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  • Entwined souls

    Entwined souls



    This book is silver tier winner of webnovel contest WFP #21 Under "angels and demons series". A demon met an angel in a club accidentally and saved her life. From then the angel sticks with him no matter what. She put every effort to make him fall for her. But did they fell in love coincidentally or is it the fate repeating itself again. Come and join the journey of Asbeel, the first fallen angel and now demon the prince of hell and his half-angel. And see how they fight with heaven to live their forbidden love. Excerpt- "Abigail" A gut wrenching cry shook heaven and earth. An angel was flying towards heaven. His blood shot eyes have so much grief that even angel bowed his head. But the creator was standing there unperturbed. "Why Father, why did you kill Abigail." He asked with so much remorse that blood started seeping out of his eyes. "You were a watcher, yet you led astray the whole Grigori of watchers by falling for the daughters of men. " God asked back, the voice was calm and collected but the swirling storm behind him is a clear indication of his anger towards his own creation. "But I love her father." He begged, pleaded for the life of his lover whose eyes has turned hollow. Those eyes who had kept him spellbound. More blood fell from his eyes. "An angel can't love a human, it's forbidden and you know that." His father rebuked. He was annoyed at the folly of his child. "But we all are your child father, if you want to punish, then punish me. Let her live." If one has to go, then let him be the one. He hugged the soulless body as if he wants to be one with her. His father smirked, "you, my child, has got the worse retribution for your sin" He looked at his father, uncertain what other things he had planned. "She died an easy death, but you, you will live alone an immortal life feeling the pain to be the reason for your beloved dead." The creator explained his innocent child. "Just because she is a human," he asked the obvious can't believe that God can be so cruel to his own creations. "Then let him be the angel." He declared. Growing his nails, he stabbed himself without an ounce of hesitation. His hand encompasses bright light energy and inflict it in his lover's body. The soulless body took a deep breath and her cheeks turned rosy again, the lifeless eyes fluttered and he smiled. He caressed her cheeks and took her fallen strand of hair in his hand, putting it back behind her ears. He looked at the stunned face of his father and smiled. Just then he fell from heaven, losing all the energy his body had, and died. But the good was beyond control. His creation has disgraced his gift. But he can't take the power the fallen angel has gifted to his beloved. "Throw her back to earth before she wakes up. She would never be accepted as angel here." With that he vanished in the air. After 100 centuries.

  • My fairytale

    My fairytale

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    THIS BOOK IS THE BRONZE TIER WINNER OF WPC #151, NEW YEAR SPECIAL-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Every year's last night, the barrier of the land of enchantment is broken. To live the unknown prophesy where a fairy will turn into a witch, will Tammana be the one to make it true?Rehaan met a rude girl at his new year party, who claimed herself as a fairy and the sparks ignited. Oh, don't be mistaken it's not love but war. Sparks to beat her to the core... He thought things will end there. But coincidence brought them together again in his office.And soon their random meetings turn into a strong bond from hatred to love that he even proposed her for marriage. But what he didn't know was the girl is not human but a cursed witch.****Excerpt-Hello miss, may I know your name?" He asked politely to first check whether they are invited or not."No" totally unexpected the girl blatantly denied him. She just gave him a quick glance and continued her giggling and drinking with her friend.It was the first time, someone had disrespected him and that also in his own club and party. But still, he didn't felt anger but amused. Her giggles were like music to the ear. Although he couldn't see her face, he was sure she is one hell of a beauty."Excuse me miss but I am the host of the party and I need to know your name." This time he decided to show some authority to gain their attention.But the girls only giggled again. "Is it the duty of a host to go and ask the name of every person attending the party?" She asks in between their conversation. This time they didn't even spare him a look."No, but I do check when I can't found who the person is. I am sorry but can you tell me who you are?" He asked as politely as possible. But the next reply made him speechless again"No" the girl replied again, she is taking him too lightly.After two. Year's"Run, we can't fight with all of them," Rehaan shouted to gain the girl's attention. But the girl was lost, tears running down her eyes.He tried to hold her hand to drag her but she jerked it off.Bewildered he turned but was thunderstruck to see the fire running out of his beloved hands.She burned the area and the men enough to make them safe.But still dread filled her heart, to see the face of the man she loved.He stood there in awe, but she took it as fear and turn again and ready to disappear.But the man caught her hands realizing his mistakeWiping the tear from her eyes, he hugged the girl with all her might. No words were needed as their body spoke the thought of their hearts.

  • Demon's love

    Demon's love

    My name is Sonetakaru a demon and human hybrid I'm kind of an outgoing guy and this is my story of how I fall in live with a beautiful girl named Sowari in Tokyo March 8th, 2032. This girl gave me a certain look and it gave me a weird feeling and she made it hard nit to look down! This story will hsve battles, dates, and much more. So get your popcorn and get your drinks for the story that is about to unfold, The story of how my life will never, ever be the same!

  • Two different worlds.

    Two different worlds.

    Zora is in her final year of high school when she discovers her world wasn't the real one. She doesn't know if she currently exists in her past, present or future. When love knocks at her door what is she gonna do when her existence is a question unanswered?

  • Dreamcatcher


    Have you ever had a dream lover? That's what Franchesca knew of romance. All her life she has a lover, in her dreams. As she discovers how reality betrayed her, she search for answers hoping to make her dreams become reality. In a place between the real world and a magical dimension, torn with love, hate and passion, would she really find that person who has been her constant silent companion? Can she face her life of lies in place of true love? Can she even face her true form? Or the war that will unfold if she stayed stubborn? When she cant even suppress her emotions. . .

  • Single For Eternity

    Single For Eternity

  • Love Is An Open Door

    Love Is An Open Door

    Grace Wallace is new to the town of Willows, the moment she steps foot things start to go wrong. She goes to Glam high school where she is shunned be all except Jacob Dun. He feels an instant connection to her, they kick of and start their relationship. However there are ups and downs and problems along their way. will their love survive?

  • Just perfect

    Just perfect


  • Reincarnated, just to love you again

    Reincarnated, just to love you again


    WangXue, a powerful guardian dragon in the heavenly realm, felt that he always wanted more in life has heard about the mysterious place below known as earth. On earth, there's a girl name Li Yuan who also felt that there's more to life then meets the eyes and that all her life has something has been missing. Both of them crosses path at a new year festival that will change their life forever. But, being a dragon and a human, they face the impossible: of being together. Can love in one life time be strong enough to be carried over into the next one?....

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