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75% Blood Elf System / Chapter 9: My Body?

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Chapter 9: My Body?

After he submitted himself, Tristan was completely at the mercy of the mad goblin.

After whatever the goblin did to him, the first thing he saw when he awakened was the sight of a group of eight people, armed to the teeth, who showed aggression towards him. All of them were wearing some kind of metallic suit.

Tristan felt like his whole body was different from how he remembered. He could feel all his fingers and toes, but he knew for certain it was different from the one he had before.

Suddenly, an information, or rather a voice, appeared in his mind.

[Hello, Tristan]

["...Who are you? How did you get inside my head?"]

[I am an AI chip inserted into your body, which will serve to assist, guide, and enhance you]

["...What did that green bastard do to me?"]

[The green bastard, Cursaac, dissected your brain and installed me into your body]

["...Fuck!!! This is bad, very bad."]

[Actually, I predict the situation will get worse]

["...Tell me."]

[We have just been ordered to kill those eight men in front of us]

["...And how can we do that?"]

[Don't worry about that, Tristan. I'll take control]

Tristan could feel his fingers slowly gripping the hilt of the sword. He then raised the giant sword high into the air. Feeling how easy it was, he couldn't help but say.

["..Eh? This sword is lighter than I thought."]

[This is the data on the Claymore]

As soon as Tristan heard that, a blue panel filled with words appeared in front of his eyes.

[Claymore - Meteurite - Tier 4 Weapon]

[Length 2.2 meter, weight 42 kilogram]

["42 kilogram? Wow… That's really heavy."]

["...But, I don't feel anything. Are you sure this sword really weighs 42 kilogram?"]

[With your current strength, you can wield it easily]

["Really? Can you show me my strength?"]

[Analyzing host body...]

[Battle Power 100]:

[Strength 145]

[Speed 80]

[Defense 75]

Seeing the game-like statistics, Tristan felt like he was in a game, not reality. This made him want to believe all of this was just a dream. He was probably just sleeping on the plane flying to Los Angeles.

[Battle power is a number derived from your average physical measure, from muscle strength and muscle flexibility, to bone and skin density and toughness]

While Tristan was lamenting all this, something suddenly pierced his shoulder and blood splattered. The sudden splash of blood started him, knocking Tristan out of his reverie..

["Ouch!! Why did I get shot?! ...Huh? It doesn't really hurt, though."]

[I suggest focusing on your opponent first, before talking further]

["...Alright, then. Those fucker in metal suits! Let's see how strong this body really is."]

When Tristan finished thinking, he realized a rain of bullets was already a meter ahead of him. Seeing that, Tristan tried to avoid them by moving his body to the side.


["I am ridiculously fast!"]

Tristan was shocked when he saw his body dash to the side in an instant, easily dodging the rain of bullets. Not only his speed was fast, he could even clearly see the bullets rapidly traveling through the air, moving slowly in his vision.

Looking at the other approaching bullets, a wild idea flashed through his mind. Smiling inwardly, Tristan said.

["Let's try this."]

This time, he tried to swing the giant sword towards the approaching bullets. The swing managed to block the bullets, with not a single bullet passing. Seeing that, Tristan smirked and continued to dodge and parry every bullet the metal bastards fired at him.

While he was just enjoying his new strength, Tristan spotted a different bullet-like object approaching him.

[It moves slower? ...! Did my eyes fail me? Is that a homing missile?!"

Tristan tried to avoid the missile, moving and shifting his position left and right. Alas, the next thing he knew a loud explosion took place, followed by a sight of the land and sky turning upside down. Before Tristan knew it, he had already fallen to the ground, pain all over his body.

["Now… this is quite painful. It looks like I'm not dead yet.."]

Tristan ordered his brain nerves to move his body, but the command was ignored by his body. Instead, he was greeted by another wave of pain.

["Damn… I can't move my body, huh?"]

[WARNING! WARNING! Malfunction detected]

["Wait, what? AI, what happened?"]

[It appeared that the blast damaged the chip in your brain]

[Recalibrating the chip… - Expect Malfunction]

A few moments later, Tristan started to move his body again, but this time he felt he couldn't fully control it. In his confused state, a spear suddenly pierced his body. This only served to annoy him even more. Without realizing it, he grasped the giant sword and swung it downwards.

Unexpectedly, he could easily split that figure in armor like slicing through a watermelon. Seeing the split figure behind the armor, Tristan realized the opponent he was facing was a human like him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The blood of the human was all over his body, but Tristan didn't feel a thing. Was he like this before or was it not only his body that had been changed. He suddenly questioned the way he was now. Could he still be called human? Was it still him inside?

The calibration and his mental situation made him not able to move his body properly, still, to his amazement, he was somehow able to fight out of pure instinct. What did that green creature do to him!?

[Tristan, I must inform you that Curssac is trying to reset the system]

["What is that suppose to mean?"]

[If he succeeded you will have zero control of your own body]

["Then what can I do?"]

[At this point. Nothing. He has already bypassed 80% of the system]

['Fuck! Can't I have a lucky break even once!"]

Suddenly without Tristan noticing, his opponent in metal armor dashed at him and a huge hammer with an electrical charge smashed right at him.


Tristan Felt an electrical shock running all over his body. He dropped still on the ground, receiving many consecutives blows until he lost consciousness.

[Blood Elf innate Ability Activated]

[Blood Seal]

[Wake up Tristan. It seems this is your Lucky Break]

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