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  • Tyrant



    The 5,000 year old peace forged by the blood of the ancestors of the Realm of Elysian is about to be broken. The forces of the Dragonkin are starting to move and a new battle for the Realm is fast approaching. Who would become the true rulers of the Realm? would it be the Dragonkin or would the other races put aside their differences and band together once more to defend their way of life.Rahz is a half Elf/Barbarian boy who dreams of reaching the peak of the Berserker class and earn the title of Tyrant. Follow Rahz as he embarks on a journey to become a legend. Would he become a Tyrant or would he become so much more.Join Us on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/b2basics

  • Tyrant




  • Dear Immortal Tyrant

    Dear Immortal Tyrant



    [Mature Content.] "I'll always be by your side, next to you, on top of you, behind you... The choice is yours to make." An immortal who has lived a millennium... He went by many names, many lives, many titles, but one stuck with him the most... Kaden. One look and you'd think you've met the devil. Dangerous, devious, and indifferent, people always bowed their heads to him—except for the woman that brought the tyrant to his knees. A woman with a special ability and curse... Lina. She was cursed with clairvoyance—the ability to see a person's close or far future. When most don't remember their childhood, Lina remembered her first life. Since birth, she had repeated nightmares about a man who supposedly died. 1000 years after his death, Lina sees him again, and he wants everything to do with her. Unfortunately, there's nowhere in this world she could go that he couldn't find her. What'd happen to the frightened Lina and the devious Kaden? Will they find love again? Will she run from the truth? Would he let her leave? A human girl and an immortal, together... it is a love that sent the world to its knees. + + + + + Warning: Strong sexual content. You might get addicted to the book ;) Connect with me: Instagram: www.instagram.com/xincerely_author Facebook: www.facebook.com/xincerelywriter/ Email: xincerely1@gmail.com Cover: A commissioned art piece drawn by Laylee Hui. All rights exclusive. Editor: diane_loves_2_read

  • The Tyrant's Pet

    The Tyrant's Pet



    Aries Aime Heathcliffe. A princess from the small kingdom of Rikhill was loved by all. With her beauty that was enchantingly demure and a wise mind, she had caught a lot of attention and captured the hearts of many. One of them was the dashing crown prince of the Maganti Empire. Overcome by the desire to have her and his interest in the land of the small kingdom, the crown prince of the said empire would stop at nothing. The knights from the Maganti Empire marched across the masses and seized the four-hundred-year-old kingdom of Rikhill. The kingdom of Rikhill fell into ruin overnight. The crown prince left no members of the royal family alive aside from his war trophy, Aries. After suffering in his hands, Aries found the perfect chance to escape. That was when he took her to the world summit. A gathering of each sovereign from each kingdom and empire for peace talks. There, she met the emperor of Haimirich, Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth. Overwhelm by desperation, Aries begged him to take her in. It was too late when she realized that the man she asked for help was far more cruel, twisted, and downright diabolical than the crown prince for taking her as his… pet! EXCERPT: With a pair of crimson eyes hovering over her, Aries held her breath. When the corner of his lips curled up devilishly, she couldn’t react fast as he swiftly flipped their position. She only realized it when she was saddling him, gazing down at Abel, wide-eyed. “No one is above me in this empire and even out — not even the law, but look at you,” he intoned with a devilish smirk. “Staring down on me… so daunting.” Aries bit her lip, planting her palm on her inked chest. “Your Majesty…” “Do you now understand the power you hold, darling?” Abel carefully wrapped his fingers around her wrist, chuffed by her reaction. “Only you, Aries, may go above me and the only person in this world who can look down on me. No one else.” He raised an arm and ran his fingers through the side of her hair, settling his palm on the back of her head before he pulled her down until her face was a palm length away from him. “You better use this at your own disposal,” he whispered, tilting his head as he lifted it up to claim what’s his. HER. Meet Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth, the sadistic tyrant, who reigned an empire with an iron fist. With his pet, Aries’ increasing presence in his boring, dark life, he was set to kill her. But alas, every time he thought of taking her life, he finds himself changing his mind. The more he kept her by his side, the more it got harder to dispose of her. And the more he yearned for something deeper and darker... it was driving him insane. With a secret he was keeping from her, what would Abel do if Aries found out about the rotting truth behind the empire and the emperor? Would he kill her? Or kiss her? Perhaps cage her? And if she found out that Abel wasn’t just a normal human, would she try to escape? Or would she accept that he wasn’t just a demon incarnate? In a complicated world that tainted them black, was love even possible to bloom between a pet and her master? Watch as these two play the dangerous and insane game of love and lust. Who would be the master and the pet? Who was the prey? Read to find out more. --------- Original Story by: alienfrommars FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommars Discord server: https://discord.gg/tbS4rKec3e Disclaimer: Cover not mine. Got it from Pinterest. Credits to the artist.

  • The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen

    The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen



    Why does the King want to take the daughter of a country noble as his bride? Aren't there so many other women more qualified to marry him???It has been a few months since the second Prince conquered the throne through a path of blood. One of his first decrees states he will marry the daughter of Duke Bursio, Veronica.Yet, the girl is more than unwilling. And not only because of the ferocious reputation of the young tyrant.She has a secret to keep, and becoming the Queen of Alba would be a risk she's reluctant to take. She is the Princess of Mages. Her powers shall be hidden, for the church persecutes anyone with some affinity with magical arts.Avoiding the King's orders is impossible until she comes up with a plan: she can't get married twice, right? As such, she just has to find another man that will accept her and perform the sacred ceremony before the King has the chance to get his hands on her.The guard at her door, Ignis, seems just the perfect person. They knew each other as children, and this unexpected reunion looks like the last opportunity fate has to offer.WARNING: smut.The cover is mine. Don't use it without permission.***From the story:I bend lower, approaching his lips. I keep a close distance from our mouths so that they don't touch, but not enough to avoid my breath tickling him when I talk.«Can you swear you won't complain no matter what I do?»«I can. I won't fight back against you, Veronica. I swear it on my honour and my life.»«That's so tempting, you know? Letting me do whatever I want...» I pull the side of the shirt apart, detaching the two buttons I forgot to undo. «Are you sure I'm a little lamb who won't take advantage of your offer?»I place a digit on his chest, making sure he feels the nail pressing. Since he doesn't react, I scratch him. Not too deep, just enough to make him realise I'm not joking.No reaction at all. Not even a frown. Not a single word.«Oh, I'm ready to test your honour tonight,» I whisper, dragging my hand on his stomach.***Chat with the author!Discord: bit.ly/discordxiaohaiInstagram and Facebook: xiaohai_23Kofi: ko-fi.com/xiaohai_23My other works:- Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen (historical romance, completed)- Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate (fantasy romance, completed)- Unexpected Gift (sci-fi romance, ongoing, free)

  • Her Fated Tyrant

    Her Fated Tyrant



    Della Mabel died tragically after being called cursed and transmigrated into Theodore Castillo body, whose death was really mysterious. The real Theodore was more mysterious then she could ever imagine since for others the real Theodore (Theo) was mentally ill. Soon after transmigrating she got tangled with a really cold blooded Prince in an accident. He now doesn't want to leave her and what more, he want to own her??...Slowly she lifted up her eyes and from leg to head stared at every thing and gulped. Jasper was standing in front of her while drying his hair which gave him a more sexy look on his totally naked body.Not even a towel was blocking Theo eyes from reaching Jasper's abdomen and she again gulped and silently turned around to leave.Her heart beating faster and nervousness was written all over on her sweaty face. Jasper grabbed her collar and pulled her back, "Where do you think you are going after having such a nice look at my breathtaking body".Her throat was dry because of the nervousness and she gulped twice and thrice but didn't turned toward him since she could feel his naked body which was touching her back as he kept her from leaving the room."Breathtaking body? Hahaha.." forcefully she smiled.Her body leaning on his and he left her collar and grabbed around her waist, "Are you insulting this prince charming sexy body? Why don't you turn around and have a talk with me in that way you will be able to know how good my body is".It was as if her body left the strength and breath become quicker, "Won't it be good if you wore some clothes before having a talk with me. Don't worry, I won't run away!".He chuckled and his warm breath tickled her nape, bringing his face closer to her nape he took a deep breath as if sniffing her, "Run away? Even if you escape to another world, I will still get you back".She pushed him and looked in his eyes forcefully even though her eyes were dying to avert the direction, "Well, it was my fault that I came from window without telling you"."There is no need for a sorry, if I want to get even with you, I will just put off your clothes until I see you naked and get my revenge," he replied.    

  • The Tyrant's Wife

    The Tyrant's Wife



    "The harder I try to hate you, the deeper I fall for you." His presence irked her to the core, but whenever he got out of her sight, she missed him?! …. A tyrant, known to be the city's infamous playboy. As an executive assistant, she was forced to work under him by the most cruel twist of fate. If losing her job overnight was a nightmare, then working under a boss like Desmond Fort was hell. He was an arrogant narcissist with an ego bigger than the whole of Imperium city, but that was not what angered her the most. The most infuriating fact was that despite his constant assholery, her heart seemed to stupidly skip a beat every time he gazed at her with those devilishly charming eyes. She knew she was making a mistake but that didn't stop her from sinking deeper and deeper into his charm. All she wanted now was to leave! But leaving hell was not nearly as easy as getting in.

  • Marrying A Tyrant To Save The Kingdom

    Marrying A Tyrant To Save The Kingdom



    No Time For Men When My Revenge Is Brewing! Thrown into a loveless marriage with a monster, guilty of being born in the warring era; she was left empty-handed. Era, an enticing beauty with valorant soul. Yet her shattered heart, clouded by hatred, she desired something more. Vidor, the enraged powerful tyrant with a curse. Light emerged in his hell- life in the unimaginably painful way. *********** "Stay away from me!" Era screamed at the top of her lungs as her feet found their lining in retreating backwards till she hit the wall. DEAD END! A soft chuckle resounded in the poorly lit room followed by a bone-chilling voice that seemed to make one's knees buckle upon hearing it. "And why should I? Or have you forgotten that your parents willingly gave you to me to spare their sorry lives and that of your people?" Sobs! Sniffs! "They may have, but it was a sacrifice I chose to pay." "Great. I love that boldness little rabbit, but you belong to me now and that includes all of you." His dark onyx eyes roamed over her body lustfully as his tongue stylishly slid out of his mouths licking his lower lips before covering the little gap between them. "Every inch of you." "NEVER! I... HATE... YOU, MONSTER!!" “Hahaha… Until then. I would wait till the day you beg and want me, my little rabbit." ************* MATURE CONTENT! Cover not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Cover edited by PayalSinghRajput Discord server: http//discord.gg/BH666ZK Instagram: felixlesah Discord: BaeVida#7167 Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/baevida

  • I Was Skeleton Tyrant

    I Was Skeleton Tyrant

    When he woke up, he found that he had become the lowest level skeleton soldier? And surrounded by a group of cannon fodder skeletons with the same attribute panel as himself!Current Lv1! It took him some time to accept the fact.Francis rushed into the pile of skeletons and tried to attack the unconscious skeletons with his fists, and failed! Well, can only pick up the thigh bone dropped by some brother on the ground, a hammer down, and knocked over a skeleton soldier even thinner than himself.Upgrade, from the bullying of the weak!Swallowed the ghost fire in the skull of the small skeleton soldier, the panel changed, experience point+1!Brush monsters along the way! Unlock the skill Slave's Rope! Looked at the panel of the skeleton in front of him and received it under his command with tears. What? The host can share half of the earnings of the undead? You can enslave a stronger character than yourself by willpower crushing? That must not be crazy slavery!The rapidly upgrading Francis went on a killing spree! He didn't want to be the lowest level of cannon fodder! Devouring, enslaving, never stopping The bodies and wills of the undead pave the way to the supreme skeleton king!

  • The Tyrant Gentle Husband

    The Tyrant Gentle Husband



    Elena never knew the world that she lived in was a novel world. Elena is a villainess in the novel "Ceo's Moonlight," and Elena's character aims to help the male lead get along with the heroine. Elena didn't bully the female lead like any other villainess, but her existence as the male lead's wife made the female lead realized her foolishness and made her come back to the male lead. Elena has been married to Luke Vander, the male lead, for three years, but Luke never acknowledged her as his legal wife at all and kept their marriage in the dark. Luke Vander ignored Elena's existence and left her alone in this marriage. Then Luke Vander got an accident and was in a coma. In the real novel, Luke would wake up after one year in a coma and divorced his legal wife and got married to Miona Jeremy, the female lead. But everything changed when Elena also got an accident and made her lost consciousness for three days. After Luke woke up, he loves Elena instead of the female lead. Will Elena accept Luke Vander back? Or Will she choose to leave him? [ DISCLAIMER: the picture in the cover is not mine, credit to the owner! :) ] An: This is original story by Hana_Frederica and not a translation.

  • Reincarnated As A Benevolent Tyrant

    Reincarnated As A Benevolent Tyrant


    "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." What a brilliant line, isn't it? James was a boy who had nothing to worry about. A happy family, a nice childhood. What's more to ask? But one day, everything changed. He lost everything in the blink of an eye. The only thing left for him were the memories and dreams of the past. Trying to cope up with the loss, he cut all ties with the outside world and became a shut-in, having no one left to call his own or to rely upon. There was nothing left for him in this world, but still he lived and soon found a purpose in his life, which lead him to create something that could change the world. And on the very day when his dream project was about to come to the light, he lost his life, trying to save a little girl from an unfortunate accident.  "Will I ever be remembered...? I wish... someone would." These were the last word James mumbled before his conscious faded into darkness. But his life didn't end there, as he is transmigrated into the body of an arrogant, worthless Duke's son in some unknown land with no memories about who is or any idea about where he is. In an era of political turmoil and civil strife, the Duke's son is forced to prove his worth for inheriting the title. Will he be able to accept the new reality and prove himself by leading this country into a prosperous future? Or will he cease to the pressure of his past and lose everything once more? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: This is not a power-fantasy or a 'feel-good' story. If you feel a protagonist should never lack agency (especially in early story) or make compromises because of difficult circumstances, then this fiction is probably not for you. It is a story that delves deep into real world sociological/psychological subjects and explores many topics of gray morality. I wrote it because I like stories that make me think more about the world around us, not to detach myself from reality. Some aspects you can expect based on the tags include: - [Kingdom Building]: political drama, geopolitical/geoeconomic strategy - [Army Building]: massive battles featuring in-depth planning, combined arms, and operational logistics - [Identity Crisis]: someone translated into a whole different world having to rebuild their identity and life aims ------------------------------------------------------------------ At least try 40 chapters before leaving. The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but I guarantee you it will get there. For those who want to skip the slow part, start from Chapter - 35 (Beginning of The End) (The whole Disclaimer section is copied from Aorii as I am too busy writing the complete story.) And yes, just for General Knowledge, James will become OP throughout the story. He is not some legendary guy who will pull out Excalibur & conquer the entire world. Update Schedule - One chapter a day. Message me on discord if you have some marvellous idea about my novel - thedefector#3548 And again, I humbly thank you for reading it. I hope you stick throughout the journey.

  • The Tyrant Prince and His Succubus

    The Tyrant Prince and His Succubus



    All she wanted was to love and be loved, but what she kept getting was either fake love or nothing at all. Seraphine has the power to seduce people. She unwillingly makes men fall for her and breaks their hearts. To avoid that, she often disguises herself as plain and boring. The only ones who can resist her charms are those who are truly in love – As well as the cold-hearted Crown Prince who seems to be an exemption. "You? A dangerous huntress? You’re mistaken, milady. Nothing's more dangerous than a man who's been seduced - not even a succubus." Despite his handsome looks, impressive accomplishments, and overflowing charisma, Eric wasn't interested in anything other than the throne. Love didn't exist in his world. He's a tyrant in the making and an untamable beast. But now, His Highness has a new target other than the throne. "Wanna see who's more dangerous? An inexperienced succubus who really can't seduce a man if it's not for her power or a predator who's raring to devour his prey at this very second?" Seraphine thinks that Eric can be quite a beast indeed, especially with that hungry gaze of his that keeps brimming with wants and needs. --- Story Synopsis --- Seraphine is secretly a succubus who already lived two lifetimes. During her first life, she lived in the modern world as this lonely orphan whose love was always unrequited. In her second one, she was a Count's adopted daughter who had an unrivaled beauty that made the Duke fall for her. While she died feeling unloved in her first life, she was killed by a deadly form of love in her second one. Because she used to thirst for affection before, she allowed the abusive and obsessive Duke to lock her up until the day she died - Without her knowing that he was cheating on her, that all the people she trusted had betrayed her, and that the love she was receiving the whole time was not genuine after all. When she and everyone else found out that she was actually a succubus, they burnt her to death while she was still locked up. They thought that she was a demoness who deceived them into thinking that she was a goddess. Now that Seraphine woke up to her third life, she won't crave for love anymore. She won’t pursue anyone’s affection again. Instead, she wants to learn how to love herself more. That's until Seraphine met the unattractive and shabby-looking Eric one day who turned out to be the Crown Prince in disguise. --- Succubus - a demon or supernatural entity in female form that appears in dreams to seduce men. [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the original artist)- Follow me on Instagram (acieetin)- DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)



    Fantasy WEREWOLF

    Ella Wylde is a boxer . A lonely ,yet strong lycan . Rare of her own kind . More powerful than the ones in her own pack , to their surprise and too dangerous if triggered . But was more patient than any other of her own . She was bigger than any werewolf of her kind and 1000 times stronger. Mistreated as well though. And by her own family. She adopted. They don't care about her feeling , they just use her for her strength by pulling up a disgusting façade. That is until she is the most powerful Alpha kings mate . Santino Vincenzo . An italian hybrid . A lycan and a witch. But he dispises The Fire moon pack for what they did to his family before he became king . What do you think will happen when the king find his mate to be Ella?. Why don't you find out ?

  • The tyrant

    The tyrant

  • Baby Tyrant

    Baby Tyrant



    Less than a month old… and I became the the great empire’s treasured princess…!’ In all my life, I wanted love, love from my family, but the family I had failed me in the end. Abandoned… abused… I don’t want this so-called family. It’s a waste of time. I came to a new world after a miserable ending… ‘The empire’s treasured princess… that’s me… but why is father, the emperor, so strange?’ “Mable, I will give you the Ponce Castle.” “My sweet child, the most fertile land is yours.” “No, wait, this whole country will be yours for the plucking.” ‘Father, he’s strange… is this what family love is like?’ Disclaimer! Please support the official release, as this is not my own work. I am only a middle man spreading this work for others to read.

  • Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

    Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress


    Despite being the ruler of a nation, nobody was willing to marry the vicious man with a bloodlust. An imperial decree forced an infamous fool, Minister Liu's Third Young Miss, to stand-in for a noble princess in the political marriage. Behind her seemingly plain looks and average existence, she actually turned out to be a rare beauty and the clan leader of assassins. From there on out, she was harassed by the tyrannical lord, as she embarked upon a dangerous path. Her: Become a demon and fight the heavens! Him: Spare some time to spoil her!

  • Rise of The Tyrant

    Rise of The Tyrant


    In the 35th year of the Evolver Era Calendar, countless holes suddenly appeared on the surface of the earth's seven continents. These are holes to enter into a mysterious underground world that turns out to be bigger than the world on the surface. Technology doesn't work here, but there are plenty of resources and legacies from the unknown ages. What's even more surprising is that it turns out that there are other holes that lead to a deeper underground world. This second one is still unknown as those who entered haven't returned until now. Ciel Arnaud wishes to explore the Second Underground World to find his parents who disappeared when he was only 7 years old. Unfortunately, his lack of talent makes it difficult to fulfill his wish. Things got really bad after his adoptive sister who was his parent's disciple followed in their footsteps. His father's distant cousin who was supposed to be the next person to take care of him turns out to have a hidden grudge against his father. He caught him, imprisoned him, tortured him, and forced him to tell him where his parents' relics were which he didn't really know at all. In the midst of his despair after one year of torture, something suddenly appeared. This was something that changed his fate. From weak to invincible. From being useless to being the most tyrannical and domineering being....The main concept of this novel.1. MC is very super power.2. Level up.3. MC who doesn't hesitate to slaughter.4. Mc who doesn't hide his strength.5. The world of this novel is definitely unique.

  • Beloved Tyrant

    Beloved Tyrant



    I took in a knight who was about to be executed for taking part in a rebellion as my s*ave.I tried to return his status as a noble and duke, but..“Please do not refer to me as “sir”. I am not a knight. You needn’t speak formally to me either. I am not a noble.”“…….”“I am simply Your Highness’ s*ave.”Somehow, he is being strange.

  • Tyrant father

    Tyrant father


    My father, Alex Glocester, is a tyrant emperor but I, Elizabeth Glocester, am his daughter so I will take care of him and teach him love. Being reborn and having such father was my bad luck but I can do anything I set my mind on. So, wait father because your daughter will teach you love.

  • The Almighty Tyrant

    The Almighty Tyrant


    Has been made into a new version.Please search One Year Tyrant on Webnovel.________________________________Struck by a lightning bolt, Shi Li thought that he was dead for sure. Yet for some reason, his prediction was proved incorrect by the heavens as his soul was transmigrated into the world of cultivation.Having a second chance at life, he decided to cultivate in order for him to be prepared for events that are similar to his untimely death. In the midst of this, he picks up a red pearl that changed his life forever.Join Shi Li, and witness the story of a tyrant whose name resounded for generations to come.Cover by: silentscarlettt

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