is a 17 year old boy who fell in love with his best friend Kevin. Kevin is a 17 year old boy who love his best friend, but is too scared to fall in love with him. Kevin has cancer and only has a limited time to live. Jacob knows this but still dares to love him. Will Jacob and Kevin find a way to be together even with there limited time?

  • Double D and kevin

    Double D and kevin

  • A Superhero named Kevin

    A Superhero named Kevin

    Kevin was a wonder super who didnt believe in hurting people but thats not what the goverment wanted so he had to make some change of plans.