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  • Kurapika Kam

    Kurapika Kam

  • HxH x y/n kurapika

    HxH x y/n kurapika

  • The 00 Member [Kurapika x Reader]

    The 00 Member [Kurapika x Reader]

  • Trials and Tribulations - A Kurapika x Fem!Reader Fanfiction (HxH)

    Trials and Tribulations - A Kurapika x Fem!Reader Fanfiction (HxH)

  • Boku no Hero Acadamia: Majesty

    Boku no Hero Acadamia: Majesty


    “Quirkless? Shameful?” Shuichi grabbed ahold of the older boy's chin, his eyes growing red as a pearlescent arua wrapped around the boy's legs and arms, bringing him onto his knees harshly.“My family could do what you can without the use of a quirk, a hundred—No, a thousand times better.” he smiled wickedly and lifted the boy's chin with a finger teasingly. “Know your place, runt.”---Kawaguchi Shuichi is the sixth-born son of the Kawaguchi clan. Prodigious isn't enough to describe his achievements even at the young age of eight as he surpassed those thrice his age in academics, music, arts, etc. However, that isn't the only thing about him that sticks out because he's quirkless, or he was supposed to be, until one night, a mysterious ghost gives him a power called “Nen.”With this newfound power, Shuichi sets on a journey to bring his clan back into the spotlight, and rather than a hero, an activist on quirkless rights. Too bad he has to go to hero school either way.---Shuichi is heavily based on HXH Kurapika, personality and characterization wise too (not just physically) Fun Fact: When Shuichi got his quirk he thought it was a nightmare and convinced himself it was just a dream, he thinks his quirk is a curse. (Shuichi sobbing and daipanning: I don't need some stupid quirk to be great, now this stupid ghost gave me one, I. Feel. Filthy.) The Ghost: :PFun little Add-ins:———People: You have a quirk now? You’re gonna be a great hero, Kawaguchi-Sama! Shuichi, a enthusiastic Quirkless rights activist: uh yeah hahaha sure. — Shuichu, sobbing: you used to be quirkless too? Deku, confused: yeah, Shuichi-San, is everything okay? Shuichi, puppy eyes while grasping both of Deku's hands: we’ll get through these traumatic times together. Deku: eh?

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