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  • Shock! The Spell Is In English!

    Shock! The Spell Is In English!

    Fantasy MAGIC CAMPUS


    "Lugh woke up to find that he had transmigrated to a hundred million years later. Earth was now in the midst of a magical era, where mages were icons of nobility, commanding the energies of the world and unleashing devastating spells. Despite his transmigration, Lugh realized that he was a piece of trash when it came to magic, but just as he was giving up on being a mage, he realized in shock that the world’s magics were written in English! Unimaginable power could be obtained when the incantations are read. Saying Thousandfold Meditation accelerated training by ten thousand times, allowing one to reach the level of Archwizard in a single day. Likewise, saying Super Flame Dragon would conjure a divine dragon of flames that stood ten thousand meters tall, while Billion Thunderbolts would summon dark clouds, with a billion thunderbolts descending upon a target in the blink of an eye. Hence, with this special talent, Lugh became the youngest God of Mystics in the era of magic under a year! "

  • Under the Alpha's Spell

    Under the Alpha's Spell

    When young witch Raven kills a werewolf in self-defense, she has no idea of the severity of her actions. In order to stop a war, Raven is sent to serve Alpha Alaric, a dangerous man whose hatred of witches is well known. As Raven acclimates to her new life amongst the enemy, she is shocked to realize that her intense attraction to Alaric is reciprocated. Will Raven survive amongst the werewolves and stop a war…or will she be overtaken by the dangerous passion that threatens to consume her. “‘I trust this will suit your purposes,’ he says. A big four poster bed sits in the middle of the room with. ‘My purpose of sleeping? I would think so,’ I retort and he growls in response. He stalks towards me and I back up until my knees hit the bed. “You’ve got quite the mouth on you, Raven. But I don’t believe it’s being properly utilized,” he whispers in a sexy voice. His lips are so close to mine they are almost touching and I exhale a shallow breath. I’m frozen where I stand, caught in a trance. I feel overwhelmed by him and I tell myself I’m not enjoying it. But I know deep down that it’s not true. Something is anchoring me to him that I can’t explain. I shiver in response to his proximity and he lets out an almost imperceptible growl. I feel compelled to reach up and touch his face, to move my mouth closer so he has better access. I’m the one that’s a witch, but I find myself bound under the Alpha’s spell.” Under the Alpha's Spell is created by Jessica Nicole, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Spell Bound

    Spell Bound


    Born with a frail body, but an exceptional talent for magic, Erina dreams of adventuring through the world.Collapsing due to exhaustion? Who cares? I'm still alive!Enemies? Didn't I tell you I have magic?Cake? Sweets? Ah, you know, good point that's a problem... they taste good okay?! What am I supposed to do to resist...-------"Isn't that... your 5th slice of cake Erina...""Yeah! The cake this place makes tastes so good!!""Goddammit... You make every women jealous Erina with the amount of sugar you consume...""I don't eat that much Yuiko...""it's like a third of your diet stop trying to play innocent.""Fineeee...."-------"Warning": I try to give you diabetes a lot... so be warned?This is a pretty fluffy book! It's a book that you can come back to and read to just destress and get some diabetes from, so don't expect too much... heart palpitations due to plot stress and stuff...Also I'm a still a not a super awesome amazing writer, so expect some parts that might be unrealistic/plot holes(there are a lot lemme tell you), but please bear with me! We can make it to diabetes land together!Also posted on ScribbleHub~ (under Esyix instead because i'm bad at spelling)Cover Made with Charat Choco~!This is a rewrite of my first book... uhh... hmm... Disclaimer: My release schedule is sh- I mean, it's not so great because of school and life...Join my discord!! https://discord.gg/H98XeA4

  • Spell Thief

    Spell Thief

    A family of Knights give birth to an unprecedented genius mage, yet they refuse his mage training, only to have the whole family wiped out. The boy (Judith) escapes, armed with his family's gifts. The boy trains in the Ruby-Fiend families knight art of Flaming Empresses Imperial Will. Judith then comes upon an elderly woman in the swamps and learns magic, while he then gains her inheritance and becomes a Spell Thief. With this new profound power, he strikes out his vengeance against the ruling mage towers who slaughtered his family.Join Judith in his fight for vengeance for the loss of his family and play all those mages in power by stealing and using their own powers against themselves.

  • Kill Spell

    Kill Spell


    We all know the drill by now, either our main characters experience some sort of accident or summoning, they are hurled across dimensions and into another world. But what if the situation is reversed this time and we instead have people coming to our world?Loki was coming from his school home. It was summertime, The exhaustion of heat was making him dizzy. He saw a man coming towards him dressed in fantasy world clothing. He bumped with him. The man was quite aggressive at first but slowly he gets to know more about him. He was summoned into this world where we live in and the system told him to kill all the bosses of each city in Japan. Then he can go back to his world. Throughout the journey, many ups and downs occurred in their lives.Many lives were sacrificed.---------------------------------------Note: There will be some grammar mistakes. Don't mind it.Discord: https://discord.gg/VHKQTBFA5C

  • Spell Programmer

    Spell Programmer


    (Story has taken offline. Please refer to my posts on social media for more info)I was lost, and I wished to disappear from this world. Then my wish was finally granted the day of his betrayal. The day I lost everything.In a matter of seconds, I was swapped away to another world. I used to be an office lady with no strength who only follow orders.Here, I have to fight, run to save my life, and protect my allies. All I want is to go home, will I get back alive?------------------------------------------------All rights reserved (c). Helena Seryma 2018/2020. (note: I first posted this story on my Wattpad account in 2018)

  • Spell slinger

    Spell slinger

  • The Archaic Spell

    The Archaic Spell



    A world where everything you can dream of can be true, a world filled with magic, innovation and the strongest warriors. This is the story about a world which was divided into three kingdoms each of them were living in harmony and peace but nothing lasts forever, soon the world ran into chaos after an individual chose to take revenge on those who were the reason for his tragic life, family and now he holds nothing but grudges against them. With the ambition in his heart to conquer the whole world, he’ll do everything to achieve his goals but little did he know that he was just a pawn in someone’s story. Darkness was lingering in the depths within his kingdom.

  • A Cursed Spell

    A Cursed Spell

    I was just a normal girl, living with my grandpa and sister, Lucy. Even though I knew that vampires were present in this world, I ignored their presence. They had never harmed me or any human for that matter. Why would I be afraid of them when I hadn't even seen their hair? Who would have thought that I would be selected as a human partner of the most eligible bachelor in the world of American vampires, the crown prince, Liam? But that was just the start of my life filled with emotions, struggles, drama, action, mystery, and even magic.

  • Absolute Spell Decryption

    Absolute Spell Decryption

    Fantasy MAGIC

    Dreue a young magus trainee of a fallen noble family lost his sight due to unforeseen accident in his first year at the academy. With his vast knowledge, persistent effort and unique view of magic coupled with fated encounter, he gained the ability to see magic beyond the mere act of spell casting. Follow his journey his journey as he use magic in a way which has never seen before.

  • Spell Trouble

    Spell Trouble


  • Lifetime Spell

    Lifetime Spell


    Elysian Elixir Tierra is her real name inside the unreal world that changed her normal life when she learnt that she is the daughter of the missing Queen Iredessa Laine Tierra of Salvaniah, All that saved her from losing her mind were his newfound friends and the bond they shared as enchantresses. The enigmatic Damian Cleofe has the answers she seeks. But is he just after her power? Or is he the reason why her mother is gone? A distinctive journey into the magical world of Salvaniah, Elysian Elixir Tierra can no longer trust no one, especially not a alluring son of invidious Damian Cleofe. Trapped between duty and love, she lived life in an abrupt end, even as she longs to forgive.'The hardest battle is between what you know in your head and what you feel in your heart.'

  • The Spell Within~

    The Spell Within~


    For thousands of years, my family has been running from the demons which seek to terminate the last lineage of the ancestral witches of the coven. I am the most powerful witch remaining but I haven't fully manifested my powers. The struggle is how to balance my life between my best friends, the guy I love and my duties as a witch while keeping my secret a secret and staying hidden.

  • Spell Dancers

    Spell Dancers


  • Jadens spell

    Jadens spell

  • The Demon Spell

    The Demon Spell

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Forbidden Spell Master

    Forbidden Spell Master


    In the world of Spell Masters, there are various types of spells and many unknown attributes. Humans constantly discover new attributes and study spells for them. But more than often people with unknown attributes are neglected. Easton also has an unknown attribute and there is no record of this attribute in the books. Because of this, he was shunned by the society of Spell Master. But one day this attribute awakened and he realised its name. He possesses an Unknown Attribute of- 'Love' One of the emotions that every human experiences in their life. Our protagonist has this unknown attribute that humankind has never seen. Follow Easton as he uses this mysterious attribute to conquer countless beauties and let the world taste power of love! ..... Easton transmigrated to a world ruled by Spell Masters. In this World, Spell masters are supreme with the highest status and are respected by the masses. Their one word can change the pattern of an Empire or seal the fate of any person. But with unknown attribute and with poor background he does not have resources to practice spells. But he transmigrated with a strange system. This system does not help him achieve the peak of life or help him become a superb Spell Master. Since the system is bound with him, it has only given him one task that is to collect 100 gold coins. To complete the Mission He saved up all the resources for two years and finally the mission was completed. Since then started to walk on the path of Spell Master with his pocket filled with gold coins and a harem filled with beautiful woman's. ...... { || R-18 || Threesome || Harem || Polygamy || Maids || Nympho || Milf || Teacher-Student relationship || } [If you don't like any of the above tags then don't read this book! This book is not made for you. Only a true gentleman who understand various culture are recommended to read this book.] || WARNING: High Sexual content! Read with caution! Can make you addicted! || || All the Content in this book are purely fictional! In the real world stuff like this would never happen. so read for fun only! || [English is not my native language. so I hope that you will forgive me for that. If you find some grammar or typos comment on that section] [This synopsis is not that attractive I know but I can only say that this novel will not disappoint you I have never been good with a synopsis so forgive me!] •••|| Update frequency starting 2 to 3 chapters per weak. If there are more power stones then more chapters. Let's set a Small target. 20 Power stone = 2 Extra Chapters 40 power stone = 4 Extra Chapters This offer is only for a limited time! ||••• ••••[This cover does not belong to me I got it from the internet if the owner wants then he can comment then i will remove it.]•••• ••••[This is my first book so there are many mistakes but I will improve it]••••

  • The love spell

    The love spell

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

  • The blood spell

    The blood spell