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  • Princess Agents

    Princess Agents



    Previous intel falsely imprisoned division 11 of Chu Qiao. Having successfully escaped prison, she sacrificed herself when a bomb was launched to eradicate the division. After she woke, she realized that she had been transmigrated to the body of an eight year old slave girl of the Xia Dynasty... Whilst helping the crown prince Yan Xun, he and Chu Qiao's fate was bound for eight years, as she helped him gain power to go back to his country. In the process, they fell in love, but parted ways due to their different views. Later, because Chu Qiao bravely never surrendered to slavery, she went from being a slave girl to the goddess of war, and encountered the person who has alreays protected her -- Zhuge Yue...

  • The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

    The Schoolgirl Secret Agent


    She was the top level hacker, the number one secret agent, unexpectedly rebirthed as an ordinary ninth grader. Debt dunned by her gambling-addicted father, who dared borrow from loan sharks. Having unbearable family relatives... Yun Jian who was rebirthed chuckled humorlessly, palming her forehead. Do they wish to know how death was spelled? A striking return, an unforgettable retaliation - I shall kill anyone who bullies me! Heroine Yun Jian, Leading male Si Yi P.S. A feel-good novel, revenge, face-slapping, powerful female and male protagonists, and requited love!





    Alena, Ally & Sabrina's life changes when they find out that they have been chosen as agents to work for a secret agency. The training starts and the first rule to become agent is to be punctual. "Is this usual that she is this careless or she wants the punishment that badly, hmm?" Mike asked.

  • Secret Agents

    Secret Agents

    Sci-fi Romance COMEDY CAMPUS CEO

    Lin Yu Qi is a student in the shaolin cadet in the empire city. She is known as a girl advanced and in the duality of martial art and the great use of weapons. she has successfully portrayed her intelligence as a female leader spy by bringing down criminals while being undercovered. she studied and graduated as the best student for the use of advanced technologies and weapons The shaolin cadet is known for keeping geniuses and it is basically meant for spies. Lin Yu Qi is being categorized among the best leader for her team of five girls named Mo Yu Rou, Li Caihong, Racheal Kim, Li Anni, and Lin Yu Qi herself. These five girls displaying different talents. Mo Yo Rou is best known for her athletic skills, well that only in races, hurdles, basketball, and Martial arts, this leading to her increase in agility,or more like during cases she tends to be the one to escape problems the most, Li Caihong is best known for her scientific intelligence as she creates weapons when there is a reason to do so, Li Anni though she displays lots of childish behavior she is known for her splendid talent in hacking alongside with Mo Yo Rou but is the best at sneaking, while Li Yu Qi the s known as the leader of the squad as she displays her brilliance in weaponry, martial arts and computer science and Rachel Kim is good with gun as she is the best sniper

  • 4 Agents

    4 Agents


    Baddie, Bull, Wheels and Try-hard are trying to avenge Alex Upton. Try-hard (Sophia) is Alex's daughter and captain of this team. Alex Younger the head of MI6 is their new handler for this mission. They go undercover to find Marco De Luca the son of Alessandro De Luca (The murderer of Alex Upton). But, what happens when family issues and secrets cause this mission to fail? In the POV of Try-hard (AKA: Sophia).

  • 4 AGENTS

    4 AGENTS


    4 Agents that work for MI6 help Sophia Upton with a personal revenge mission that will benefit they agency. However, they find out that corruption is common and mistrust spreads almond them.

  • Code Agents

    Code Agents


    this story will fallow the mc and his small group threw several adventures

  • Agents 101

    Agents 101

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION

    People say that everyone is strong and brave in their own way. Crimson is no exception. Yeah she's strong, yeah she's brave. But who knew her strength can actually be the reason she became a part of Agent 101

  • Elite Agents

    Elite Agents


  • SP Agents

    SP Agents

  • Agents of Dawn

    Agents of Dawn

    What would you do if you were thrown into another world to be the chess piece of Gods? And what would you do if in the meantime you would be turned into a different gender as well? Follow our heroes as they battle with monsters and gods towards survival. Watch how they rise a nation from dust, where everyone could live in peace and harmony.

  • Agents Of Change

    Agents Of Change


    Human or beast they all have one enemy the Mages, they who are born with the power to manipulate mana as they fit for their magecraft. The only way for mages to grow is through mana cores that coincidentally, everyone has when they are born. Therefore for anyone that isn't a mage beware they are coming for that which you cannot see, use or protect: your mana core.After all how do you fight against magic? Well, why don't you read on and see to find out how?

  • The Troubled Agents

    The Troubled Agents


    How would you feel if you worked for the CIA as an undercover agent when you were 14 years old. Well that's life for Camilia. Guns, action, danger that has now become music to her ears. But considering her past, it's understandable. She top undercover agent and she works alone but what happens when the other top agent has to work with her?What happens when she has to go and face the past she's wasted most of her life avoiding? Then, like in every story there's twist and turns but what are they and, will they effect her choices and outcome?P.S. please do comment, vote and review this book if you can. It means alot.

  • agents of nature

    agents of nature

  • Agents of Good

    Agents of Good

  • Ghost Agents

    Ghost Agents

    Sudden death of the principal of the boy's school........Government gives the order to an ex-army officer to build a group of people who are in their late teens [ghost agents].But the sudden death of the principal of the boy's school turned into the MURDER and the ghost agents first case......The victim, the murderer, the eye witness and the two of the ghost agents are related!!?!!

  • Trustworthy Agents

    Trustworthy Agents


    Seanan Mitchellson only wants one thing in his life... To be like his grandfather, his only idol, a trustworthy agent. But, his condition says the exact opposite of his grandfathers. His grandfather was strong, he's weak, mentally and physically. His grandfather was intelligent, brave... He's not. He has no social skills, no actual friends or people to help him. His life is the definition of 'unlucky'. So, his dreams are just so childish and silly. Then, there is Ansell Damien Feirefiz Walter... or just Ansell Walter. He seems to have a great life! He's a champion of various martial arts competition, famous in the school, basketball player, has a lot of friends... But, despite all of that, the 'behind the scenes' of his life,... It's all a wreck. Everyone he cares keeps going away from him and the 'ones' he desperately wants for them to die, is still alive and healthy. You know, the ones who 'neglects' him... His parents. Who never come home and just leaves him alone. And, last, meet Sammy, Ansell's cousin. Who's not so different than him. Her family life... Is also a wreck. Everyday is like a competition with her brother. Her brother gets all the attention, yet there's nothing left for her. So, this is the journey of three of them... Surviving and maybe, growing stronger. [On hiatus till November]

  • Princess Agents (Tagalog)

    Princess Agents (Tagalog)


    Matapos makatakas ni Chu Qiao sa pagkakakulong, isang pagsabog ang nagtapos sa kanyang buhay. Ngunit parang isang himala, natagpuan niya ang kanyang sarili sa katawan ng babaeng 8 taong gulang, na isang alipin. Sa pagkakataong ito, nakilala niya si Yan Xun, ang prinsipe ng Yan Bei. Naging sandalan nila ang isa’t-isa at sabay nilang hinarap ang mga pagsubok na dumating sa kanilang buhay. Walong taon ang i-nilagi nila para makabalik si Yan Xun sa kanyang bansa. Hindi sumuko si Chu Qiao sa pangalawang pagkakataon para mabuhay. Hindi niya hinayaan na masira ang prinsipyo niya sa buhay. Walang permanenteng bagay sa buhay. Minsan ay nag-iiba ang pananaw sa buhay at hindi maiiwasan na ibang landas ang tatahakin. Dito niya lubusang nakilala ang taong simula pa lang ay handa at laging nariyan para protektahan siya — si Zhuge Yue.

  • Deavon’s Agents

    Deavon’s Agents


    17 year old Atsushi is the second in command of an extremely dangerous group of people. Needs to find his father but only has half of the map leading to his whereabouts, he need to get to the creator of the organization known as Deavon who has the second half of the map.Only the plan fails and it gets worse

  • Undercover Classroom Agents

    Undercover Classroom Agents


    A very rare a unique item has been stolen from a top secret museum! A very special case of sting instruments! The instruments were a pair of black and white violins and the musical frequencies caused by these two could easily brainwash or hypnotize anyone. It is the job of a beautiful girl named Ariadne Foxtrot, a certified teenage genius at school, and a secret agent, to find and bring back the violins before they are sold on the black market and fall into the wrong hands! At her school she is to find a suitable partner and ends up with Titan Knight, whose parents were former secret agents but retired to settle down. Titan had no plans on becoming a secret agent and is often abandoned because of his clumsiness, carelessness and his inability to shut up.Can the two work together and save the world? or will it all be a really long and painful school semester?