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  • The Princess and Her Werebear

    The Princess and Her Werebear

    With the world crumbling apart during another war, Eliana is tasked to bring two nations together through marriage. Plans change drastically when her caravan is attacked by assassins and she is forced to go on the run. While fleeing assassins, Eliana will meet Jasper, a young werebear searching for the love of his mate. As Eliana discovers that her lineage holds a dangerous secret, she will be faced with the magnetic attraction she feels for Jasper, a member of the race responsible for killing her mother.

  • Werebear Biology

    Werebear Biology

    Magical Realism MYTH

    Welcome to the world of the Werebears. In this book you will learn how they interact, their powers, and their history. Legends and stories from the Werebear culture. Enjoy and be inspired!

  • I’m a WereBear?

    I’m a WereBear?

  • Emerald Prep

    Emerald Prep


    Born during the end of a war in the poor kingdom of Draconia. Ash Snowpelt, youngest of three is a Halfbreed along with his two siblings. His mother is a human ex-solder and his father is a werebear. He wasn’t allowed to go to school because he was forced to hide what he truly was. Years later, the war finally ended and Emerald Prep, a school that accepted all species was built to show the peace. For the first time in his life, he can go to school. But, not every student is happy with accepting mages and werebeasts as classmates, especially halfbreeds. Dealing with schoolwork, bullies, love, and a evil being that is hunting down werebeast students. Together with his two best friends, a kind vampire and a sharp-tongue mage, they work together against the hardest challenge of their lives, Freshman year.

  • The First Supernatural (Twilight Fanfiction)

    The First Supernatural (Twilight Fanfiction)



    Gi'kali, a normal guy who lived a normal life, yet he loved to fight and sought a world where he can find worthy adversaries. Now follow him as he is reincarnated into the world of Twilight as he starts his amazing journey.However, there were two good things about this and one horrible thing.The two good things were that he was a Unique Werebear, and the other one was that he had three wishes that he used so he could become an ultimate being in this cruel world.But whether it was a bad thing or not, he was accidentally thrown too far into the past as he's now stuck in the year 10,000 BC.Follow Gi'kali as he meets ancient beings and fights them to become stronger until the main storyline begins.(Hello, just wanted to say this is my first time writing a story/fanfiction, so I'm pretty excited but nervous as well. And just a fair warning, this will be my twist to Twilight. It will contain many elements that you wouldn't see in the book or series. Like kingdom building and stuff. Since I"m back from my long absence, I've decided to change this a bit just so some people don't get confused later on. This story will be a slightly slower pace type of story, but sometimes it will either have big or small-time jumps. You have been warned.During his time, he's set upon a journey to find new places, ancient civilizations, legendary beasts, undiscovered races, and more. All the while passing through the various time periods such as the Iron Age, Golden Age, and more.If you guys don't have anything to read, do give my story a try but don't expect it to have good story development and stuff because I'm new, and also because I'm writing this for fun.For the cover, if the owner wishes I put it down, please just message me and I'll do so,URL for cover: https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/395964992239110665/Also, please expect some grammar errors because English isn't my first language. And last but not least, I do not own any characters of Twilight or its main story n stuff, but I do own my characters and plot. Anyway, hopefully, you will like my story and happy reading! Peace!)

  • Summer's Lease

    Summer's Lease

    On his first night renting a cottage on the Cornish coast, widower John Tennant comes face to face with, of all things, a grizzly bear. Fearing for his life, John tries to convince the animal he isn't worth eating, and is relieved when the bear ambles away.<br><br>Maintenance man Mitch Benjamin is two hundred years old but doesn’t look a day over forty. As a werebear, he needs to stay under the radar. The new renter is making that difficult. Not only is John attractive, but his vulnerability triggers all of Mitch’s protective instincts. If that wasn’t trouble enough, Mitch is struggling with his inner bear’s desire to befriend John. He knows what his bear is up to, but Mitch doesn’t want another mate. His last one was murdered ninety years ago, and he’s still grieving.<br><br>John is confused by Mitch’s mixed signals. Physically, Mitch -- with his bulging muscles and hulking frame -- is a gay man’s wet dream come true. But emotionally, he keeps closing down. John discovers more comfort with the magnificent grizzly bear he occasionally meets on his evening walks along the beach.<br><br>In an effort to help, Morwenna, the owner of the cottages, uses her psychic gifts to give John a message from his dead lover, George. Far from helping, it adds another layer of strangeness to what’s already turning out to be the strangest summer John can remember.<br><br>Can a well-meaning medium and a determined grizzly bring John and Mitch together? Will Mitch come clean about his werebear nature? If he does, can John accept that a man and bear exist in the same body?

  • Feathers & Snowflakes

    Feathers & Snowflakes


    A Side story Of the Young Magic seriesViktor Angelus White is a half-breed, part human and part were bird, and he doesn't care what people think of him. He is cocky and egotistical but he has a soft heart for others. He tries to act tough even though his body is frail. But he has a past that he is not proud of, and he wants to get rid of it.He considers himself tainted but his Snowflake pure. He wants to protect his Snowflake from danger by others and himself. In order for him to protect his Snowflake from danger by others and himself. In order for him to protect his Snowflake, he must accept his past and become the complete opposite of himself. He hides how he feels behind a mask of his former self.His Snowflake is Alexander Claude Snowpelt, a half-werebear that is only a year younger than him. He hates that he loves him but he doesn't want to love anyone else. He makes a pact with a devil to save his Snowflake but can his snowflake save him from the devil himself?

  • Realms Beyond

    Realms Beyond


    18-year-old Jax was gunned down one September evening. Having his major arteries severed, death was minutes away.But just before it all faded to black, a miracle found him; he had been reborn on that very same night.(*Note: The supernatural element in this novel is very strong, therefore readers could expect an abundance of otherworldly beings through the pages).Setting: The story is set to take place in three different realms. Within these realms are a great variety of supernatural beings, divided into five clans. The Earth itself is the first realm; home to both the Vampire Clan and the Shapeshifter Clan. It is the largest of the three. Elf Clan resides in the Elven Realm. It is where fruits are ripe and flowers bloom year-round. Sapphire Realm is inhabited by Mer Clan. Other than a few dozen small islands, the rest of the realm is underwater, making much of the world appear blue and thus giving it its name.Clans: Vampire Clan - Supernatural beings that were previously humans, possess extraordinary strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. However, keep in mind that most of them will not be portrayed as bloodthirsty fiends in this novel. Shapeshifter Clan - Creatures that are able to transform themselves from humans to animals and vice versa. The Shapeshifter Clan is the largest of the clans. Despite most of its members being werewolves...Wereboars and werebears are not uncommon either. Mer Clan - The original mermaids; although there are mermen as well. All Mers have an acute sense of vision and the capability to see extremely well in the dark. Their diet consists of mostly fish and other aquatic creatures. Elf Clan - The elves are known for their elegance, generosity, humility, and hospitality. They are the creators of art, music, and dance and are the most sophisticated of all beings. Anyone lucky enough to stumble upon the Elven Realm will wish to stay there for eternity. Dragon Clan - Both the most powerful and most mysterious clan. Dragon Clan is the rarest race within the three realms. There are only dozens of dragons in existence, scattered among the worlds. Each one of them, however, possesses an extraordinary ability. The dragons never remain in one place for long. They are the only clan that travels from realm to realm at will.

  • The only Were-Tiger hybrid

    The only Were-Tiger hybrid


    Well my name is Nicole I’m a white were-Tiger and a hybrid which means my parents was not both tigers my mum was but my dad well let’s say he’s not a nice person he is a werewolf a black alpha werewolf, he is the alpha of the blood moon pack the worse pack ever they kill everything they don’t have mates they just take what they want,he raped my mum so he could have a were-tiger child then he would be able to control that child and it’s power , you see weretiger s don’t stay in packs and once they have had a child the mother leaves and the child stays with the father but my mother was different she found out she was pregnant she ran away and found a witch call Clare and got her to help us once I was born I was given to Clare and she put a spell on me so my father wouldn’t find me , I had a great child hood my mum lived with Clare as for me I live with William a werebear and his mate Jemma she was a were-tiger so I fitted in with them until I turned 15 and everything changed Williams mate Jemma died they never had kids so when she died he had nothing as I was not his I was only their because he was protecting me and know his mate is dead he didn’t care he grab me and pulled me to his bed room and push me on to his and tried to rape me that was the first day I shifted and I meet snow my tiger and that was the day I killed William and became the leader of his pack which I didn’t want so I ran ,I ran from my mum from Clare from the pack and I’ve been running ever since . it’s been 3years today since I left and to day is my birthday yes he tryed to rape me on my 15th birthday know today I turn 18 and my wolf Luna says to day my mate will come for me and snow confirms it too me , well you know what I don’t care I will reject him and leave “No” they both say and with that I block them out all my life I never wanted a mate all they want is my power and I won’t let them have it I won’t ,I walk out the door in to the mounting and shift in to my wolf Luna she is big white wolf except for my ears their black as the night I sniff the air and then run ,I stop at my spot a beautiful waterfall I shift in to snow my tiger and jump into the water she loves the water .Just as I get out the water I turn back to my human self I put my short shorts on and a crop top but my long blond hair up in to a bun and start walking back you see I live in a magic realm know I found a portal and walk though it. It has no name that I know of but it’s beautiful and I’m the only one that lives here so how can I find my mate I just laugh at them and carry on my way once home I make my lunch and I hear some noise out side that’s strange I thought to myself just then snow and Luna shot bears run.How is this possible I run out the back do in to the arms of a 6ft 8 man he grabs me and put me over his shoulder got he’s tall I’m not small at 6ft4 but him wow is all I could think . Stop I hear some one say I this even bigger man walk toward Mate he said with that every thing went black .

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