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  • Miraculous recovery

    Miraculous recovery

    Ya right....!! You might think you have ever read the best novel but I don't think soTry webnovel and you will have the best time ever

  • Fumble Recovery

    Fumble Recovery

    Melanie Smith has followed football her entire life, and is a long-time fan of the California Wildcats. When they lose the world championship in the final seconds of the game, she is devastated.<br><br>But not as devastated as Derek Fox, the Wildcats' handsome and sexy quarterback.<br><br>A chance meeting brings Melanie and Derek together, and after the disappointing loss, they turn to each other for comfort in the long and steamy night ahead ...

  • Crazy Recovery

    Crazy Recovery

    Reya seorang yatim piatu yang keinginannya adalah merawat adik perempuannya. karna itu adalah janji yang dia buat kepada ibunya sebelum meninggal. "Cih.. sudah dua kali dan aku masih gagal, besok adalah kesempatan terakhir ku, dan jika masih gagal aku akan mencari pekerjaan baru. "namun siapa sangka dia berhasil dibangkitkan menjadi seorang "Hunter""apa ini, sungguh skill yang aneh"

  • recovery hope

    recovery hope

  • Gaming Recovery

    Gaming Recovery

  • Recovery Maniac

    Recovery Maniac

    Follow Sen, who prioritizes the recovery stat over limitless strength, complex spells, or amazing speed, for his journey through Raphe a game-like world open to all of humanity.

  • A Long Way to Recovery

    A Long Way to Recovery


    I hate my life, I want to kill myself, I want to cut my skin until my blood pours out and I'm nothing, but skin and bones, I want to fall off the face of the Earth and never be found, I hope that if I go and hide nobody tries to come and find me. In the mind of Callie Emerald Rose this is what she was thinking, as she struggles with all the eating disorders and problems and fights she goes through, throughout the story.

  • The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More

    The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More



    Mo Zhu's mother remarried after her father went missing, and she had lived in the countryside with her elderly grandmother ever since. The girl who had no parents wanted to protect herself. Therefore, to avoid getting bullied, she had turned wild since she was a child—she played truant, fought, and drank. There was nothing she did not know how to do. She was a problematic student in the eyes of her teachers, a big sister in the eyes of her classmates, and a hooligan in the eyes of her acquaintances. When she was eighteen, her birth mother retrieved her to live at her stepfather's house. Everyone in the village claimed that she was going to live a happy life in the city, that her mother had not forgotten that she had a daughter here. "Mo Zhu, the Huo family is one of the most powerful families in the country. It's your good fortune to replace your younger sister in marrying into the Huo family. You have to cherish this opportunity," explained her mother patiently as she held Mo Zhu's hand. Mo Zhu's eyes were filled with sorrow. At that instant, she knew why her mother thought of her. Inviting her over to the city to enjoy life was simply a figment of her imagination—she was simply an exploitable piece of trash that her mother could sacrifice. The Eldest Young Master of the Huo family fell severely ill recently. He did not just develop a twisted personality, but also became violent and cruel. His face had been completely ruined and he had only two years left to live. Mo Zhu's younger sister was supposed to be Eldest Young Master Huo's fiancée, but the ruined young master was no longer a suitable match. Fearing the Huo family's influences, her mother did not dare to cancel the marriage, thus she sent Mo Zhu under the bus to protect her younger sister. However, was Mo Zhu truly just a useless simpleton who knew how to smoke, drink, and fight? No! That was simply a disguise she used for self-defense since she was a girl without parents. After marrying into the Huo family, she stopped smoking, drinking, and fighting. She became the best daughter-in-law a mother-in-law could ever have; the best wife a husband could ever have. What never occurred to anyone was she no longer flunked in her studies. In fact, she transformed into a straight-A student. Half a year later, she enrolled in the best university in the country and majored in specialized medicine. Determined to become an excellent doctor, she cured her husband's illness completely in merely two years. That handsome and suave Eldest Young Master Huo returned. After Huo Xuan's recovery, he allocated a huge budget and held the biggest wedding of the century for Mo Zhu. During the grand wedding ceremony, Huo Xuan announced during his speech, "In this lifetime, there are two people I'm most grateful for other than my parents. One of them is my mother-in-law. Thank you for despising me after I fell ill and forcing my wife to marry me in her younger sister's stead. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have met the most important person in my life! The second person must be my wife! She never despised me when I was at my lowest. Instead, she takes good care of me. She's an angel sent by God, and she has saved me with her forgiveness and kindness, granting me a second chance at life."

  • Ultimate Recovery Hero

    Ultimate Recovery Hero


    While other teenagers received Skills such as Fire Bomb or Physical Strengthening, Luke received the Unique Skill Ultimate Recovery.The Skill allows him to recover at an abnormally fast pace.'What a $hitty Skill, all it makes me is a punching bag!'But it doesn't take long before he understands the true value of it.

  • Ex Love Recovery

    Ex Love Recovery

  • Reiki recovery, automatic upgrade

    Reiki recovery, automatic upgrade

    Magical Realism ADVENTURE SYSTEM

    When he woke up, Luo Xiu found himself in a world of revived aura, with countless strong people, ferocious beasts, and human lives like grass!How can one survive in this world as a mortal?"Ding, Strength +1!""Ding, Strength +1!""...""Ding, congratulations to the host, realm breakthrough - Martialist realm!"Feeling the abundant power in his body, Luo Xiu froze on the spot: "I didn't do anything, how did I become a martial artist?""Ding, Strength +10!""Ding, Strength +10!""...""Ding, congratulations to the host, realm breakthrough - Martial Master realm!"Luo Xiu:" ...... "The conscience of heaven and earth, he really did not do anything ah! When did it become so easy to become a strong person?

  • Instantaneous Mana Recovery drop

    Instantaneous Mana Recovery drop


    In 21st century, the stories about dungeons, hunters and magical beasts from novels came into reality. This is the tale of a young man in early twenties as he awakens an E ranked hunter with instantaneous mana recovery.

  • Red Star Recovery Inc.

    Red Star Recovery Inc.

    Sci-fi ACTION

    Deck was a Galactic Marine, was as in retired as of today. Not just any marine either, a Red Star which makes his retirement special. After all Red Star troops are the ones given the option of being orbitally dropped on a penal planet or serving in the military based on their crimes. Both are normally considered a death sentence. At fifteen he had been given the choice, serve five years as a Red Star or take the drop. He choose the former and against all odds has survived to retire. Now his five long years of suicidal missions have paid off. During that time he scrimped and saved everything. Unlike his fellow Red Stars, he didn’t blow all his creds on brothels and booze but instead saved for this day. Finally, he is a free man and has enough cash to buy his own ship. It may be a tiny frigate but it is the gates of freedom for him. Well, that was the plan. Five sober years avoiding any mistakes and he finally messed up on his first day of freedom. Waking up with his first-ever hangover next to a woman he didn’t even remember he discovers he managed to get scammed out of his life’s savings. Instead of the basic SA1H Firestorm frigate, he had planned to buy. He is now the owner of an unknown model ship. One that has been stripped down to the frame and completely unflyable. On top of that, the woman who scammed him is now legally his first mate. Bound by an indenture contract despite what either of them might want, but hey only for the next ten years. Now broke. With no prospects and stuck with the woman that screwed him over, he has to find a way to survive. How bad can it be? There is no way things could get worse at least. Right? Right? He definitely won’t end up one of the most wanted men in the galaxy. Running from bounty hunters, enraged criminal groups, and even the military accompanied by a woman he can’t trust and an equally suspicious AI. That would be crazy. WPC#262 entry

  • Zugassent's Recovery; The ascent out of sensuality

    Zugassent's Recovery; The ascent out of sensuality

  • God level recovery system instantly recovers to 999

    God level recovery system instantly recovers to 999


  • The Cursed King

    The Cursed King



    He has been waiting for fifteen centuries to meet his wife again. (COMPLETED) Meet Loriel Ashborn, former king of Summeria, 15-century old immortal, a doting husband, certified simp, a wife's slave. In the land where the human race lived side by side with other races like the elves, witches, and those immortal beings often calling themselves gods, lived a powerful king, Loriel Ashborn. One fatal mistake caused him to lose the woman he loved as she was sent to the future by the evil Time Master before he died. The only way to see her again is for him to take the curse of immortality, and so he did. Now, after 15 centuries, Loriel finally found her again. But she didn't remember him? Well, who cares! This time, the shameless husband would never let her go ever again. To make her remember their life together, he even faked a terminal illness with his 'dying wish' was to experience how it was like to be married. And when he *cough cough* 'miraculously' made a full recovery, he said, "Wifey, you saved my life! Now, I owe you forever. I will repay with my body." *** AUTHOR'S NOTE: In their previous life, the king felt that he was not a good husband to his wife, so this time around, he would make up to her and be the best husband she could ever hope for. You will witness a total simp, a devoted doting husband who would pamper his wife to no end and give the whole world to her. I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. This story will have a lot of snusnu/lemon/smut and it's not advised to read if you are prudish or underage. Also, there will be magic. A lot of magic because the male lead is a 'god' and the female lead is a 'witch'.

  • Scary Recovery: I Became the Nightmare of Evil Spirits

    Scary Recovery: I Became the Nightmare of Evil Spirits

    Scary Recovery.The whole world had entered the age of horror, and all sorts of ghosts were emerging in endlessly.Ghosts dig your hearts in your home, water ghosts knocked on your door in the middle of the night, water flooded the building, and the female ghost in red catch your soul.However, Su Che treated horror things as romantic things.When the players were chased by the evil spirits, Su Che was playing ball with the ghost's daughter in the underground garage.When the players were in deep distress, Su Che had a good sleep with the devil's wife in his arms.When the horror ranking list was made public all over the world.Looking at Su Che who had married four evil wives at the top of the list, all the players were speechless."Don't go too far!"

  • God-level Recovery,People in the Crypt,Violent Strike Billion of Time

    God-level Recovery,People in the Crypt,Violent Strike Billion of Time


    There are countless fierce beasts in the cave world!Ye Nan crosses the Blue Star and obtains a multi-million-fold crit recovery system.Ten times, twenty times, thirty times… billions of times crit!In the crypt, Ye Nan looked at a grandmaster-level fierce beast golden armor monitor lizard.“Ding! Recovery succeeded!”“A million times crit!”“One billion yuan stone!”“Emperor Rank War Sword Chi Yan!”“Meta Skill Mad Dragon Swallowing Breath Technique!”“Shadow talent!”Through the recovery of the beast, Ye Nan’s strength continued to grow stronger, but his journey was not Blue Star, and the entire… universe!