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  • Tower


    A simple Tower Climb novel.

  • Crazy Necromancer in the Ruined Tower

    Crazy Necromancer in the Ruined Tower



    [WPC #238 Silver prize winner] What do you think is the dirtiest and most vile thing in the world? A rotting corpse? shit on the roadside? or was it the blood splashed all around due to a massacre? No, they aren't. Humans. humans are the vilest and dirtiest creatures ever..... ' ' He was a boy who was seen as a murderer by society, a wicked one who killed his father. was there ever someone who asked him why he did that? He doesn't remember since it was all the past that he didn't regret one bit. His life was dull like a sunflower without sunlight, He was slowly losing his motive to live, was there one in the first place? That's when a reason to live appeared... [You have been chosen to have a chance to climb the forgotten Tower of Ruins, do you want to take the test of the Ruined tower?] [Yes/No] but that was not the end of his story, the beginning of the Crazy Necromancer's Myth was yet to start..... --------- Stay tuned! Share it! Support it! if you are looking for a novel with MC fuc***g female characters left and right like a harem genre, then you are in the wrong place, if not then enjoy! The reference images for most of the characters were provided in discord, Join fast! Discord link :

  • Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!

    Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!



    Every twenty years, the world of Tower Defense arrives to take away people and make them participate in the survival game. You can get unimaginable rewards if you can win. You can also inflict severe damage to your country if you lose. Pierce finds himself in this world, and sent to the Tower Defense alone, while other teams have a hundred people. Fortunately, he awakens golden hint system. Not only can he see useful alerts, he can also discover the fatal weaknesses of his enemies. Every monster he takes down rewards him with top-tier prizes. While the other players are still struggling, he is already swinging his swords to take the lives of gods.

  • Tower Ascension

    Tower Ascension



    Check out my new book: Sword Devil Also Dual Cultivates? and, I Lied To Become Village Chief Inside the tower, you can god's strength, immortality, riches, status, but you will have your freedom. Once you enter the tower, you will be stuck forever. But, there was one person, a singularity that can leave and enter the tower as he wishes. It is said that he has vanished for millions of years, and during these years, towers have summoned millions of people to climb them. Unfortunately, no one has ever crossed the top floor of the tower. Peter was a bachelor student who lives in a world protected by soul defenders and hunted by monsters. On a faithful day, he dies while saving people. Was he a hero? He wanted to be one but fate made a joke with him five years ago when he couldn't awaken the supernatural power. In his last breath, he just hoped he can get good karma in his next life. But who would have thought he would be summoned by the tower? Now, he has a chance to get stronger, get the power that he desired, and completely change his hero mindset. Let's join Peter's journey on his quest to find his true dream as dozens of obstacles arise on his path, he uses what he is best at to tackle them. Power corrupts people, but Peter corrupts power. He wanted to become a magnet that attracts power. He wanted to be a container to hold that power. But, he still misses his family. Would he give up climbing the tower to meet his family? Can he reach the hundredth r to meet his family? What has fate stored for him to discover? ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: This time I am coming up with a new story to blow your mind. If you want an action RPG style, modern and ancient world setting which has the tower as its core, then this book is for you. Support the author with powerstones, gifts, and golden tickets for mass release and bonus chapter. Discord-

  • Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

    Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction



    # SSS # COPY This was the apocalypse. Humanity was at the brink of extinction, all resources were exhausted, and the entire world was in ruins. Just then, enormous, mysterious black towers appeared in various locations across the globe. Inside the towers, there were huge amounts of resources. The greater the number of floors of the towers, the more resources it contained. However, corresponding to that, there were also more powerful beasts protecting them. The only way for one to obtain what he desires is to become stronger and defeat them. As such, at the demand of the Global Federal Government, teenagers who are of age have to go to the towers to awaken their talents. Liu yan, who had transmigrated here, awakened the SSS-rank talent: “God-tier Extraction.” Extract the impurities, and increase the power level of his equipment. Extract the beasts, and obtain resources to level up. Until one day, he realized that he could extract the stats and talents of other people… This marked the beginning of Liu yan's journey of endless harvesting.

  • The Elemental Tower

    The Elemental Tower


    Lin Ke was a notorious cheapskate when it came to mobile game. He was always reluctant to spend money on starter packs, even for one-dollar bundles. However, the day he decided to buy a starter pack for a gacha game, he found himself transported into that game's world. Fortunately, the starter pack came with a female hero—and not just any female hero, but the queen of dragons who swore absolute loyalty to him. With that begins Lin Ke's bumpy journey as he strives to survive in this world, fending off ferocious enemies' attacks as he tries to level up his comrades and buildings with the game's system. Will he succeed? Read on and find out where Lin Ke's adventure brings him!

  • The Tower

    The Tower

    Waking up all alone, Zhang Hao suddenly finds himself at the bottom of the tower devoid of his memories and clutching only a ceremonial dagger with the engraving 63rd floor guardian. Not having any other clues aside form the dagger, Zhang Hao decides to climb the tower again in hopes to regain his memories.Follow Zhang Hao as he trudges his way to unravel the darkest secrets of the tower.

  • Will of the Tower

    Will of the Tower

    This is a novel based off the popular web comic “Tower of god” but of course like any other fan fiction there will be “Slight Differences”The story begins as The 25th Bam (yes that is his name) chases after his most precious friend Rachel who wanted to go up the “Tower” that can grant you anything and everything. Rachel is one of the many chosen by the Tower to undertake the challenges. But unlike Rachel, Bam was a “irregular” ......... but what is a irregular? Well that is something you have find out as you read through the story. ENJOY

  • Tower of Erase

    Tower of Erase


    Kyra Burkhardt, a fairy who was abused by her own father, the Fairy King. In the midst of disasters, she attempts to escape with her mother and live quietly in the mortal realm. But she failed. Facing her father's wrath, her mother rushes in to save her. Watching her mother die, her heart was pierced with uncontrollable fury. She raised her sword against him but she died in his hands. By some miracle, a voice called out to her. Reviving her from the door's death. And yet, what she saw when she came back is a desolate hometown burned and crushed into crisp. Bodies of fairies were scattered in the streets, some were hung in the World Tree. Others were hung on display at the Elven Croft Palace. And one of them is her father. Then the voice speaks to her again, "Do you want to get revenge on the mortals who massacred your race?" Her body is shaking from the anger that eats away her mind. When she heard mortals, her body shivers uncontrollably. "They did this?" "Yes," "Where can I find them?" "Come to the Tower of Erase." ***** Seven realms. Seven race. Seven champions. But only one will prevail.

  • Tower of Worlds

    Tower of Worlds


    In the twenty-first century, a gigantic tower rising to the heavens appeared in the middle of the oceans. Unreachable by the hand of man, it has gradually found its place on earth like a strange monument, source of mystery. Some saw it as a divine answer, others as a danger, but no one was indifferent.While the world tried to unravel its mysteries, it was a message several months later that brought humans into turmoil. Across the globe, it called out to humans: in all languages ​​and at all ages, they received the same message.” Come ! Come climb the Tower of Worlds ! Give up your lives, your families, your friends and this world! It is a lifelong commitment to the unknown that is offered to you and it is up to everyone to challenge it. “

  • Rise of the White Dragon

    Rise of the White Dragon



    On May 28 of the year 2010, the third awakening happened. Several smaller worlds had returned to connect with the main world as living beings of different races started to appear and some people managed to connect with the origin and gain control of various powers: control of fire, of water, of wind, of air, and of the earth... In the midst of all these confusions, towers that gave unimaginable powers began to appear in all corners of the world, where those who already had powers could upgrade and become more powerful or even those who did not have powers could receive powers through tests of the tower. And because of these towers, conflicts started to happen in all corners of the world by those wanting to monopolize these towers. Luan Dimas was transported back four months before the third awakening that started the apocalypse on earth. Being a man who lived for a thousand years and had accumulated several techniques, he now had a new chance to correct some of his early mistakes. Luan decided to make the most of this new chance that the heavens had given to him. * The 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we currently live on, so don't use our common sense for this novel. After all, this is pure fantasy. Discord Server:

  • Xy's Tower

    Xy's Tower



    Xy was an ordinary young man from the land of Gaia; he never knew what future events would happen later on, what would change his whole life, and the destiny of the World he is living in. This is Xy's Tower. Join the Xy's Tower Discord!

  • Zenith's Tower

    Zenith's Tower



    On an average day as Ellis was riding his bike to work, a giant looming tower appeared before him.The mysterious tower seemed to call to him, beckoning him inside.Inside the tower held a completely different world with danger and excitement around every turn.As more and more people began entering the tower the economy slowly shifted toward being a Tower Walker.Will Ellis survive this changing world?Or will he perish like countless others?Welcome to Zenith's Tower.---------------------------------------------------If you want to support me or see art from the story:Patreon:

  • Tower Academy

    Tower Academy


    Tower Academy - Genesis - Updates SundaysTristan Valdanes was a 7th-year Cadet at the Imperial Magic Knight Academy. A prodigy in the School of Conjuration and the School of the Spellsword. His only rival, the Emperor's son, Marcus.All that changed with the arrival of the Grey Tower. A dark spire rising out of the ruins of the School of the Ritualist. A Herald of the Apocalypse. Armed with a dream of the future, the Cadets must prevent the plague of monsters from spreading across the world. They must if they are to Explore the inner world of the Tower. An inner world called the Hollow. Tristan must prevent the apocalypse of undeath so he can venture into the Hollow, the Grey Tower that stands in the ruins of the Ritualist College, and the heart of the plague of monsters that siege the world.

  • Tower Of Unknown

    Tower Of Unknown


    Arthur was the legendary trash which most of the heroes were. But with the twist of fate, he got blessed by an ancient tower. The Tower Of Unknown Watch Arthur as he conquers all beings along with his sister and subordinates. ------------------------ Chapters per week : 1~3 Chapter length : 700~800

  • Infinity Tower

    Infinity Tower


    Infinity tower. There is a tower, that breaks through the clouds and touches space itself, its mystery is beyond the outsiders, because every battle mage who goes in has never came back, it stands proud, and sparks the curiosity of any one who see's it. Everybody knows about it, but lots are afraid of it. An adventure, of mastering the elements, peaking through the power echelons, touching the edges of earth, conquering land, and transcending, finally it will always lead to the tower. Thirst with curiosity to follows his father foot-steps, as he goes inside the infinity tower of no return. Inside of it is a vast mystery that he will see for himself, to learn the truth of the cosmic project, that is being played behind the curtains. Why do people have bracelets in the arm? Where does magic come from? More and more, people disappear, all the most powerful have entered, and the emperors are starting to feel alone. Why has the gods vanished and to where? Where has all the heroes went to? Why after a thousand years, no one has ever came back from the tower? Is the truth to existence in the tower? Why does it feel like the right thing to do is to know what's inside all this, where does it lead one? "To know the truth. It's just as simple as entering, isn't? " "Who is that voice!" As easy as that the journey begins.

  • Infinite Tower

    Infinite Tower


    A young man who desired to change was granted his wish. His journey will be aided by the Infinite Tower. His only goal is to get stronger. But is that all he has to do, or is there something else he has to contend with?

  • Tower of Blood

    Tower of Blood


    Towers began appearing all over the world, and unfortunately for Michael, he was the first to enter one. With no before hand knowledge, and nobody to help him, he must journey up the tower and figure out his purpose, and why, only he, was granted a unique class.

  • Tower of Sinners

    Tower of Sinners


    A sinner. Who cannot remember his name. Condemned to hell by god, to walk the burning path. To join… those who suffer. He is faced with challenges around every last corner, to learn who he is, and why he was in hell, and how to get out. To learn his reasons for existence, to walk the Burning Path. Horror, dread, death, pain, blood… suffering. He must learn how to use magic and spells to grow stronger as he descends, or ascends the tower. Choices will be made, and pain will come.

  • Rising Tower

    Rising Tower

    The tower.It is said that the person who reaches the top will have unlimited power that can destroy planets.But after thousands of years, no one has reached the top.Wanting to conquer the tower, River waited until the day he could enter the tower.Follow River as he meets enemies, friends, and conquers the Rising Tower.

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