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    His expression stays neutral but then he smiles, scratch that he smirks! Like not the happy smirk the fucking devil smirk. Good lord! He is sexy. Sexy. SEXY.S-E-X-Y!He keeps his hand on top of mine and starts sliding it upwards near his member this time I stiffen and my eyes go wide.

  • The Untitled King

    The Untitled King


    In the world full of dungeon and monster, the demon king

  • Xavier’s girl

    Xavier’s girl



    I heard the door opening. "I'm fine Stephanie," I said thinking she was the one that followed me."It cute you think my sister cares" I hear Alan voice "What are you doing here," I asked him annoyed"Oh just doing someone a favour," he said as Xavier walked in behind him. I was alarmed as to why they were both here "what do you want" I asked both of them getting up. "You're in my room," Xavier said as he locked the door behind him. Making me more alarmed. "I'm sorry I didn't know, I can leave, " I said not wanting to anger him. I made my way to the door but Alan grabbed me "not so fast sweetheart" he said holding my arm. "Please let me go" I begged them. I didn't know what they were planning but I knew they were up to something. "Why would we do that" Xavier said walking to me and stroking my collarbone making me shiver. Vanessa morales just moved to town. Shy, smart and quiet girl planned to spend most of her high school life hidden. But some how ended up at the cheerleader tryouts and the school bad boy blackmailing her. She tired her best to stay away from him but he wasn't letting her go. She didn't know he had plans for her. He has been waiting for this days for years, waiting for her to return. Of course she didn't remember him (he never forgot her), that didn't bother him cause he knew she belonged to him. He would do anything to make her stay this time. One party and her life is ruined. Warning: This book is provocative. It will not be for everyone. If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities common to the dark romance genres this book is not for you.



    Ryan Xavier merupakan seorang jejaka misteri yang merahsiakan rupa dan identitinya dari dunia luar. Oleh itu, terdapat pelbagai rahsia yang dirahsiakan di sebalik topeng muka yang dipakainya.Antaranya adalah, Obsession.Bersiap sedia pada siapa yang akan jadi hak milik Ryan Xavier. Apa miliknya dijaga dengan penuh kasih sayang dan dijaga rapi sampai akhir nafasnya. Pantang jika seseorang cuba mengusik apa hak milik 'Dia'."Dia terlalu obses"Ayra Dalessa seorang gadis yang polos dan tidak tahu akan dunia luar. Dirinya dibiarkan terkurung lama dalam sangkar emas yang diperbuat oleh ayahnya sendiri. Dia terpaksa memendam rasanya untuk bebas keluar seperti gadis lain.Setelah tahu dia akan berkahwin dia rasa sangat bahagia dan gembira. Tapi semua itu cepat saja hilang, apabila dia mendapat tahu tentang 'Dia'. Semuanya berubah dengan cepat, impiannya untuk bebas kini tiada makna sudah baginya.Bolehkah Ayra bebas seperti gadis lain? Bolehkah dia terima siapa Ryan Xavier sebenarnya?Warning: 18+/violent content/matured[ Update lambat ]



  • Xavier: The Lightseeker

    Xavier: The Lightseeker


    Can't everybody be a superhero? I mean do you really have to have superpowers that are not of this world? All superheroes say that if we train our brains and practice hard enough we'll have superpowers too. Maybe even the same ones they have. Is it that simple? For one boy he thinks it is and training all day and night, getting hurt and knocked down won't stop him. He won't give up but when is enough enough? When do you say, 'I'm throwing in the towel and I can't do it anymore. It's impossible? When everybody you know turns and laughs at you. When they are in times of trouble will you be there? They weren't for you so should you go back to them, believe that they missed you and that they need your help?




    Xavier Romano, ruthless, arrogant and rude. those are the words that defines this Billionaire Mafia who marries Kylie Carson.

  • Tears And Xavier

    Tears And Xavier

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    The words that seeped through my tears for someone as undeserving as Xavier."neither of us is happy but neither of us wants to leave so we keep breaking one another and calling it love" -Milk And Honey




    Cassandra SmithShe was supposed to be the princess all her life.She was supposed to end her junior high year normally.She was supposed to stay in Springfield and not leave for California.And she was definitely not supposed to find out that her own boyfriend was cheating on her with her very best friend, when she needed him the most.Xavier GarciaHe was supposed to always be the play boy of midland high.He was supposed to bully the scholarship student.He was supposed to put Cassandra through hell and back because he hated the kind of Girl she was and not feel guilty about it.And he was definitely not supposed to fall for the new scholarship student.But that's the thing about life, everything you 'suppose' that will happen, it rarely does. And even if you never expected it, life throws you somewhere where you don't know how to return from.Xavier is your famous high school boy with a bad boy reputation. He is a born prodigy which means that even if he has a bad boy reputation, he excels in everything including athletics and academics.But Xavier is a broken boy, living with his third step mother and his father has made him into someone he never was.Returning back to Midland high, For his senior and last year in the school what he does not expect is an scholarship student to grab his attention.Cassandra Smith is the golden girl of Springfield high, Born in the richest family of Springfield she definitely does not know anything about what it's like to earn to Live, even though she is not a spoiled brat. Almost done with her end term exams of junior high what she does not expect is that her life will turn completely upside down and she would have to shift to California.Little does she know that the demons is from her past are not going to leave her so easily....and might as will follow her into California.Watch the story unfold between Xavier and Cassandra.

  • Falling for Jamie Xavier

    Falling for Jamie Xavier

    After years of disappointments and rejections, Nora Elliot an aspiring actress finally lands a role opposite the country heartthrob, Jamie Xavier. But her first day on set she finds out what an actual snob Jamie is. 'Never meet your heroes,' they said. Their relationship is build on disagreements, bickering, name-calling and mutual resentment for one another. She hates him. He loathes her too. In the name of professionalism, they call truce and that is the beginning of their story. As Jamie goes from being a walking one-night-stand to an one-woman-man, his world changes. But one drunken mistake changes everything. Nora ends up pregnant with Jamie's child.Jamie is elated. Nora, on the other hand, doesn't want a kid. With her career on the boom, a pregnancy is not something that she could afford and this revelation throws their relationship on a rock. With the entire world keeping a close watch on these Hollywood stars' personal lives, Nora and Jamie dwindle on the ledge with each one on the extreme ends. Follow the journey of their love into this modern-age era as they deal with the horrid consequences of having a kid out of a wedlock!

  • Goodbye Greyson Xavier

    Goodbye Greyson Xavier

    I felt forced to follow through with a medical abortion. Due to Covid I was able to experience all of this in the comfort of my own home. With no one with me for support, I was forced to do it alone. This experience is very detailed and graphic. Please know I didn’t have any other choice and that this was necessary. I hope by people reading this, they will become more safe in their actions so they won’t have to go through what I did. This journey was hard and will always and forever be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Thank you for reading.

  • Xavier wants level

    Xavier wants level


    Hello.So how do I keep going? Ah, introduction. My name is Xavier. And I am not bold. I would even say that I have quite a lot of hair.You don't care? I don't really care either, to be honest, which makes this piece of information useless.Fuck it, I have never been good at this introduce yourself stuff. So we are just gonna skip that part.No? I can't do that?Fine...Hi, my name is Xavier. I am right now working towards becoming a mage. To be more precise I would like to be a lightning mage. Yes, I know quite ambitious. But lighting is by far the best element. Nothing like this fancy void or light magic stuff. No, it's way better I could deal tons of damage or be a support type of guy as a lightning mage. Also just between you and me all of those fancy element mages are stuck up assholes.So you better stick with me, ok?

  • Culik aku om Xavier

    Culik aku om Xavier



    Novel 21+ harap bijak untuk pembaca!!!Ini menceritakan seorang gadis bernama Erin Chariesta yang di renggut kecusinnya oleh Xavier, dengan tujuan untuk menghancurkan hati sahabatnya, namun ada perasaan bersalah dihati Xavier, dia berniat mengganti kerugian Erin dengan sejumlah uang, namun di tolak sampai kakek Xavier tahu dan hendak membuat Xavier jera dengan menikahkan Xavier dan Erin, bahkan Erin yang sebelumnya mual-mual di kira hamil oleh sang Kakek.Akhirnya mereka menikah namun ada perjanjian diantara Xavier dan Erin, bahwa mereka menikah hanya dalam waktu setahun, setelah itu Erin bisa bebas, kuliah atau apapun impiannya akan diwujudkan oleh Xavier.Erin yang ternyata menyimpan rasa terhadap sahabat Xavier, Gavin, namun sayang Gavin, tidak bisa membalas bukan karena dia tidak bisa moveon dari Zeva tapi Gavin juga memutuskan Zeva.Apakah yang sebenarnya terjadi di antara mereka, apakah akhirnya Erin bisa mendapatkan kebahagiannya? Nantikan kisahnya ya!!!

  • Alpha Xavier and Alpha Maxuella

    Alpha Xavier and Alpha Maxuella

  • Awakened: Evolving to Godhood

    Awakened: Evolving to Godhood



    One day, spatial tunnels opened in the very fabric of reality, connecting Earth to a planet that came to be known as Xavier, a planet that has a lot of deserted settlements belonging to the civilization that lived on this planet before we started exploring it. Each settlement not only hides a secret of its own but also treasures, knowledge, and unthinkable technologies.In this new world, magicians rule the world and make the rules. They are those who can contain magic energy, an energy source present in Xavier, in their bodies. This energy is used to mainly empower supernatural cells. One can get them by consuming evolution materials. These supernatural cells suck magic energy to manifest one's superpower in the real world.Elliot, once the son of magicians in the channel opening stage, now lives the life of an orphaned and poor boy. Elliot is the weakest magician to ever exist in the world, a world where the strong are respected and the weak are disdained.With the death of his parents, the ones who used to look down on his has no reason to control their feeling.With a dim fate ahead of him, he grits his teeth and silently moves on to the day the light of glory shines on him, setting him apart from others in a single day, letting him taste what it means to be God! What does it mean to be a God? Read on and Find Out! 1000 Power Stones = 14+1 extra chapters per week. 1500 Power Stones = 14 +2 extra chapters per week 1700 Power Stones = 14 +3 extra chapters per week 2500+ Power Stones = 14 +4 extra chapters per week The chapters will be published at the end of each week based on the power stones earned that week. Join my discord: https://discord.gg/Cm9ZymDUN2

  • Then There Was You (Xavier Holden Story)

    Then There Was You (Xavier Holden Story)

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18

    Arabella Alderman was a Physical Therapist who was getting over loss and moving on with her life. Xavier Holden was a multibillionaire who was lonely and a work acholic who was always giving back to his community. What happened when they have a fate encounter, and a plane crash leaves Xavier to wake up believing that Arabella is his wife. Adding more to his plate he begins having premonitions of future events what will become of the pair of lonely hearts. Will all his premonitions play out or will they simply tare them apart, or bring them closer together? Can you ever really fight fate?

  • Resist Xavier (Moved to another link)

    Resist Xavier (Moved to another link)

    Contemporary Romance CEO POSSESSIVE

    He was darkness, sinfully gorgeous, A dangerous fantasy, a walking orgasm with strings of broken hearts behind him a proof of his heartless nature.He was everything decadent yet delicious your mom warned you about.She wanted lightHe wanted herAfter running away from her abusive drug addict of a step father and a woman who was busy getting her next fix to care for a whiny 15 years old.Maya could say she have had it tough in life and just wanted her own happy ever after.A husband who adores her, a picket fence, a dog and three Adorable children.After she catches her fantasized soulmate cheating on her with her best friend, she is shattered which leaves her deciding to throw caution into the air once and indulge in a mind blowing one night stand.A one night stand which leaves her sprawled on the bed humiliated, turned on and intrigued about the hot stranger with the distant cold blue eyes who practically freaked out when he discovered she was a virgin.When her friend gets her a job as a PA to the CEO of one of the biggest establishment in the country but turns out Mr Ceo was the hot stranger and what more? He wants to claim her in everyway possible but Maya knows what a picket fence guy material looks like and her insanely hot brooding boss who she had to remind of his mother's birthday and was made to drop a dozen of roses and a one line note of "let's not make this more than it was" to his numerous one night stands, wasnt it.But what Xavier wants, Xavier gets and he is totally determined to get a particular someone who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

  • Valery Cahill
Xavier Antoinne Galax Stone

    Valery Cahill Xavier Antoinne Galax Stone




    Please don't mind my English as it is my initial novelHope you enjoy it. Kindly leave a comment.Which can help me improveThank a lotSynopsis:A story about a man being transported to another world, where he learns truth about life about how harsh it is and he isn't a blessed one, every battle he goes in taught him quite a lesson, which will eventually turn him into an excellent warrior ............ That's it.......... Wanna know more just read the novel leave a review,as it could help a lotThanks a lot

  • Her Devilish Alpha

    Her Devilish Alpha



    Madeline knew he was the alpha of the werewolves, but… __ In Alaric, soulmates are bonded by a red string. Some people chose to go against their preordained fates, some chose to embrace it. However, when Madeline discovers she’s bonded to no, not a human, but the alpha of the pack she happened to stumble upon… Does she unintentionally fall for the devilish Alpha Xavier or does she decide her own path? __ EXCERPT: "Step forward," he ordered, his steely gaze landing on her. Madeline swallowed as a chill went down her spine. "You don't belong here," he snarled, making Madeline want to run despite her intuition which told her not to. Making a face, he narrowed his eyes and spat, "You're a human." Wide-eyed, Madeline stared back at him, her eyes meeting him before she felt something tighten around her pinky. Her heart tightened and began pounding faster than it did before. It flickered, but it was clear what it was. Everyone stared between them, back and forth in confusion. Whatever it was, it could only be seen by Madeline and Xavier. 'With a stranger? Are you kidding me?' He growled. Her heart raced, she was thinking the same thing. __ This book's cover is made by @vatarison.art (check him out on IG)!