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  • D.R.O.P.P.E.D Yay

    D.R.O.P.P.E.D Yay


    "Well, It looks like, it's time to conquer the gods." I said. This is the story of Axtric, The strongest tower conquerer. After successfully climbing the tower, he used his achievements and rewards to go back to the past. He even selected the tower to not spawn in his world. Why did he decide to go back to the past instead of becoming a god? He did not tell the actual motive. He said "I don't have a particular reason. I just want to execute my revenge!" After returning to earth everything thing was normal nothing out of extraordinary. He lost his skills and powers at the cost of reverting all the changes made by The tower. He selected the tower not to occur in his world. So, He couldn't even utilise his past knowledge. Why did he do this? He won't answer. What are his real goals? We don't know. Will we ever get the answer to these questions? I don't know. You may get the answers when you read this novel. Weeks pass, Everything had been going normal so far. He was living a normal life. Was he truly living a normal life? The answer to this question is No. He had started to utilise his past knowledge. He used his memories to earn the bags of money. Suddenly, He heard a very familiar voice inside his brain. It was the system. It had reappeared in his life again but something was different about this one. This new system was far different from the older system. Now, what will he do after returning to the past? Will he only earn bags of money and become the richest? or Is he going to become stronger again? Or Why won't he just do both? ***** Warning: This story is going to be in the first person after the fourth chapter. This story is written in the present tense. This story may look boring till chapter 10 but after the tenth chapter will become far more interesting. ***** Discord: Buy me a coffee:

  • Draft Yay

    Draft Yay


  • Draft 2 yay

    Draft 2 yay


  • The apocalypse of another world

    The apocalypse of another world


    When you think of apocalypse various things come to mind. End of the world, ruin and rot, destruction and most common... zombies. However, this wasn't like those movies... those novels or television shows. This was completely different. Something I was not prepared for... something I did not wish for... something I regret involving myself in. ----------------------------------------------------------------- We got a new book cover, yay! The book cover was commissioned. The artist is Nadia Dibaj ------------------------------------------------------------------- As of today, 1/31/2022 the chapter updates may be slow. I have a family member in the hospital, and I am finding it difficult to write. Thank you for your understanding. ----------------------------------------------------------- I am going to take a 1-2 week break due to my family member still being in the hospital. It is becoming difficult to continue writing. Thank you for your understanding.

  • I'm a monkey and my owners is and assassin.......(-_-) yay me.

    I'm a monkey and my owners is and assassin.......(-_-) yay me.


    I am a human from another world but I died and was reincarnated as a monkey and my assassin owner was the one who save me. While I'm here learning to survive in this world my friends back home are struggling and fighting to survive on their quest to take back the empire.

  • The White Phoenix

    The White Phoenix

    Fantasy Romance SUPERPOWERS


    "I won't bow down to you. I'm The Queen... I'm The White Phoenix!" Farah craved for a normal life and she had it. She achieved it but then The Ancient Phoenix came into the picture. He made Farah the next Phoenix stronger than anyone else. Even though she didn't ask for such power, it was given. She fulfilled the Ancient Phoenix's wish, to build a land uniting all the different types of Phoenixes and she named the kingdom after the Ancient Phoenix— Gazaria. Little did she knew she was only fulfilling the prophecy. Repeating what has happened 500 years ago. The Queen of Hell once again escaped the depths of her cage and will do everything just to destroy Gazaria. Farah fought as best as she could, but unfortunately she lost. With the help of an old friend she'll travel with the man she'll fall into— Oxoluz. Together with the help of her friends they'll find a way to bring back Gazaria to it's former glory. In the end, will Farah once again have the life she'll always want or she'll end up doing what have happened 500 years ago. "If we lose again, we will no longer have something to save, everything is on me now, it is time for me to choice, what is right and sacrifice what I want," Farah said as a lone tear fell in her eye. "No I won't let you! We will fight together," Oxoluz said and held Farah's hand. "Together?" Farah asked. "Always." Oxoluz answered and claimed her lips. --------------------------- :: Do call me Midnight! I'll call you guys (my readers) as Raven! Yay! :: WSA ENTRY 2021 :: NOVEL WRITTEN BY A 14 Y. O. TEENAGER FROM THE PHILIPPINES. :: Instagram :: @wake_at_midnight :: Twitter :: @clalelroums :: Facebook :: Lychee Morelli :: UPDATES WILL BE DAILY ( 2-3 CHAPTERS A DAY) :: TIME FOR UPDATES ( 7 PM — 12 MIDNIGHT) (GMT+08)

  • Star Wars: Revelations(dropped)

    Star Wars: Revelations(dropped)



    I realized that I can't really add more so if anyone wants to continue this feel free.A man named John is reborn in star wars and must find a way to change its fate. It will be more difficult as his very existence has changed the course of history. Will he be able to save this universe without being able to predict everything that is to comeFind out next time on DRAGON BALL Z... Oh wait, wrong thing.*Authors note*Yay, I finally figured out how to change the cover. woohoo

  • Cultivation with the Sharingan

    Cultivation with the Sharingan


    A calm MC blessed with the chance to go into a cultivation world (that I created) along with the Sharingan's aid.What you can expect:Calm and Collected MC, Overpowered/OP MC, More Plot-Oriented than H-Scenes. Grammar is better than 80 to 90% of fan-fictions.-----------------Still not sure about the harem though. Is it a yay, or nay?------------------Discord - https://discord.gg/fNP699USo you can spam DM me if I don't write and so you can criticize me and add suggestions to the story.------------------Release Rate: My mood. You can find out in discord or something. But remember, I'm doing this for free so please don't sock me lol.------------P.S., you know those stories you find good, but don't review them? Yeah, do that to every other story but mine. Thanks <3(I'm saying please review my story. Preferably 5 stars. I strive for author satisfaction.) Also guys, please no spam reviews whether it is a 5-star or a 1-star review. Just reviewing once is fine, thanks.

  • Paranoia!


    WARNING: Incest | Adult themes | And other stuff...He felt it. The way helplessness kicked in and showed him the sweet but suffocating cage he was locked in. He just wanted to break free and feel the thrill of being alive. Having been granted that wish, he'll find himself amidst the conflicts of creatures lurking in the shadows and super-powered humans that prefer basking in the daylight among the average.It's not a problem though, he'll thrive and survive. He has a system after all.----*Not on hiatus anymore! Yay, but I won't be able to update it as much as I'd like to cuz' I'm writing another novel.*https://www.patreon.com/user?u=24918763----Word count: Over 30k

  • Feelings and Sex

    Feelings and Sex


    If You're Here For Some Good Ol' Sex ThingsYou definitely came to the right place YayBut Hold UpThis is not Hentai or anything just a bunch sex education Hey wait don't leave! I'm not finished yetNot just sex education boys and girlsThis novel is gonna contain all the tips, hormone related bits and bobs , some sex related short Stories Just something to help you understand your teenage self So heyBuckle Up And Don't feel weird about it this is just the plain vanilla talks we have with our friends, just a bit more detailed and maybe more fun and humorous.Coming to think of it ,we all need a push don't we?

  • Grand Magus

    Grand Magus



    Someone transmigrated into the body of a noble that was on his way to become a Magi. His only keepsake, an AI-Chip that had the ability to calculate and store information. Thus, follow the journey of Fraser Rosethorn. Author Note: Hiatus until the Year 2020. Be Patience and be Excited for the upcoming Year. Yay. Every week one chapter. :). Links: Discord(due to an event 11.03.2020) https://discord.gg/VhEXNXgYoutube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzRm4Vucs2tKj0RUfAj_8QwTwitter:https://twitter.com/MikeLongChenInstagramm: https://www.instagram.com/mike_long_chen_/?hl=deSites where my novels can be found: Webnovel on the Username: VajiraRoyalroad on the Username: quebooks If you've read this far then I wish you a wonderful day/week/month/year/ or a wonderful life depending on if you ever visit this site again. "I am a somebody with a name that shall be part of your world and with my written words I will feed your imagination and thus enrichen your life" ~ Quote by UniqueBooks

  • Charming Idol’s Shameless Choreographer (BL)

    Charming Idol’s Shameless Choreographer (BL)


    The most loved K-pop idol, Lee Yong, had exhausted his creativity and reached a block. When he was frustrated about his inability to write music anymore, the new choreographer entered the company. The flirty perverted choreographer became his muse pretty soon. When he realised his love for the choreographer, he denied it for the sake of his career. When the adorable man confessed first, he rejected the choreographer cruelly. But later, he did not want to see his man being pursued by others, and he was determined to get his man back. Choi Haneul hid all his schemes and revenge plans under his shameless perverted behaviour. Taking revenge was his main job, while being a choreographer was a side-hustle. He was attracted to the boyband leader, and he noticed the leader was also stealing glances filled with desire. Hence he started to crave more than the glances. Choi Haneul closed his heart long back and never wanted to be in a relationship. But he wanted to open his heart to the idol and be in a relationship. With all the hope, when he confessed, the idol rejected him cruelly. So what would he do when the charming band leader tried to win him back? Or will he choose his revenge over the love which comes with many terms and conditions? The band members smartly chose the choreographer’s side and ate melon seeds every day as they watched one drama after another instead of helping their leader. *************************** Choi Haneul: I wanted to try the streak from that new place. But all the tables are booked for a month. Lee Yong: Surprise! I invited the chef to cook the streak for our first date this Friday. Choi Haneul: I will come to eat, but it is not a date. Let’s invite others as well. Band members: Our choreographer is the best!!!! *************************** Choi Haneul: I wanted to watch that new movie. My free time and the movie screening time are not in sync. Too bad! Lee Yong: Surprise! I have already made arrangements. We will watch the movie in my flat for our first date. Choi Haneul: I would like to have cheese popcorn while watching the movie, but it is not a date. Let’s invite others as well. Band members: Yay!!! We are in for the movie night! *************************** Choi Haneul: I really wanted those dancing boots, but it is out of stock. Lee Yong: I knew you would like it. So I bought it for you. Choi Haneul: Thanks. Let me pay for it. Band member: Ouch, leader! Does it hurt too much???? *************************** Lee Yong: Where are you going all dressed up cutely? Choi Haneul: My first love is coming to the school reunion. I want to meet him. Lee Yong: Well, you are not going anywhere but my bed today. Band members: What?????? *Ding Dong* Choi Haneul: My first love is here to pick me up! Band members: Woooo hooo!!!!! *************************** Join the journey of the stubborn idol and the shameless choreographer to see what they would choose? Will Lee Yong choose love over his career? Will Choi Haneul choose love over his well-crafted revenge? P.s: The cover belongs to the rightful owner, and it will be removed if the original owner asks to do so. WARNING: THIS IS A GAY LOVE STORY WITH EXPLICIT CONTENT. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT, SPARE THE NOVEL. Discord: https://discord.gg/jSQxjwPV5s Instagram: lazii_ladii

  • Transmigrated as a Cloud Dragon (BL)

    Transmigrated as a Cloud Dragon (BL)


    Liam had always lived a hard and boring life. He had thought he was going to die like that too.Until...-------------------"Welcome my dear host. I know you must be scared but fear not cause I am here to help you..."Liam looked with his eyes full of amazement towards the weird glass ball, hovering in the air and ranting about god knows what."Wait are you a system? Like the one in novels?"The glass ball, yes he was going to call it that for the time being, looked at him (atleast that's what he felt, it didn't exactly have eyes) than patiently replied like talking to a baby."Yes and I am called Violet. " ----------------------That was the start of his life new life. He had to face lots of hardships with his dark past haunting him. But he was happy...Cloud Dragon and Demon hybrid gong x Succubus/Demon hybrid shou.MC is the top.(◍•ᴗ•◍) --------------------"Read as Liam fights for what he always wanted and support this story. Yay." Violet said in his extremely 'I am done with this shit' voice.Author "...""Try not sounding like I am forcing you to say it next time."

  • she's a devil

    she's a devil

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    A devil behind an angle face. An hieress of a wealthy family. A prodigy in the business world. A pitiful girl with a broken family. A girl full of mysteries. Which one was she? But whoever she was she knew being weak, being pitiful won't help her. Come with me on this journey of a girl which look at this ruthless world in a different view.

  • So yay this is my story 

I was walking to the my car when my dog barked I looked and there was a fucking snake the size of a 18 wheeler fuck me is what i said and then got eaten.
The End

    So yay this is my story I was walking to the my car when my dog barked I looked and there was a fucking snake the size of a 18 wheeler fuck me is what i said and then got eaten. The End

  • Dosti or dhoka

    Dosti or dhoka


  • How to survive in the apocalypse

    How to survive in the apocalypse

    Martial Arts APOCALYPSE

    Yay you won’t die!

  • The Joker's Troubled Time In Another World

    The Joker's Troubled Time In Another World


    Ahem. So I'm kinda new to this because I didn't seriously think this could be possible but first lets recap, shall we? My name was Raymond Dragon, also known as the 'Joker' or 'Card Master'. I died at the age of 16 because my yandere-ass big sister had a LITTLE *cough* *cough* obsession with me, and by 'obsession' I mean by locking me up in a dark cellar for three years and then proceeding to kill, torture and feed both my relatives, friends and acquaintances to me... No complaints here... NOT! She fed me my grandma as well! Now, back to schedule. Ahem. So you get my lifestory and the way I died was kinda stupid but that doesn't matter. What matters now is that I got reincarnated (Yay!) in a fucking game. Or to be precise a world that's based on an otome game, a game that I was forced to play with that SHITTY LITTLE... Big? Yandere sister of mine. I forgot the name because I don't give two shits about the story or anything about the game for that matter but anyway, I reincarnated as a mob character (YES!) and not as anyone important or significant in the story (Get that fucking GB tag outta my face.). There's also multiple reincarnators who actually know what the story was about *surprised* and there are even otherworlders, demon lords, heroes and so on in this world that also know the story. Here's the catch though, the world's not a game. People are living and breathing same as our previous world. How do I know? Weeelllll... I may or may not have a special magic called 'Card Magic (self-named)' that I also had in my previous world to rake in the dough... and I can use it in this world... Anyway, I know it's not fake because a certain card that can be generated is a 'Truth Card' and I asked it one simple question: "Is this world real?" And the answer that I got was: "Positive." So there. That's my mother-fucking introduction, and you shall now know me as 'Ray Quartz', the marquis' lazy-ass genius son. Your not-so sincerely, Ray Quartz PS: Fuck my life. NOTE: This was originally on Wattpad that I made.

  • [OLD LINK] My Obsession

    [OLD LINK] My Obsession

    Romance ROMANCE


    Here is the New Novel Link!https://www.webnovel.com/book/my-obsession_18953662306860405[This novel link will be used as announcement only Thanks!]Yang Tian-Xu is a direct descent of the Yang Family and holds the heavy burdens to the family’s name. However, in this modern world, there is no longer any war. They are at peace, and the Yang Family had to venture their footsteps into the business world. Instead of conquering the bloody battlefield in the new era they, the Yang Family had conquered the business world and became powerful and wealthy family household in the country. In city Y, where the Yang Family dominated, Yang Tian-Xu had seen a girl he had never met before across the street and had fallen in love at first sight. His obsession grew stronger and stronger, as he longed to see her again.------------------------------------------------Author's Note:------------------------------------------------Good News! I have received a non-exclusive contract with this novel, meaning I still have my rights to this novel (only I just earn a bit less compare to exclusive contract.)So this mean you will be able to unlock chapters on webnovel now! Yay! Look forward to the new novel link, The contents of this novel will be deleted (once the new novel link gets published.)Author's Website : www.d2d-dare2dream.storeI will upload more chapters whenever I want to advertise for this series. So please buy a copy of the EBook on Amazon. Volume 1: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NQ23CZRVolume 2: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084TCTNVKVolume 3: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08WPXNS4WVolume 4: I'm working on it!Thank you for all who are still supporting this novel.--------------------------------------------------For more chapters become a patreon: Visit: https://d2d-dare2dream.storeFor novel announcement join the author's discord channel!https://discordapp.com/invite/fT9tQgh *Also posted on RRL*

  • Twilight Romance

    Twilight Romance

    Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I am mated to Renesmee Carlie Cullen. To sum up everything in my life, it would go something like this. I died, met god, got my wishes and I got reincarnated.I woke up in my new house passed out in pain for my heart and woke again and searched for which world I am in. Found out that I am in Twilight, but in the future, past all the Bella and Edward conflicts.I found my mate, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, but she has a mate Jacob Black - seems I little old for a severteen year old highschool girl don't you agree?These all sound terrible. How am I supposed to change anything that every the writer hasn't written?Although...I have become powerful in terms of status and power in the modern world and the hidden world, but no one knows.Something happened to Jacob - Yay. Renesmee noticed me in that way - Double Yay. But challeges still come often.

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