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  • The Sovereignty System

    The Sovereignty System



    Welcome to Planet Victus! A world of kings, nobles, commoners, cultivators, magi, profound beasts, bandits, and even strange unique monsters who are naturally created through strange occurrences of Mana and Qi blending together. Each of them all live and fight together in a time that seemed to resemble Earth’s early iron age. Somehow transmigrated to this primitive world, Ben King has nothing but the clothes on his back and the Sovereignty System which speaks to him in a female monotonous voice. The Sovereignty System will provide Ben with the ability to build an impressive fortress from scratch which, he plans to make use of to secure a defendable home for himself. He is also provided with other ways to increase his strength allowing him to take on anything that this world can throw at him. Will Ben use his system to only build an impenetrable fortress to keep this hostile world at arm's length, or use it for its true purpose to create a kingdom of his own and drag this world out of its stagnant primitive era? Join Ben King as he travels through a new world while trying to make a new life for himself!

  • Marked by Sovereignty

    Marked by Sovereignty


    Abhorring the town of Knight, Xariya lives before it, Narcissu; a needy town being a foot soldier of the royals from the Knight. Xariya just found herself inside the palace of the Knight's emperor, acknowledging to marry the younger prince, Prince Silas. Nonetheless, with favor; to prioritize Xariya's grandmother's protection who didn't cease on her.After their marriage, they have formed love. Not until everything became a mess. A mess from reality.Did she render the right decision when she will know the truth behind her big question all over her life? Will she dwells the same upon knowing the obscure clandestine?***"W-Why?" Shaking, gradually forfeiting strength, she succeeded to whimper a word."It is for good, Xariya.""No! It was for worse! I regret everything! I regret loving you! You're obscure distress that I did not foresee!"

  • Stone of Sovereignty

    Stone of Sovereignty

    Estra is being hunted. For the past ten years she has survived on the run. That is, until she met him and looked into his amber eyes. Once again that question arose when she struck a bargain with him. Would it be her end or her saving grace? Especially if it meant accepting an identity long abandoned to the whispers of the winds.

  • The Heavens Sovereignty

    The Heavens Sovereignty

    Realistic Fiction ACTION ADVENTURE

  • The Journey of Sovereignty

    The Journey of Sovereignty


    Mc is reincarnated in a new world full of surprisesWatch him turn this world upside down-------------------------------------------------------My first novel English is not my main language-------------------------------------------------------Well, I am writing this novel for myself and to develop my writing skills Good suggestions and review are welcome

  • Depth of Feelings (Sovereignty Series #1)

    Depth of Feelings (Sovereignty Series #1)

    For they were too numb and ignorant for not knowing everything and who were behind the incident. However, their ambition and sovereignty were never demolished nor shattered into pieces. They will come back. Fight what must be fought and destroy what must be destroyed. They will prove everything, they will despise everyone. Everything will be restored, witness how justice and truth can be obtained. Hypocrisy at its finest. In a group of comrades, there is always a fake. For they will open your eyes to witness how they turn their backs to hypocrites and greedy. For they will unfold your eyes to witness how depth their feelings were and all will marvel at their return, the Asturias.

  • The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities

    The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities


    Omnipotent A-Grade Cool Female Lead VS Secret Passionate and Domineering Male Lead That Loves Assuming and is Easily Jealous Because she is wrongly placed at birth, Claire and another girl swap lives. Eighteen years later, she acknowledges her roots and returns to her family. From a country bumpkin, she becomes the daughter of a rich family in the capital. However… Her parents favor their fake daughter. "Claire, Phoebe is smart and obedient. She's a thousand times better than you." Her brother protects the fake sister. "Claire! Don't bully Phoebe. Phoebe is innocent, unlike you—you're full of evil tricks!" It's said that she is uneducated and incompetent. Her grades are the worst, and she loves to fight. She is notorious for her misdeeds, and everyone looks down on her. Only one man says domineeringly, "I will dote on you." One day… her disguises are stripped off… The Vice-Chairwoman of the Mathematical Olympiad, the guru of eSports, the hidden miracle doctor, the Chinese Art Master, the diva of the music industry, and the leader of the League of Death. Those identities are all hers?! Everyone starts to worship her: You are a real big shot! Instantly, there are countless suitors. A director extends an invitation for her to film a movie. The next day, the director is banned from the Internet. The Masked King invites her to have dinner with him. The next day, the scandal of the Masked King becomes the hottest topic on the Internet. A rich tycoon gives her a diamond ring as big as a pigeon egg. The next day, the corporation goes bankrupt and he becomes a beggar. A certain envious lover online declares his sovereignty over her. @Claire: "She's my wife."

  • The Eternal Warrior's rise to Sovereignty

    The Eternal Warrior's rise to Sovereignty

    Based on a true story.August, an ordinary soldier, who spent the last 20 years fighting in various wars and battles without making a name for himself gets a second chance.

  • Cecil Bee's Unbridled Sovereignty

    Cecil Bee's Unbridled Sovereignty

    High fantasy with swords and sorcery with a focus on nation-building. A major spin on traditional western fantasy with various abnormal perspectives. As darkness comes to the woeful forest, a cunning hunter tracks its... Please leave comments in the chapters and rate the series. I understand how hard it is to get any feedback for newer writers so if you want help leave a link in the comments. I will try to read it when I have free time and give constructive criticism/praise. On hold, probably won't continue. Started writing and publishing using Amazon.

  • Build Yourself up. Sovereignty is within your grasp!

    Build Yourself up. Sovereignty is within your grasp!

    The first story only Using my own Characters. Not a fan-fiction. the story will have evolution qualities for humans and creatures a well as environment. The other two fan fictions I have will be canabiled into this one. World has gone haywire. Creatures of horror rule micro universe. Humankind has shrunk down to little levels. The main character wakes up from a coma in a world no longer like his own. What to do?

  • The Altered Revenge

    The Altered Revenge

    Isaac Hess lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with his family, three dogs, and evil cat. He likes to read, play video games, and watch movies when he’s not fending off ninjas or escaping alien spaceships. He currently attends Missouri State University and is also the author of The Altered Revenge series, Chomped, Speechless, and James Wallace, a novel for young adults. In a distant future of interstellar travel, planetary colonization, and rampant strife, super-powered humans once known as Altered are forced to live their lives in secrecy under a cruel new regime, the New Human Sovereignty. Now called Remnants, they must try to survive in the face of overwhelming forces. But there is hope. Teth and Pyra, two teenage siblings and Remnants, are getting by. Their lives aren't easy, but they manage to make do with what they have. When a simple mistake drives them apart, Teth must do whatever it takes to get his sister back. Royce, a new recruit in the Hunter Guard Corps., a task force designed to hunt down Remnants, is assigned to his first post. When he finds himself in opposition to his former allies, he is forced to find a way to survive with no powers and some very unlikely new friends. Eve, a Remnant from the desert planet Thirst, sets out on a quest for revenge against one of the most powerful men in the galaxy. Too little too late, she realizes she's in way over her head. On an icy planet in the middle of nowhere, Madlyn "Mad" and Taps Cobb are soldiers in the United Revolution, a rebellious force that stands against the authoritarian New Human Sovereignty. When they are ambushed, Madlyn is forced to make decisions which will determine the fate of her squad and the fate of the Revolution itself. Together or alone, they must face whatever comes at them. For family, for friends, for country, for revenge, or for their very survival.

  • Heirs in Uniform

    Heirs in Uniform

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN AN HEIRESS AND AN HEIR TO A MULTI-BILLION COMPANY ENLIST? THEN AFTERWARDS MEET?There's more than meets the eye when it comes to a military personnel but one thing is for sure they are tough and strong willed individuals.They might came back alive from their tours but it'll never be the same. Their battle scars represent their monsters at the same time they wear it like a medallion with head held high.We owe these brave individuals the peace and sovereignty our country has, for without them, who's willing to sacrifice their life for the country, the world will be in total chaos.

  • The Villain Loaded My System

    The Villain Loaded My System


    Gu Xiyu led a task.He needed to go to a few small worlds to solve the villains whose dangerous index exceeded the standard so that the world can restore its harmony and beauty. It’s just that, the system sent to him was a bit strange. The first sentence it used to greet him was–“Who are you?”In the beginning, Gu Xiyu thought this was a super-intelligent humanized system newly developed by the Administration. Later he felt that his system was sick.In order to fight for sovereignty, the powerful villains will hurt the protagonist. Gu Xiyu thought he would receive an order to stop him with a knife to the villain.The system said, “You send him a bunch of flowers and he may not deal with the protagonist when he is in a good mood.”In order to destroy the empire, the general villain of the empire will severely wound the protagonist prince.System instruction: “If you act cute to him, he may accept your request and not exterminate the human race.”The great demon of the cultivation world captures all kinds of immortal cultivation pills to increase his energy.The system said: “In fact, there is another way for the villain to progress.”“Such as?”“Practice dual cultivation with the villain.”Gu Xiyu:?Because he would be punished for refusing the order, he could only act according to the order. Surprisingly, the progress bar for the reduction of world danger actually moved. But the villain was getting more and more wrong.

  • The Legend of the Elf Emperor

    The Legend of the Elf Emperor


    The last Emperors' War took place a thousand years ago. Many races, such as elves, orcs, goblins, dwarves, fairies, dragons, angels, demons, and humans, erected their empires and fought for sovereignty. Nobody can say why they fought, other than the emperors themselves, who didn't hesitate even once to lead their entire race to war for generations. Many say that the victor wins the right to ascend to the heavens and become a God, however, there has never been a winner. However, all this will change, because the chosen one was born. He was not born in the most powerful race or the weakest, not even in the strongest empire or the weakest citadel. However, his birth is intertwined with the destiny of being the Emperor of Elves!

  • Masked Duo

    Masked Duo

    Mutants travel between worlds and wield powers like algorithms. Overrun by A.I., nations warred in virtual planes. This is an awakening of two irregulars with different backgrounds in a dystopic futuristic world revealing unrivalled potential where:Leaders contend for sovereignty, Players enlist as super-soldiers; and Lone rangers turn mercenaries.

  • monarch of chaos

    monarch of chaos


    Sovereignty over chaos, it's the total control of chaos. Tian Loong is the boy who one day met a miracle that changed the course of his entire life that would make him rule the entire world.

  • Throne of the Frost God

    Throne of the Frost God


    A young boy born as an outcast royal into a world of cultivator forges his path to sovereignty!

  • The Forgotten Goddess

    The Forgotten Goddess


    In this world, Goddesses are real and are worshipped by the majority of the world. There are different kinds of Goddesses for everything — but there was one who can do anything. She was an exception, a being who can be called supreme among the Goddesses, however, she was forgotten and soon was sealed because of some unknown circumstances. How could a Goddess with exceptional prowess to every single thing—lose sovereignty? It's a mystery, indeed.

  • A Carrion filled world

    A Carrion filled world

    Sci-fi CONQUER

    A war has been ongoing between two sides for close to a century. These two sides are the Hegemony Of Lathin and the Federation Of Sovereignty. However now a once seemingly peaceful and neutral civilization has entered the fray declaring war on both sides of the conflict and despite facing the Federation Of Sovereignty and the Lathin Hegemony head on it is not at an disadvantage, it is winning. This is the story of the beginning of the galactic crisis, this is the story of a galaxy's attempt to stabilise and survive. This is the story of the beginning of the end!---------------------------------------------------------------------------The update times for this novel will be one Tuesday and Sunday. For now though I will be stockpileing chapters, As this is my first novel there may be occasional grammer or spelling errors that I make. If you spot any then please tell me so that I can fix them. Apart from that I hope that you can enjoy the novel which is mainly centered around the galaxy's attempts to fend off the crisis.

  • Invasion of Planet Gizmo

    Invasion of Planet Gizmo

    Ralph was a newly recruited Invader for Milburg Royal Invasion Force. He had recently graduated from Milburg Interstellar Academy in Planetary Invasion and Settle-mental Science. He was the honor student in his class and now under the order of MRIF officials his task was to Invade a planet named Gizmo which was recently discovered in the outskirts of Milburg Galaxy. A successful invasion and capture of the planet would grant him full rights to the planet as its King while he would be under the rule of the Sovereign of Milburg. But who knew that this planet and its invasion would not only surprise Ralph, but also shake the very foundations of Milburg Sovereignty. Find out how a remote planet could act as the catalyst to change the very sovereignty which has ruled the galaxy for more than 20000 years.