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  • From CEO to Concubine

    From CEO to Concubine



    Yan Zheyun was born and bred to be a winner. His parents were on the Forbes’ List, he was the valedictorian of his graduating class at the top university in the country, and the icing on the cake was being voted ‘school grass’ four years in a row by his peers. And now, at just twenty-five, Yan Zheyun was the proud chairman and CEO of his very own tech company. But what should have been the happiest day of his life turned into the worst when he heard a strange robotic voice while crossing the road for coffee, just because he couldn’t wait for his secretary to return from the photocopying room. [BUG REPORT #193842347: OTHERWORLD SOUL DETECTED. INITIATING DEPORTATION SEQUENCE.] And then he died. In a very boring, very run-of-the-mill car accident. …except maybe he didn’t. The first thing Yan Zheyun thought after he opened his eyes and found himself in a bedroom that looked like the set of one of those inner palace dramas was: Wow, coffee wasn’t worth it.The second thing he thought after he realised he was now in a historical BL novel and had transmigrated into the body of a tragic beauty who was (about to be) used and abused by his multiple lovers was: I must have opened my eyes with the wrong technique, let me try again…nope, still here. Well. F**k. From CEO to lowly slave, Yan Zheyun couldn’t believe his luck. Stuck in a foreign world and surrounded by crazy tops (respectively A.K.A ‘The Childhood Friend’, ‘The General’s Son’, ‘The Crown Prince’, ‘Some Other Prince’, ‘That Creepy Duke’ etc.), Yan Zheyun realised that his one day’s experience as CEO had not prepared him adequately for this new life of misery. But he wasn’t the sort to give up without a fight so…Yan Zheyun resolutely made up his mind to stay away from the terrifying romantic plot line, try and write himself a new political plot line, and while at it, hug some big thighs, curry some favour with the powerful. And in a dynastic monarchy, whose thighs would be a better choice for hugging than the emperor himself? Liu Yao: …This Sovereign permits you to hug other parts too. Pairing: - This-Sovereign-Looks-Stern-But-Is-Secretly-Kind!Emperor Top VS I-Look-Like-A-Rabbit-But-I’m-Secretly-A-Fox!Slave Bottom- NOT harem, entire story is 1v1 Warnings: - This novel deals with some heavy subject matter that arises as a result of slavery and a caste system. I have added trigger warnings where relevant but just a heads up, the scumbags are called scumbags for a reason! Updates: 21:00 GMT+8Disclaimer: I do not own the cover





    MATURE CONTENT|RATED 18+| THE BOOK IS A MESS ABOUT FIGHTING FOR LOVE WITH LOTS OF HOT MOMENTS;) Tinsley Rutherford's life turns upside down when her rich parents are killed in a tragic car accident. To make things worse, her fiance suddenly breaks off their billion-dollar contract marriage engagement. Sad and lost, Tinsley goes out one night to drown her sorrows in alcohol and meets the mysterious and handsome Kian Wilson at a bar. To her shock, she wakes up the following morning in this handsome stranger's arms. In her panic, she flees his house and leaves him to search for his mystery princess. What happens when these two fated strangers meet again? Will they get a second chance this time, or will Tinsley make a run for it again?

  • The CEO's Woman

    The CEO's Woman



    *COMPLETED*If she could use any three words to describe herself, Jiang Yue would say that she is rich, beautiful, and extremely smart. Unfortunately, she took these for granted in her past life, causing her downfall. After reincarnating to her fifteen year old self, Jiang Yue wants only three things: to build an empire, spend more time with the people who love her and live a happy life. ...In his past life, he was unable to express his love for Jiang Yue. Now that he has reincarnated, all he wants to do is show Jiang Yue how much he loves her. If she wants only three things, then he wants only three things: to build an empire for her, to spend more time with her, and live a happy life with her. -----Mixed with a little hint of mind-boggling mysteries and secrets, what happens when two reincarnated individuals meet and fall in love?-----"Do you believe in reincarnation?" Fu Jin's question instantly made Jiang Yue froze. She remembered how she was the one who asked this question when they first met."Of course I do." She answered. She was the living proof that reincarnation existed. "Why are you asking that?""Well... if I tell you that I reincarnated just to make you mine, would you believe me?" His question immediately gave Jiang Yue goosebumps.She did not answer him, instead, she turned around so she could face him.Their gazes met."Then if you were given a chance to reincarnate, would you find me again and make me yours?" She asked."Of course." He answered, as he tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. "I would find you and wait for you Mrs. Fu. Even if it would have taken million years and million lifetimes."Fu Jin's answer instantly made Jiang Yue smile. However, this time, a mysterious light flashed in her eyes.Maybe, Fu Jin's words were true.Maybe, he also reincarnated just like her.And maybe... just maybe, their souls were already connected, long before they reincarnated.-----Updates: 2-3 Chapters everyday5 Chapters every friday for TGIFThere will be 7 ARCS and less than 500 Chapters.(Edited Chapter: 1-50 and the current chapters)(NOTE: This is a double reincarnation story. Both FL and ML died in their previous lives and reincarnated.)(NOTE: NO RAPE, ABUSE OR MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDINGS.)-----------Buy me a coffee: Server: Sanidragon, HallsOfIvy, Yui, Swaning

  • Cornered by the CEO

    Cornered by the CEO



    [Warning: Mature Content] "In this lifetime and every other, I promise to only be loyal to you. Even if I have to crawl back from Hell, I will do so gladly." "Wow, you just broke all the cold CEO fantasies."Like every romance novel, Yun Qian Meng faced the evil stepmother and negligent father. On top of that, she was arranged to marry a scum man who manipulated her, stole from her, and finally... killed her. When she woke up, she found herself back at the top of the world. It was all a dream, she told herself and moved on... until the scum fiancé made an appearance. Who was she? Yun Qian Meng. Twenty-five. Founder and CEO of a company worth billions of dollars. The world was at her feet. How dare this scum man think he was worth her?'My fiancé wants to usurp my company? I'll bury him alive.''My father wants to marry me off for his gain? I'll find a husband he will never approve of.''Of course... He needs to meet my conditions first.'Who would have known that her arch-nemesis, Mo Qingchen, would present himself in front of her as a potential suitor. 'Lunatic! I wouldn't marry him even if he were the last man on Earth!' Ants surrounded Mo Qingchen. He was twice as powerful as her. Twice as wealthy. And the conditions he was offering were top notch. He'd lit the fire and she swarmed to him like a moth to a flame.'Well, a contract marriage never hurt anyone.'She was looking for financial and social gain but she ended up on a path to finding herself and things she never knew she wanted. The curtain rose. Shots were fired. The play began. The broken girl started her journey towards the woman she was destined to be. All the world's a stage. And a play is only entertaining when chaos ensues.- - - - -Read my other works: 1. Autopsy of a Mind - Complete2. Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover - Complete 3. The Story of Blood and Roses - Complete4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - HiatusNote: This is an original story by me (SunScar9).Story Discord: Instagram: @sunscar9

  • CEOs Ming

    CEOs Ming

    They were in love but just hiding something important to him was the first step that ruined their relationship

  • The CEOs Wife

    The CEOs Wife

  • CEOs lover

    CEOs lover

  • Offer to the CEO

    Offer to the CEO


    Anna Jones, an Australian travelled with her fiancé Lu Jinhu to marry in his home country, only to find out that she has been duped by him and robbed of everything that she owns. A quirk of fate allows her to marry CEO Hou Yi, who was meant to on the same day marry his finance Yang Lin, who in fact married Lu Jinhu. Marriage for Anna, started as a plan to gain some measure of revenge on Lu Jinhu, and for Hou Yi to prevent Lu Jinhu from obtaining the family company however fate had something different in store for them. Not only did they achieve their initially goals, but their relationship turned into something else, that could last a lifetime despite the cultural differences and the trouble Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin caused them.





    Kim Yohan seorang CEO dari sebuah perusahaan terbesar di kota S. sikap dingin dan tidak perduli dengan para wanita yang mendekatinya. laki-laki berprinsip kuat dalam hidup dan memperjuangkan cintanya."Nona cepat tanda tangani berkas ini, dan aku aku akan membantumu membalas mereka semua" kata sang presdir.Tiara Jiang wanita cantik dari keluarga kaya yang kurang kasih sayang dari orangtuanya, dan saudaranya Tara Jiang yang jahat dan selalu merebut semua yang ia miliki, termasuk semua laki-laki yang mendekati Tiara karena sakit hati yang pernah ia alami."Siapa juga yang mau menikah denganmu" jawab Tiara dengan memandang tajam kearah laki-laki yang ada di hadapannya."Cepatlah, sebaiknya kau menurut" kata sang Presdir.Tiara terjebak rencana jahat saudaranya, sehingga harus berurusan dengan CEO dingin dan kejam dari Perusahaan Lianxi Grup.silakan di baca, semoga suka.....Nb. Ig : @Imro88FB: imroatul Hasanah(CEO dingin istri kesayangannya sang CEO/profil)

  • Redeeming The CEOs

    Redeeming The CEOs

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    "I built my business, my world, from nothing. Everyone thought I would fail, but I stood tall and showed them my worth and now they're envious of me. Imagine that! Me, Phoenix Mills, a woman to envy. If only they knew what I've been through to get where I am today. The hurt. The pain. They wonder why my walls are so high and hard to break but they don't understand what I've been through. They think I'm heartless but they're wrong. I'm just waiting for my knight in shining armour to prove he's worth my heart."Sterling Tyrell was everything. The World saw him as a hot shot CEO, a player, a ladies man and a sucker for a cute smile, but inside he was dead. His loneliness ate away at him every minute of the day, threatening to cripple the facade he had built. Nobody had been able to break through his defences but then he wasn't expecting the beautiful Phoenix Mills shaped tornado that crashed into his life. Will Phoenix and Sterling save each other or will their past demons keep them apart?

  • CEOs In Love

    CEOs In Love


    Ace Leonardo is a big time CEO who own chains of hotel and a brewery company at the age of 29. Well Ace is a Playboy who fucks anything in skirt and heels.Elise is a CEO of a fashion closet, a well reserved young lady of 22years old who is struggling to maintain her mother's position in the family even though she and her twin, Jake are illegitimate children.Elise'e mother is sick, but Elise has to get married to Ace before her mother is treated even though she has enough money to get her mother treated What happens when two polarWill Elise bring Ace out of his darkness or leave him to wander in the dark alone.Mind ya while grabbing popcorn,expect fowl languages and matured contents

  • The CEOS Wife

    The CEOS Wife

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    He is the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world while also being the leader of the Underworld. Maintaining his privacy is his highest priority. Few people know either identity and even fewer know both. He is just viewed as an outcast in his own family. While she is just a small time director at a failing company. Trying to make her days go by and live a simple life. Avoiding her family at all cost as she feels like an outcast from their rich chasing lifestyle. What happens he he inserts himself into her life? Is it fate or is there an alternative agenda that is trying to be filled?(No rape/major misunderstanding)

  • THE CEOs Mystery

    THE CEOs Mystery


    " Vanessa , I know you . I know you're hiding something " Mike said" You don't know anything about me!!" Vanessa yelled at Mike in fear and despair that she'd been caught but what scared her more was the unconscious body if Mike on front of herVanessa eye welled as she was scared. " Mike , Mike? , can you hear me Mike ? " *****" I'm not normal"Vanessa Fray had been a saddled life ever since her magnificent mother died when she was just a teenager. Her dad had tried getting an arranged marriage for her but the girl is determined to fulfill her mother's wish of building up a fashion design form coupled with her desires of being a model. she looses interest in taking care of the FRAYS BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Now she just realised she's not the normal girl she thought she wasWho is the CEO of Elsa Dumoreés fashion enterprise????_________Its a mystery" What am I ?" Vanessa asked herself _______its a mysteryFind out more about Vanessa in : THE CEOs MYSTERY

  • Secret love of the Ceo

    Secret love of the Ceo



    What if you get some hidden treasures, which existence was unknown for almost two generations? This story is about a girl, who had a one-night stand with the richest man in the country, but not in a normal situation. They both were drugged when they met. Was it their fate? They did not even see each other. She got pregnant by that man.But. How could they two be together? What is their relationship with the hidden treasure? To know, please read 'Secret love of the CEO'.(I don't own the book cover.I only modified it.The whole credit of the cover goes to the original artist.If anyone have any issues with it,please let me know.) Please add my book to your library and support me with power stones.You can join me throughInstagram id:- id:-

  • The Mysterious CEO

    The Mysterious CEO



    “I want to rethink your discussion.” “It seems that Miss Lu is questioning my authority.” “I don’t mean that…” “I don’t want to repeat myself, do it or leave.” “What do you want in return?” “Marry Me.” --- Business tycoon Si Li lived two lives. The one was the business world and another one was the leader of the underworld. For the sake of his family, he proposed a contract marriage to a girl whom he loved. Lu Lan for the sake of her dreams agreed for the contract marriage. After marriage, she found that Business tycoon, Si Li had a son around the age of 5 years, Little Champ and there were many mysteries related to him... With the passage of time, Lu Lan found a love for her life, Si Li, and their contract marriage converted into a real marriage and she was having become a joyful and blissful life. However, her happy life seemed to be coming to its end when mysteries related to Little Champ reveal one by one and he was taken away from his biological patients Then, what would happen to Si Li and Lu Lan??? How did Little Champ's mysterious life effect Si Li and Lu Lan? ************* Hello guys, this is my first novel on web novels. There is a mystery, suspense, action, and romance in this novel... I hope you will enjoy this book. ### If you're interested, you can support the author's work at: You can also visit our website to read more interesting stories:- You can find us online as well:- Facebook:- Instagram:- Mail:- Telegram Channel:- Discord Channel:-

  • The CEO’s Perfect Mistake

    The CEO’s Perfect Mistake



    Eighteen-year-old Megan Corteza fell in love with the school’s football quarterback, Ashton Pritzgold. She has a simple beauty, but she is the number one all over senior high school students, but she lacked with one thing, and that is money which matters in their school to become famous that is why she was never on Ashton’s radar. Ashton Priztgold is the most popular guy on campus because he got it all, intelligent, hot, handsome, and the football prodigy, and most of all, son of the filthy rich business tycoon in the country. Megan always kept away from the rich, but one day she was shocked when Ashton approached her, and she became the envy of all the girls on campus, and her once peaceful life became chaotic because of him. For Ashton, Megan was way out of his league because hot cheerleaders and rich girls will always chase him around, but he was on a mission to know her and couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with her. And he didn’t foresee the big mistake he had made will hurt her whole being and shattered not only her heart but her entire future. Megan was broken-hearted and left no choice but to left her home after her high school graduation and promised herself never to forgive Ashton for what he had done to her. Ashton is now the CEO of Pritzgold International Shipping Lines, Incorporated. After eight years, he meets Megan again, and he realized he was such a fool for hurting her because, after so many years, he realized Megan was still his one great love. ====== Excerpt: ”What are you doing here, Ashton?” Megan asked angrily, and she hated herself because even if she was angry with him she can't deny he has still the same effect on her. ”To win back your heart, and claim what is rightfully mine.” He replied, and his intense gaze is driving her crazy. "You have nothing to claim because you lose your chance eight years ago." She answered coldly. Megan was shocked to find the man she hated the most, standing on her doorstep, who became more attractive and still wears the same smile that always melts her heart. Her first love, Ashton, can she kept her promise never to forgive him? Can Ashton convince Megan to give him another chance, and make her believe that he is now a different man and he regretted everything he had done to her? (Warning: Have mature content on the later part of the story)

  • Wedding Agreement With CEO

    Wedding Agreement With CEO



    Ellena Patricia Lubis, a 22-year-old woman who is often called Elle, has to live her life in the capital. The family's economic situation worsened after a car accident that claimed her father's life, forcing her to continue to struggle to find money to pay off her father's debts to moneylenders. One day, because she didn't want to be late for work, Elle left in a hurry using an automatic motorbike belonging to Filia Vallencia, her boarding house friend. However, unfortunately. That morning, she accidentally hit a luxury car that was speeding from another direction, causing her and the motorbike she was driving to lose control and cause an accident. She hit the car and the car was badly damaged. Ironically, the owner of the car is Lucas Ryszard Fidell, a young executive whose name is already worldwide, and the sole heir to the owner of the largest industrial company in Indonesia who is none other than the CEO of the company where Elle works. It has fallen down the stairs too, that's how Ellena's life is quite suffocating. The accident actually brought new problems for her, where Lucas asked for compensation for the damage to his car with a very fantastic nominal, so of course Elle couldn't fulfill it, who only worked as an ordinary employee with a very mediocre salary. "If you really can't make amends, you have to do one thing for me," he said. "What is it? I promise I will," Ellena replied a little enthusiastically. "Marry me!" How will their story continue? Will Elle accept Lucas' offer? Follow Instagram @pena.batik03



    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    Entre las dos empresas más poderosas se unen en un acuerdo que tal vez todos ganen



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY CEO


    Love? "That's possible man" I am utterly in love with a certain curvy beauty!!! He is BLAKE CROSBY, the most wanted bachelor in NEW YORK CITY Mouthwatering, powerful, Influential, very rich and have I mentioned Irresistible! Well he is literally every ladies crush! Blake had always believed love wasn't meant for him Not until HER!!! His Sexy PA

  • Mr CEOs Assistant

    Mr CEOs Assistant

    Fantasy ROMANCE CEO