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  • The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]


    The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

    As soon as Luo Yan graduated, he immediately got an offer from a prestigious gaming company. He thought all his hard work finally paid off. And he would finally reach the pinnacle of life. But then, on his first day of work, a potted plant fell on his head and he died. Surprisingly, when he thought he would cross the Yellow River, he suddenly woke up and found himself in the body of a 17 year old boy. This body had the same name as him but completely different background. Because the original was the second young master of the Luo family - one of the most powerful family in S City. Luo Yan almost cried. God probably took pity on him and decided to give him a loving family with a wealthy background. He didn't have to work hard anymore. Studying like his life depended on it and pretending to be a holy father just to cater to people. So Luo Yan decided to be a salted fish and just shamelessly sell meng. A certain male god who always bought Luo Yan's meng: Yan Yan is so cute! Why is Yan Yan so cute?? Cold faced on the outside, a cinammon roll on the inside Gong X Super beautiful, black-belly Shou. Cover art belongs to the respective owner. :) Twitter: @tyramisu_wn IG: @tyramisu_novels Discord: Tyramisu#9858 Buy me coffee?

    4.78 442 Chapters AddIn Library

  • (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!


    (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!

    Transmigrated to be a Homewrecker?! Bai Yunyu was a sunny, nineteen years old who just got his first role as a small actor. However, a small unfortunate step on the road almost costed him his life! A strange, orange pupa shaped robot called Homewrecker System appeared in front of him and saved his life. It forced Yunyu to jump into many worlds to complete the task to be a Homewrecker between the main couple to save the world! Yunyu is a serious student, his objective is to save the world! But the target of each world seems to be attracted to him in some weird way. Yunyu: System! I feel like they fall in love with me easily, am I too handsome to handle? Pupa: No, you are just cheap. ***** Hi! ForeverPupa here! ^u^)/ This is a BL (Boys Love) Quick Transmigration novel with many worlds! There will be many weird setups for us to discover! Please expect: - 1v1 main ship. - Comedy and Angst blended into one! - Smut in few worlds. - PLOT TWIST. **** Original CoverⒸ Yunyu: Wait, is that me? Am I fighting that handsome guy? Pupa: I'm not sure either, but he looks angry. Yunyu: Ehh... angry or not, he looks hot! Pupa: Do you really have to fall in love with all handsome guys you met? Yunyu: Hehe, the more the merrier. Pupa: Shameless pervert. **** Join the BL Authors Joint server!

    4.8 189 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Saving the overbearing CEO (BOYLOVE)


    Saving the overbearing CEO (BOYLOVE)

    Wen Qinxi an IT guy at a prestigious gaming company lives a repetitive life, working on an innovative gaming system that is said to change the world. During a routine diagnostic check, he discovers a major flaw that could be detrimental but under pressure from the guys upstairs, the research and development hand over the revolutionary project despite Wen Qinxi citing flaws in the design. The CEO unaware of such a flaw enters the game as a test run before launching the product instigating a chain of events no one expected. manager: Wen Qinxii you have to go save CEO. You are our last hope Wen Qinxi: F*ck! l want a pay raise after this. Thus began the journey of saving the overbearing CEO

    4.94 253 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Werewolf's Vampire Mate


    The Werewolf's Vampire Mate

    What is love? Love has a lot of meanings. To scientists, it is something that arises as a result of hormonal changes in the human body. To philosophers, it Is something that is triggered in human consciousness when two souls connect. it means a lot of different meanings to different people. Love is happiness to some, it is pain, sadness, ecstasy. It is an emotion that cannot really be explained. It is something that is meant to be felt. You also choose to be in love. But that didn’t happen to me. I didn’t get the opportunity to pick who I wanted to explore these crazy feelings with. It was chosen for me. I had no choice but to love him and he had no choice but to love me. Our love story is the strangest but also the most beautiful ever told. This is our chosen love.

    4.83 235 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era


    The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era

    He just became the newly-crowned movie emperor when he died a tragic (actually, very stupid) death. On his way to cross the NaiHe bridge, he managed to evade Meng Po and not drink her soup. Thus keeping the memories of the life that he just had. But he would never have imagined that he would be reincarnated hundreds of thousands of years later. In the Interstellar era! If it happened to other guys, they would definitely want to be a mecha warrior. Don't most men dream of that at least once in their life? But sadly, that's not for him. There's only one goal in his mind - to be the number one star in the Interstellar era. With the knowledge and skills he got from his past life, he would definitely achieve it. But who was this annoying person who kept on pestering him? A certain prince smiled in a scary and crazy way: Cook food for me or else die. = a few months later = A certain prince leaned over and moved his face closer: I don't need food, I could just eat you. A bad tempered yandere gong X a reincarnated movie emperor shou *NaiHe bridge - a bridge that souls crossed to enter reincarnation **Meng Po - the lady on the Naihe bridge who gives out soup that lets the souls forget their memories, thus entering the cycle of reincarnation in a clean slate. --- cover art belongs to the respective owner --- Twitter: @tyramisu_wn IG: @tyramisu_novels

    4.86 78 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)


    The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)

    When a wrong path is chosen, it isn't surprising to have a miserable ending. "Before didn't I mention about how blind you are? Look at you now! Since you are so ignorant and stupid, next time, just ignored the other people and follow me alright? Base on our intertwined deep fate of being enemies in this life, I am sure that we will meet again in our next life!" With bloodstained lip, Shao Cheng let out an ironic smile, betrayed by his loved one, Ren Yuan who is his greatest enemy of all time has given him comfort and satisfaction on his moment of death, which is rather ridiculous considering the two of them have been trying to kill each other. How come this enchanting man is being strangely gentle and considerate toward him? "Alright, If I meet you again. I'll follow you this time." -------------------------------------------------- The second life he was given has been full of mistakes, errors, and blunder. Losing their game of conflict, Shao Cheng will listen to Ren Yuan's word this time. Later on, a beautiful young man with a cold expression dressed in a snow-white robe follows behind an older exquisite young man dressed in a gorgeous crimson robe. "Aren't you going home soon? How long are you going to keep following me around!?" Shao Cheng's sapphire eyes suddenly dim down turning pitiful causing the young man dressed in crimson robe to become guilty and panic inside. "Alright, alright! Just follow me! This Big Brother is powerful, so protecting a single person wouldn't be difficult!" So a clueless and ignorant crimson robe young man let a wicked person follow along his side which he, later on, learned to have an abnormal ability. I seemed to hear him talking to a bird? Hey, why are you showing tender expression to a plant? WARNING! BL, Boy Love, Yaoi, Don't Read It If You Don't Like it! Mature Content! BTW! There Will Be Writing Mistakes, Spelling that will be accidentally Miss, and Grammars - Just want to let you know before you start reading it. IF You Don't Like it and Can't continue reading it because of the writing problems, Please Just Try To Be Respectful and Quietly Leave. Thank You. I, as the author knows the problem, but I want to continue writing, so thank you. Mc White Robe (GONG/ATTACK/SEME) x ML Crimson Robe (Shou/Bottom/Uke) Buy me Coffee? Appreciate it ^^ DISCORD: LoveableChubby#1263 First Time Server, Please Become A Member? Haha Commission Book Cover! :)

    4.76 266 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Claimed Omega [BL omegaverse]


    The Claimed Omega [BL omegaverse]

    Suddenly presenting as an omega, attacked and claimed by a stranger while celebrating the end of exam season with his friends, Wonho struggles to except all the new changes in his life. Then came Minwoo, a narcissistic, proud noble alpha with distaste in omegas who can't seem to leave Wonho alone, thinking Wonho is a mere beta who shows no interest in him. How in the world with these two strong-headed males even get together? Or, will they even get together in the first place? ---excerpt 'Tall, dark and handsome…' He starts, and as he expected, Minwoo blushes as if he knows Wonho is talking about him, '… just the type I hate.' Wonho smiles in triumph as he successfully wipes the smug of that face. Unfortunately for him though, Minwoo crouches beside him, too close for comfort. 'Looks like we have another thing in common, I prefer pale, beautiful people shorter than me too.' --- An original campus omegaverse AU, with none of the heavy alpha-dominating-omega storyline. [Warning] An angsty omegaverse with a twist. Not for the easily triggered. Proceed with caution! Also, contains Mature Contents for you pervs out there :3

    4.88 156 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Becoming the Luna (bl)


    Becoming the Luna (bl)

    Life is all roses and strawberries with your asexual mother till Alpha wolves fall in love with you. And now you have to choose... But who do you pick? Hayden Lebaron is an average teenage boy, well if average means being about the size of a midget and being babied by everyone, at least that's what he thinks. A new student moves to their school and Hayden finds out that he's deeper in the Werewolf world that he ever thought possible and the worst part was that he had no idea that Werewolves even existed. EXCERPT : "What the fuck did you do?" Virgil demands his eyes dark, the only reason Dale doesn't have a black eye yet is because he's still carrying me.  I intervene quickly before Virgil changes his mind and decides to land the punch. "V-Vi-Virgil." I stutter out desperately, reaching for him. "I-It wasn't D-Dale, h-he d-didn't d-do any-anything." "What sort of boyfriend are you, letting your girlfriend get beat up by dudes in the boys bathroom?" Dale accuses, snatching me back and ending my efforts to reach for Virgil, his leaf green eyes nearly glowing.  Shana is momentarily stunned, "Girlfriend?"  She mouths to me, I close my eyes in embarrassment, this was one of those days I wanted to start over.  Virgil isn't even fazed by the obvious confusion. "Thanks." He bites out coldly, the appreciation has the same energy as 'go jump off a cliff. "Now give me back my girlfriend." "No. Now get away from me, you're in my way." Dale deadpans, making a move to continue his journey.  "I won't ask you again." Virgil says in a deadly voice, stepping in front of us, electric blue eyes nearly jumping from his face with how hard he is glaring.  "Hayden sounds terrified of you so no, I'm not giving her back. Now get the fuck out of my way." He says, his quiet voice ringing volumes, the entire hallway is silent now, the entire school watching the school's heartthrob go against the hot new kid... and over me! - I wail mentally, wishing I was a bird, a pebble, anything but Hayden LeBaron right now. VOLUME 2 •~• Come talk to me on discord at Aryna Stan#5852 I'd love to hear your thoughts... Link to the Discord server... Instagram : arynah_ •~•

    4.84 235 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My Atypical Wolf (BL)


    My Atypical Wolf (BL)

    Ashton is an Alpha who hides who he is due to the fear of getting feared, and Caleb is an omega who hides his identity since he hates how omegas are mistreated. Both of them gave up on the thought of ever having a relationship, even if they find their fated mates. What happens when these two meet and their biggest secrets unfold. Will this bring them closer? Can they fight their feelings despite not wanting to? ~~~~~~~~ "The way spoke in front of them, you almost had me convinced that you liked me", Ashton snorted. "I do". Caleb confessed. With widened eyes, Ashton struggled to ask, "Is this... another one of you jokes"? "No. I really like you. I have liked you for a long time". He said, biting his lips, awaiting the rejection. "I thought you hate Alphas". Ashton wondered. "Not you". Caleb declared. ~~~~~~~ How will their story develop? Get into it and find find out for yourself!! [WPC-145: GOLD TIER WINNER] [MATURE CONTENT] ---------- PS: If you want to connect with me: Feel free to message me in:- 1.Discord. ID: sillymlk#8687 2. Instagram ID: @silly.mlk or @zuozhe_jiemei 3.Discord group: 4.Twitter: @Sillymlk 5. Check out its trailer in YOUTUBE:

    4.81 84 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Prince and His Fool (Boylove)


    Prince and His Fool (Boylove)

    Rong Zian, a college student unexpectedly transmigrated into past era in a mythical country known as Hepeng. Thinking he could start his life a new and live a peaceful life he was roped into working with a stern prince with a dragon sapphire flame gift to save Hepeng from destruction. Rong Zian: Wu Yange let's slay a giant Wu Yange: I would rather kiss you Rong Zian: "....." An interesting adventure covered in fluff.

    4.94 99 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Falling for the Bad Boy in the Reverse Harem Game [BL]


    Falling for the Bad Boy in the Reverse Harem Game [BL]

    The debuting singer Takeda Haruki would never believe he’d fall for a drawing. And it's a drawing of a guy out of all things! But when he finds himself dragged into a girl's harem game, Haruki soon finds out the drawing doesn't just live on paper and in his dreams, but in reality too! And he's still just! As! Attractive! Six handsome men wake up inside an experimental girl’s otome game, against their will. They’ll discover leaving is much harder than they think, but they have no intention of following the game rules! "Down with the system! We're on strike!" It's probably the only escape plan ever that involves so many alpha men pretending to be gay. But are they really pretending? Can fake love become real? And is that a love triangle in the distance? Find out now! Unlock the secret route of insanity, smut, and Haruki's true ending! ***** SMUT SCENES! SILLY AND LIGHT-HEARTED NOVEL, NOT ANGSTY! ***** Hello, it's my first story! Please support this novel with votes and reviews. English is not my first language, feedback is appreciated! HinataPerolada

    4.76 203 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Soul Karmas (BL)


    Soul Karmas (BL)

    After Snow died, he was a rare soul karma that has been able to reach the requirement of balancing both of his Good and Bad Karma in his repeated reincarnations and has been granted a privelages to become a Granter, where he can travel different worlds fulfilling the departed souls wishes and regrets in their moment of deaths, along with his System Flake, the special soul that was born and exist for him. System Flake (Worried) : "What should we do Snow?" Host Snow (Confident): "Don't worry Flake, I got it all planned!" Clever calm blue eyes gaze on someone, "Look Flake, that person will be our cheat to make our mission easier, a gold thigh!" Mysterious person with a deep and profound gaze, stare at the person who suddenly appeared before him: "Oh? Come, come, I will take care of you." Later on... System Flake (Excited): "Snow, Flake found another gold thigh for you!" Host Snow: "..." What to do? His adorable Flake seemed to think that he could not complete his mission without a gold thigh? Urgent online! QQ Mysterious Person smile evilly: "Found you, you cant escape, I'll take care of you for eternity." Warning: Bl, boy love, don't read if you don't like it, thank you. Warning: Mature Contents later on~ LONG ARCS! Buy me Coffee? Appreciate it ^^ BTW! There Will Be Writing Mistakes, Spelling that will be accidentally Miss, and Grammars - Just want to let you know before you start reading it. IF You Don't Like it and Can't continue reading it because of the writing problems, Please Just Try To Be Respectful and Quietly Leave. Thank You. I, as the author knows the problem, but I want to continue writing, so thank you. More Writing Mistakes in the first chapters since it's my first time writing a story, so please be understanding. Rewriting/Editing Chapters Edit Chapters: 1-5 Proof/Editor: ShuanYe Chapter Updates: 1 Chapter minimum every day. If Not, then I am just too busy from work. To My Lovely Readers: Thank you very much for your supports! For taking the time to leave Likes, Reviews, and Comments! I really appreciate it! Its really very helpful and meant very much to me as it gives me great motivation and reminds me that I have readers that appreciate my novel, really Thank You! I wouldn't have done it without you guys with me! Recommending Soul Karmas is very much APPRECIATED! :D Discord: LoveableChubby#1263 Book Cover Commission Thanks to Lufi_ays If interested Check it out here:

    4.68 357 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Trying to Save my Favorite Character from His Tragic Fate


    Trying to Save my Favorite Character from His Tragic Fate

    "The end." These two words make Kyrie feel like his world is falling apart. After being a loyal reader of a novel for ten years, he feels destroyed to read that Ian, his favorite character, died without a single happy moment. Throughout Kyrie's life filled with misfortune, Ian became the light that gave him the strength to overcome his hardships to stand up again. However, seeing that Ian did not have a happy ending, he felt a thorn in his heart. [If only I can change his fate...] And that is what happened precisely. Kyrie meets the author that turned out to be a small god who records accounts from other worlds as a hobby. The small god allows Kyrie to go to Ian's world to save him from his tragic fate. Kyrie, filled with enthusiasm, declares, "Ian, this time... I will make you happy! I will not let you suffer ever again!!!" This is the story of a reader who wants to save his favorite character in a collapsing world desperately. He enters into a world ruled by magic and tries to get strong to save the world. His enemy? A fallen god. Then what about the protagonist? A crazy killing machine whom he has to team up with. What about his favorite character? Still a cute innocent bunny whom he has every desire to tease!!!! *** Warning, some chapters will contain mature content *** At least 3 chapters a week~ :) Discord server featuring three other BL authors: SleepyKola, LinShui, and ForeverPupa! Please join us! ***This cover was taken from Pinterest. All credits to the creator/owner. If the owner wants it taken down, please comment on it. Thank you! I love how perfect this fits my story!! TT v TT

    4.74 135 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Falling In Love


    Falling In Love

    Lance Wellbon is a stick in the mud. He hates everyone and everything. When his mother tells him that she is getting married to her Boss, he freaks out. He has no choice but to accept his fate and he has no choice but to move in with his new family. Lance didn't know about the brother. He didn't know that Brad Hilly would be the subject of his dreams. Coming out of the closet because of your stepbrother was never part of his plans but somehow he ends up falling and the pit is deeper than he ever expected. Brad Hilly is the most popular boy in Chesterfield highschool. His father's money makes him the subject of everyone's jealousy. Brad is surrounded by friends and the head cheerleader Lisa. He likes pets and volunteers and the homeless shelter on weekends. His life is mapped out and he is following the trail---that is until LANCE. This is a journey. A journey between two people that are so different but end up wanting the same things in life....each other.

    4.79 181 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord (BL)


    Trying to Tame an Evil Overlord (BL)

    Yuan Xuelan was a plague upon all three Realms. In the end, he burned his own palace to the ground and never stepped out of those scarlet flames that turned everything black. If this insane, terrible and pitiful Yuan Xuelan was asked in his final moments if he would have done things differently given the chance then, of course, he would shout a resounding yes! But the one that would be given a second chance would not be Yuan Xuelan, but instead Liu Sumeng, the stoic general who stood at this mad emperor’s side. After being reborn in the year he first met Yuan Xuelan, Liu Sumeng vowed to save not only the world but Yuan Xuelan himself from that twisted fate. However…he slowly uncovers truths that really put a wedge in his original plans! Wasn’t Yuan Xuelan in love with his Shijie!? What do you mean it’s someone else!? --------- Cover art drawn by yours truly~ please don't steal! --------- Join the discord! --------- Buy me ko-fi!

    4.73 291 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Rest in a Demon's Embrace [BL]

    Rest in a Demon's Embrace [BL]

    In the continent of Tiandi humans lived amongst beasts, demons, and spirits. Here warriors were as common as the clouds in the sky, and each expert could either cultivate their inner energy known as Qi, or their soul, to form Spiritual Energy. In the village of Jinwei, Luo Xiao grew up like a beautiful bird locked in a cage. He was weak from birth and unable to leave his bed for an extended period of time, yet his beauty made him well-liked amongst the villagers. One day disaster struck the village of Jinwei. A Corpse Puppet appeared wanting to eradicate all life. A seal was unlocked, and soon the Corpse Puppet was dead under the hand of the sickly Luo Xiao, but this was not the end of his misfortune. Right when he thought that the end was coming, a man as handsome as a god descended to the mundane world and took him away. For the sake of revenge, Luo Xiao sold his soul to this handsome man, but is it only his soul that this alluring stranger took from him? All rights to the Cover Image belongs to me. Patreon: Website: Discord: Facebook: Instagram:

    4.62 145 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Contract with the Demon King (BL)


    Contract with the Demon King (BL)

    Zhang Wang got stuck in a contract with the Demon King! This is totally bullshit! He was finally going to have his chance at stealing the title of protagonist by killing off the evil Demon King... But right at that moment, when he was about to cleave the head off of the villain’s shoulders, somehow, his bugged out system decided to interfere! Next thing he knew, he was stuck with a contract with this evil, hateful villain. What? Their souls are entwined as well? What the heck! Was this just some stupid plot device for some cheap danmei?! Zhang Wang wasn’t going to allow this to happen. He will have to break this contract as soon as he could! ----- WARNING: This is BL, which means boyxboy romance. And there will be r-18 scenes eventually as well so consider yourselves warned! ----- Join the discord!

    4.86 223 Chapters AddIn Library

  • This Crayfish is not edible


    This Crayfish is not edible

    Xia Che was a crayfish monster that cultivated to become a human, but from then on he was the epitome of unlucky. But because he was friends with a Koi fish, he was able to escape his predicament. One fine day the Koi fish disappeared and our silly little crayfish lost his luck. He was all alone for many years until an ugly snake landed on his lap. The snake turned out to have exponential luck. Xia che: “Let me pet you today as well little worm. I want to trip on a pot of gold.” He rubbed the coarse scales of the snake. Long Aotian: ‘How dare you try to pet this majestic dragon,’ he bit his offending hands and squirmed. Xia che: “Stop squirming little worm, I might cook you for dinner instead. I heard humans say that snakes are good for your liver.” Long Aotian: “You....You” The little ugly snake changed into a majestic dragon and pushed the crayfish down. He ate till his heart’s content. P.S- Cover art inspired by LinDu

    4.91 219 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Magic With You (BL)


    Magic With You (BL)

    In a world filled with Magic, the strong rules the world! Calter, a Rank 3 Grand Knight Mage, the highest realm that mages in the Enchanted Star Realm reached died. But instead of completely dying, he woke up one day and realized that he travelled back in time There, he once again saw the innocent and pure blue haired and eyed youth that he always loves that died because of him. The youth that always haunt him on his dreams, his biggest regret and the only person he loved This time, he will make sure to make everything right. He swore to himself that not only he will reach his former power but also exceed it! He will protect Kence from any harm in the world, especially to the Rank 4 Mage that will descend down in the Realm! In a world where magical achievement is your weapon, the two will fight against all odds to become the strongest magicians! ---- This is an adventure in Magic Cultivation World where the main characters are both men and will love each other. A balance of action, cultivation, and Bl romance ---- Buy me ko-fi! Thank you!!

    4.75 232 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Race With a Heart


    Race With a Heart

    Sometimes dreams come true, even the impossible ones. Martin never expected to get a summer job as a mechanic at GP2 one day. As if that was not enough, he will work on his idol's car! The racing driver, however, turns out to be different than what the media shows him, as if he had something dark inside him ... With the smell of grease, gasoline and car oil, Martin learns more about life than he could ever expect.

    4.9 179 Chapters AddIn Library