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  • Holy System

    Holy System

    Eastern Fantasy

    Ilyas was transported to another world, he finds himself in the body of a outer sect disciple of the Profound Earth Sect. He is a member of the law enforcement Hall in charge of settling disputes and bringing fairness to the sect. He originally hated it because it exposed him to a lot of dangers but everything changed when one day he selflessly helped someone without any reassurance and that is when he unlocked The Holy system. This Holy System main purpose is to reduce the pain of the residents of this world and make it into a better place. Will Ilyas be the Hero the world needs and deserves or will he be another story of a man corrupted by power.

  • Release That Inner Passion, You Witch.

    Release That Inner Passion, You Witch.


    Don´t you just hate it when you are a witch who loves doing witchy things but can´t, well say no more, my name is Yorko, i am here to pleasu... i mean help you unleash your inner strength.


zswaleh: hey there guess what ........ I AM FIRST Bitches

Throne of Magical Arcana · C74
11 hours ago

Shamial: Dropped. Way too racist for me. Not even sure why Webnovel would promote this kind of disgusting novel on their platform

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
1 week ago

Alkiran: Their national education is pretty much slanted to teach the Chinese that the Japanese are to be disliked and hated.

It’s a decently similar thing to what happens in the US when history classes teach about British or the American actions during their period of colonization in which they gloss over the Native American massacres, or how for at least the last few decades, the US has pretty much had a bomb first, figure out a justification later stance towards the Middle East. Historical revisionism is not a rare thing.

In particular, resentment still exists over incidents like the Rape of Nanking because it was near enough that survivors of it and their children still exist. Combined with the hyper conservatism, nationalism, and anti-immigration sentiments that seem to be on the rise globally, more or less the exact same things are happening in the neighboring countries of Korea and Japan as well, and due to that close proximity, their historical disputes go back for millennia.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
1 week ago

Kilian: Wow the hate on Japan is strong in this novel, IRAS has a competitor.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
1 week ago

NoveliEnthusiast: Oh the humble and sincere Chinese being racist again

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
1 week ago

HuiYue2: So, I can understand the racism theme in this novel to a certain extent. I mean, what do you expect when the novel is about powers from different bloodlines and genes. It makes sense from an authors perspective to differentiate the characters like that.
That being said, sometimes this novel takes it too far, out of the realm of fiction. For example, saying that the Japanese cultivators are like they had been in the ancient era. That’s a little too much in my opinion.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
1 week ago

Kupkake: He is a chinese author who has to in some way show how superior and awesome the chinese or asian race is when compared to other races. It is a lot easier for the MC to show his superiority when compared to a bunch of seemingly Nazis while also giving the MC the "right" to be racist to them because they were racist towards him first. Then again maybe the child of god thing is actually just a complete coincidence and due to their limited knowledge of genetics they think that it is the perfect form when in reality it is probably an inheritance from some unknown god probably Greek.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C105
1 week ago

Xinioch: And now we know what happened to Hitler

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C105
1 week ago

iEatTacos: wow, an eastern fantasy novel where they turn people white...that's fresh

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C105
1 week ago

Lewd_Cat_Goddess: Wtf 🤣👌this is whitewashing to the genetic level!

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C105
1 week ago

nota_vip: Think Frank unlocked the Nazism Gene

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C105
1 week ago

Butterz: Caucasian man from the white race.... Does that even make sense? Pretty sure Caucasian literally means white skinned. So the author said a white skinned man from the white race? Guess cause he’s white he’s no longer human?

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C26
1 week ago

NihilisticBeauty: My god. There's already enough bl quick transmigrations, don't try influencing a perfectly good author like that.

way better to fall in love with a crazy villainess than a braindead male lead, i say

Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess · C1
2 weeks ago

Billdoor: This story has right now over 3,9k chapters in the raw and is still not finished, I sincerely doubt that this will get translated in a timely manner, can the translator tell us how he will achieve this? Chapter per week maybe? Thanks

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
2 weeks ago

Soaapj: Looks at the title then at how many chapters are posted.



Ball of Nothing
2 weeks ago

Buinola: *sigh*
Is that how you express a sigh of disappointment in written form? Because I am feeling quite dissapointed right now.

So, to start off this quite long rant, by reading the title "Ball of nothingness", I instantly assume that this story will correlate to an ancient being full of wisdom, or at least something like a mindless monster assimilating everything in its path. However that hope quickly crumbled to dust and mercilessly crushed by a 50 ton hydraulic press, by the time I finished reading the first few chapter.

To give a somewhat brief summary, the protagonist is an average annoying as f child with too much power and authority over some incompetent false gods who are defeated by their own creation or in other words, gods who are BEATEN by MORTALS. Now, I understand why the author gives a childish personality to the protagonist, seeing that to give it an alien personality is a very hard and tricky thing to do. However, what rubbed me in the wrong way is the fact that it doesn't seem to be aware of its own capabilities, meaning, it starts off as a weak insignificant existence. Weak enough to be swallowed by what I assume to be either a pelican or a crane. Either way, it's a different story between spectating an abomination learning and an ignorant child learning. The former being a greater entertainment than the latter, but of course that's no more than an opinion of mine

On another topic, the gods. At this rate, I might say that I respect the humans more than I respect the gods. Aside from how utterly weak they are, the gods have bland paper thin character. Most of them are all about protecting creation, balance, human, etc. I mean, aren't the gods here are supposed to be similar to human? And what's up with Zeus being a stereotypical big buffoon? Also, have I mentioned they are weak? I mean, a sage god is barely an immortal, Buddha here is almost no different than a mortal, except mortals are greater than him, seeing they succeed in creating a God and apparently loves to wage war, in fact, that's what all mortal species should strive to be, an unbeatable war machine bent on devouring everything. And yet... As I read on and on, I realize that the mortals are not what they're hyped up to be, they're just your usual mortals, insignificant and utterly meaningless almost like how this entire story is meaningless, seeing that the whole story seems to be a power fantasy dream of a discount Azathoth full of interaction with cardboards of stereotypes characters.

But then again, this story is not composed fully out of flaw. For one, I don't have any problem with the grammar. True, there is some typo here and there, but that's negligible. An okay grammar means that at least the author still cares about their own work. So that's a positive I guess.

There's also the fact that the author doesn't have a horrible naming sense which is a plus.

And I would say that the world building is actually decent. The same couldn't be said for most fantasy stories on this site since they only copy stereotypes medieval or xianxia world, with slight variation. In other words most of them are boring and uninspired.

So... There's that. The point I'm trying to make is that I am quite dissapointed with how the story goes, but seeing that most seems to like this story the way it is, i do not expect any changes at all.
This marks the end of my extremely long rambling. Before that however, I'd like to apologize if this rambling of mine is too badly written for your taste or seems to be too uninformative and useless.
Finally, i wish you all a nice day.

Ball of Nothing
2 weeks ago

ImmortalGoldenKing: Awesome, good going, lose those damn fat and be more fit and pump them those Chappies..cuz you know it... We need it...

Yay.. win win

NOW!! seriously pump it

World Domination System · C939
2 weeks ago

SmilingReader: Imagine how big the actual sword would be for it to be visible like that. I’m surprised it didn’t collapse or something but I’ve learned to keep logic away with a stick when reading cultivation stories 😅

A World Worth Protecting · C485
2 weeks ago

r00m69: if its a mortal world, can the area around azief change so much in 3 years?

Lord Shadow · C458
2 weeks ago

zswaleh: never noticed this before but the pic is soooo wrong. like they know the sun is a ball of gas right. like there would be no cracks and chucks of earth coming out lol.

A World Worth Protecting · C485
2 weeks ago
never noticed this before but the pic is soooo wrong. like they know the sun is a ball of gas right. like there would be no cracks and chucks of earth coming out lol. View More
A World Worth Protecting · C485
2 weeks ago
xp,, View More
Shadow Hack · C774
2 weeks ago

Feyr: Firstly I honestly gotta say, what is up with all you people? Are you some kind of water army? .-. I see it in so many novels, without many chapters, right from the start there are lots of ''reviews'' giving 4-5 stars. Yet none of them is even a real review but a senseless upvote without explanation and no real review.

SO ffs please give a real review with reasonable starts and explanation why it is so when giving a review. (Rant end, dat really bothered me for a long time.)

Now for the review itself. It is just a temporary one and will be changed after 100+ chapters are released. Right now it is just meant as an overview for the current chapters.

Translation Quality: I give that one 4 stars, 5 would mean perfection but nobody is perfect. Yet I did not find any big mistakes or anything noticable. As such the translation quality is very good and the flow of the story is nicely done. No issues here. If it keeps up like this this score will stay the same.

Update stability: I give that a 1 star rating for now and shall wait to a point of 100+ chapters to see if it keeps up. If yes I naturally will raise the rating.

Story Developement: Same as Update Stability, alas I will give it a 2 star rating for now as it seems to go into an interesting direction. Military seems interesting, and the idea of the story is a nice one too.

Character design: For now I will give it 2 points too. For the ****** reason that it is only 21 chapters for now and the character is still in the establishing phase of the story. I have to little info to work with it. Alas the character itself does seem ok at this point. I have not found any issues as of yet, at least no major ones. (Can't be worse then cobi anyway)

World Building: The world itself seems very interesting, the flux energy and the shadow haxx. I am tempted to give it 4 points right now but I wont do it yet. Reasons are that the world also is still in establishment phase and a lot is still to be known. There also is still the possibility of author san fucking up terribly with that and leaving out endless details and explanations. Right now as example I am wondering what the hell is the 5th dimension. Is it an dimension of its own? If so whats so different about it? Are there other dimensions? I basically got told nothing cept yup, tis the 5th dimension. No info no nothing. If there will be more infos on such things and explain things about those places which seem common knowledge in the story I will rate it higher.

The end. At least for now, I am quite interested in this story for now. Let's see if it keeps up or if I will get disappointed.

Shadow Hack
2 weeks ago

alwaysareader: Poor Sherlock better get some headache pain relievers bcause this is just the start of a long, funny, ridiculous & whacky adventure.
Tnks 4 da chapter.

Gamers of the Underworld · C5
2 weeks ago

burntpotato: reviving players sounded so much of a hassle for sherlock and bru

Gamers of the Underworld · C5
2 weeks ago

MonstrousBirdOfQin: The Apothecary,Truly a respectable man staying true to his ideals,Chose his beyonder Sequence for his blissful sex life.

Lord of the Mysteries · C256
2 weeks ago

andrwood: I understand him. This is when you watch pоrn, and the girl turns out to be a trap (shemale). Never go to this tag. Do not make my mistakes.

Lord of the Mysteries · C195
2 weeks ago

Randompasserby: Fuuuuuuuuuuuck the Demoness Sect, goddamn traps everywhere 😨
Klein the poor bastard, the first live **** he get to watch in this world turns out to be brain bleaching material lmao

Lord of the Mysteries · C195
2 weeks ago

waterflow46: God fucking damn it, now im sad

Lord of the Mysteries · C164
2 weeks ago

Al_Camia: “I can consider drawing my own blood."
Do as you wish, but do no harm...

Lord of the Mysteries · C165
2 weeks ago
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