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  • The outcast

    The outcast


    THE OUTCASTWritten by TobilobaIt's all about a Nigerian who left her country to America with her family to take care of her sick grandma.She hopes she will be treated the same way she was treated in Nigeria but will she when she when she meets the notorious Alex? Or when the whole school is against her? Will she ever be happy again or get the life she always had back in Nigeria? Follow me on this journey and let's see how Michelle fights for her self.

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  • Outcast Hunter

    Outcast Hunter


    Ever since gates and monsters appeared on Earth so is the people who can fight against them.Leo, a high school graduate didn't took college, instead ventured on becoming a hunter to support his life and his brother's while looking for his dad.But life isn't so great for everyone. Leo who had became a hunter found out that he was a 'defected hunter' who can't level up and was ranked as the weakest hunter.Despite the circumstances, Leo didn't gave up until the opportunity itself came upon him.

  • The outcast

    The outcast


  • Social Outcast

    Social Outcast

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 CAMPUS YAOI

    A cold and homophobic top matched with a person he hated on a dating app, and discovered that the other was even more clingy than he thought!

  • Not The Outcast Anymore

    Not The Outcast Anymore



    A MUST READ!!! "One good friend who cares for you is not a bad idea, Sam is one". __Bob(Alex's Dad) ********************** Alexandria Hamilton the popular outcast of Olive High thought school sucked but of course that's what everyone in her shoes would think. After she was betrayed by her ex-bestfriend, Mirabel, she had no friends except a certain hot Sam. What happens when another Sam in the person of Elijah Dolly Samson, Olive High's ladies man comes into her life with a psycho secret admirer in tow? Alex finds out the truth about Sam, Samson, the secret admirer and Mirabel and this truth is no sweet one. A work filled with romance, friendship, betrayal and humour. You're sure to enjoy it. ... Discord–– Mayrhyy#8837

  • Outcast of Outcasts

    Outcast of Outcasts

    Shin Feng is a cripple and a person with low talent. Everyone makes fun of him. He one day finds himself a crystal that made him a cripple no longer. The only problem is his talent, but someone's talent is not everything. Shi Feng goes on a journey to go change his destiny and become a god.

  • The Virgin Outcast Who Stole The Emperor's Heart

    The Virgin Outcast Who Stole The Emperor's Heart



    The night after her parents death, she's forced and threatened by the Queen at the age of ten to get engaged to the prince whose father is the murderer of all her relatives. Seven years later, she is brought back to the palace to be married to the prince who is now the Emperor. -----------+ Never would innocent Nana have ever imagine her life to become so complicated. Being threatened into a marriage she so despite. She hates him with all her heart and she wish him nothing but death but of course none of her wishes can ever come through, she isn't given a choice. To save her only remaining sibling life and to bring justice to her late parents, she agrees to marry the man she despise so much and one would think it would be easy ..given the fact that the whole kingdom knows that the Emperor is in love with the Outcast ..but no. As Nana entered the palace she receives the worst kind of hatred and wickedness from her husband's mother, brother and sister. The scary part is they want her dead. (PLEASE NOTE (There are no Wolves in this book. Only a few ghosts, Lol. Do take note, this story is rated PG 17+ and there might be scenes that would be uncomfortable for some people but rest assured that I will write a warning on each chapter which contains overly mature contents ..You can choose to read that chapter or skip it to the next one.) The book cover is from Pinterest.

  • Infinite OutCast

    Infinite OutCast


    My name is Akira Tsuruoka and I try to live life to the fullest, enjoying watching anime and staring at boobs. I lived most of my life alone, but that all changed when the cute girl from school asked me out, Emika Uki. My life has taken it’s biggest turn when I was hit by a strange object from outer space that took me, Uki-chan, and the two hottest girls at my school to an MMORPG world. I actually have to do work now in order to feed myself and these girls. When will I ever get time to see some honkers with my friends!

  • Little outcast

    Little outcast


    When Rachel Sparkle was forced to go to highschool for the first time, she always stayed in the shadows. Of course, that all changed when she made her first friend. Except, it wasn't an unpopular girl like her, no, it was exactly the opposite.Matthew Brown is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. When he found a new friend, he was a happy little bean. Not to mention because he's friends with this outcast, trouble comes. He'd really prefer not to have them, but he still wants to be friends with her.These two will experience something that they never felt. And they both love and crave that particular feeling.

  • Outcast Hunter

    Outcast Hunter

    Martial Arts ACTION SYSTEM

    Ever since gates and monsters appeared on Earth so is the people who can fight against them. Leo, a high school graduate didn't took college, instead ventured on becoming a hunter to support his life and his brother's while looking for his dad. But life isn't so great for everyone. Leo who had became a hunter found out that he was a 'defected hunter' who can't level up and was ranked as the weakest hunter. Despite the circumstances, Leo didn't gave up until the opportunity itself came upon him.

  • The Outcast Queen

    The Outcast Queen


    This is the story of rarity among her kind, she has to stay strong for there is light at the end of the tunnel.I got betrayed by my pack, they killed my family I have nowhere else to hide than to run. Now I am running I promised myself not to trust anyone. I remembered what my mom told me that I am special, rare and not a common phenomenon who am I kidding I have a silver coloured eyes which is pretty much rare and my wolf Crystal don't get me started about her, she has a white coat on her fur and golden eyes she is even larger than many she-wolves and stronger. Well it is not always like that. My name is Sapphire Fox and this is my story.

  • The Stray Outcast

    The Stray Outcast

  • Project: Outcast

    Project: Outcast

    Martial Arts ACTION


  • Outcast Of The System

    Outcast Of The System


    Owen is 16 and joining a school that helps train their students' abilities so they can a powerhouse for the system of Society.Also please note this is my first novel.

  • A Silver Outcast

    A Silver Outcast


    Hi. I’m Bax Pazion. I’m a Beta with a silver coat and blue eyes as my wolf form, and black long hair with white skin and blue eyes as my human form. I’ve had a lot of stories.This is where I’ll share them with you all, and they’re in form of chronological order. Enjoy!

  • Revenge of the outcast

    Revenge of the outcast


    There was a time in the world were the strong were the ruler and weak were the slave A story about Albo who's life begin with misery by the time he was 2 years old . He was thrown away to the woods by his own family and loved once for being an outcast . Albo still young and fragile ,yet he was intelligent . He started his journey from woods and from woods to become the ruler of the world, to seek vengeance for the harm he faced Albo started from the scratch and journey towards the peak.With a system skill he got from the unknown

  • Envy of the Outcast

    Envy of the Outcast

    Ruth is a cunning, spiteful thief who plans on bleeding the world dry for every cursed thing it wrecked upon her life. However, her rationality begins to falter as deep, neglected feelings begin to stir, as she is brutally faced with the soul she's tried to strangle in arrogance and cynicism. The best thief in Eimhàar is cornered for the first time in her life. Worse, by her own self. Worst of all, inside her own mind. And this time, there is nowhere to run. Author: Hi! This is my first serious story. I take my writing quite seriously, and all forms of advice or criticism are very welcome. #NoBetaReadersWeDieLikeMen

  • Outcast Twin

    Outcast Twin


    The world never seemed greyer and empty to Alex after receiving word of her closest friend gone missing. Her mind becomes shattered and it throws her into the open arms of a box of silence which masks her with a personality that isn't hers. When the world seems to be moving on just fine, Alex is left dismayed and is intrigued to go in search of her friend whilst relying on the dark side of life to feel normal as care begins to run thin.However, when the sudden appearance of someone new in the upper class family has the power to translate the unknown into reality before Alex's eyes, she begins to see her twin sister, Avex in new light; light she would have never expected her sister could have possibly been apart of. Just maybe the key to unlock the door behind the mystery of her friend's sudden disappearance was right before her eyes but she just had to know where to look..Caution: May contain triggers. Please be advised. All rights reversed. Absolutely no part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system without prior permission in writing from the author. Cover from artstationArtist: Tony Skeorskeor.artstation.com (Check him out here and support the artist!)