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  • The Kingdom's Rise By A Guy Who Like's Videogames

    The Kingdom's Rise By A Guy Who Like's Videogames


    Aran a boy who worked hard to achieve the title of Genius now in college finds the challenges of his world to be mundane even the game he once enjoyed until he is summoned one day to another world where he hopes to find a challenge beyond his imagination.

  • Living as a Videogame Player

    Living as a Videogame Player

    Adem was chosen to being reincarnated in a world where many energies were unstable in the result of a "friendly game" between gods, What will happen on the journey of our MC??Tags: Male Protagonist, Slice of Life, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Reincarnation, HUD System

  • love/line: I’m Hopeless At Videogames But I Must Confess My Love!!

    love/line: I’m Hopeless At Videogames But I Must Confess My Love!!


    Remy is a girl in love… Specifically, she’s infatuated with the virtual idol Beryl, the energetic and gorgeous face of the popular multiplayer game, CraftQuest. In a world of VR games that bring digital worlds to life in front of your eyes, it seems like Remy might actually have a chance of confessing her love to her crush!There’s just one problem: Remy sucks at videogames. She’s truly, utterly, hopeless. But hey, when has such an insignificant detail ever gotten in the way of true love?! It’s not like she’ll need to win a major gaming tournament to meet Beryl…Leah is tired… Specifically, she’s tired of portraying the overly-energetic Beryl for CraftQuest. What started as a dream gig for her favourite game has turned into a soul-destroying grind that pushed away her friends and family — but it didn’t used to be like that.She’s determined to give up her role as Beryl after the Summer Tournament, but for just one last time, she’d like to relive the moments that made her fall in love with this game. Leah creates a new account and decides to go adventuring one last time… with a group of hopeless newbies including one ditzy airhead called Remy!!With Remy desperately trying to overcome her horrendously bad luck to meet her crush, Leah finds herself stuck between the commitments of Beryl, and the new friends she’s making. And what will happen when old lovers rear their ugly heads to put a roadblock on Remy’s path to true love?!The game might be virtual, but the feelings are real! Will true love win in the end, or is the game of love more complicated than the players think?!

  • Looking for help to create a novel of the videogame

    Looking for help to create a novel of the videogame

  • Dark Desires (Yandere!Videogame Characters x Reader)

    Dark Desires (Yandere!Videogame Characters x Reader)

    │Male!Yandere!Videogame character x Reader│ "But, oh darling, we were meant to be. Now, that I have you I'm never letting you go."After mysterious package appeared on your door you find out that it’s a game you have never seen before. The curiosity got the better of you and you started the game, only to find out something rather horrifying. Now you were stuck god knows where with no way out.

  • Daily Life Trapped in a Zombie VR Game

    Daily Life Trapped in a Zombie VR Game



    When it comes to VR games, everyone, from gamers to the technologically adverse wanted to play them. With the advance of technology in the world, a new type of VR is released, which allows its user to enter the realm of videogames. A game about a zombie apocalypse is released the day after this new type of VR, and was an immediate success. It was a globally revered sensation at the time, a whopping 2.5 million players played the game, playing for an obscene amount of hours. It was like they never logged off. Now, a young man, who is known as Tornado online, is one of those 2.5 million players, trapped in a zombie apocalypse world. Survival is a must. Weaving through the technological reality, anything is possible. You could scrounge for food, set up shelter, or even get an undead girlfriend.-------No one knows...Note: The story is slow-paced.. ~ .'“Uhm Tornado, why are burying yourself except your head?” Uno asked curiously.“I'm leveling up.”“...” Uno~ ~ ~Enjoy the book? Support the author!Ko-Fi: not mine! All belongs to respective owners! If you guys know the artist who create the anazing art, please let me know! I'll be surely credited the artist.

  • The Ace

    The Ace



    The story of a boy overcome with pain, that suddenly isn't. **********The story is about a boy, Ace, who is suddenly healed from his pain. He decides to make the best out of his god (?) given gift.You can expect politics, show business, videogames, sports, and much more.I hope you enjoy the novel, Happy Reading!The image does not belong to me, full credits to the creator, if you wish for me to remove it, contact me at:

  • *DROPPED* I Became a God

    *DROPPED* I Became a God



    Karl was your typical teenager. He hated homework and was absolutely obsessed with videogames. The only thing that might come close to that was his obsession with webnovels. They were just so addicting. He stayed up day, and night, playing and reading his webnovels. One day, as he was laying down on his bed, and reading a webnovel, a black window popped up in front of him, similar to something you'd see in a game. [Your God has chosen to transcend, leaving this universe without a god. Due to this, the system will pick someone to become the new god.]-----Hello! This is the author. This is my first novel, so please be nice. I'll try to update once a day, but 3-4 chapters a week is probably more accurate. That's it, and I hope you enjoy.

  • Dark Isekai

    Dark Isekai



    Another classroom teleported into another world with a bored protagonist, who's a little self-aware that he's in some kind of cliche story.View the world in Hiroto's eyes, a 16-year-old who's a big fan of anime, manga and videogames. Slowly Hiroto will see the world in a darker light.Cover Credit: Arion's card from Rage of Bahamut

  • The Gamedev

    The Gamedev


    A budding videogame developer tragically died and was transmigrated into an alternate world where most of the games from his times weren't created. With the necessary skills and no qualms about plagiarizing, he sets out to get fame and fortune.

  • Raider from the North(asoiaf)

    Raider from the North(asoiaf)


    Our main character was playing Videogameson his computer. And suddenly he was transported into another world in his avatar form. Then he learned that it's the dance of the dragon era.There will be tons of grammatical error and I don't own anything . it's belong to it's creatorGRRM. English is not my native language.

  • Game, War + Anagnorisis

    Game, War + Anagnorisis


    On top of ruins, humanity remains.In the edges of this world, portals rise.Order or chaos, decision of few people. Life or death, priced by jewels. “When disaster strikes,” some say, “will is the only weapon in the face of danger.”‘Hypocrite.’“Don't let the sorrow of the times,” some say, “become your sorrow.”‘Cretin.’“I will let my sorrow,” others say, “to be the sorrow of the time.”‘Selfish.’...Presence my hypocrite, cretin, and selfish story. “No more victims nor predators,” I said, “because today, I rule.”**********************************How the story is actually like: System: “By playing videogames, you're gonna obtain abilities from those games, did you understand?”MC: "Gotcha."...A year later.System: "How the **** did you created a hundred sixty seven new abilities without my help!!!"MC: "Ehe."System: "Ehe Te Nandayo!!!!!"**********************************(Please bear the first 5 chapters)

  • Beyond Reality - Atomsk Ascension Over Heavens

    Beyond Reality - Atomsk Ascension Over Heavens


    I was born in a boring world... I didn't like my realityI lived a life without meaning... evading realityI died in a stupid way... trying to escape from realityBut that wasn't the end ... It's hard to believe that this is realI was reborn in a closed room without a father or mother... This is really weirdAt the time of birth I already had the body of a 9-year-old boy, capable of destroying the walls that contained me with my own hands... Too impressive to be realI wasn't reborn in my boring world... That really excites meI don't know what the hell I am... This really is thrillingThis is impossible... Really? Shut up and lookThe world is against me... I will be the real master of this worldMy existence goes against the laws of the universe... I don't really careMy fate has already been established by the laws of heaven... I'm the only one who decides my own realityI will make my way through time, space and causalityAnd I will destroy all established order with my own handsThere are no chains that can bind me.There are no walls that can slow me down.There is no path that I cannot createI have no limitsBecause I am ...BEYOND REALITY--------------------------------------------------Release rate: 3-5 chapters per week Chapter Length: 1500-2500--------------------------------------------------English is not my main language, so I will commit some spelling mistakes.I would appreciate if you corrected me--------------------------------------------------It's an original story but the protagonist is a hardcore geek, so during the course of the story there will be references to manga, anime, videogames and POP culture.--------------------------------------------------This story was previously only called Beyond Reality.However, I have made some changes and I have corrected errors and I wanted to restart it.

  • I've Been Reincarnated into A Novel

    I've Been Reincarnated into A Novel

    "ugh, my head hurts" said Han Kwan. the last thing Han Kwan remembered was getting hit by a truck, 'ahhhhhh'. Han Kwan had died on earth and was reincarnated as 6 year old Finn Hildreth the antagonist of the famous novel and 'OFFLINE' videogame 'Diary of the Ultimate Hero'Welcome to the story of Finn Hildreth, the Antagonist who doesn't want to be one.

  • If Only We Could

    If Only We Could


    Videogames enable you to break free from reality and enter a world full of limitless possibilities. That was Jui’s Moto. After being bullied in middle school, he finally settled down in a new town. Jui’s first stop, the arcade where he spent his time announcing his arrival by taking the top spot in most games. That is, every game but one: Strike. The reigning champ, Saka, was a skilled local favorite. However, Jui and Saka play, their worlds will begin to change forever.

  • Starbound: A Space Odyssey

    Starbound: A Space Odyssey



    As red tentacles burst from the ground, the whole planet trembled and fell into chaos.It was the beginning....the beginning of the end.Earth was destroyed with the attack of the mysterious creature.The Terrene Protectorate, the defenders of the universe, were left in shambles after the attack on Earth.Only a few people were able to flee from the planet before its complete destruction. John Connor, an 18 years old fresh graduate Protector, was one of those lucky enough to survive and escape.Armed only with his dubious expertise and a few tools, he will have to avoid the dangers the universe without the Terrene Protectorate can offer, repair his ship, restore the symbol of a defunct organisation and carry the burdens of the fate of the world that lies on his shoulders.Surviving in this turbulent era won't be easy for our inexperienced John Connor. With the end of the Terrene Protectorate, numerous factions that were once dormant, will rise and start to fight for power. Outlaws, fanatics, greedy corporations, and governments, the conflict of interests of those groups and factions will lead to an incredible amount of deaths.Follow John Connor as he explores the wonders of the endless universe, and discover how harsh and unforgiving reality can be.---------------Chapters will be about 1000 to 1500 words. (Except for some special chapters.)------------------* YOU CAN READ THIS WITHOUT EVER PLAYING THE GAME OR KNOWING THE LORE! EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED THROUGHOUT THE CHAPTERS, AND EVEN HAVE SOME AUXILIARY CHAPTERS WITH MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION.I also had to change a lot about the lore of the game to fit in the format of a novel, I really mean a lot, since the game itself doesn't give a lot about its lore and neither have detailed storytelling, since the focus of the game was in exploration and doing whatever the player wants.-------------------Disclaimer:This Novel is based on the videogame Starbound by Chuckle Fish. The image is from the artist LemanRush; I downloaded it from the site DeviantArt.Also, sorry about my English, it isn't my primary language. Enjoy...:D

  • Legendary Gamer

    Legendary Gamer

    Noah was terrible at videogames, from a young age, he's put time, hard work, and lots of sweat into videogames to get better. But all of that was worthless! He was still trash at videogames, the only thing he loved as much as his family. He always dreamed of beaing a professional player, or being amazing at videogames. As he got older though, this dream slowly faded away. He worked at a convenience store to cover for his rent and food. That was, until everything changed..❗️❗️DISCLAIMER ❗️❗️ MC gets really OP❗️❗️DISCLAIMER ❗️❗️

  • NPC


    What would happen if an NPC in an MMO was given sentience?UPDATE: once a week till PSAIG is finished. Please use tags "Fantasy, HiddenGem, Comedy, MMORPG and VideoGame" If you want to help me update the tags for the book.

  • To Make it Better

    To Make it Better


    He lived his life as a worthless timewaster. Living day by day playing videogames and reading manhwa or manhua but, that was in his last life, now that he reincarnated to a parallel reality of Earth, he would live his life becoming the best man in the world.(Hentai with Plot)

  • Star Exodus

    Star Exodus


    we join our hero Adrian Nygaard as he tries his best to keep the earth refugee fleet safe after humanity left the decayed corpse of the earth using his wits and a mysterious alien technology that lets him purchase gear, ships,and creatures from popular sci-fi media like movies and videogames