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  • Game of Thrones: Klaus

    Game of Thrones: Klaus

    War&Military ACTION CONQUER

  • Doomsday: Klaus

    Doomsday: Klaus

    Sci-fi SYSTEM

    Klaus is a retired soldier seeking for entertainment in life. He indeed found interest and in Anime and Games. But a sudden apocalypse struck the world and he becomes even more excited in the new order of the world. Follow Klaus as he survive and kill. Watch and support his new endeavors and challenges in life. This is my first writing a novel. There are many grammatical errors but please be kind with your words and point to me what to do and lastly I just write what pops in my mind so stay tuned silly.

  • Klaus Hartleben

    Klaus Hartleben

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    18 year old Jeanette has been sent to live with a host family in Germany. On the first day of school Jeanette meets a hot guy named Klaus and instantly falls in love. No matter what the rules say she could careless. She does whatever it takes to make him hers no matter how different they may be in the end.

  • Reborn as Klaus Mikaelson

    Reborn as Klaus Mikaelson

  • Reborn in TVD as Klaus’ twin brother

    Reborn in TVD as Klaus’ twin brother


    This is a story about Max who gets reincarnated as Klaus’ twin but with some wishes. Let’s see if he’ll be calm and collected like Elijah or well he be a cold blooded killer like his twin read to find out. I would also like to say I don’t own any of the characters except for the Oc’s thanks in advance.

  • Overleveling: "My name is Klaus Innocent"

    Overleveling: "My name is Klaus Innocent"


  • Klaus Mikaelson the great evil and hybrid

    Klaus Mikaelson the great evil and hybrid

  • I Am His Possession

    I Am His Possession



    Mars Callesthene King is a personification of gods Hades and Ares in a person. He’s ruthless, pure evil, with no compassion, a powerful but handsome player just as a stallion that rules the underground world as a Devil and King on the ground, where the media describes him as the most successful businessman of the year. On the contrary, Vanylla Emerald Wright is an adorable gorgeous innocent angel of her family. Her brother Jared Klaus Wright protects her such a delicate emerald out of the poisonous world. Since Wright collides with the King in the business war, her father moves Vanylla to England, where she learns to be an architect and an artist. One night, Mars lays his eyes on his innocent beautiful enemy’s daughter, and those hatreds disappear into uncontrollable lust. It makes him ruins her innocence but traps him eventually. However, Vanylla hates the ruthless bad boy. He’s not a Romeo but a devil that everyone hates. Will God shows his mercy when he is fallen for an Angel? Read it to find the captivating journey of hate and love from both titan families, the King, and the Wright. “Listen to me Angel, I don’t care who you are, once I said you were mine, you’re mine!” Those brown eyes stared at her innocent eyes. “I hate you, Mars, stop ruining my life, please just let me go!” Vanylla had no more voice to scream or shout at him. Mars trapped her under his giant body, and her petite frame had nothing compared to his. He grabbed her chin hissed under her nose. “I will not stop ruining you if that’s the only way to have you!” he kissed to heal her vanilla scent filled his nostrils. The smell made him addicted and tempted. WARNING FOR 21+ SMUT SCENE (THIS STORY IS PART OF THE SEVEN WOLVES SERIES) Please bear with my English since it is not my first language, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun! follow me on IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

  • The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince

    The Mischievous Maiden & The Sleeping Prince



    The most shameless, honorless maiden from Bizantium meets a Haughty Troubled Prince, a Sweet Sleeping Prince, a Tyrant, a Machiavellian Priest, an Undesired Bride, Ghosts of varied sorts, a Dangerous Court, Assassins, and... Love!---"THE PRINCE IS NOT DEAD!" Her words, in front of the court, sealed her fate... Leaving Kielstadt is impossible, now!From the first moment Klaus von Donnersmarck met Alexa, he knew she was a liar and a problem. Who's that girl, and why his cold heart pumps so fast for her?Since Alexa laid eyes on the exasperating First Prince of Kielstadt, she knew she should keep a distance. Not only he's sharp-tongued, entitled, and incredibly handsome, but he's about to marry her new friend Cordelia!Does the First Prince Klaus think of her as a mere toy... or an actual threat? Or something else?The fact she was born with a peculiar gift and raised as someone else shall not come to light. She cannot unveil her sad past full of betrayal and pain to anyone. Never! Torn between Prince Alexander and Prince Klaus, living and dead, her past and future, will she love and be loved in return? Or will she once again be used and discarded?------------------------"Why... did you do that?""Well, that was when I regretted acting like a bad son and a vile man, and before God. I had to take responsibility, didn't I?" 'But what nonsense is that ?! It's not like you really put your… thing… into my… thingy….' "Oh! OHHHH! You want to use me, so you don't marry your bride! You set everything up! From sending me to the maze to… up to…""Having you in my arms, tasting your mouth as I did this peach?! Is that what you're stuttering on, Lady Saskia? This will be repeated ad infinitum when we get married. That and more." COMPLETED NOVEL! Anyway, there's a Discord for Discussion and Giveaways still running! https://discord.gg/CESYZACDT7------------------------WARNING: HEAVY SUPERNATURAL ELEMENTS, GORE, DISTURBING THEMES, SLOW-BURN ROMANCE, RICH-IN-STORY NOVEL!I hope you like this story. If you wish, please support this tale by voting, rating, and commenting. Your feedback on typos or bad grammar is welcomed and appreciated.---Also, check MizA's:* COMPLETE Fantasy Romance: Never Date a Man in Pink* COMPLETE Fantasy with Male Lead: Inferno AscendedKO-FI: https://ko-fi.com/mizanovel (if you feel like buying me a coffee for enduring nights and writing more, this is the place for throwing me some bucks). Thank you very much!




    It's a fanfiction and more like an alternate reality in which Klaus has a twin named Ansel who is a hybrid too.I don't own any characters from the vampire diaries or the originals except Ansel is mine only.

  • TVD/TO (FanFic) — The Creature of Dark

    TVD/TO (FanFic) — The Creature of Dark


    2000 Years ago in Ancient Greece. 2 Witches Brother and Sister created an spell. Used it on Brother first and he became immensely powerful and had to be taken care of.So the Sister takes help from Qetsiyah and Silas for locking the brother up and put him to sleep. Then in current time this story takes place when Elena and Caroline were attending college and The Originals where in New Orleans as Witches had Hayley and Klaus's baby. Jackson a high school guy and an Ancient Vampire known as Alden who wanted Jackson so that he could make Jackson the weapon to open the tomb in which Arius was locked. (The Vampire Diaries — The OriginalsI am writing a novel for the first time, so if I make any mistakes or something ends up wrong. I might make grammer mistakes so be patient do comment. )

  • I am not your hero

    I am not your hero


    He was summoned alongside his classmates. They are called heroes, but he doesn't want to be a hero.

  • Kara Cahill (The White Wolf)

    Kara Cahill (The White Wolf)


    She had to keep her true identity hidden and trust only a few people. But some secrets are always meant to be revealed, some fates are not meant to be changed. Can Kara Cahill accept her fate and let the prophecy run its course? ■■■ Out of the woods, wolves emerged, snarling and growling. Kara sighed. "Without knowing who I am, she made this move. I wonder how it would be if she knew who I truly was." She whispered to Klaus and stepped out. The snarling wolves' sound covered whatever she was saying so she couldn't be heard.. "You will not treat me like a fragile glass." He nodded but grabbed her hand first and said, "I've seen what you can do. Changing into a wolf partly. You will teach me when this is over." Nodding she replied. "Okay. But you'll tell me about anybody who is a somebody in the pack and out." "Deal, now let's kick some wolf butts." He grinned and they were back-to-back. The first wolf attacked and Kara slammed her arm into its jaw. It bite her and drew blood. "No more nice new girl." Her eyes flashed white for a second and she attacked. Her speed could not be matched and the onlookers couldnt look away. She slammed jaws and her nails left marks on the faces of some of the wolves. She was a sight on the field. Careful not to kill anyone, Kara pushed the last person the the ground and stood snarling. Klaus howled and patted her on the back. "Mad skills you got." His smile was wide as his eyes twinkled. Mara clapped dramatically and narrowed her yes at Kara. She sneered. "I agree, you can move... against amateurs."

  • death is death after all

    death is death after all

  • Blood & Guts!

    Blood & Guts!

  • The Half Blood Luna

    The Half Blood Luna


    Ella is a 17 years old servant, who has been abused by her alpha and beta of her pack for quiet sometimes. After they are killed, a new alpha takes over the pack and Ella tries to run away and start a new life for herself. However, fate does not allow her to escape into the human world, when she gets caught and taken back to the pack house to be punished by her new alpha. Alpha Klaus is conflicted about punishing a 17 year old girl who was obviously running away from something, or someone. Yet, he needed to set an example out of her to prove to his new pack that he is not to be crossed with. Dangerous secrets require alpha Klaus to keep Ella safe and protect her despite her apparent hatred of him. Will she ever be able to trust another alpha again? Will alpha Klaus ever open his heart to someone else after he lost his mate?

  • Alexander Mikaelson

    Alexander Mikaelson


    Alexander Milkaelson the only other hybrid to klaus, He is half brother to Elijah and full brother to Klaus.

  • Ripple in Time

    Ripple in Time

    Klaus von Steiner was the strongest mage in existence. He alone stood at the pinnacle of magic, having mastered each branch of the Six Fold Path of Magic whereas the most accomplished of his peers struggled to master even one. With his exceptional talent, Klaus was quickly able to rise to the level of S-rank mage. With his ruthless nature, he was easily able to dispose of obstacles, real or perceived, present or future.Indeed, Klaus was so powerful that he alone stood at the pinnacle of magic. But then, it also meant that he stood at the pinnacle of magic alone. And so when the black obelisks appeared, when hell-spawn began pouring into Voltenheim, then too was he alone. With no allies or peers, Klaus confronted the monstrosities alone. And alone, he died, slain by an enemy commander wielding a magic he could not comprehend. But that was not truly the end. For before he had confronted the enemy, Klaus had set up a time ripple, his ace in the hole. The spell activated upon his death, rewinding all of spacetime back thirty years, to when Klaus was just a five-year-old boy. Now armed with knowledge of the future, and of the impending apocalypse, will Klaus choose to walk the same path? Or will he make use of his second chance, his ripple in time? ---------------If you enjoyed the story, please leave a comment or power stone! If this story gets to top 500 in power ranking, I'll release a chapter a day the following week.

  • Salvatore Boarding School | Luke Crates

    Salvatore Boarding School | Luke Crates


    Not everyone has forgotten the evil deeds done by Klaus during his living days, Luke Crates is one. He hates the mikaelson family and while he knows he might not be able to kill them, he still wishes to make their lives suck. How? Hope, the stupid child of Klaus is the key to his plan, make her fall in love with him, make her be dependent on him, and when he is done he will leave her heart broke and ruined.

  • The Charmed Mikaelsons

    The Charmed Mikaelsons

    Summary; In heaven, Klaus could see everything that happened to Hope heartbroken and enraged Klaus manages to gain a meeting with God who after long conservation agrees to send Klaus back in time. With 7 Boons in exchange, Klaus was to destroy Malivoire, release the monsters and the gods. And deal with ancient foes. Crossover: Legacies, The Originals, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Before the show starts), Charmed Relationships: Stefan Salvatore/ Rebekah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson/ Caroline Forbes/Hayley Marshall, Elijah Mikaelson/ Katherine Pierce, Damon Salvatore/ Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennet/ OMWC ( Original male witch character), Kol Mikaelson/ Davina Clarie, Jeremy Gilbert/ Jeremy Gilbert/ Valerie Tulle, Finn Mikaelson/ Sage \ Note: Strix, Lucien, Aurora, Tristan, Mikael, Dahlia, Hallow, Silas all enemies.