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    Shantayvia was borned In Montego Bay at the Cornwall Regional Hospital as an unhealthy child, having 10% chance of living.Until one suprisenly day Shantayvia Mother got the news***The Doctor Called.Miss Parker! "Shouted Doctor James". May I have a word with you? As Dorian walked nervously across the room with fear and Faith In her face, she hoped it's a good news.*******Hello! Guys not all the details will me here preferred in the story...This story is about "life and death" based on a true story written by me... I hoped y'all enjoy this story and comment on what you think of it. I'm not good on writing stories but this is my time to try. If you don't try how do you expect to win. The moto that guide me is "No matter who you are, what you are never give up because you can become from Nothing to Something.__________________________________________________________________________________Session 1 (Chapter one) When it All Began 1-662 : Shantayvia

  • Wizard World:Struggles of dimensions

    Wizard World:Struggles of dimensions



    Wizards, Magic, gods, Martial arts,numerous worlds, and grand civilizations that run through numerous multiverse in the void, a place filled with countless planes and numerous planar universes. Follow on the epic journey as Layton a seemingly ordinary human from earth reincarnated into a mortal on a weak plane managed by wizards as he follows the wizard path to the peak and beyond.

  • Smartphone Struggles

    Smartphone Struggles

    "Before you reincarnate to another world, do you have any requests?" Mc: Can I bring my smartphone? God: Sure, I'll even put a few upgrades like infinite battery life... Mc: Really?!?! God: Is that all? Mc: Yes! God: All right, text you later! A vortex swallowed Jason as he starts unraveling a carefree life...maybe...

  • Lifeless struggles

    Lifeless struggles


    21 year old Audra Peterson struggles to make a living and provide for her 6 year old son Aiden. When she recently was fired from her job the debts started rolling in causing big problems regarding Aiden. Worried she will lose her son she sets out to make quick money, when a job presents itself. However this job comes at a price Audra is willing to pay. If it's for her son, she'd do anything, and I mean Anything........

  • Heir Struggles

    Heir Struggles

  • Struggles of Fox

    Struggles of Fox

    Life is hard .Being an animal is hard .Reincarnation is hard .This is the life of Fox .Who is a fox .Who died a fox.. . .. . .. . .And reincarnated as . . . a fox .

  • Love struggles

    Love struggles

  • A Villainess's Struggles

    A Villainess's Struggles



    My name is Natalie, I was born as the eldest daughter of my family. I realized I reincarnated into a romance comic when I was 5. I'm now in the body of the villainess of the comic!I'm also very unlucky. I get involved with the main characters despite not wanting to. God is never on my side!But y'know what's the worst part about this?At the end of the comic, I get arrested!Follow me on my journey to somehow stop this...~~~~~This is a work of fiction, the story and all names and places are not real. Any similarities are pure coincidences.If you want to support me by buying a coffee: do not own the image used in the cover.

  • Struggles of Bryl

    Struggles of Bryl


    Brylinn looks like an average girlDoes she? Not at allWith the face of an angelThe body of a modelEyes that take your breath awayAnd the fact that she's a werewolfBeing unable to shift when others of her age did, she's forced to take on the role of an Omega despite being an Alpha's daughter. However, unlike other Omegas she has the fight inside her. She might be an Omega but no one cares to touch her or force her into doing anything she doesn't want to. People try and fail to get her to submit........ Except her mate.Alpha Hayden doesn't look any bit averageWith grey eyes that look like the moonA perfectly structured faceA body as solid as rockAn aura that spells off dangerAnd the fact that he is the strongest Alpha in the world which gave him the title of 'King of Alphas'He is far from averageHe never wanted a mate and never seemed to need one.He always prayed never to have one as he believes that women are dangerous, toxic and weak.He's always used to having things done his own way and is perfectly content with how his life is.One day changes it all when a goddess-looking she-wolf crashes into his territory and surprisingly beats up all his guards and even his beta.More surprisingly is the fact that she is unable to shift and is his mate. He is determined to break her and prove that women are indeed lesser creatures forgetting that she is THE FIGHT.

  • life of struggles

    life of struggles

  • Struggles Of Sisters

    Struggles Of Sisters

    Growing up I used to hate the word parent because I never had one .I never wanted to be controlled because I thought it wasn't important. My sister took all the responsibilities of me and the struggle was real because it was never easy

  • The life struggles

    The life struggles

  • The Struggles

    The Struggles

  • Their Struggles

    Their Struggles

    War&Military ACTION CONQUER

    Their StrugglesIn war, the two largest countries in the world, Sabourina and Keugts, are fighting neck to neck.(discontinued)

  • Struggles of Shasha

    Struggles of Shasha

    Li Man was enrolled In a school filled with Belles and beaus, being ugly she was surprisingly not an outcast but instead friends with the most beautiful people in her new school. She was very soon betrayed by two of her friends which she considered close to her. Let's see how she struggles while trying to cope with her sweet teeth and school work.




    I have learnt a lot from my life that life is not so easy to pass. A lot people struggles from their own phase .The thing is we should not be so sensitive that we loose faith and motivation at the time of hardship.This world has two faces everyone is selfish .I'm not saying that everyone is worse and cruel,the point is we should not trust anyone. Apperance may often deceptive so, man is friend for himself ..There are only few that will take pity and be delighted. I have a story of a girl which proves the truth of this reality

  • Struggles Of Life

    Struggles Of Life


  • A struggles of a girl

    A struggles of a girl

    It's a story of a girl who is having many problems in her life her family don't give her permission to study she even don't have a mobile she decided to continue her study she do a course online sh is such a intelligent girl her family torcher her day by day they hit her but she don't loose her hope she is still studying

  • one year of struggles

    one year of struggles

  • Struggles of a Retired Assassin

    Struggles of a Retired Assassin

    As a sadistic, ruthless killer, Valerie Alder was one of the world's most skilled assassins, able to kill thousands alone. The shine of her blade, the glimmer of her gun, the twisted light of her eyes. Just these signs were enough to make her enemies grovel in defeat.After all, the reason she was so infamous wasn't because of her overwhelming skills in assassination, no, the reason was because of her cruel techniques. If one displeased her in the slightest way, they would find themselves with a life worse then death. That was why submitting without resistance was the most reasonable action. If you did such a thing, she would either give you a painless death or, on a few rare occasions, spare you.However, soon she left the scene, wanting a peaceful life. Of course, everyone cleared a straight path for her, some even going out of their way to lead her to the exit. But simply after a few years, many forgot her name, making her a distant memory. And when a few men bluntly began disrespecting her in a night club, she decides that her break is finally over.